Distributed Proofreaders Announce 10,000th eBook

by Michael Hart on March 14, 2007
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In a serious move to release eBooks in a number of fields on this momentous occasions, The Distributed Proofreaders have surpassed the great milestone of 10,000 eBooks, long thought to be dividing line between feasibility study and the real thing.

Well, Distributed Proofreaders is definitely a real thing in terms of being one of the most successful projects the Internet and World Wide Web have ever seen, taking a five year term since getting up to speed and parlaying it into an electronic library second to none in the world.

Without any more funding than a few nice scanners and the other necessities of virtual life, some 50,000 volunteers have worked to bring these 10,000 electronic books to the world at large. . .all free for the downloading.

From rare languages to Linnaeus on species to children’s, and other classics, including Shakespeare in French, this group is involved in the extension of libraries beyond an imagination of just a few years ago.

These works include fundamentals in many fields across an impressive set of subjects from agriculture to an example of the finest from The Golden Age of Science Fiction with the first installment of the famous “Lensman Series.”

Also included are ethnology reporting to the Smithsonian, along with a folk history of American slavery, and shanty songs sung by sailors on the open seas.

This small collection that puts Distributed Proofreaders, and their army of volunteers, across the 10,000 book mark includes works in handful of languages, both in originals and also in translation. . .a fitting example of the list of the 10,000 eBooks already prepared, and those to come.

Again Congratulations!!!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg

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