The Medieval Helpdesk: A Youtube Video

by Michael Hart on March 28, 2007

A short movie on YouTube that is getting millions of hits, and is a total riot!

Just a short note on how the video about the Medieval “Book” Helpdesk got here.

As with so many people, I had played with YouTube once a month or so to do a little searching for certain things and look over the hot lists, but the major YouTube experience had pretty much eluded me, that is, until my Mom, who is turning 95 shortly, sent me The Medieval Helpdesk. I loved it much and forwarded it to a few dozen friends, who then forwarded it on and on– and it just kept going. The result, I am now an official YouTube member– but all the names I tried based on my own name were taken, so…I am now Johannes Gutenberg on YouTube, and hope to be uploading in a few months. ;-)

Thanks Mom!!!

Michael Hart

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