Page images (.PNG) uploaded to PG website

by Michael Cook on May 7, 2007
PG News

Recently Joshua Hutchinson has been uploading eBook pages images (as PNG format) to the PG website.

For example;

The page images of Spacehounds of IPC, by Edward Elmer Smith are in the folder;

The “system” used to number page images is as follows;

Covers (front and back) and the illustrated inside covers and marked = cXXX.png

Front matter (title pages, contents, introduction, preface, etc) = fXXX.png

Main body = pXXX.png

End matter (index, appendix, etc) [only if number starts over] = zXXX.png

Images inserted without a page number are given the closest page number with -insert extension (ie, p100-insert.png)

Images scanned at a higher res from the rest of its page in a separate file get -image extension (ie, p100-image.png)

Currently, Josh is only grabbing images from the Distributed Proofreaders archives (for images we have permission to reuse like this). If anyone has images from other locations they want to add please contact Josh at

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