OPS 2.0 is now an official IDPF standard

by Michael Cook on October 16, 2007

IDPF LogoNick Bogaty, Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) has announced on the IDPF Forums that OPS 2.0 has been Elevated to Official IDPF Standard.

The specifications can be found here and supporting documentation, implementation and tools on the entire .epub standard can be found on the IDPF Forums.

Voting to elevate the specification closed on 2400 EST on Monday, September 10th. All votes by IDPF members in good standing were counted. On August 27th, the start of the voting period, there were 89 IDPF members eligible to vote. The ballot was conducted via a remote material vote requiring a super-majority (or two-thirds) of the number of votes cast to approve the Proposed Document. The established quorum was 45 members and the established super-majority was 45 FOR votes.

The vote count is as follows:

Votes FOR 59

The required quorum and super-majority of votes was met and OPS 2.0 was elevated to a Recommended Specification.

.epub is an open eBook standard that has the potential to revolutionise the eBook Industry. There have been many discussions on the TeleRead site, including some .epub tips and a discussion on the pros and cons of the standard which should give you a nice flavour of what it’s about.

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