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Project Gutenberg: Timeline Events

The latest Project Gutenberg Grand Total figures have just passed 37,500 titles this past month and will have 40,000 eBooks during our 40th year celebration, 1,000 a year over 40 years doesn’t sound like much, but we are on track right now to do 5,000 this year.

We are currently giving away about 100,000 books a day, just through the one single site: gutenberg.org. About 3 million eBooks per month or 36 million per year.

In 2000 USB flash drives were just getting started with 8M “IBM Memory Sticks” available for about $60 and also 16M and 32M size were available.

Today 1,000 times as much memory, 8G, is available from over the counter stores for $20.

I just bought a somewhat larger “terabyte pocket drive” for $75 over the counter.  Larger is a relative term in this case, it’s still pocket-sized, but just requires a doubly larger pocket and the weight is noticeable and a “wall wart” power supply is required, so I should NOT think the term “pocket-sized would be appropriate but I bought it anyway, sight unseen, due to misunderstanding
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Michael Hart Interviewed on NPR about Digital Libraries

This coming weekend an interview with Michael Hart about Digital Libraries will be broadcast on NPR [National Public Radio]. In this interview he was also joined by Brewster Kahle (The Internet Archive) and Michael Keller (Librarian of Stanford).

Michael specifically talks about wearing Digital Libraries on a necklace, Terabyte hard drives and creating a Billion eBook Library.

This is also available as a download from;