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What is Project Gutenberg TEI?

PGTEI is first and foremost a markup language. Just like HTML puts tags around words to give them some sort of meaning, PGTEI puts tags around words, too. Where a HTML document would italicize a word with <em>emphasis tags</em>, PGTEI would italicize a word with <emph>emphasis tags</emph>, too. Same basic principle, different vocubulary. So, why […]

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Creating Accessible Digital Media – WGBH Guidelines

Following is an excerpt from the Introduction of the Accessible Digital Media guidelines produced by WGBH. These guidelines, providing step-by-step solutions for making a variety of electronic media accessible to users with sensory disabilities and are available free of charge. Accessible Digital Media Design Guidelines for Electronic Publications, Multimedia and the Web Properly designed e-books, […]

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Unwrapping Paragraphs in a PG eBook – A HOW TO

If you’re interested in converting the Project Gutenberg Plain-Vanilla ASCII texts into PDF, HTML or other format that will allow you to create a versatile display format, then you may find it useful to remove the mid-paragraph hard linebreaks that exist in these files. A ‘How To’ was recently posted on the Project Gutenberg gutvol-d […]

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