Johannes Gutenberg

The Sanction of the Victim

Gutenberg Printing Press (thumbnail)

Consider this question: Would any of our modern publishers be able to compete with a mind and heart such as that of Johannes Gutenberg? Yet they, and their predecessors, The Stationers, managed to take over the entire world of The Gutenberg Press with the first of an era of legal manipulation we call “Intellectual Property.” […]

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Einstein’s “Most Important Decision”

Einstein said that the most important decision you ever make is whether you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe– in a positive universe or a negative universe. This relates very strongly to what is perhaps the greatest idea I came up with in all my college years, which was that you make […]

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No Contest: eBooks Are Winning!

The pundits all ask, “Why aren’t eBooks a success?” But their queries show a ridiculous bias when their form and content always come down to the dollar. The almighty dollar. A Reply To All Those Pundits by Michael S. Hart. What If A New Product Just Doesn’t Cost Anything? If the pundits had asked the […]

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The Medieval Helpdesk: A Youtube Video

A short movie on YouTube that is getting millions of hits, and is a total riot! Just a short note on how the video about the Medieval “Book” Helpdesk got here. As with so many people, I had played with YouTube once a month or so to do a little searching for certain things and […]

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