Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

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In an unprecedented move, Michael Hart, the inventor of eBooks, has announced he will buy lunch for anyone who can find errors, to the tune of one per chapter [10K of text] in the flagship of eBooks, The Alice in Wonderland Stories. This includes the two books that are often portrayed together: Alice’s Adventures in […]

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Distributed Proofreaders Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Project Gutenberg was launched by Michael Hart in July 1971 to create free electronic versions of literary works and disseminate them worldwide. The project got its first boost with the invention of the web in 1990, and its second boost with the creation of Distributed Proofreaders in 2000, to help digitizing books from public domain. […]

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Working Towards Project Gutenberg’s 50th Year

One of our newest projects is to solicit suggestions as to where Project Gutenberg should be in it’s 50th year.  The current suggestions are: Make it more obvious that PG wants error messages–how to write them, where to send them, etc. Make it more obvious that PG will send DVD’s so the people who have […]

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New Project Gutenberg Web Pages

[Posted on behalf of Marc D’Hooge as requested in the PG Newsletter] We have two new Project Gutenberg web sites up for testing. I think you will find some interesting additional searching and expanded lists of other eBook sites worth trying out: and another new effort at: Details The goal I’m aiming at […]

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