eBooks are now Outselling Paper Books

Project Gutenberg (thumbnail)

Michael Hart gives us a couple of of intresting pieces of news in this months PG Newsletter. In a recent article, CNN wrote, “[a]s further proof of how digital media dominate today’s entertainment, Amazon announced Thursday that its customers now buy more e-books for its Kindle device than all print books — hardcover and paperback […]

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Towards A Universal Digital Library: A Few Milestones

Many of us dream of a universal digital library freely available on the web, i.e. available anywhere and at any time. Thanks to Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive and others, we are getting there, at least for the books from public domain. The process began a while ago with a few pioneers – It is […]

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China Enters Copyright Agreement

Chinese authorities this week announced an agreement with four trade associations about the ongoing problem of copyright infringement, which is reportedly rampant in China. The Business Software Alliance and the Publishers Association (both in the United Kingdom), the Association of American Publishers, and the Motion Picture Association of America (in the United States) signed the […]

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Publishers Criticize Professors For Copyright Violations

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is calling on colleges and universities to take steps to address what they see as rampant copyright abuse by faculty. According to the AAP, faculty who post protected content online for use in their courses cost the publishing industry at least $20 million each year in lost revenues. Before […]

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