eBooks: 1998 – The first ebook readers

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How about a book-sized electronic device that could store many books at once? The first ebook readers were the Rocket eBook and the SoftBook Reader, launched in Silicon Valley in 1998. These dedicated electronic readers were the size of a (large and thick) book, with a battery, a black and white LCD screen, and a […]

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Fnacbook Touch eReader

Fnacbook Touch (thumbnail)

The biggest bookstore chain in France is about to release their very own eReader. Although not the first eReader to come from France (Cybook has that honor), the new Fnacbook Touch is the first to be released solely into the French market. The hardware will seem pretty familiar to most; 6-inch E-Ink touch screen, WiFi […]

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Apple iPad

Apple iPad (thumbnail)

Although the iPad has been out in the U.S. for several weeks, today finally sees the day when it’s released in Europe and Australia. Taking a looking over the news sites it seems there’s been a lot of people queuing up to get hold of their own iPad which I guess now makes it big […]

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Libraries check out the eBook

Across the U.S., thousands of libraries are embracing eBooks. No longer the familiar home of tomes and periodicals only, these foundations are now using new technology for more than just computerizing their catalogues. Libraries, like so many other businesses of the book, are eager to attract the digitally savvy new generation. This downloadable wave has […]

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Project Gutenberg release Mobile Edition eBooks

PG Mobile is going to be a new addition to, which will allow mobile/cell phone users to download and read eBooks. The files will be available on the normal download page of any PG eBook. Here is the full Press Release. Look For PG Mobile – Project Gutenberg’s Mobile Edition Why using Amazon’s proprietary […]

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Apple iPhone, Stanza and Project Gutenberg

With the introduction of the Stanza eBook reading application the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have become major platforms on which to read eBooks. Since Stanza was released there have been several other eBook readers released for the iPod Touch allowing eBooks in many different file formats (including the ePub eBook standard) to be downloaded […]

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BeBook eBook Reader

BeBook eReader

I had been reading some very interesting things about the BeBook eBook Reader, so when it arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed. On the surface this reader from Endless Ideas BV is pretty much the same as any other. However, once you start to get a little more involved you soon realise that […]

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UK Release of the Sony Reader PRS-505

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So here we are, just over a week until Waterstones start shipping out those lovely new Sony Reader PRS-505’s to all us UK residents! This is going to be the first E-Ink reader from one of the big boys to enter the UK market . The Sony Reader has been getting substantial coverage in mainstream […]

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ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader

ECTACO are probably better know for their electronic hand held translators, but now they gone and released their very own reader; the jetBook eBook Reader. The jetBook does not use an E-Ink screen, however, this does give it an advantage over all the other eBook readers that are currently out there; a crisp and very […]

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Stanza eBook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch

UPDATE: Stanza is no longer maintained so I’d recommend you try out Bluefire Reader. Checkout my iPhone review or iPad review over on epubBooks for some more information on reading EPUB books on the iPhone with Blurefire and other apps. If you are looking for a free eBook reader for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch then you might want […]

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Portable Reading: Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an eBook reader

Portable Reading offers a service to read books from a library of over 20,000 Gutenberg titles in dozens of languages. Readers can upload their own book and share it with friends. They can also communicate with each other and with authors by writing reviews and annotating individual pages with notes. The reading interface is customizable […]

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