eBooks are now Outselling Paper Books

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Michael Hart gives us a couple of of intresting pieces of news in this months PG Newsletter. In a recent article, CNN wrote, “[a]s further proof of how digital media dominate today’s entertainment, Amazon announced Thursday that its customers now buy more e-books for its Kindle device than all print books — hardcover and paperback […]

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Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader will go on Sale in the UK

With reference to this Times Online article, it seems that the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader are to be made available in the UK sometime over the next few months — it’s about bloody time! …the launch of two rival devices due to come on sale in Britain over the next few months – […]

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Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

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The Amazon Kindle is not only the latest E-Ink book reader to hit the market it also one with the highest profiles. A couple of the biggest differences of the Kindle over other readers such as the Sony Reader (PRS-505) and the Cybook Gen3, are that the Kindle has wireless connectivity and a mini-keyboard. This […]

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Amazon is getting into the author-writing contest arena, launching the first Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award today in cooperation with Penguin and Hewlett-Packard. Amazon will accept submissions through November 5 and the winner will have his or her novel published by Penguin, which is also offering a $25,000 advance. PW will serve as preliminary judges of […]

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London Buzzing About Amazon eBook Reader

The buzz on the London Book Fair floor included speculation on when Amazon will launch its own e-book reader as well as the increasing number of U.K. publishers that have signed on for Google’s Book Search. Amazon has been previewing its e-reader to publishers both in the U.S. and U.K.—HarperCollins UK CEO Victoria Barnsley mentioned […]

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Tolkien tips Potter from Amazon top spot

In a dramatic seachange in book sales, the dead have risen to smite the hitherto all-conquering boy sorceror. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has, for the past 16 weeks, looked to be the invincible champion of the bestseller lists, despite being more than three months away from publication. But the wizardy whippersnapper hadn’t reckoned […]

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