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Considering the 40th Anniversary of eBooks

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How do I love ebooks, let me count the ways: 40 years ago there was only one eBook on the Internet that you could download, and the operators were resistant to an additional eBook being added more than once a year, and it had to be a short one, given the space and bandwidth. From […]

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Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

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In an unprecedented move, Michael Hart, the inventor of eBooks, has announced he will buy lunch for anyone who can find errors, to the tune of one per chapter [10K of text] in the flagship of eBooks, The Alice in Wonderland Stories. This includes the two books that are often portrayed together: Alice’s Adventures in […]

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2011 is the Year of the eBook

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There are three times as many ereader devices now than just a single year ago, and Amazon has just announced that their own eBooks now have eight authors selling over a million eBooks. Of course, this is a million eBooks total, none of the eBooks are million sellers on their own, while sites such as […]

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World eBook Fair 2011

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Come join the celebration, “It’s the Year of the eBook!” We should be adding thousands of books, new and old, to the following libraries every single day for an entire month of July 4 to August 4, 2011 at our 6th annual World eBook Fair. All are welcome! We will have three eLibraries each with […]

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