Distributed Proofreaders 15th Anniversary

Distributed Proofreaders celebrates its 15th Anniversary and digitizes 30,000th public domain book. Succasunna, NJ — Distributed Proofreaders ( is celebrating both its 15th Anniversary and the digitization of its 30,000th unique public domain e-book. Founded 1 October 2000, Distributed Proofreaders is a crowdsourced website whose volunteers convert books to electronic formats and make them available […]

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Copyright Term Extensions are Looming!

In our September 2014 newsletter, we wrote about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is an international initiative, being negotiated in secret, which will have far-reaching impacts in many areas of trade, copyright, and more. We urge all fans of Project Gutenberg to learn about this initiative, and speak with lawmakers and others about your concerns. […]

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In-depth Series on 40 Years of the eBook

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A couple of days ago Marie Lebert released her 40 Years of Project Gutenberg mini guide. Hundreds of people have already downloaded the guide and for those who are seeking a more in-depth review on the history of the ebook, then you’re in luck as Marie will be sharing more articles over the coming weeks. […]

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40 Years of Project Gutenberg: A Mini Guide

Project Gutenberg: A Mini Guide

As today marks the 40th anniversary of Project Gutenberg we have a special ebook gift for all our volunteers and visitors. Marie Lebert and friends have put together a mini picture guide on the history of Project Gutenberg; from the founding of the project by Michael Hart, to the first native French ebook, the inauguration […]

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2011 is the Year of the eBook

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There are three times as many ereader devices now than just a single year ago, and Amazon has just announced that their own eBooks now have eight authors selling over a million eBooks. Of course, this is a million eBooks total, none of the eBooks are million sellers on their own, while sites such as […]

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World eBook Fair 2011

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Come join the celebration, “It’s the Year of the eBook!” We should be adding thousands of books, new and old, to the following libraries every single day for an entire month of July 4 to August 4, 2011 at our 6th annual World eBook Fair. All are welcome! We will have three eLibraries each with […]

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eBooks are now Outselling Paper Books

Project Gutenberg (thumbnail)

Michael Hart gives us a couple of of intresting pieces of news in this months PG Newsletter. In a recent article, CNN wrote, “[a]s further proof of how digital media dominate today’s entertainment, Amazon announced Thursday that its customers now buy more e-books for its Kindle device than all print books — hardcover and paperback […]

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Cultural Genome created from eBooks

Cultural Genome Graphic (small)

Ever since eBooks started people have been analyzing a variety of concepts, ideas, subjects, etc. about ways a language system works. Believe it or not back in the days when The Oxford Text Archive was still thinking it could dominate the world, at least the virtual literary world, they spent several times an entire median […]

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Oprah picks Public Domain titles for her Book Club

Oprah's: 'A Tale Of Two Cities' book cover (thumbnail)

After all these years, Oprah finally made a selection–actually a pair of selections–from the public domain. “A Tale Of Two Cities” and “Great Expectations” both by Charles Dickens and available for years from PG and all the other eBook distributors who use our materials. In fact Tale Of Two Cities was one of our first […]

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Announcing the new Iambik Audiobook Company

Today we received an email from Hugh McGuire, the guy who started the fantastic LibriVox public domain audiobook community (with many of their source eBooks coming from Project Gutenberg), announcing the launch of his new audiobook company called Iambik Audio. In his email he says; We are thrilled to announce the launch a new audiobook […]

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Project Gutenberg: Timeline Events

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The latest Project Gutenberg Grand Total figures have just passed 37,500 titles this past month and will have 40,000 eBooks during our 40th year celebration, 1,000 a year over 40 years doesn’t sound like much, but we are on track right now to do 5,000 this year. We are currently giving away about 100,000 books […]

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