PG Monthly Newsletter (2012-07-04)

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for July, 2012 In this newsletter: * Birthday of the eBook * Grand opening of self.gutenberg.org * EBook #40000 * New eBook listings * Birthday of the eBook Today is July 4. It is the Independence Day holiday in the United States, and marks the 41st birthday of electronic […]

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eBooks: 1995 – Libraries launched websites

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In the mid-1990s, libraries started their own websites as a virtual window for their patrons and beyond, with an online catalog and a digital library. In his book “Books in My Life”, published by the Library of Congress in 1985, Robert Downs, a librarian, wrote: “My lifelong love affair with books and reading continues unaffected […]

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eBooks: 1993 – PDF, from past to present

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From California, Adobe launched PDF (Portable Document Format) in June 1993, along with Acrobat Reader (free, to read PDFs) and Adobe Acrobat (for a fee, to make PDFs). As stated on the website, PDF “lets you capture and view robust information from any application, on any computer system and share it with anyone around the […]

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In-depth Series on 40 Years of the eBook

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A couple of days ago Marie Lebert released her 40 Years of Project Gutenberg mini guide. Hundreds of people have already downloaded the guide and for those who are seeking a more in-depth review on the history of the ebook, then you’re in luck as Marie will be sharing more articles over the coming weeks. […]

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New Project Gutenberg Web Pages

[Posted on behalf of Marc D’Hooge as requested in the PG Newsletter] We have two new Project Gutenberg web sites up for testing. I think you will find some interesting additional searching and expanded lists of other eBook sites worth trying out: http://gutenberg.trulymail.com and another new effort at: http://domainunltd.weebly.com/ Details The goal I’m aiming at […]

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What I Like About eBooks by Michael Hart

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One of those things I like best about eBooks is giving them away. Not just giving them away, but how easy it is to give them away–and how many you can give away with such little effort. Another wonderful thing about eBooks is that you can correct what you find in error, or just make […]

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