2.5 Million eBooks at World eBook Fair

by Greg Newby on July 2, 2009

Over 3 Million Items Feted At World eBook Fair

Project Gutenberg, The World Public Library, The Internet Archive, and ebooksabouteverything are proud to sponsor the fourth edition of The World eBook Fair.

July 4 – August 4 at http://www.worldebookfair.org

eBook readers will have over 2 million to pick from:

~1.5  million from http://www.archive.org
~ .5  million from http://www.worldpubliclibrary.org
~ .13 million from http://ebooksabouteverything.com
~ .11 million from the various Gutenberg servers
~ .01 million from various other eBook sites
===== ======= ==================
~2.5  million eBooks Grand Total

Please note that archive.org and PG etc. have many audio files, movies, music files, etc. with totals of an additional ~.5 million files.

Grand Total: ~3.1 million Files of all Kinds Many of these eBooks are available for cellphones.

Approximately 1,000 titles will be added each week.

Contact information:

If you have any questions, or seek further materials, an interview or would like to confirm the schedule or contents please feel free to contact the following:

Michael S. Hart
Founder, Project Gutenberg

405 W. Elm, Urbana, IL 61801
US Phone 217-344-6623
Cellphone 808-295-0615

Gregory B. Newby
CEO, Project Gutenberg

US Phone 907-450-8663

John Guagliardo
Director, World Public Library
Director, World Public Library

Honolulu, Hawaii
US Phone 808-292-2068

Catherine Hodge
eBooks About Everything

US Phone 760-327-5100

The Internet Archive

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