World eBook Fair Prepares For Final Week

by Greg Newby on July 29, 2009
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Many more books have been added since our initial report on the start of The World eBook Fair on July 4. As expected, Internet
Archive is keeping up with their goal of adding another ~25,000 titles, about 1,000 each business day, but another 25,000 comes
from the general readership of the patrons. We get messages to add books that our readers have compiled totally on their own–
independently of the major eBook producers.

In fact, the Internet Archive total will likely increase double what was expected, as they were just approching 1,500,000, July
4, and reached 1,545,731 texts by noon EDT, July 27. This will likely reach additional totals of ~50,000 added just during the
period from July 4 through August 4. Add to that the 25,000 or so mentioned above, and a few hundred more at Project Gutenberg
sites and others, and the grand total by the end of the fair is likely to surpass 2,500,000, as follows:

1,550,000  Internet Archive
  500,000  World Public Library
  113,000  Project Gutenberg
   37,000  Other eBook Sites
=========  =======
2,320,000  Grand Total [Estimate]

In addition, Internet Archive offers:

191,421 movies
381,602 audio recordings
66,622 concerts [totals as of July 27]

[These are not added into our grand totals this year, but will probably be added in next year, so statistic oriented people should be advised]

The World eBook Fair is handing out a million files per day on the average with best day July 15 of 1.5 million files.

Reminder: some of the entries take more than one file so a one to one matching of files to books will not be accurate.

As you can see, our earliest most popular books were joined by some other classics, as well as computer oriented works.

Most Popular Titles At Half Way Point:

  1. Emma, by Jan Austen
  2. Linux Complete Command
  3. Little Woman, by Lousia May Alcott
  4. Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad
  5. Workbook in Higher Algebra
  6. A Child’s Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  7. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, by Jules Verne
  8. The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio
  9. Overview of Servlets and JavaServer
  10. RedHat Linux Unleashed
  11. Win XP Pro
  12. Cousin Bette, by Honore de Balzac
  13. The Beautiful Book Of Nursery Rhymes, by Frank Adams
  14. Workbook in Higher Algebra
  15. C+ Programming
  16. MY SQL manual
  17. Colonel Chabert, by Honore de Balzac
  18. The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  19. The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
  20. The Time Machine, by Herbert George Wells

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
World eBook Fair

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