PG Monthly Newsletter (2014-08-11)

by Michael Cook on August 11, 2014

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for August 2014


* Outernet affiliation
* MARC back online, and CD/DVD ISO maker is nearly back
* New eBook listings from July 2014

* Outernet affiliation

Outernet is a new Project Gutenberg affiliate.  Here is information
about their activity, which officially launches on Monday August 11:

"Today Outernet opens the doors to humanity's public library. Using
existing geostationary satellites, Outernet will broadcast a signal
that will contain, in this early test phase, Project Gutenberg
literature, Wikipedia articles, and news from Deutsche Welle. In a
world where only 35.5% of humanity has access to the information on
the Internet, this marks an enormous step towards universal
information access. All Outernet content is available for free to
anyone who wants it. Users are invited to contribute to Outernet's
open source software and open hardware. Outernet has released details
on how to assemble a receiver to access the Outernet signal, available
on their website.

Syed Karim, Outernet's CEO, says, 'For decades, Project Gutenberg has
been pioneering increased access to knowledge and dissemination of the
wealth of creativity found in public domain works. Outernet is honored
and excited to have Project Gutenberg as both a launch partner and
critical element of the Outernet core archive.'"

Greg Newby, Director of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive
Foundation, said: "I'm thrilled at the Outernet vision of free-to-air
broadcast of eBooks and other content.  It is Project Gutenberg's
mission to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.  We have
a focus on free access to information for all people, in the pursuit
of literacy and enlightenment.  Outernet has a vision that is
wonderfully aligned with Project Gutenberg, encompassing free access,
freedom from censorship and monitoring, and unlimited distribution.  I
am enthusiastic about Outernet's effort to bring eBooks from Project
Gutenberg and other great collections to a broader audience."

Outernet is online at

* CD/DVD ISO maker and MARC records

In our previous newsletter, we announced some changes to the back-end
offline catalog that caused an interruption in service to the Machine
REadable Cataloging (MARC) files, as well as our CD/DVD ISO maker
(  We are pleased to confirm that MARC is
back, and the CD/DVD ISO maker will be back this week.

We appreciate the efforts of Steve Thomas of University of Adelaide
for the MARC conversion.  Thanks go to Marcello Perathoner, Project
Gutenberg's Webmaster, for outstanding service to Project Gutenberg.

* New eBook listings from July 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jul 2014 to 31 Jul 2014 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Der Erbe. Dritter Band., by Friedrich Gerstäcker                         46465
 [Language: German]

The Little Cryptogram, by J. Gilfin Fyle                                 46464
 [Subtitle: A Literal Application to the Play of Hamlet
  of the Cipher System of Mr. Ignatius Donnelly]

Brani inediti dei Promessi Sposi, by Alessandro Manzoni                  46463
 [Subtitle: Opere di Alessando Manzoni vol. 2 parte 2]
 [Language: Italian]

Recollections of a Policeman, by William Russell                         46462
 [Author a.k.a. Thomas Waters]

L'Illustration, No. 0063, 11 Mai 1844, by Various                        46461
 [Language: French]

Gunboat and Gun-runner, by T. T. Jeans                                   46460
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Persian Gulf]
 [Illustrator: C. M. Padday]

Ljocht en Skaed, by Douwe Kalma                                          46459
 [Subtitle: In mennich In mennich biskôgings]
 [Language: Frisian]

Laughing Last, by Jane Abbott                                            46458
 [Illustrator: E. Corinne Pauli]

White Wolf's Law, by Hal Dunning                                         46457
 [Subtitle: A Western Story]

Mysterium Arcae Boulé, by Burton E. Stevenson                            46456
 [Language: Latin]

Life on a Mediaeval Barony, by William Stearns Davis                     46455
 [Subtitle: A Picture of a Typical Feudal
  Community in the Thirteenth Century]

In Vain, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                                           46454
 [Translator: Jeremiah Curtin]

Die Regeln des Anstands, der Höflichkeit                                 46453
 und der guten Sitte, by Ignaz Lehmann
 [Language: German]

The Strand Magazine - Vol. 1 - No. 5 - May 1891, by Various              46452
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly]
 [Editor: George Newnes]

Nasby in Exile, by David R. Locke                                        46451
 [Subtitle: or, Six Months of Travel in England,
  Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland
  and Belgium, with many things not of travel]

Manual of the Trees of North America (Exclusive of Mexico)               46450
 2nd ed., by Charles Sprague Sargent
 [Illustrators: Charles Edward Faxon and Mary W. Gill]

The Manufacture of Paper, by Robert Walter Sindall                       46449
 [Subtitle: With Illustrations, and a Bibliography
  of Works Relating to Cellulose and Paper-Making]

Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business Administration             46448
 v. 2, by Various

Ma confession, by Léon Tolstoï                                           46447
 [Language: French]

Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life, Travel & Exploration, by W. B. Lord  46446

The Library of Work and Play: Guide and Index, by Cheshire L. Boone      46445

Physique de l'Amour, by Remy de Gourmont                                 46444
 [Subtitle: Essai sur l'instinct sexuel]
 [Language: French]

Rogues and Vagabonds, by George R. Sims                                  46443

Pfarre und Schule, Dritter Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                 46442
 [Subtitle: Eine Dorfgeschichte]
 [Language: German]

Mr. Midshipman Glover, R. N., by T. T. Jeans                             46441
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Royal Navy of To-day]
 [Illustrator: Edward S. Hodgson]

A Journal of the First Voyage of Vasco da Gama 1497-1499, by Unknown     46440
 [Translator: E. G. Ravenstein]

Romantic Ireland; volume 2 of 2, by M.F and B. McM. Mansfield            46439
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

Archery Rules, by Charles F. A. Hinrichs                                 46438

The Tragedy of Wild River Valley, by Martha Finley                       46437

The Rising of the Tide, by Ida M. Tarbell                                46436
 [Subtitle: The Story of Sabinsport]

Practical Instruction for Detectives, by Emmerson W. Manning             46435
 [Subtitle: A Complete Course in Secret Service Study]

Our Part in the Great War, by Arthur Gleason                             46434

A Handbook of Pictorial History, by Henry W. Donald                      46433

Hanging in Chains, by Albert Hartshorne                                  46432

St. Bernard's, by Æsculapius Scalpel                                     46431
 [Subtitle: The Romance of a Medical Student]

The Camp-life of the Third Regiment, by Robert T. Kerlin                 46430

Romantic Ireland; volume 1 of 2, by M.F and B. McM. Mansfield            46429
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

The Natural Philosophy of Love, by Remy de Gourmont                      46428
 [Translator: Ezra Pound]

The Great War in Verse and Prose, by Various                             46427
 [Editor: J. E. Weatherell]

Ruskin Relics, by W. G. Collingwood                                      46426
 [Illustrators: John Ruskin and various others]

Glimpses of Indian Birds, by Douglas Dewar                               46425

Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business                            46424
 Administration, v. 1, by Various

Contribution to The Critique Of The Political Economy,                   46423
 by Karl Marx and N. I. Stone

The Lenâpé and their Legends, by Daniel G. Brinton                       46422

Coyotes in Their Economic Relations, by David E. Lantz                   46421

Married Life, by John Baldwin Buckstone                                  46420
 [Subtitle: A Comedy, in Three Acts]

Shorter Bible Plays, by Rita Benton                                      46419

Petals Plucked from Sunny Climes, by Sylvia Sunshine                     46418

Prisoners in Devil's Bog, by Hugh Lloyd                                  46417
 [Illustrator: Seymour Fogel]

Birds' Nests, Eggs and Egg-Collecting, by Richard Kearton                46416

Makers of British Botany; a collection of biographies                    46415
 by living botanists, by Various
 [Editor: Francis Wall Oliver]

A History of Bibliographies of Bibliographies, by Archer Taylor          46414

Special Days and their Observance, by Anonymous                          46413
 [Subtitle: September 1919]

A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 10 of 15, by Various    46412

Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse, by Wilhelm Raabe                         46411
 [Illustrator: Ernst Bosch]
 [Language: German]

Pfarre und Schule, Zweiter Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                 46410
 [Subtitle: Eine Dorfgeschichte.]
 [Language: German]

Heidi, by Johanna Spyri                                                  46409
 [Illustrator: Alice Carsey]
 [Translator: Mabel Abbott]

Monograph on the Sub-class Cirripedia, Volume 2 of 2, by Charles Darwin  46408
 [Subtitle: The Balanid?, (or Sessile Cirripedes);
  the Verrucid?, etc., etc.]

Memoirs of the Empress Catherine II, by Catherine II,                    46407
 Empress of Russia
 [Subtitle: Written by Herself]
 [Translator: Aleksandr Herzen]

Twelve Naval Captains, by Molly Elliot Seawell                           46406
 [Subtitle: Being a Record of Certain Americans
  Who Made Themselves Immortal]

Basil Everman, by Elsie Singmaster                                       46405

Mimi at Sheridan School, by Anne Pence Davis                             46404

The Cruise of the Make-Believes, by Tom Gallon                           46403
 [Illustrator: Ch. Grunwald]

Harry Blount, the Detective, by T. J. Flanagan                           46402
 [Subtitle: The Martin Mystery Solved]

The Story of Nuremberg, by Cecil Headlam                                 46401
 [Illustrator: H. M. James]

Revolutionary Reader, by Sophie Lee Foster                               46400
 [Subtitle: Reminiscences and Indian Legends]

The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik Van Loon                                46399

The Manchester Rebels of the Fatal '45, by William Harrison Ainsworth    46398
 [Illustrator: Frederick Gilbert]

Legends, by August Strindberg                                            46397
 [Subtitle: Autobiographical Sketches]

Punch, or the London Charivari Volume 107, September 22, 1894,           46396
 by Various
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Punch, or the London Charivari Volume 107, August 25, 1894, by Various   46395
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Birds of the Plains, by Douglas Dewar                                    46394
 [Illustrator: F. D. S. Fayrer]

Maan ympäri 80 päivässä, by Jules Verne                                  46393
 [Language: Finnish]

Illustrations of the Family of Psittacid??, or Parrots, by Edward Lear   46392
 [Subtitle: The greater part of them species hitherto unfigured,
  containing forty-two lithographic plates, drawn from life,
  and on stone]

Memoirs of John R. Young, by John Young                                  46391
 [Subtitle: Utah Pioneer 1847]

There She Blows!, by William Hussey Macy                                 46390
 [Subtitle: The Log of the Arethusa]

The Sayings of Confucius, by Confucius                                   46389
 [Subtitle: A New Translation of the Greater Part
  of the Confucian Analects]
 [Translator: Lionel Giles]

The Story of the Alphabet, by Edward Clodd                               46388

Oeuvres complètes de Guy de Maupassant - volume 3, by Guy de Maupassant  46387
 [Subtitle: La maison Tellier; Ma femme;
  Les conseils d'une grand'mère]
 [Language: French]

The Castaways of Pete's Patch, by Carroll Watson Rankin                  46386
 [Subtitle: A Sequel to the Adopting of Rosa Marie]
 [Illustrators: Ada C. Williamson and Miriam Selss]

The Ingoldsby Country, by Charles G. Harper                              46385
 [Subtitle: Literary Landmarks of the "Ingoldsby Legends"]
 [Illustrator: Charles G. Harper]

The Story of Verona, by Alethea Wiel                                     46384
 [Illustrators: Nelly Erichsen and Helen M. James]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, September 1899, by Various           46383
 [Subtitle: Vol. LV, May to October, 1899]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

The Submarine in War and Peace, by Simon Lake                            46382
 [Subtitle: Its Development and its Possibilities]

The Lead of Honour, by Norval Richardson                                 46381
 [Illustrator: Frank T. Merrill]

Vanishing Landmarks, by Leslie M. Shaw                                   46380
 [Subtitle: The Trend Toward Bolshevism]

Human Origins, by Samuel Laing                                           46379

A plain and faithful narrative of the original design, rise,             46378
 progress and present state of the Indian charity-school
 at Lebanon, in Connecticut, by Eleazar Wheelock

A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol                      46377
 from Farm Products, by F. B. Wright

Outspinning the Spider, by John Kimberly Mumford                         46376
 [Subtitle: The Story of Wire and Wire Rope]

The Phantom Treasure, by Harriet Pyne Grove                              46375

"Mr. Punch's" Book of Arms, by Edward Tennyson Reed                      46374

L'Illustration, No. 0062, 4 Mai 1844, by Various                         46373
 [Language: French]

Ocean's Story; or Triumphs of Thirty Centuries, by Edward Rowland        46372
 [Subtitle: Maritime Adventures, Achievements,
  Explorations, Discoveries and Inventions etc.]

The Cruise of the "Lively Bee", by John De Morgan                        46371
 [Subtitle: Or A Boy's Adventures in the War of 1812]

British Flags, by W. G. Perrin                                           56370
 [Subtitle: Their Early History, and their Development at Sea;
  with an Account of the Origin of the Flag as a National Device]
 [Illustrator: Herbert S. Vaughan]

Torrey's Narrative, by William Torrey                                    46369
 [Subtitle: or, The Life and Adventures of William Torrey]

Pfarre und Schule. Erster Band, by Friedrich Gerst?cker                  46368
 [Subtitle: Eine Dorfgeschichte]
 [Language: German]

Talbot's Angles, by Amy E. Blanchard                                     46367

Down the Ice, by Harold M. Sherman                                       46366
 [Subtitle: and Other Winter Sports Stories]

Our Schools in War Time--and After, by Arthur Davis Dean                 46365

Essais poétiques, by Delphine de Girardin                                46364
 [Language: French]

Her Dark Inheritance, by Mrs. E. Burke Collins                           46363

The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume IV of 4,                   46362
 by Francis Maitland Balfour

Springfield in the Spanish American War, by Walter W. Ward               46361

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 107, October 13, 1894, by Various 46360
 [Editor: Francis Bernand]

Speculum Amantis, by Various                                             46359
 [Subtitle: Love Poems, from Rare Songbooks and
  Miscellanies of the Seventeenth Century]
 [Editor: A. H. Bullen]

Max Fargus, by Owen Johnson                                              46358

L'expédition de la Jeannette au pôle Nord racontée par tous              46357
 les membres de l'expédition - volume 1, by Various
 [Subtitle: ouvrage composé des documents reçus par
  le "New-York Herald" de 1878 à 1882]
 [Editor: Jules Geslin]
 [Language: French]

The Toxicity of Caffein, by William Salant and John Benjamin Rieger      46356
 [Subtitle: An experimental study on different species of animals]

Annali d'Italia, vol. 3, by Lodovico Antonio Muratori                    46355
 [Subtitle: dal principio dell'era volgare sino all'anno 1750]
 [Language: Italian]

The English Village Community, by Frederic Seebohm                       46354
 [Subtitle: Examined in its Relations to the
  Manorial and Tribal Systems and to the Common
  or Open Field System of Husbandry; An Essay in
  Economic History (Reprinted from the Fourth Edition)]

The Walls of Constantinople, by Bernard Granville Baker                  46353

Gli ultimi giorni di Goldoni, by Valentino Carrera                       46352
 [Subtitle: Le Commedie, vol. 1]
 [Language: Italian]

Un avvocato dell'avvenire, by Valentino Carrera                          46351
 [Subtitle: Le Commedie, vol. 1]
 [Language: Italian]

La Belgique héroïque et martyre, by Various                              46350
 [Language: French]

John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character, Volume 1 of 3,              46349
 by John Leech
 [Subtitle: From the Collection of "Mr. Punch"]

Over There with the Canadians at Vimy Ridge, by George H. Ralphson       46348

Men of Our Times, by Harriet Beecher Stowe                               46347
 [Subtitle: Leading Patriots of The Day]

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, by Eliza Haywood                  46346

Sir Quixote of the Moors, by John Buchan                                 46345
 [Subtitle: Being some account of an episode
  in the life of the Sieur de Rohaine]

Eighty-fourth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers (Infantry), 1861-1865    46344
 by Thomas Edward Merchant

The Man With the Black Feather, by Gaston Leroux                         46343
 [Illustrator: Charles M. Relyea]
 [Translator: Edgar Jepson]

Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe, by John Hewitt                     46342
 [Subtitle: From the Iron Period of the Northern
  Nations to the End of the Thirteenth Century]

Nat Goodwin's Book, by Nathaniel C. Goodwin                              46341

Émile eli Kasvatuksesta, by Jean Jacques Rousseau                        46340
 [Language: Finnish]

The Fantasy Fan, October 1933, by Various                                46339
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]
 [Editor: Charles D. Hornig]

A Medly of Weather Lore, by Various                                      46338

The Gospel of St. John, by Joseph MacRory                                46337

Seven Mohave Myths, by A. L. Kroeber                                     46336

Mit Liv og Levned, by Johannes Fibiger                                   46335
 [Subtitle: som jeg selv har forstaaet det]
 [Language: Danish]

Cartilha Maternal, by João de Deus                                       46334
 [Subtitle: Arte de Leitura]
 [Language: Portuguese]

The Social Contract & Discourses, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau               46333
 [Translator: George Douglas Howard Cole]

Merrie England In The Olden Time, Vol. 2 of 2, by George Daniel          46332
 [Illustrators: John Leech, Robert Cruikshank and Thomas Gilks]

Merrie England In The Olden Time, Vol. 1 of 2, by George Daniel          46331
 [Illustrators: John Leech, Robert Cruikshank and Thomas Gilks]

The Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Fine Arts, by Georg Hegel      46330
 [Subtitle: Translated from the German
  with Notes and Prefatory Essay]
 [Translator: Bernard Bosanquet]

The Swamp Doctor's Adventures in The South-West, by John Robb            46329
 [Subtitle: Containing the Whole of The Louisiana Swamp Doctor;
  Streaks of Squatter Life; And Far-Western Scenes; In a
  Series of Forty-Two Humorous Southern and Western
  Sketches, Descriptive of Incidents and Character]
 [Illustrator: Darley]

In the Old West, by George Frederick Ruxton                              46328
 [Editor: Horace Kephart]

The Cherries of New York, by U. P. Hedrick                               46327

Brick and Marble in the Middle Ages, by George Edmund Street             46326
 [Subtitle: Notes of Tours in the North of Italy]

Chikago, by Upton Sinclair                                               46325
 [Subtitle: Nykyajan romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Catholic World, Vol. XI, April 1870-September 1870, by Various           46324
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine of General Literature and Science]

The Soul of the Soldier, by Thomas Tiplady                               46323
 [Subtitle: Sketches from the Western Battle-Front]

Punch Cartoons of the Great War, by Various                              46322

The Spell of the Heart of France, by André Hallays                       46321
 [Subtitle: The Towns, Villages and Chateaus about Paris]

Wulnoth the Wanderer, by Herbert Escott-Inman                            46320
 [Subtitle: A Story of King Alfred of England]
 [Illustrators: Troy Kinney and Margaret West Kinney]

The Vale of Lyvennet, by John Salkeld Bland                              46319
 [Subtitle: Its Picturesque Peeps and Legendary Lore]

Jungle Folk, by Douglas Dewar                                            46318
 [Subtitle: Indian Natural History Sketches]

Ella Clinton, by Martha Farquharson                                      46317
 [Subtitle: or By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them]

Verdi: Man and Musician, by Frederick James Crowest                      46316
 [Subtitle: His Biography with Especial
  Reference to His English Experiences]

Vital Records of the Town of Auburn, (Formerly Ward), Massachusetts,     46315
 To the end of the year 1850, by Franklin P. Rice
 [Subtitle: With the Inscriptions from the Old Burial Grounds]

L'Illustration, No. 1585, 12 Juillet 1873, by Various                    46314
 [Language: French]

Jones of the 64th, by Frederick Sadleir Brereton                         46313
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Battles of Assaye and Laswaree]
 [Illustrator: W. Rainey]

The Works of John Marston, by John Marston                               46312
 [Subtitle: Volume 3]

The Works of John Marston, by John Marston                               46311
 [Subtitle: Volume 2]

A Journal of the Reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1852               46310
 (Volume 3 of 3), by Charles C. F. Greville
 [Subtitle: The Greville Memoirs (Second Part)]

A Journal of the Reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1852               46309
 (Volume 2 of 3), by Charles C. F. Greville
 [Subtitle: The Greville Memoirs (Second Part)]

Die Mormonen, by Moritz Busch                                            46308
 [Subtitle: Ihr Prophet, ihr Staat und ihr Glaube]
 [Language: German]

Memoiren einer Grossmutter, Band II, by Pauline Wengeroff                46307
 [Subtitle: Bilder aus der Kulturgeschichte
  der Juden Russlands im 19. Jahrhundert]
 [Language: German]

Knots Untied, by George S. McWatters                                     46306
 [Subtitle: Or, Ways and By-ways in the
  Hidden Life of American Detectives]

Yellowstone via Gallatin Gateway Montana, by Milwaukee Road Corporation  46305

The Silent Rifleman, by Henry William Herbert and James Jackson          46304
 [Subtitle: A tale of the Texan prairies]

South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 6 (of 6), by Louis Creswicke    46303

Riding and Driving, by Edward L. Anderson and Price Collier              46302

Toledo. The Story of an Old Spanish Capital, by Hannah Lynch             46301
 [Illustrator: Helen M. James]

The First Canadians in France, by F. McKelvey Bell                       46300
 [Subtitle: The Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the War Zone]
 [Illustrator: Christopher Fulleylove]

With the French Flying Corps, by Carroll Dana Winslow                    46299

Mary Broome, by Allan Monkhouse                                          46298
 [Subtitle: A Comedy, in Four Acts]

La quaderna di Nanni, by Valentino Carrera                               46297
 [Subtitle: Le Commedie, vol. 1]
 [Language: Italian]

Dedica - Scarabocchio, by Valentino Carrera                              46296
 [Subtitle: Le Commedie, vol. 1]
 [Language: Italian]

Capitale e mano d'opera, by Valentino Carrera                            46295
 [Subtitle: Le Commedie, vol. 1]
 [Language: Italian]

The Immigrant Tide, Its Ebb and Flow, by Edward A. Steiner               46294

Germany's Dishonoured Army, by Prof. J. H. Morgan                        46293
 [Subtitle: Additional records of German atrocities in France]

Selina, by George Madden Martin                                          46292
 [Subtitle: Her Hopeful Efforts and Her Livelier Failures]
 [Illustrator: H. D. Williams]

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, by Union Pacific Corporation 46291

Pan, by Knut Hamsun                                                      46290
 [Language: Finnish]

Jack the Young Canoeman, by George Bird Grinnell                         46289
 [Subtitle: An Eastern Boy's Voyage in a Chinook Canoe]
 [Illustrator: Edwin Willard Deming]

Stories from Northern Myths, by Emilie Kip Baker                         46288

The Book of Vagabonds and Beggars, by Anonymous                          46287
 [Subtitle: with a Vocabulary of Their Language]
 [Editor: Martin Luther]
 [Translator: John Camden Hotten]

Looking Back, by Merrick Abner Richardson                                46286
 [Subtitle: An Autobiography]

L'ancien Figaro, by Anonymous                                            46285
 [Language: French]

My Austrian Love, by Maxime Provost                                      46284
 [Subtitle: The History of the Adventures of
  an English Composer in Vienna. Written in
  the Trenches by Himself]

The Motor-Bus in War, by A. M. Beatson                                   46283
 [Subtitle: Being the Impressions of an A. S. C.
  Officer during Two and a Half Years at the Front]

L'Illustration, No. 1584, 5 Juillet 1873, by Various                     46282
 [Language: French]

A Monograph of Odontoglossum, by James Bateman                           46281

Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XVI, by Various                  46280
 [Editor: Reuben Gold Thwaites]

Los Merodeadores de Fronteras, by Gustave Aimard                         46279
 [Language: Spanish]

Fra Mindebo, by Evald Tang Kristensen                                    46278
 [Subtitle: Jyske Folkeaeventyr]
 [Language: Danish]

Musta kääpiö, by Walter Scott                                            46277
 [Language: Finnish]

The Treasure of Pearls, by Gustave Aimard                                46276
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Adventures in California]
 [Translator: Lascelles Wraxall]

Redmanship in Kentucky for Fifty Great Suns, by Frank L. Smith           46275

Oxford and its Story, by Cecil Headlam                                   46274
 [Illustrators: Herbert Railton and Fanny Railton]

Church Bells, by H. B. Walters                                           46273

The Journal of Leo Tolstoi (First Volume--1895-1899), by Leo Tolstoi     46272
 [Translator: Rose Strunsky]

The Island of Yellow Sands, by Ethel C. Brill                            46271
 [Subtitle: An Adventure and Mystery Story for Boys]
 [Illustrator: W. A. Wolf]

Neid, by Ernst von Wildenbruch                                           46270
 [Language: German]

Mark Tidd in Business, by Clarence B. Kelland                            46269

Die Musen, by Paul Claudel                                               46268
 [Subtitle: Eine Ode]
 [Language: German]

Gnadenreiche, unsere Königin, by Franz Jung                              46267
 [Language: German]

The Sharper Detected and Exposed, by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin           46266

María Luisa, Leyenda Histórica, by Andrés Portillo                       46265
 [Language: Spanish]

Songs from the Smoke, by Madeleine Sweeny Miller                         46264

Kabouters in het Bosch, by Kees Valkenstein                              46263
 [Illustrator: Kees Valkenstein]
 [Language: Dutch]

Pilgrim Sorrow, by Carmen Sylva                                          46262
 [Subtitle: A Cycle of Tales]
 [Translator: Helen Zimmern]

Friends of France, by Various                                            46261
 [Subtitle: The Field Service of the American
  Ambulance Described by its Members]

Up the Country, by Emily Eden                                            46260

Die Gewerkschaftsbewegung, by Wilhelm Kulemann                           46259
 [Subtitle: Darstellung der gewerkschaftlichen Organisation
  der Arbeiter und der Arbeitgeber aller Länder]
 [Language: German]

Thorley Weir, by Edward Benson                                           46258

Motor Matt's Daring, or, True to His Friends, by Stanley R. Matthews     46257
 [Subtitle: Motor Stories Thrilling Adventure
  Motor Fiction No. 2, March 6, 1909]

In the Ypres Salient, by Beckles Willson                                 46256
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Fortnight's
  Canadian Fighting, June 2-16, 1916]

Yvonne Müller, by Otto Flake                                             46255
 [Language: German]

Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million, by Sarah Josepha Hale              46254
 [Subtitle: Containing Four Thousand Five Hundred
  and Forty-five Receipts, Facts, Directions, etc.
  in the Useful, Ornamental, and Domestic Arts]

Mariages d'aventure, by Émile Gaboriau                                   46253
 [Language: French]

The Highflyers, by Clarence Budington Kelland                            46252

Old Continental Towns, by Walter M. Gallichan                            46251

The Thorn in the Nest, by Martha Finley                                  46250

A History of the Cambridge University Press, by S. C. Roberts            46249

Belgium, by George W. T. Omond                                           46248
 [Illustrator: Amédée Forestier]

The Book of Masks, by Remy de Gourmont                                   46247
 [Translator: Jack Lewis]

Historia General del Derecho Español, Tomo I, by Eduardo de Hinojosa     46246
 [Language: Spanish]

L'Illustration, No. 0061, 27 Avril 1844, by Various                      46245
 [Language: French]

The Kingdom of God, Part 1, by Orson Pratt                               46244

Divine Authority, by Orson Pratt                                         46243
 [Subtitle: Or the Question: Was Joseph Smith Sent of God?]

The British Expedition to the Crimea, by William Howard Russell          46242

Some Notes on Early Woodcut Books, with a Chapter on                     46241
 Illuminated Manuscripts, by Willam Morris

Chains, by Elizabeth Baker                                               46240
 [Subtitle: A Play, in Four Acts]

A Modest Meane to Mariage, by Clarke Erasmus Roterodamus                 46239
 [Subtitle: pleasauntly set foorth by that famous
  Clarke Erasmus Roterodamus, and translated into
  Englishe by N.L.]

Mazes and Labyrinths, by W. H. Matthews                                  46238
 [Subtitle: A General Account of their History and Development]

The Romance of Book Collecting, by J. H. Slater                          46237

The Red Widow, by William Le Queux                                       46236
 [Subtitle: or, The Death-Dealers of London]

The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe, by B. Granville Baker       46235

Guingamor, Lanval, Tyolet, Bisclaveret, by Marie De France               46234
 [Subtitle: Four lais rendered into English prose]
 [Illustrator: Caroline Watts]
 [Translator: Jessie L. Weston]

With the Black Prince, by William Osborn Stoddard                        46233

The Boy's Book of New Inventions, by Harry E. Maule                      46232

Der brennende Dornbusch/Mörder, Hoffnung der Frauen, by Oskar Kokoschka  46231
 [Language: German]

Our Little Austrian Cousin, by Florence E. Mendel                        46230
 [Illustrator: Diantha Horne Marlowe]

The Life of George Stephenson and of his Son,                            46229
 Robert Stephenson, by Samuel Smiles
 [Subtitle: Comprising Also a History of the Invention
  and Introduction of the Railway Locomotive]

It Never Can Happen Again, by William De Morgan                          46228

The Life and Times of Col. Daniel Boone, Hunter, Soldier, and Pioneer    46227
 by Edward Sylvester Ellis
 [Subtitle: With Sketches of Simon Kenton, Lewis Wetzel,
  and Other Leaders in the Settlement of the West]

Niobe, All Smiles, by Harry Paulton and Edward A. Paulton                46226
 [Subtitle: A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts]

Quartetto, by Alfredo Oriani                                             46225
 [Language: Italian]

Histoire de Flandre, Tome 2 de 4, by Constantine Bruno                   46224
 Kervyn de Lettenhove
 [Language: French]

Tour in England, Ireland, and France, in the years 1826,                 46223
 1827, 1828 and 1829, by Hermann Pückler-Muskau
 [Subtitle: with remarks on the manners and customs of
  the inhabitants, and anecdotes of distiguished public
  characters. In a series of letters by a German Prince]

The Fantasy Fan September 1933, by Various                               46222
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]
 [Editor: Charles D. Hornig]

Items on the Priesthood presented to the Latter-day Saints,              46221
 by John Taylor

Mothwise, by Knut Hamsun                                                 46220
 [Translator: William W. Worster]

An Unsinkable Titanic, by John Bernard Walker                            46219
 [Subtitle: Every Ship its own Lifeboat]

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. III: Acadia,             46218
 1611-1616, by Various
 [Editor: Reuben Gold Thwaites]

The Romantic Lady, by Michael Arlen                                      46217

Carriages & Coaches, by Ralph Straus                                     46216
 [Subtitle: Their History & Their Evolution]

The Battles in Flanders From Ypres to Neuve Chapelle, by Edmund Dane     46215

Il perfetto amore, by Roberto Bracco                                     46214
 [Subtitle: Dialogo in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Nemmeno un bacio, by Roberto Bracco                                      46213
 [Subtitle: Dramma in tre atti e un epilogo]
 [Language: Italian]

The Covenant of Salt, by Henry Clay Trumbull                             46212
 [Subtitle: As Based on the Significance and
  Symbolism of Salt in Primitive Thought]

Ombre di occaso, by Alfredo Oriani                                       46211
 [Language: Italian]

The Retreat from Mons, by Anonymous                                      46210

Concord Days, by A. Bronson Alcott                                       46209

A Voice from Jerusalem, by Orson Hyde                                    46208
 [Subtitle: A Sketch of the Travels
  and Ministry of Elder Orson Hyde]

A Vision of Venus, by Harry Pleon                                        46207
 [Subtitle: Or, A Midsummer-Night's Nightmare]

Ford Manual (1919), by Ford Motor Company                                46206
 [Subtitle: For Owners and Operators of Ford Cars and Trucks]

Jack Among the Indians, by George Bird Grinnell                          46205
 [Subtitle: A Boy's Summer on the Buffalo Plains]
 [Illustrator: Edwin Willard Deming]

Wege und Umwege, by Annette Kolb                                         46204
 [Language: German]

Über das Geistige in der Kunst, by Wassily Kandinsky                     46203
 [Subtitle: Insbesondere in der Malerei]
 [Language: German]

A New Witness for God, Volume 1 of 3, by B. H. Roberts                   46202

Orlando Furioso, Tomo I, by Ludovico Ariosto                             46201
 [Language: Spanish]

Plowing On Sunday, by Sterling North                                     46200

Sketch of the History of the Knights Templars, by James Burnes           46199
 [Subtitle: Second Edition]

Conquest, by Marie Carmichael Stopes                                     46198
 [Subtitle: Or, A Piece of Jade; a New Play in Three Acts]

Starved Rock, by Edgar Lee Masters                                       46197

Cuentos Clásicos del Norte, Primera Serie, by Edgar Allan Poe            46196
 [Language: Spanish]

An Accidental Honeymoon, by David Potter                                 46195
 [Illustrators: George W. Gage and
  Edward Stratton Holloway]

Avioelämää II, by August Strindberg                                      46194
 [Subtitle: Kahdeksantoista aviojuttua]
 [Language: Finnish]

Avioelämää I, by August Strindberg                                       46193
 [Subtitle: Kaksitoista kertomusta avioelämästä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Pan-German Programme, by Anonymous                                   46192
 [Subtitle: The Petition of the Six Associations
  and the Manifesto of the Intellectuals]
 [Translator: Edwyn Bevan]

Fighting without a War, by Ralph Albertson                               46191
 [Subtitle: An Account of Military Intervention in North Russia]

Stories of Robin Hood, by Bertha E. Bush                                 46190

While I Remember, by Stephen McKenna                                     46189

Elsie's Young Folks in Peace and War, by Martha Finley                   46188

Letters from the Holy Land, by Elizabeth Butler                          46187

Germany in War Time, by Mary Ethel McAuley                               46186
 [Subtitle: What an American Girl Saw and Heard]

The Devil, by Ferenc Molnar                                              46185
 [Translator: Oliver Herford]

Frau Jenny Treibel, by Theodor Fontane                                   46184
 [Subtitle: Roman aus der Berliner Gesellschaft]
 [Language: German]

La maison d'un artiste, by Edmond de Goncourt                            46183
 [Language: French]

Sonata de otoño; Sonata de invierno, by Ramón del Valle-Inclán           46182
 [Subtitle: memorias del Marqués de Bradomín]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Forty-third regiment United States Colored Troops,                   46181
 by Jeremiah Marion Mickley

Der Findling, Erster Band, by Jules Verne                                46180
 [Language: German]

Two Years and Four Months in a Lunatic Asylum, by Hiram Chase            46179
 [Subtitle: from August 20th, 1863 to December 20th, 1865]

Flower of the Gorse, by Louis Tracy                                      46178

Punainen huone, by August Strindberg                                     46177
 [Subtitle: Kuvauksia taiteilija- ja kirjailijaelämästä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Knights of the Round Table, by William Henry Frost                   46176
 [Subtitle: Stories of King Arthur and the Holy Grail]
 [Illustrator: Sydney Richmond Burleigh]

The History of the Confederate War, Its Causes and Its Conduct,          46175
 Volume II of 2, by George Cary Eggleston
 [Subtitle: A Narrative and Critical History]

Der Findling, Zweiter Band, by Jules Verne                               46174
 [Language: German]

Tourmalin's Time Cheques, by F. Anstey                                   46173

A Tale of the Tow-Path, by Homer Greene                                  46172

Florida Caverns State Park, by Robert O. Vernon                          46171
 [Subtitle: Marianna, Florida]

Fathers of Men, by E. W. Hornung                                         46170

Fishing with Floating Flies, by Samuel G. Camp                           46169

Experiments and Observations Tending to Illustrate the Nature            46168
 and Properties of Electricity, by William Watson
 [Subtitle: In One Letter to Martin Folkes, Esq;
  President, and Two to the Royal Society]

British Royal Proclamations Relating to America 1603-1783, by Various    46167
 [Editor: Clarence S. Brigham]

History of the Zulu War, by A. Wilmot                                    46166

The Book of Daniel Unlocked, by W. S. Auchincloss                        46165

Il piccolo santo, by Roberto Bracco                                      46164
 [Subtitle: Dramma in cinque atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Maschere, by Roberto Bracco                                              46163
 [Subtitle: Dramma in un atto]
 [Language: Italian]

Ad armi corte, by Roberto Bracco                                         46162
 [Subtitle: Commedia in un atto]
 [Language: Italian]

By Forest Ways in New Zealand, by F. A. Roberts                          46161

Malaeska, by Ann S. Stephens                                             46160
 [Subtitle: the Indian Wife of the White Hunter]


PG Monthly Newsletter (2014-07-02)

by Michael Cook on July 2, 2014

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for June-July 2014


* Happy birthday to Project Gutenberg!
* The BookLand project
* Offline catalog update & impact
* Bookshelves still undergoing revitalization
* New eBook listings from May & June 2014

* Happy birthday to Project Gutenberg!

On July 4, 1971, Michael Hart created the first electronic book.  This
was the United States Declaration of Independance, available online at

As the United States celebrates the 238th year since its founding, now
is a great time to look at the 1350 or so words that launched a

* The BookLand project

BookLand ( is a year-long mobile book fair throughout
Romania.  In 2014 it is aiming to visit and talk to 300,000 high
school students in 23 cities.  BookLand offers free access to eBooks
in constant pursuit of making lecture a relaxing habit.  Their
Web site has a section for free eBooks.

* Bookshelves still undergoing revitalization

The Bookshelf section has had significant updates (as mentioned
in May).  Please take a look:

* Offline catalog update & impact

In April 2014, some updates to the format of the XML/RDF offline
catalog replaced the older format.  This has rendered two services
temporarily unable to get updates from the latest eBooks:

  - MARC-format records provided by Adelaide University
  - The custom CD/DVD ISO maker

We hope both services will be updating again soon.  Meanwhile, the ISO
maker has been having difficulties for several months with sometimes
failing to create a viable ISO image (this is the format for a
collection suitable for copying to a CD or DVD disc).  We hope to make
progress on this soon.

* New eBook listings from May & June 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jun 2014 to 30 Jun 2014 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

The German Lieutenant and Other Stories, by August Strindberg            46107
 [Subtitle: The German Lieutenant; Over-Refinement;
  "Unwelcome;" Higher Aims; Paul and Peter;
  A Funeral; The Last Shot]
 [Translator: Claud Field]

The Scottish Parliament, by Robert S. Rait                               46106
 [Subtitle: Before the Union of the Crowns]

No Posting                                                               46105

The Girl in Industry, by D. J. Collier                                   46104

Germany's Vanishing Colonies, by Gordon Le Sueur                         46103

An American Girl in Munich, by Mabel W. Daniels                          46102
 [Subtitle: Impressions of a Music Student]

Vita di Andrea Doria, Volume II, by Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi         46101
 [Language: Italian]

Vita di Andrea Doria, Volume I, by Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi          46100
 [Language: Italian]

The Vitality of 'Mormonism', by James E. Talmage                         46099
 [Subtitle: An Address]

In the Name of Liberty, by Owen Johnson                                  46098
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Terror]

Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles, by Oliver Hogue                      46097
 [Subtitle: Descriptive Narratives of the More
  Desperate Engagements on the Gallipoli Peninsula]

Sonia Married, by Stephen McKenna                                        46096

Private Journal of Henry Francis Brooke, by Henry Francis Brooke         46095
 [Subtitle: Late Brigadier-General Commanding 2nd Infantry
  Brigade Kandahar Field Force, Southern Afghanistan,
  from April 22nd to August 16th, 1880]

The Romance of Modern Mechanism, by Archibald Williams                   46094
 [Subtitle: With Interesting Descriptions in
  Non-technical Language of Wonderful Machinery
  and Mechanical Devices and Marvellously Delicate
  Scientific Instruments]

Secrets of the Sword, by César Lecat de Bazancourt                       46093
 [Illustrator: Frederick Henry Townsend]
 [Translator: Charles Felix Clay]

A Little Pilgrimage in Italy, by Olave M. Potter                         46092
 [Illustrator: Yoshio Markino]

The Octoroon, by Dion Boucicault                                         46091
 [Subtitle: or, Life in Louisiana; A Play in Five acts]

Lancashire Sketches, by Edwin Waugh                                      46090
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

Mesék és regék, by Mór Jókai                                             46089
 [Language: Hungarian]

Stories of Exile, by Various                                             46088
 [Editor: Rossiter Johnson]
 [Subtitle: Ethan Brand; The Swans of Lir;
  A Night in a Workhouse; The Outcasts of
  Poker Flat; The Man Without a Country;
  Flight of a Tartar Tribe]

Drawings of Rossetti, by T. Martin Wood                                  46087

Der lebende Leichnam, by Leo N. Tolstoi                                  46086
 [Subtitle: Drama in sechs Akten (zwölf Bildern)]
 [Language: German]

The Boy Allies with Pershing in France, by Clair W. Hayes                46085
 [Subtitle: Over the Top at Chateau Thierry]

The Secret Life , by Elizabeth Bisland                                   46084
 [Subtitle: Being the Book of a Heretic]

Tahiti: Roman aus der Südsee. Vierter Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker      46083
 [Language: German]

La mirabile visione, by Giovanni Pascoli                                 46082
 [Subtitle: Abbozzo d'una storia della Divina Comedia]
 [Language: Italian]

Pekka Puavalj, by Maiju Lassila                                          46081
 [Subtitle: Luonteenpiirteitä purkupäiviltä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Earliest Years at Vassar, by Frances A. Wood                             46080
 [Subtitle: Personal Recollections]

Evolution in Art, by Alfred C. Haddon                                    46079
 [Subtitle: As Illustrated by the Life-histories of Designs]

The Senses and The Mind, by Anonymous                                    46078

The Judgment Books, by Edward Frederic Benson                            46077
 [Subtitle: A Story]

Sebastian Bach, by Reginald Lane Poole                                   46076

Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel, by Stanley R. Matthews            46075
 [Subtitle: Motor Stories Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction No 1]

Lausanne, by Francis Henry Gribble                                       46074
 [Illustrastors: J. Hardwicke Lewis and May Hardwicke Lewis]

Inselwelt. Zweiter Band. Australische Skizzen, by Friedrich Gerstäcker   46073
 [Subtitle: Gesammelte Erzählungen]
 [Language: German]

Suhteita, by Maria Jotuni                                                46072
 [Subtitle: Harjoitelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Rakkautta, by Maria Jotuni                                               46071
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Arkielämää, by Maria Jotuni                                              46070
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of France, by George Warton Edwards        46069
 [Illustrator: George Warton Edwards]

Abbotsford, by W. S. Crockett                                            46068

How To Ski and How Not To, by Vivian Caulfeild                           46067

Manual of Taxidermy, by Charles Johnson Maynard                          46066
 [Subtitle: A Complete Guide in Collecting
  and Preserving Birds and Mammals]

L'Illustration, No. 2522, 27 Juin 1891, by Various                       46065
 [Language: French]

The Deep Lake Mystery, by Carolyn Wells                                  46064

The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art                       46063
 (2nd ed. 1911), by Charles Mills Gayley
 [Subtitle: Based Originally on Bulfinch's]

Der Kunstreiter, 3. Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                        46062
 [Language: German]

Der Kunstreiter, 2. Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                        46061
 [Language: German]

Of the Injustice of Counterfeiting Books, by Emanuel Kant                46060
 [Subtitle: From: Essays and Treaties on Moral,
  Political and various Philosophical Subjects]

The Adopting of Rosa Marie, by Carroll Watson Rankin                     46059
 [Subtitle: A Sequel to Dandelion Cottage]
 [Illustrators: Florence Scovel Shinn and Miriam Selss]

Two Tragedies of Seneca, by Lucius Annaeus Seneca                        46058
 [Subtitle: Medea and The Daughters of Troy
  Rendered into English Verse]
 [Translator: Ella Isabel Harris]

The Relentless City, by Edward Frederic Benson                           46057

Our Little Quebec Cousin, by Mary S. Saxe                                46056
 [Illustrator: Charles E. Meister]

Among the Birds in Northern Shires, by Charles Dixon                     46055
 [Illustrator: Charles Whymper]

The Boy Allies with the Terror of the Seas,                              46054
 by Clair W. Hayes
 [Author a.k.a. Robert L. Drake]
 [Subtitle: The Last Shot of Submarine D-16]

Der Kunstreiter, 1. Band, by Friedrich Gerst?cker                        46053
 [Language: German]

ABC of Vegetable Gardening, by Eben Eugene Rexford                       46052

South American Jungle Tales, by Horacio Quiroga                          46051
 [Illustrator: A. L. Ripley]

The Relations between the Laws of Babylonia and the Laws                 46050
 of the Hebrew Peoples, by C. H. W. Johns
 [Subtitle: The Schweich Lectures]

Twos and Threes, by G. B. Stern                                          46049

The Turned-About Girls, by Beulah Marie Dix                              46048

Tales and Legends of the Tyrol, by A. von Günther                        46047

Sonia Between two Worlds, by Stephen McKenna                             46046

The Boy Allies on the North Sea Patrol, by Robert L. Drake               46045
 [Subtitle: Striking the First Blow at the German Fleet]

A Little Change, by Sydney Grundy                                        46044
 [Subtitle: A Farce in One Scene]

Vasco, Our Little Panama Cousin, by H. Lee M. Pike                       46043
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Our Little Arabian Cousin, by Blanche McManus                            46042

The Christian Hymn Book, by Various                                      46041
 [Subtitle: A Compilation of Psalms, Hymns
  and Spiritual Songs, Original and 
  Selected, by A. Campbell and Others]

The Kindred of the Wild, by Charles G. D. Roberts                        46040
 [Subtitle: A Book of Animal Life]
 [Illustrator: Charles Livingston Bull]

Dynamite Stories, by Hudson Maxim                                        46039
 [Subtitle: and some interesting facts about explosives]

Shinto, by W. G. Aston                                                   46038 
 [Subtitle: The Way of the Gods]

A Revision of the Treaty, by John Maynard Keynes                         46037
 [Subtitle: Being a Sequel of The Economic
  Consequence of the Peace]

The Sidereal Messenger of Galileo Galilei, by Galileo Galilei            46036
 and Johannes Kepler
 [Subtitle: and a Part of the Preface to Kepler's
  Dioptrics Containing the Original Account of
  Galileo's Astronomical Discoveries]
 [Translator: Edward Stafford Carlos]

A Spring Walk in Provence, by Archibald Marshall                         46035

Gibraltar, by Henry M. Field                                             46034

La Flandre pendant des trois derniers siècles,                           46033
 by Constantine Bruno Kervyn de Lettenhove
 [Language: French]

Vitus Bering: the Discoverer of Bering Strait, by Peter Lauridsen        46032
 [Translator: Julius E. Olsen]

Brani inediti dei Promessi Sposi, by Alessandro Manzoni                  46031
 [Subtitle: Opere di Alessando Manzoni vol. 2, parte 1]
 [Language: Italian]

Of Walks and Walking Tours, by Arnold Haultain                           46030
 [Subtitle: An Attempt to find a Philosophy and a Creed]

Charities and the Commons: The Pittsburgh Survey,                        46029
 Part I: The People, by Various

Leaves from My Journal, by Wilford Woodruff                              46028
 [Subtitle: Third Book of the Faith-Promoting Series]

The Khaki Boys at Camp Sterling, by Josephine Chase                      46027
 [Author a.k.a. Gordon Bates]
 [Subtitle: Training for the Big Fight in France]

Virginia's Attitude Toward Slavery and Secession,                        46026
 by Beverley B. Munford

Charities and the Commons: The Pittsburgh Survey,                        46025
 Part II: The Place, by Various

Origin Myths Among the Mountain Peoples of the Philippines,              46024
 by H. Otley Beyer

The Garden of Swords, by Max Pemberton                                   46023
 [Illustrator: Stanley L. Wood]

Le Livre de tous les Ménages, by Nicolas Appert                          46022
 [Subtitle: Ou L'art de Conserver, Pendant Plusieurs
  Années, Toutes les Substances Animales et Végétales]
 [Language: French]

Goethes Briefe an Leipziger Freunde, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe       46021
 [Language: German]

The Gayton Scholarship, by Herbert Hayens                                46020
 [Subtitle: A School Story]

Capitals of the Northlands, by Ian C. Hannah                             46019
 [Subtitle: Tales of Ten Cities]
 [Illustrator: Edith Brand Hannah]

Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits, by Thomas Hughes       46018

Indian Birds, by Douglas Dewar                                           46017
 [Subtitle: Being a Key to the Common Birds of the Plains of India]

The Finished Mystery, by Charles Taze Russell                            46016
 [Subtitle: Studies in the Scriptures, Volume VII]

The Gypsy's Parson, by George Hall                                       46015
 [Subtitle: his experiences and adventures]
 [Illustrator: Fred Shaw]

Die Ägyptische Pflanzensäule, by Ludwig Borchardt                        46014
 [Language: German]

Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth Century,                        46013
 by Virginia Tatnall Peacock

Matkahavaintoja puoli vuosisataa sitten, by Zacharias Topelius           46012
 [Language: Finnish]

The Moving Picture Boys and the Flood, by Victor Appleton                46011
 [Subtitle: Perilous Days on the Mississippi]

Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters, by Martha Finley                       46010

The Privy Purse Expenses of King Henry VIII from November                46009
 MDXXIX, to December MDXXXII, by Nicholas Harris Nicolas

The Room with the Tassels, by Carolyn Wells                              46008

Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in Russia, by Horace Porter                   46007
 [Subtitle: Lost on the Frozen Steppes]

The Black Tortoise, by Frederick Viller                                  46006
 [Subtitle: Being the Strange Story of Old Frick's Diamond]
 [Translator: Gertrude Hughes Braekstad]

Red Fox, by Charles G. D. Roberts                                        46005
 [Subtitle: The Story of His Adventurous Career in the Ringwaak
  Wilds and of His Final Triumph over the Enemies of His Kind]
 [Illustrator: Charles Livingston Bull]

Neighbors Unknown, by Charles G. D. Roberts                              46004

L'Illustration, No. 2521, 20 Juin 1891, by Various                       46003
 [Language: French]

Motor tours in Yorkshire, by Mrs. Rodolph Stawell                        46002
 [Illustrator: R. de S. Stawell]

A Parody on Iolanthe, by D. Dalziel                                      46001
 [Illustrator: H. W. McVickar]

Cuentos ingenuos, by Felipe Trigo                                        46000
 [Language: Spanish]

Taivaallisia tarinoita, by Ernst Lampén                                  45999
 [Language: Finnish]

Peru in the Guano Age, by Alexander James Duffield                       45998
 [Subtitle: Being a Short Account of a Recent
  Visit to the Guano Deposits With Some
  Reflections on the Money They Have Produced
  and the Uses to Which it has Been Applied]

Louis Spohr's Autobiography, by Louis Spohr                              45997
 [Subtitle: Translated from the German]

Der Aether gegen den Schmerz, by Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach            45996
 [Language: German]

Our Little Porto Rican Cousin, by Mary Hazelton Wade                     45995
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Our Little Cossack Cousin, by F. A. Postnikov                            45994
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

Bohemia under Hapsburg Misrule, by Various                               45993
 [Subtitle: A Study of the Ideals and Aspirations of
  the Bohemian and Slovak Peoples, as They Relate to
  and Are Affected by the Great European War]
 [Editor: Thomas Capek]

Darwinism and Race Progress, by John Berry Haycraft                      45992

The Boy Aviators on Secret Service, by Wilbur Lawton                     45991
 [Subtitle: Working with Wireless]

Bobby Blake on the School Nine, by Frank A. Warner                       45990
 [Subtitle: The Champions of the Monatook Lake League]
 [Illustrator: R. Emmett Owen]

Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders in the High Sierras,                     45989
 by Jessie Graham Flower

Novum Organum, by Francis Bacon                                          45988
 [Subtitle: Or True Suggestions for the Interpretation of Nature]

Julius Krohn runoilijana, by V. K. Trast                                 45987
 [Language: Finnish]

Kantelettaren tutkimuksia II, by Julius Krohn                            45986
 [Subtitle: Luojan virsi. Viron orjan virsi.
  Kahdenlaisella runomitalla]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kantelettaren tutkimuksia I, by Julius Krohn                             45985
 [Subtitle: Ritvalan helkavirret. Historiallise runot]
 [Language: Finnish]

Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden historia I, by Julius Krohn                   45984
 [Subtitle: Kalevala]
 [Language: Finnish]

To Nuremberg and Back, by Amy Neally                                     45983
 [Subtitle: A Girl's Holiday]

The Boy Allies in the Baltic, by Robert L. Drake                         45982
 [Subtitle: Through Fields of Ice to Aid the Czar]

Rowlandson the Caricaturist. Second Volume, by Joseph Grego              45981
 [Subtitle: A Selection from his Works]
 [Illustrator: Thomas Rowlandson]

Rowlandson the Caricaturist. First Volume, by Joseph Grego               45980
 [Subtitle: A Selection from his Works]
 [Illustrator: Thomas Rowlandson]

Les casseurs de bois, by Michel Corday                                   45979
 [Language: French]

The Grapes of New York, by U. P. Hedrick                                 45978

Eine Mutter, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                                     45977
 [Subtitle: Roman im Anschluß an »die Colonie«]
 [Language: German]

My Country, by Marie, Queen of Rumania                                   45976

The Little Lame Prince and His Travelling Cloak, by Dinah Maria Mulock   45975
 [Illustrator: Hope Dunlap]

Ken Ward in the Jungle, by Zane Grey                                     45974

Trackers of the Fog Pack, by Ambrose Newcomb                             45973
 [Subtitle: Jack Ralston Flying Blind]

Italian Alps, by Douglas William Freshfield                              45972
 [Subtitle: Sketches in the Mountains of Ticino,
  Lombardy, the Trentino, and Venetia]

Parallel Paths, by Thomas William Rolleston                              45971
 [Subtitle: A Study in Biology, Ethics, and Art]

L'âme enchantée, Vol.1, by Romain Rolland                                45970
 [Subtitle: Annette et Sylvie]
 [Language: French]

Ariadne, by Henry Gréville                                               45969
 [Language: French]

The Art of the Book, by Bernard H. Newdigate, Douglas Cockerell,         45968
 L. Deubner, and E. A. Taylor
 [Subtitle: A Review of Some Recent European and American Work
  in Typography, Page Decoration & Binding]

L'Illustration, No. 2520, 13 Juin 1891, by Various                       45967
 [Language: French]

Eurico o presbytero, by Alexandre Herculano                              45966
 [Language: Portuguese]

No Posting                                                               45965

No Posting                                                               45964

No Posting                                                               45963

The Organism as a Whole, by Jacques Loeb                                 45962
 [Subtitle: From a Physicochemical Viewpoint]

South America Observations and Impressions, by James Bryce               45961
 [Subtitle: New edition corrected and revised]

A Naval Venture, by T. T. Jeans                                          45960
 [Subtitle: The War Story of an Armoured Cruiser]
 [Illustrator: Frank Gillett]

Open That Door!, by Robert Sturgis Ingersoll                             45959

Indo-China and Its Primitive People, by Henry Baudesson                  45958
 [Translator: E. Appleby Holt]

No Posting                                                               45957

Tagebuch eines bösen Buben, by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor              45956
 [Illustrator: Eugen Osswald]
 [Language: German]

ABC of Electricity, by William Henry Meadowcroft                         45955

Charles Sumner; his Complete Works, Vols. 4-20, by Charles Sumner        45954
 [Subtitle: With an Introduction by Hon. George Frisbie Hoar]

Mémoires de Luther écrits par lui-même, Tome I,                          45953
 by Martin Luther and Jules Michelet
 [Language: French]

The Evolution of Old Testament Religion, by W. E. Orchard                45952

Monk, by Julian Corbett                                                  45951

Ancient Society, by Lewis Henry Morgan                                   45950
 [Subtitle: Researches in the Lines of Human Progress
  from Savagery, through Barbarism, to Civilization]

Ten years in the ranks, U.S. Army, by Augustus Meyers                    45949

Egitto, by Manfredo Cagni                                                45948
 [Language: Italian]

L'Illustration, No. 2519, 6 Juin 1891, by Various                        45947
 [Language: French]

ABC of Gardening, by Eben Eugene Rexford                                 45946

Antaño i Ogaño, by J. L. Lastarria                                       45945
 [Subtitle: Novelas i Cuentos de la Vida Hispano-Americana]
 [Language: Spanish]

Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds, by Martha Finley                       45944

Uit Oost en West, by Pieter Johannes Veth                                45943
 [Subtitle: verklaring van eenige uitheemsche woorden]
 [Language: Dutch]

Manpower, by Lincoln Clarke Andrews                                      45942

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Volume III of 3, by Thomas Percy     45941
 [Subtitle: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs
  and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets Together
  With Some Few of Later Date]

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Volume II of 3, by Thomas Percy      45940
 [Subtitle: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs
  and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets Together
  With Some Few of Later Date]

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Volume I of 3, by Thomas Percy       45939
 [Subtitle: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs
  and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets Together
  With Some Few of Later Date]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, August 1899, by Various              45938
 [Subtitle: Volume LV]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

Polnische Geschichte, by Clemens Brandenburger                           45937
 [Language: German]

Das grüne Gesicht, by Gustav Meyrink                                     45936
 [Subtitle: Ein Roman]
 [Language: German]

L'Illustration, No. 2518, 30 Mai 1891, by Various                        45935
 [Language: French]

The History of the 51st (Highland) Division 1914-1918,                   45934
 by Frederick William Bewsher

Romances of Old Japan, by Yei Theodora Ozaki                             45933
 [Subtitle: Rendered into English from Japanese Sources]
 [Illustrator: Unknown]

The Gasoline Motor, by Harold Whiting Slauson                            45932

Wounded and a Prisoner of War, by Malcolm V. Hay                         45931
 [Subtitle: By an Exchanged Officer]

The Romance of Plant Life, by G. F. Scott Elliot                         45930
 [Subtitle: Interesting Descriptions of the Strange
  and Curious in the Plant World]

No Posting                                                               45929

No Posting                                                               45928

No Posting                                                               45927

No Posting                                                               45926

An American Girl in London, by Sara Jeannette Duncan                     45925
 [Illustrator: F. H. Townsend]

McClure's Magazine, Vol. XXXI, September 1908, No. 5, by Various         45924

Parasites, by T. Spencer Cobbold                                         45923
 [Subtitle: A Treatise on the Entozoa of Man and Animals,
  Including Some Account of the Ectozoa]

The Voyage of the Deutschland , by Paul König                            45922
 [Translator: Vivien Ellis]

The Mahogany Tree, by William Makepeace Thackeray                        45921

Very Woman, by Remy de Gourmont                                          45920
 [Subtitle: (Sixtine) A Cerebral Novel]
 [Translator: J. L. Barrets]

Grif, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                                        45919
 [Subtitle: A Story of Australian Life]

Western Bird Guide, by Chester A. Reed, Harry F. Harvey,                 43918
 and Rex I. Brasher
 [Subtitle: Birds of the Rockies and West to the Pacific]

Origin of Cultivated Plants, by Alphonse De Candolle                     45917
 [Subtitle: The International Scientific Series Volume XLVIII]

Inferno Legenden, by August Strindberg                                   45916
 [Language: German]

The Pacification of Burma, by Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite        45915

On Foreign Service, by T. T. Jeans                                       45914
 [Subtitle: Or, The Santa Cruz Revolution]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

Of Vulgarity, by John Ruskin                                             45913

The Vanishing of Betty Varian, by Carolyn Wells                          45912

L'Illustration, No. 2517, 23 Mai 1891, by Various                        45911
 [Language: French]

Legends of Saints & Sinners, by Douglas Hyde                             45910
 [Subtitle: Collected and Translated from the Irish]
 [Illustrator: Noel L. Nisbet]

The Cathedral Towns and Intervening Places of England, Irelans           45909
 and Scotland, by Thomas W. Silloway and Lee L. Powers
 [Subtitle: A Description of Cities, Cathedrals, Lakes,
  Mountains, Ruins, and Watering-places]

Peggy Raymond's Way, by Harriet Lummis Smith                             45908
 [Subtitle: Or, Blossom Time at Friendly Terrace]
 [Illustrator: Frank T. Merrill]

Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book for the French Red Cross, by Edmund Dulac    45907

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo VI, by Carlo Botta                45906
 [Language: Italian]

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo V, by Carlo Botta                 45905
 [Language: Italian]

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo IV, by Carlo Botta                45904
 [Language: Italian]

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo III, by Carlo Botta               45903
 [Language: Italian]

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo II, by Carlo Botta                45902
 [Language: Italian]

Storia d'Italia dal 1789 al 1814, tomo I, by Carlo Botta                 45901
 [Language: Italian]

No Posting                                                               45900

Studies of Travel: Italy, by Edward A. Freeman                           45899

The Thread of Flame, by Basil King                                       45898

Runoelmia, by John Keats                                                 45897
 [Language: Finnish]

The World of Homer, by Andrew Lang                                       45896

The Road to the Open, by Arthur Schnitzler                               45895
 [Translator: Horace Samuel]

Soldiering in North Carolina, by Thomas Kirwan                           45894

William Gilbert, and Terrestial Magnetism in the Time                    45893
 of Queen Elizabeth, by Silvanus P. Thompson
 [Subtitle: A Discourse]

L'Illustration, No. 2512, 18 Avril 1891, by Various                      45892
 [Language: French]

A Decade of Italian Women, Volume 2, by T. Adolphus Trollope             45891

A Decade of Italian Women, Volume 1, by T. Adolphus Trollope             45890

Rakentaja Solness, by Henrik Ibsen                                       45889
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen murhenäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Scott's Lady of the Lake, by Walter Scott                                45888

Homes and haunts of the most eminent British poets,                      45887
 Vol. II of 2, by William Howitt
 [Illustrator: H. W. Hewet]

Poésies Complètes - Tome 2, by Théophile Gautier                         45886
 [Language: French]

Dartmoor, by Arthur L. Salmon                                            45885

English Coast Defences, by George Clinch                                 45884
 [Subtitle: From Roman Times to the Early Years
  of the Nineteenth Century]

Time and Time-Tellers, by James W. Benson                                45883

Secret Inheritance, Volume 3 of 3, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon           45882

Secret Inheritance, Volume 2 of 3, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon           45881

Secret Inheritance, Volume 1 of 3, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon           45880

L'Illustration, No. 2511, 11 Avril 1891, by Various                      45879
 [Language: French]

The 'Ayesha' being the adventures of the landing squad                   45878
 of the 'Emden', by Hellmuth von Mücke
 [Translator: Helene S. White]

Duizend en één Nacht, Vierde deel, by Anonymous                          45877
 [Subtitle: Arabische vertellingen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Duizend en één Nacht, Derde deel, by Anonymous                           45876
 [Subtitle: Arabische vertellingen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Duizend en één Nacht, Tweede deel, by Anonymous                          45875
 [Subtitle: Arabische vertellingen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Duizend en één Nacht, Eerste deel, by Anonymous                          45874
 [Subtitle: Arabische vertellingen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Reptiles and Birds, by Louis Figuier                                     45873
 [Subtitle: A Popular Account of Their Various Orders,
  With a Description of the Habits and Economy of the
  Most Interesting]
 [Illustrator: A. Mesnel, A. De Neuville and E. Riou]

Pretty Geraldine, the New York Salesgirl, by Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller   45872
 [Subtitle: or, Wedded to Her Choice]

A Fleet in Being, by Rudyard Kipling                                     45871
 [Subtitle: Notes of Two Trips With The Channel Squadron]

Gold, Gold, in Cariboo!, by Clive Phillipps-Wolley                       45870
 [Subtitle: A Story of Adventure in British Columbia]
 [Illustrator: Godfrey C. Hindley]

The Story of Doctor Johnson, by Sydney Castle Roberts                    45869
 [Subtitle: Being an Introduction to Boswell's Life]

Buffon's Natural History, Volume X of 10, by Georges Louis Leclerc       45868
 de Buffon
 [Subtitle: Containing a Theory of the Earth, a
  General History of Man, of the Brute Creation,
  and of Vegetables, Mineral, &c. &c]
 [Translator: James Smith Barr]

Buffon's Natural History, Volume IX of 10, by Georges Louis Leclerc      45867
 de Buffon
 [Subtitle: Containing a Theory of the Earth, a
  General History of Man, of the Brute Creation,
  and of Vegetables, Mineral, &c. &c]
 [Translator: James Smith Barr]

The Spider's Web, by Reginald Wright Kauffman                            45866
 [Illustrator: Jean Paleologue]

The Tourist's Guide through the Country of Caernarvon, by P. B. Williams 45865
 [Subtitle: containing a short sketch of its History, Antiquities, &c.]

La vie en France au moyen âge, by Charles Victor Langlois                45864
 [Subtitle: d'après quelques moralistes du temps]
 [Language: French]

The Young Housekeeper's Friend, by Mary Hooker Cornelius                 45863
 [Subtitle: Revised and Enlarged]

Through Arctic Lapland, by Cutcliffe Hyne                                45862

AElfrics Grammatik und Glossar, by AElfric of Eynsham                    45861
 [Editor: Julius Zupitza]
 [Language: German]

The 116th Battalion in France, by E. P. S. Allen                         45860

Patrañas, by R. H. Busk                                                  45859
 [Subtitle: or Spanish Stories, Legendary and Traditional]
 [Illustrator: E. H. Corbould]

Lucian's True History, by Lucian of Samosata                             45858
 [Illustrators: William Strang, J. B. Clark and Aubrey Beardsley]
 [Translator: Francis Hickes]

Two banks of the Seine, by Fernand Vandérem                              45857
 [Translator: George Raffalovich]

The Smugglers, by Charles G. Harper                                      45856
 [Subtitle: Picturesque Chapters in the Story of an Ancient Craft]
 [Illustrator: Paul Hardy]

L'Illustration, No. 0059, 13 Avril 1844, by Various                      45855
 [Language: French]

Chelsea, by George Bryan                                                 45854
 [Subtitle: In the Olden & Present Times]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 May 2014 to 31 May 2014 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

The Lenape Stone, by H. C. Mercer                                        45853
 [Subtitle: or, The Indian and the Mammoth]

Legends of the City of Mexico, by Thomas A. Janvier                      45852
 [Illustrator: Walter Appleton Clark]

Aristotle, by George Grote                                               45851

Theism, by Robert Flint                                                  45850
 [Subtitle: being the Baird Lecture of 1876]

Ten Thousand Wonderful Things, by Edmund Fillingham King                 45849

Up the Orinoco and down the Magdalena, by H. J. Mozans                   45848

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. I of 9, by Thomas Jefferson       45847
 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports,
  Messages, Addresses, and Other Writings, Official and Private]

Spencer's Letters, by Orson Spencer                                      45846
 [Subtitle: Letters Exhibiting the Most Prominent Doctrines
  of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints]

Our Little Russian Cousin, by Mary Hazelton Wade                         45845
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Our Little Persian Cousin, by E. Cutler Shedd                            45844
 [Illustrator: Diantha W. Horne]

Writings in Connection with the Donatist Controversy,                    45843
 by Aurelius Augustine
 [Translator: J. R. King]

The Erratic Flame, by Ysabel de Teresa                                   45842

The Ocean Wireless Boys on War Swept Seas, by Wilbur Lawton              45841
 [Illustrator: Arthur O. Scott]

Historias de Reis e Principes, by Alberto Pimentel                       45840
 [Language: Portuguese]

Dracula, by Bram Stoker                                                  45839

The ABC of Cooking, by Adelin Balch Coit                                 45838

La araña negra, t. 9/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45837
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 8/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45836
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 7/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45835
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 6/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45834
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 5/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45833
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 4/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45832
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 3/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45831
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 2/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45830
 [Language: Spanish]

La araña negra, t. 1/9, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                         45829
 [Language: Spanish]

Ways of War and Peace, by Delia Austrian                                 45828

The Impossibilities of Anarchism, by George Bernard Shaw                 45827

Holland en de oorlog, by Albert Verwey                                   45826
 [Language: Dutch]

The Aeroplane, by Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper                  45825

Social Comptabilism, Cheque and Clearing Service & Proposed              45824
 Law, by Ernest Solvay and Prof. Hector Denis]

Essays in Rationalism, by Charles Robert Newman                          45823

Basalmo, The Magician, by Alexander Dumas                                45822
 [Subtitle: or, the memoirs of a physician]

Buffon's Natural History, Volume VIII of 10, by Georges Louis Leclerc    45821
 de Buffon
 [Subtitle: Containin