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PG Monthly Newsletter (2014-09-03)

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for September 2014


* TPP: Getting involved
* Our first eBook in Farsi
* CD/DVD ISO back online
* Trouble for Amazon Kindle users
* Roboting/harvesting advice
* Thank you for your donations!
* New eBook listings from August 2014

* TPP: Getting involved

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?  Most people haven't.
Yet, this is one of the most important international treaties that may
have a large impact on your life, in the near future.

Among other things, the TPP will serve to again halt progression of
the Public Domain, by locking up copyrighted works for another
extended period.  In the 20th century in the United States, copyright
terms were extended an astounding 14 times.  At Project Gutenberg, we
knew there would be another extension planned before the current one
reaches its 20th anniversary in 2018, and the TPP is it.

Rather than just addressing the United States, the TPP will be,
effectively, worldwide.  The unduly long copyright terms of the US
will become even longer, and copyright terms elsewhere in the world
will be extended in the interest of global "regularization."

Please learn more, and consider signing up at "Our Fair Deal," along
with Project Gutenberg, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The
Internet Archive, and Public Knowledge.

For more information about TPP, please visit:

* Our first eBook in Farsi

Our first eBook in the Farsi language is now available:

  Five Selected Short Stories, by D.H. Lawrence

We are grateful to Siaavash Malekei for donating this translation
to the public domain, and making it available to Project Gutenberg.

* CD/DVD ISO maker and MARC records

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the custom CD/DVD ISO maker
is now back online.  This is a way to make your own collection of
Project Gutenberg items, suitable for copying to your computer and
sharing with others.  You can select the format (such as HTML or
epub), language, and specific eBooks you want.

Visit http://pgiso.pglaf.org to get started.  This service is mainly
directed at people who have good network bandwidth, and are
comfortable working with relatively large files with complex formats.

* Trouble for Amazon Kindle users

A service change in how Amazon provides Internet access to Kindle
users has left some users blocked due to Project Gutenberg's inability
to service anonymous and automated requests.  We apologize that there
is not a lot we can do to fix this, other than to recommend
alternate devices, alternate methods to connect to www.gutenberg.org,
and the use of our mirrors.

See our "mobile reader how-to" for more information.  Alternate
download destinations are listed on eBook "Download" pages.

* Roboting/harvesting advice

Please see our robot guidelines at www.gutenberg.org if you would
like to download large quantities of material from Project Gutenberg.

There are many ways of doing this that don't trigger our anti-robot
mechanism.  One is the ISO maker mentioned above.  Another is to use
rsync.  Still another is to use one of our mirror sites.  Send us an
email (see our "Contact Us" link) if you want to access a large number
of eBooks, and are having trouble.

* Thank you for your donations!

In 2014 so far, we have received over 2700 donations, from 45
countries.  Many of these donations are just $1!  We use these
donations to support our many volunteers, and keep our systems
running.  To learn more, visit www.gutenberg.org/donate

* New eBook listings from August 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Aug 2014 to 31 Aug 2014 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

The Strength of the 'Mormon' Position, by Orson F. Whitney               46751

Prison Journals During the French Revolution,                            46750
 by Louise Henriette Charlotte Philippine
 (de Noailles) de Durfort, duchesse de Duras
 [Translator: Martha Ward Carey]

I Barbarò vol. II, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                   46749
 [Subtitle: Le lagrime del prossimo]
 [Language: Italian]

I Barbarò vol. I, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                    46748
 [Subtitle: Le lagrime del prossimo]
 [Language: Italian]

Gabriel Lambert, by Alexandre Dumas                                      46747
 [Language: French]

The Chronicles of Newgate, Vol. 2 of 2, by Arthur Griffiths              46746

The Action of Medicines in the System, by Frederick William Headland     46745
 [Subtitle: Or, on the mode in which therapeutic agents
  introduced into the stomach produce their peculiar
  effects on the animal economy]

The Camp of Refuge, by Charles MacFarlane                                46744
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Conquest of the Isle of Ely]

The Methods of Ethics, by Henry Sidgwick                                 46743

The Rivers and Streams of England, by A. G. Bradley                      46742
 [Illustrator: Sutton Palmer]

Rippi, by Maksim Gorky                                                   46741
 [Language: Finnish]

Five Selected Short Stories, by D. H. Lawrence                           46740
[Language: Farsi]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       46739
 and Art, No. 681, January 13, 1877, by Various
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 107, September 29, 1894,          46738
 by Various

The Bible, by John E. Remsburg                                           46737
 [Subtitle: I. Authenticity, II. Credibility, III. Morality]

Il Concilio, by Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina                     46736
 [Language: Italian]

Victor Victorious, by Cecil Starr Johns                                  46735

Scraps of Biography, by Various                                          46734
 [Subtitle: Tenth Book of the Faith-Promoting Series]

A String of Pearls, by Various                                           46733
 [Subtitle: Second Book of the Faith-Promoting Series]

The Story of Perugia, by Margaret Symonds and Lina Duff Gordon           46732
 [Illustrator: Helen M. James]

Some Notes on Shipbuilding and Shipping in Colonial Virginia,            46731
 by Cerinda W. Evans

Naval Occasions, by Bartimeus                                            46730
 [Subtitle: and Some Traits of the Sailor-man]

History of Yiddish Literature in the Nineteenth Century, by Leo Wiener   46729

Decadence and Other Essays on the Culture of Ideas, by Remy de Gourmont  46728
 [Translator: William Aspenwall Bradley]

An Epitome of the History of Medicine, by Roswell Park                   46727

La plebe, parte IV, by Vittorio Bersezio                                 46726
 [Language: Italian]

La plebe, parte III, by Vittorio Bersezio                                46725
 [Language: Italian]

La plebe, parte II, by Vittorio Bersezio                                 46724
 [Language: Italian]

La plebe, parte I, by Vittorio Bersezio                                  46723
 [Language: Italian]

Giovanni Boccaccio, a Biographical Study, by Edward Hutton               46722

L'Illustration, No. 0065, 25 Mai 1844, by Various                        46721
 [Language: French]

The Border Spy, by Lieut. Col. Hazeltine                                 46720
 [Subtitle: or, The Beautiful Captive of
  the Rebel Camp, A Story of the War]

Het beleg en de verdediging van Haarlem, in 1572-1573                    46719
 (deel 3 van 3), by J. van de Capelle
 [Language: Dutch]

Au bord de la Bièvre, by Alfred Delvau                                   46718
 [Subtitle: impressions et souvenirs]
 [Language: French]

La Dora, by Giuseppe Regaldi                                             46717
 [Language: Italian]

The Great North Road: London to York, by Charles G. Harper               46716
 [Subtitle: The Old Mail Road to Scotland]

Het beleg en de verdediging van Haarlem, in 1572-1573                    46715
 (deel 2 van 3), by J. van de Capelle
 [Language: Dutch]

Synthesis of 2-methyl-4-selenoquinazolone,                               46714
 2-phenylbenzoselenazole, and its derivatives, by Yü-Gwan Chen
 [Subtitle: Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the
  requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the
  Faculty of Pure Science of Columbia University]

Die Bagdadbahn, by Paul Rohrbach                                         46713
 [Language: German]

The Believing Years, by Edmund Lester Pearson                            46712

Secrets of Wise Men, Chemists and Great Physicians, by William K. David  46711

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, October 1899, by Various             46710
 [Subtitle: Vol. LV, May to October, 1899]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, by Joseph Grimaldi                           46709
 [Editor: Charles Dickens]
 [Illustrator: George Cruikshank]

The Dead Letter, by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor                         46708
 [Subtitle: An American Romance]

The Nurserymatograph, by A Lawyer                                        46707
 [Illustrator: A Serjeant-major]

Scientific American Supplement, No. 467, December 13, 1884, by Various   46706

In the Land of Mosques & Minarets, by Francis Miltoun                    46705

No, by Alfredo Oriani                                                    46704
 [Subtitle: Romanzo]
 [Language: Italian]

Australia in Arms, by Phillip F.E. Schuler                               46703
 [Subtitle: A Narrative of the Australian Imperial
  Force and Their Achievement at Anzac]

Rhymes for the Young Folk, by William Allingham                          46702
 [Illustrators: Helen Allingham, Kate Greenaway,
  Caroline Paterson, and Harry Furniss]

Discourses of Keidansky, by Bernard G. Richards                          46701

A Parody Anthology, by Carolyn Wells                                     46700

Judge Elbridge, by Opie Read                                             46699

Some Noble Sisters, by Edmund Lee                                        46698

The Pastor's Fire-side, Vol. 4 of 4, by Jane Porter                      46697

A New System of Horsemanship, by Claude Bourgelat                        46696
 [Translator: Richard Berenger]

A Visit to the Philippine Islands, by John Bowring                       46695

Under Sail, by Lincoln Colcord                                           46694

The Passport, by Richard Bagot                                           46693

Caudebec in America, by William Louis Cuddeback                          46692
 [Subtitle: A Record of the Descendants of
  Jacques Caudebec 1700 to 1920]

Biography for Beginners, by Various                                      46691
 [Subtitle: Being a Collection of Miscellaneous
  Examples for the Use of Upper Forms]
 [Editor: Edmund Clerihew Bentley]
 [Illustrator: Gilbert Keith Chesterton]

Cornish Saints and Sinners, by J. Henry Harris                           46690

Burgundy: The Splendid Duchy, by Percy Allen                             46689
 [Subtitle: Stories and Sketches in South Burgundy]
 [Illustrator: Marjorie Nash]

The Treasure Hunt of the S-18, by Graham M. Dean                         46688

Les jardins, le faune et le poète, by Auguste Gilbert de Voisin          46687
 [Language: French]

A Ride on Horseback to Florence Through France and Switzerland,          46686
 Vol. 2 of 2, by Augusta Macgregor Holmes
 [Subtitle: Described in a Series of Letters by a Lady]

A Ride on Horseback to Florence Through France and Switzerland,          46685
 Vol. 1 of 2, by Augusta Macgregor Holmes
 [Subtitle: Described in a Series of Letters by a Lady]

Scientific American, September 29, 1883 Supplement No. 404, by Various   46684

Chronique du crime et de l'innocence, tome 1/8, by Champagnac            46683
 by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Champagnac
 [Subtitle: Recueil des événements les plus tragiques;...]
 [Language: French]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, by Various   46682
 [Subtitle: No. 680, January 6, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States                  46681
 From the Earliest Beginning down to the Year 1848,
 by George Tobias Flom

Fishing With The Fly, by Charles F. Orvis and Others                     46680
 [Subtitle: Illustrated]

Uudempia Uloswalituita Satuja, by Christfrid Ganander                    46679
 [Language: Finnish]

Castles and Chateaux of Old Burgundy, by Francis Miltoun                 46678
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

An Introduction to Psychology, by Wilhelm Max Wundt                      46677 
 [Subtitle: Translated from the Second German Edition]
 [Translator: Rudolf Pintner]

Spring in a Shropshire Abbey,                                            46676
 by Lady Catherine Henrietta Wallop Milnes Gaskell

Oliver Twist, Illustrated, by Charles Dickens                            46675
 [Subtitle: or, The Parish Boy's Progress]
 [Illustrator: George Cruikshank]

Stover at Yale, by Owen Johnson                                          46674
 [Illustrator: F. R. Gruger]

L'Illustration, No. 1590, 16 Août 1873, by Various                       46673
 [Language: French]

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (3 of 6):                    46672
 England (3 of 9), by Raphael Holinshed

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (3 of 6):                    46671
 England (2 of 9), by Raphael Holinshed

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6):                    46670
 England (11 of 12), by Raphael Holinshed

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6):                    46669
 England (10 of 12), by Raphael Holinshed

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6):                    46668
 England (9 of 12), by Raphael Holinshed

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6):                    46667
 England (8 of 12), by Raphael Holinshed

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 69, No. 424,                      46666
 February 1851, by Various

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 65, No. 402,                      46665
 April, 1849, by Various

William Harvey, by D'Arcy Powers                                         46664

L'Antologia di Gian Pietro Vieusseux, by Paolo Prunas                    46663
 [Language: Italian]

The Story of Chartres, by Cecil Headlam                                  46662
 [Illustrator: Herbert Railton]

North Dakota, by Various                                                 46661
 [Subtitle: A Guide to the Northern Prairie State]

Talleyrand, by Joseph McCabe                                             46660
 [Subtitle: A Biographical Study]

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 68, No. 421,                      46659
 November 1850, by Various

Sterminator Vesevo (Vesuvius the great exterminator), by Matilde Serao   46658

Die Mumie von Rotterdam, by Georg D?ring                                 46657
 [Subtitle: Erster Theil]
 [Language: German]

The Ghost of Mystery Airport, by Van Powell                              46656

Rakas isänmaani, by Frans Emil Sillanpää                                 46655
 [Subtitle: Kosketuksia raskaitten vuosien varrelta]
 [Language: Finnish]

On an Irish Jaunting-car, by Samuel G. Bayne                             46654
 [Subtitle: Through Donegal and Connemara]

The Slave of the Mine, by Bracebridge Hemyng                             46653
 [Subtitle: or, Jack Harkaway in 'Frisco]

The Wonders of Life, by Ernst Haeckel                                    46652
 [Subtitle: A Popular Study of Biological Philosophy]
 [Translator: Joseph McCabe]

A Soldier of the Legion, by Edward Morlae                                46651

Bayou Folk, by Kate Chopin                                               46650

The Chronicles of Newgate, Vol. 1 of 2, by Arthur Griffiths              46649

An Old English Home, by S. Baring-Gould                                  46648
 [Subtitle: And its dependencies]
 [Illustrator: F. Bligh Bond]

True Tales of the Weird, by Sidney Dickinson                             46647
 [Subtitle: a record of personal experiences of the supernatural]

L'Illustration, No. 1589, 9 Ao?t 1873, by Various                        46646
 [Language: French]

An English Garner, Vol. 4 of 8, by Various                               46645
 [Editor: Edward Arber]

Invention and Discovery:, by Anonymous                                   46644
 [Subtitle: Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches]

Pedagogical Anthropology, by Maria Montessori                            46643

Sporting Dogs, by Frank Townend Barton                                   46642
 [Subtitle: Their Points: and Management; in Health, and Disease]

Tent Work in Palestine, by Claude Reignier Conder                        46641
 [Subtitle: A Record of Discovery and Adventure]
 [Illustrator: J. W. Whymper]

Les femmes et les livres, by Albert Cim                                  46640
 [Language: French]

Ang Pag-ibig ng Layas, by Jose Sevilla                                   46639
 [Language: Tagalog]

Näkymätön mies, by H. G. Wells                                           46638
 [Language: Finnish]

The Pastor's Fire-side, Vol. 3 of 4, by Jane Porter                      46637

The Three Days' Tournament, by Jessie L. Weston                          46636
 [Subtitle: A Study in Romance and Folk-Lore. Being an
  Appendix to the Author's 'Legend of Sir Lancelot']

Gospel Philosophy, by J. H. Ward                                         46635
 [Subtitle: Showing the Absurdities of Infidelity, and
  the Harmony of the Gospel with Science and History]

Life of Richard Trevithick, Volume II of 2, by Francis Trevithick        46634
 [Subtitle: With an Account of His Inventions]
 [Illustrator: W. J. Welch]

The 'Characters' of Jean de La Bruyère, by Jean de La Bruyère            46633
 [Illustrators: B. Damman and V. Foulquier]
 [Translator: Henri Van Laun]

Histoire de la République de Venise, Vol. 2, by Pierre Daru              46632
 [Language: French]

Histoire de la République de Venise, Vol. 1, by Pierre Daru              46631
 [Language: French]

The Supernatural in the New Testament, by Charles Adolphus Row           46630
 [Subtitle: Possible, Credible, and Historical]

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 70, No. 433,                      46629
 November 1851, by Various

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 7, by Frédéric Bastiat       46628
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées
  d'après les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 6, by Frédéric Bastiat       46627
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées
  d'après les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 5, by Frédéric Bastiat       46626
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées
  d'après les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 4, by Frédéric Bastiat       46625
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées
  d'après les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Dalmatinische Reise, by Hermann Bahr                                     46624
 [Language: German]

At War with Society or, Tales of the Outcasts, by James McLevy           46623

Sheppard Lee, Vol. II of 2, by Robert Montgomery Bird                    46622
 [Subtitle: Written by Himself]

Sheppard Lee, Vol. I of 2, by Robert Montgomery Bird                     46621
 [Subtitle: Written by Himself]

A List of Books Published by Chatto & Windus, September 1891             46620

A List of Books Published by Chatto & Windus, November 1887              46619

The Story of London, by Henry B. Wheatley                                46618
 [Illustrators: W. H. Godfrey, K. Kimball, and Herbert Railton]

The Plan of Salvation, by John Morgan                                    46617

The Fantasy Fan February 1934, by Various                                46616
 [Subtitle: The Fans' Own Magazine]
 [Editor: Charles D. Hornig]

The Fantasy Fan, January 1934, by Various                                46615
 [Subtitle: The Fans' Own Magazine]
 [Editor: Charles D. Hornig]

A Guide to the Study of Fishes, Vol. 1 of 2, by David Starr Jordan       46614

Santa Cecilia, by Anton Giulio Barrili                                   46613
 [Language: Italian]

Miehen kylkiluu, by Jotuni Maria                                         46612
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kun on tunteet, by Jotuni Maria                                          46611
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Pastor's Fire-side, Vol. 2 of 4, by Jane Porter                      46610

The Book Lovers' Anthology, by Various                                   46609
 [Editor: R. M. Leonard]

Shall Turkey Live or Die?, by Thomas Carlyle                             46608

Jellyfish, Starfish, and Sea-Urchins: Being a Research                   46607
 on Primitive Nervous Systems, by G. J. Romanes

Sir Walter Raleigh and the Air History, by Henry Albert Jones            46606
 [Subtitle: A Personal Recollection]

Thomas Otway, by Thomas Otway                                            46605
 [Subtitle: The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists]

Le 13e Hussards, types, profils, esquisses et croquis                    46604
 militaires... á pied et á cheval, by Émile Gaboriau
 [Language: French]

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Volume 1, October, 1864,                46603
 by the Society of Clergymen

Lydia Knight's History, by Susa Gates                                    46602
 [Subtitle: The First Book of the Noble Women's Lives]

Gems for the Young Folks, by Various                                     46601
 [Subtitle: Fourth Book of the Faith-Promoting Series]

By the World Forgot, by Cyrus Townsend Brady                             46600
 [Subtitle: A Double Romance of the East and West]
 [Illustrator: Clarence F. Underwood]

Le lettere di Michelangelo Buonarroti, by Michelangelo Buonarroti        46599
 [Language: Italian]

L'Illustration, No. 0064, 18 Mai 1844, by Various                        46598
 [Language: French]

In Search of the Castaways, by Jules Verne                               46597
 [Subtitle: A Romantic Narrative of the Loss of Captain Grant
  of the Brig Britannia and of the Adventures of His Children
  and Friends in His Discovery and Rescue]

The Strand Magazine - Vol. 1 - No. 6 - June 1891, by Various             46596
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly]
 [Editor: George Newnes]

Chronicles of Crime, or The New Newgate Calendar, Vol. 2 of 2,           46595
 by Camden Pelham
 [Subtitle: being a series of memoirs and anecdotes
  of notorious characters who have outraged the laws
  of Great Britain from the earliest period to 1841]
 [Illustrator: Phiz Phiz]

Gedankengut aus meinen Wanderjahren. Zweiter Band, by Max Dauthendey     46594
 [Language: German]

Gedankengut aus meinen Wanderjahren. Erster Band, by Max Dauthendey      46593
 [Language: German]

Center Rush Rowland, by Ralph Henry Barbour                              46592
 [Illustrator: E. C. Caswell]

The Strange Voyage and Adventures of Domingo Gonsales,                   46591
 to the World in the Moon, by Francis Godwin

The Snakes of Europe, by G. A. Boulenger                                 46590

Aikakone, by H. G. Wells                                                 46589
 [Language: Finnish]

Jack Harkaway in New York, by Bracebridge Hemyng                         46588
 [Subtitle: or, The Adventures of the Travelers' Club]

The Russian Opera, by Rosa Newmarch                                      46587

Alice Wilde: The Raftman's Daughter, by Metta V. Victor                  46586
 [Subtitle: A Forest Romance]

Chronicles of Crime or The New Newgate Calendar, Vol. 1 of 2,            46585
 by Camden Pelham
 [Subtitle: being a series of memoirs and anecdotes of
  notorious characters who have outraged the laws of
  Great Britain from the earliest period to 1841]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 107, December 15th, 1894,           46584
 by Various
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 109, September 14th, 1895,          46583
 by Various
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Clutterbuck's Treasure, by Fred Whishaw                                  45682

The Mystery of Choice, by Robert William Chambers                        46581

Geschichte des Prinzen Biribinker, by Christoph Martin Wieland           46580
 [Language: German]

My Experiences as an Executioner, by James Berry                         46579

Decorative Art of Indian Tribes of Connecticut,                          46578
 by Frank Gouldsmith Speck

Frederic Chopin,  Vol. 1 of  2, by Moritz Karasowski                     46577
 [Subtitle: His Life, Letters, and Works]
 [Translator: Emily Hill]

Thekla, oder die Flucht nach der Türkei, by August Schrader              46576
 [Subtitle: Epilog zum Staatsgefängniß. Nebst zwei andern Novellen.]
 [Language: German]

Kauhun saari, by H. G. Wells                                             46575
 [Language: Finnish]

The Beaver, Volume 1, No. 10, July, 1921, by Hudson's Bay Company        46574

Frederic Chopin, Vol II (of 2), by Moritz Karasowski                     46573
 [Subtitle: His Life, Letters, and Works]
 [Translator: Emily Hill]

Studies in the History and Method of Science, by Various                 46572
 [Editor: Charles Singer]

Saunterings in and about London, by Max Schlesinger                      46571
 [Translator: Otto Wenckstern]

The Pastor's Fire-side, Vol. 1 of 4, by Jane Porter                      46570

Liisan seikkailut ihmemaassa, by Lewis Carroll                           46569
 [Language: Finnish]

Donne e fanciulle, by Luciano Zùccoli                                    46568
 [Language: Italian]

The Flying Spy, by Camillo de Carlo                                      46567
 [Translator: Maria Sermolino]

The Crime Club, by William Holt-White                                    46566
 [Illustrator: Hermann Heyer]

Picturesque Sketches of London, Past and Present, by Thomas Miller       46565

The Rights of War and Peace, by Hugo Grotius                             46564
 [Translator: A. C. Campbell]

Rejtelmek (2. kötet), by Sándor Bródy                                    46563
 [Language: Hungarian]

Rejtelmek (1. kötet), by Sándor Bródy                                    46562
 [Language: Hungarian]

Keltische Knochen/Gedelöcke, by Wilhelm Raabe                            46561
 [Subtitle: Erzählungen]
 [Language: German]

Travels in the Central Parts of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia,             46560
 and Laos, Volume 2 of 2, by Henri Mouhot
 [Subtitle: During the Years 1858, 1859, and 1860]

Travels in the Central Parts of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia,             46559
 and Laos, Volume 1 of 2, by Henri Mouhot
 [Subtitle: During the Years 1858, 1859, and 1860]

The Demi-gods, by James Stephens                                         46558

L'Illustration Journal Universel, No. 1588, 2 Août 1873,                 46557
 by L'Illustration Various
 [Language: French]

The Isle of Wight, by G. E. Mitton                                       46556

The Library Assistant's Manual, by Theodore W. Koch                      46555

Vanha koti, by Maria Jotuni                                              46554
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Martinin rikos, by Jotuni Maria                                          46553
 [Subtitle: Novelli]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Story of Bruges, by Ernest Gilliat-Smith                             46552
 [Illustrators: Edith Calvert and Herbert Railton]

Das zerstörte Idyll, by Hans von Flesch-Brunningen                       46551
 [Subtitle: Novellen]
 [Language: German]

Briefe einer Deutsch-Franz?sin, by Annette Kolb                          46550
 [Language: German]

The Willing Horse, by Ian Hay                                            46549
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Children of the Dear Cotswolds, by L. Allen Harker                       46548

A Voyage to the Moon, by Cyrano de Bergerac                              46547
 [Translator: Archibald Lovell]

Method in the Study of Totemism, by Andrew Lang                          46546

Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business                            46545
 Administration, v. 4, by Various

Theistic Conception of the World, by Benjamin Franklin Cocker            46544
 [Subtitle: An Essay in Opposition to Certain
  Tendencies of Modern Thought]

Nature Books Popular and Scientific from The Franklin                    46543
 Bookshop, 1910, by Samuel N. Rhoads
 [Subtitle: Catalogue 24, 1910-11 Season]

The Wild Turkey and Its Hunting, by Edward A. McIlhenny                  46542

Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, by Jules Verne                  46541
 [Illustrators: De Neuville and L. Benett]
 [Language: French]

Elsie's Winter Trip, by Martha Finley                                    46540

Der Erbe, Erster Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                           46539
 [Language: German]

Familjen i dalen, by Flygare-Carlén Emilie                               46538
 [Subtitle: Berättelse]
 [Language: Swedish]

Mildred at Roselands, by Martha Finley                                   46537
 [Subtitle: A Sequel to Mildred Keith]

Gospel: An Exposition of its First Principles, by Brigham Henry Roberts  46536
 [Subtitle: Revised and Enlarged Edition]

The Fantasy Fan December 1933, by Charles D. Hornig                      46535
 [Subtitle: The Fans' Own Magazine]

The Fantasy Fan November 1933, by Charles D. Hornig                      46534
 [Subtitle: The Fans' Own Magazine]

The Story of Prague, by Count Francis Lützow                             46533
 [Illustrator: Nelly Erichsen]

Ihmislapsia elämän saatossa, by Frans Emil Sillanp                       46532
 [Language: Finnish]

The Yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana of Valmiki, vol. 3 of 4,                 46531
 part 2 of 2, by Valmiki
 [Translator: Vihari-Lala Mitra]

Cornish Worthies, Volume 2 of 2, by Walter H. Tregellas                  46530
 [Subtitle: Sketches of Some Eminemt Cornish Men and Women]

Cornish Worthies, Volume 1 of 2, by Walter H. Tregellas                  46529
 [Subtitle: Sketches of Some Eminemt Cornish Men and Women]

Whispering Tongues, by Homer Greene                                      46528

Oeuvres de P. Corneille, Tome 05, by Pierre Corneille                    46527
 [Language: French]

The Black Swan at Home and Abroad, by Anonymous                          46526
 [Subtitle: or, A Biographical Sketch of Miss Elizabeth
  Taylor Greenfield, the American Vocalist]

L'Illustration, No. 1587, 26 Juillet 1873, by Various                    46525
 [Language: French]

The pleasant historie of the conquest of the VVeast India,               46524
 now called new Spayne, by Francisco López de Gómara
 [Subtitle: atchieued by the vvorthy Prince Hernando Cortes,
  marques of the Valley of Huaxacac, most delectable to reade]
 [Translator: Thomas Nicholas]

The Spruce Street Tragedy, by Irvin S. Cobb                              46523
 [Subtitle: or, Old Spicer Handles a Double Mystery]

The Alden Catalogue of Choice Books, May 30, 1889, by John B. Alden      46522

Forty Years Among the Indians, by Daniel W. Jones                        46521
 [Subtitle: A true yet thrilling narrative of
  the author's experiences among the natives]

Secret Service or Recollections of a City Detective, by Andrew Forrester 46520

Robert Annys: Poor Priest, by Annie Nathan Meyer                         46519
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Great Uprising]

Elämä ja aurinko, by Frans Emil Sillanp                                  46518
 [Language: Finnish]

The conquest of Rome, by Matilde Serao                                   46517

Bird Guide, by Chester A. Reed                                           46516
 [Subtitle: Water Birds, Game Birds, and Birds of Prey]

The Blue Poetry Book, by Various                                         46515
 [Subtitle: 7th. Ed.]
 [Editor: Andrew Lang]
 [Illustrators: H. J. Ford and Lancelot Speed]

Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms and How to Distinguish               46514
 Them, by William Hamilton Gibson
 [Subtitle: A Selection of Thirty Native Food Varieties
  Easily Recognizable by their Marked Individualities,
  with Simple Rules for the Identification
  of Poisonous Species]

The Westward Movement, by Charles Lester Barstow                         46513
 [Subtitle: Century Readings in United States History]

How to Succeed as an Inventor, by Goodwin B. Smith                       46512
 [Subtitle: Showing the Wonderful Possibilities
  in the Field of Invention; &c.]

Encyclopedia of Diet, by Eugene Christian                                46511
 [Subtitle: A Treatise on the Food Question, Vol. 1 of 5]

The Story of Moscow, by Wirt Gerrare                                     46510
 [Illustrator: Helen M. James]

A History of the Inquisition of Spain; vol. 3, by Henry Charles Lea      46509

Our Little Grecian Cousin, by Mary F. Nixon-Roulet                       46508
 [Illustrator: Diantha W. Horne]

A Catalogue of Books and Announcements of Methuen and                    46507
 Company, March 1897, by Methuen and Company

A Catalogue of Books and Announcements of Methuen and                    46506
 Company, October 1902, by Methuen and Company

Alone, by Marion Harland                                                 46505

Der Erbe. Zweiter Band., by Friedrich Gerstäcker                         46504
 [Language: German]

Gold-Seeking on the Dalton Trail, by Arthur R. Thompson                  46503
 [Subtitle: Being the Adventures of Two New England
  Boys in Alaska and the Northwest Territory]

Valikoima Frans Mikael Franzénin runoelmia, by Frans Mikael Franzén      46502
 [Language: Finnish]

Some Zulu Customs and Folk-lore, by Levine Henrietta Samuelson           46501

Ford of H.M.S. Vigilant, by T. T. Jeans                                  46500
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Chusan Archipelago]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

Honest Money, by Arthur Isaac Fonda                                      46499

The Life of Sir Rowland Hill, Vol. II of 2, by Rowland Hill              46498
 and George Birkbeck Hill
 [Subtitle: and the History of Penny Postage]

The Legend of Sir Lancelot du Lac, by Jessie L. Weston                   46497
 [Subtitle: Studies upon its Origin, Development,
  and Position in the Arthurian Romantic Cycle]

Cuentos Clásicos del Norte, Segunda Serie, by Washington Irving,         46496
 Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edward Everett Hale
 [Language: Spanish]

Memorie di Giuda, vol. II, by Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina       46495
 [Language: Italian]

Memorie di Giuda, vol. I, by Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina        46494
 [Language: Italian]

The Cherokee Nation of Indians. (1887 N 05 / 1883-                       46493
 1884 (pages 121-378)), by Charles C. Royce

The Death of the Gods, by Dmitri Mérejkowski                             46492
 [Subtitle: (Christ and Antichrist, 1 of 3)]
 [Translator: Herbert Trench]

Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 4, by Various   46491

L'Illustration, No. 1586, 19 Juillet 1873, by Various                    46490
 [Language: French]

Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business                            46489
 Administration, v. 3, by Various

Emilia Galotti, by G. E. Lessing                                         46488
 [Subtitle: Murhenäytelmä viidessä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Omaha sociology (1884 N 03 / 1881-1882 (pages 205-370)),                 46487
 by James Owen Dorsey

Rhymes and Jingles, by Mary Mapes Dodge                                  46486

Our Little Spanish Cousin, by Mary F. Nixon-Roulet                       46485
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

Our Little Eskimo Cousin, by Mary Hazleton Wade                          46484
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Our Little Boer Cousin, by Luna May Innes                                46483
 [Illustrator: John Goss]

The Mentor: American Naturalists, Vol. 7, Num. 9, Serial                 46482
 No. 181, June 15, 1919, by Ernest Ingersoll

The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay, by Lord Eversley               46481

Magic and Religion, by Andrew Lang                                       46480

Calendar History of the Kiowa Indians (1898 N 17/                        46479
 1895-1896 (pages 129-444)), by James Mooney

Lux Mundi, by Various                                                    46478
 [Subtitle: A Series of Studies in the Religion
  of the Incarnation, 10th Edition, 1890]
 [Editor: Charles Gore]

Boy Scouts on the Open Plains, by G. Harvey Ralphson                     46477
 [Subtitle: The Round-Up Not Ordered]

The Idea of God as Affected by Modern Knowledge, by John Fiske           46476

The Green Hand, by George Cupples                                        46475
 [Subtitle: Adventures of a Naval Lieutenant]

The Historical Child, by Oscar Chrisman                                  46474
 [Subtitle: Paidology; The Science of the Child]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, Vol. 56, March 1900, by Various      46473
 [Subtitle: Nov. 1899 to April, 1900]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

Inventors & Inventions, by Henry Robinson                                46472
 [Illustrator: T. M. Fleming]

The Annual Register 1914, by Anonymous                                   46471
 [Subtitle: A Review of Public Events at Home
  and Abroad for the Year 1914]

Oeuvres complètes de Guy de Maupassant, by Guy de Maupassant             46470
 [Language: French]

Oeuvres, Tome III, by Constantin-François de Chasseboef Volney           46469
 [Language: French]

A Voyage Round the World, from 1806 to 1812, by Archibald Campbell       46468
 [Subtitle: In Which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian islands,
  and the Sandwich Islands were Visited]

The Remarkable History of Sir Thomas Upmore, bart., M.P.,                46467
 formerly known as "Tommy Upmore", by R. d. Blackmore

Arrigo il savio, by Anton Giulio Barrili                                 46466
 [Language: Italian]

PG Monthly Newsletter (2013-07-03)

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for July 2013.


* Project Gutenberg's 42nd birthday
* Our newest language addition: Arabic
* Copyright news from Canada
* Newest eBook listings

* Project Gutenberg's 42nd birthday

Forty-two years ago, in 1971, Michael Hart typed the US Declaration of
Independence into a computer file at the University of Illinois.  On
July 4, we commemorate that event.  We also honor the memory of
Michael, who died in 2011.

An excellent history of Project Gutenberg was written by Marie Lebert,
and is available as eBook #27045:


For other books by the same author, including discussion of the
history of eBooks and the role of technology for literacy, see:


On behalf of Project Gutenberg, THANKS to the many thousands of
volunteers, donors, fans, contributors and readers who have helped to
make the world a better place through literature.

* Our newest language addition: Arabic

With much thanks to Majid AlHydar, we are pleased to announce our
first eBook in the Arabic language.  This eBook is donated to the
public domain by the author, in honor of Michael Hart.

  Tribute to Michael Hart, by Majid AlHydar

Arabic is the 64th language (including dialects and variants) in the
Project Gutenberg collection.  You can search by language, author,
title, and other criteria at www.gutenberg.org

* Copyright news from Canada

Via Project Gutenberg of Canada's Mark Akrigg, this is a follow-up to
a previous article on the topic.


In May's newsletter, Greg Newby was kind enough to post an item I had
written on the dangers posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership "free
trade" negotiations:


The TPP would force copyright extensions in Canada and New Zealand.
But it is an attack on Americans as well. For example, it would make
it impossible to roll back the 20-year copyright extensions passed by
the U.S. Congress in 1998 under shocking circumstances.

By the time you read this, yet another round of closed negotiation
will have taken place in Lima, Peru from May 15-24th.  It's unlikely
that you will see any report of this in the media.  So the secret
attack on your rights will continue -- unless you take quick and easy
action to tell your government that they are there to serve the
public, not private interests!


The TPP is an attack on the rights of Americans, and Americans are in
the best position to stop the attack.  In no time at all you can send
a message to Congress.  Go to the following Electronic Frontier
Foundation page to learn more about how the TPP harms America, and
click on the red TAKE ACTION button to send a message to Congress:


If you live outside the United States, sign the Stop the Trap petition
-- Americans can also sign it!



The petitions are excellent, but do not focus on copyright terms,
which are of special interest to supporters of Project Gutenberg.  But
it's easy to do just a little bit more: this "little bit" can actually
be enormously effective.  Remember how the one-day Wikipedia blackout
and individual phone calls and emails completely stopped a government
attack on the rights of internet users.  Individual actions count.

In the United States, simply write and/or call your Member of Congress
and Senator telling them that for the United States to use the TPP to
extend copyright durations is an attack on the rights of the citizens
of other countries, and in complete conflict with the principles of
equity and respect for others upon which the United States was
founded.  And tell them that Congress's 1998 20-year copyright
extension was an illegitimate confiscation of the public domain, and
should be repealed immediately, rather than exported to other

In Canada and New Zealand, contact your Member of Parliament to say
that they must not allow copyright extensions to be forced on your
country by a secret international treaty.  In other TPP countries
(such as Australia and Mexico), tell your elected representatives that
copyright terms should be as short as possible, and should never be
dictated by foreign governments and corporations.

This is a battle that we can win!

* Newest eBook listings

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jun 2013 to 30 Jun 2013 ~ ~ ~ ~

History of the Jews, Vol. II (of 6), by Heinrich Graetz                  43057

History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6), by Heinrich Graetz                   43056

Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers,                 43055
 vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910, Start/End Papers, by Various
 [Subtitle: The New York Tunnel Extension of the Pennsylvania Railroad]

Donald Ross of Heimra, Volume III of 3, by William Black                 43054

Donald Ross of Heimra, Volume II of 3, by William Black                  43053

Donald Ross of Heimra, Volume I of 3, by William Black                   43052

Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds, by William La Varre                        43051

A New History of Blue Beard, by Gaffer Black Beard                       43050
 [Subtitle: For the Amusement of Little Lack Beard,
  and his Pretty Sisters]

The Golden Bough (Third Edition, Vol. 10 of 12), by James George Frazer  43049
 [Subtitle: Taboo and The Perils of The Soul]

The Piebald Hippogriff, by Karen Anderson                                43048

Mademoiselle de Bressier, by Albert Delpit                               43047
 [Language: French]

Planet of Dread, by Murray Leinster                                      43046

43045 No Posting

43044 No Posting

43043 No Posting

The Expert Maid-Servant, by Cristine Terhune Herrick                     43042

Double or Nothing, by Jack Sharkey                                       43041

Consumers and Wage-Earners, by J. Elliot Ross                            43040
 [Subtitle: The Ethics of Buying Cheap]

Little Henry and His Bird, by Anonymous                                  43039

Ripeness is All, by Jesse Roarke                                         43038

Guy Kenmore's Wife, and The Rose and the Lily,                           43037
 by Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller

The Life of William Ewart Gladstone: Index, by John Morley               43036

My African Journey, by Winston Churchill                                 43035
 [Illustratgors: Winston Churchill and Gordon Wilson]

Zes maanden bij de commando's, by Nico J. Hofmeyr                        43034
 [Language: Dutch]

La lucha por la vida; Mala hierba, by Pío Baroja                         43033
 [Language: Spanish]

Catholic World; Vol. IV.; October, 1866, to March, 1867, by E. Rameur    43032
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine of General Literature and Science]

George Fox, by George Fox                                                43031
 [Subtitle: An Autobiography]

La maja desnuda, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                                43030
 [Language: Spanish]

Új versek, by Endre Ady                                                  43029
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Imported Bridegroom, by Abraham Cahan                                43028
 [Subtitle: And Other Stories of the New York Ghetto]

Getting Gold, by J. C. F. Johnson                                        43027
 [Subtitle: A Gold-Mining Handbook for Practical Men]

Cox--The Man, by Roger W. Babson                                         43026

Rainy Week, by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott                                  43025

La lotta politica in Italia, Volume III (of 3), by Alfredo Oriani        43024
 [Subtitle: Origini della lotta attuale (476-1887); Quinta edizione
  Curata e riveduta sul manoscritto da A. Malavani e G. Fumagalli]
 [Language: Italian ]

La lotta politica in Italia, Volume II (of 3), by Alfredo Oriani         43023
 [Subtitle: Origini della lotta attuale (476-1887); Quinta edizione
  Curata e riveduta sul manoscritto da A. Malavani e G. Fumagalli]
 [Language: Italian]

La lotta politica in Italia, Volume I (of 3), by Alfredo Oriani          43022
 [Subtitle: Origini della lotta attuale (476-1887); Quinta edizione
  Curata e riveduta sul manoscritto da A. Malavani e G. Fumagalli]
 [Language: Italian]

Baseball Joe on the Giants, by Lester Chadwick                           43021
 [Subtitle: Or, Making Good as a Ball Twirler in the Metropolis]

The Crest of the Continent, by Ernest Ingersoll                          43020 
 [Subtitle: A Summer's Ramble in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond]

Love After Marriage; and Other Stories of the Heart,                     43019
 by Caroline Lee Hentz

Heinosen perhe huvimatkalla, by Frans Hodell                             43018
 [Subtitle: Huvinäytelmä 2:ssa näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mala Hierba, by Pío Baroja                                               43017
 [Language: Spanish]

Chaucer's Works, Volume 5 (of 7) -- Notes to the Canterbury              43016
 Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

Bacteria in Daily Life, by Mrs. Percy Frankland                          43015

Chaoshi ruyan, by Shuo-chih Ch'ao                                        43014
 [Language: Chinese]

Animal Analogues, by Robert Williams Wood                                43013
 [Subtitle: Verses and Illustrations]

Opium Eating, by Anonymous                                               43012
 [Subtitle: An Autobiographical Sketch]

Roy Blakeley's Silver Fox Patrol, by Percy Keese Fitzhugh                43011
 [Illustrator: Howard L. Hastings]

Miscellaneous Notes from the Bamboo Leaf Pavilion, by Yuan-zhi Yao       43010
 [Language: Chinese]

Nineteen Ancient Poems, by Tong Xiao                                     43009
 [Language: Chinese]

Around the Yule Log, by Willis Boyd Allen                                43008

Tribute to Michael Hart, by Majid AlHydar                                43007
 [Language: Arabic]

Space--Time--Matter, by Hermann Weyl                                     43006
 [Translator: Henry L. Brose]

The Inevitable, by Louis Couperus                                        43005
 [Translator: Alexander Teixeira de Mattos]

La pêcheuse d'âmes, by Ritter von Leopold Sacher-Masoch                  43004
 [Language: French]

La Mère de Dieu, by Ritter von Leopold Sacher-Masoch                     43003
[Language: French]

The Church of Grasmere, by Mary L. Armitt                                43002
 [Subtitle: A History]
 [Illustrator: Margaret L. Sumner]

Van Dyck, by Percy M. Turner                                             43001

Mennyt, by Santeri Alkio                                                 43000
 [Language: Finnish]

Old Boston Taverns and Tavern Clubs, by Samuel Adams Drake               42999
 and Walter K. Watkins

Venice, by Dorothy Menpes                                                42998
 [Illustrator: Mortimer Menpes]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston and K. Rangachari 42997
 [Subtitle: Vol. 7 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42996
 [Subtitle: Vol. 6 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42995
 [Subtitle: Vol. 5 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42994
 [Subtitle: Vol. 4 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42993
 [Subtitle: Vol. 3 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42992
 [Subtitle: Vol. 2 of 7]

Castes and Tribes of Southern India, by Edgar Thurston                   42991
 [Subtitle: Vol. 1 of 7]

In Unfamiliar England, by Thomas Dowler Murphy                           42990
 [Subtitle: A Record of a Seven Thousand Mile Tour by Motor
  of the Unfrequented Nooks and Corners, and the Shrines of
  Especial Interest, in England; With Incursions into
  Scotland and Ireland]

The Plattner Story and Others, by H. G. Wells                            42989

Nursing as Caring, by Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer              42988C
 [Subtitle: A Model for Transforming Practice]
 [Illustrator: Shawn Pennell]

Nightmare Planet, by Murray Leinster                                     42987

La Cour de Lunéville au XVIIIe siècle, by Gaston Maugras                 42986
 [Subtitle: Les marquises de Boufflers et du Châtelet,
  Voltaire, Devau, Saint-Lambert, etc.]
 [Language: French]

Social Problems in Porto Rico, by Fred K. Fleagle                        42985

Not Paul, But Jesus, by Jeremy Bentham                                   42984

The History of the British Post Office, by Joseph Clarence Hemmeon       42983

Photography in the Studio and in the Field, by Edward M. Estabrooke      42982
 [Subtitle: A Practical Manual Designed as a Companion Alike
  to the Professional and the Amateur Photographer]

The Folk-Tales of the Magyars, by Various                                42981
 [Subtitle: Collected by Kriza, Erdélyi, Pap, and Others]
 [Editor: W. Henry Jones and Lajos Kropf]
 [Translators: W. Henry Jones and Lajos Kropf]

Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Volume I (of 14)     42980
 [Editors: Franklin L. Riley and Dunbar Rowland]

Pomo Bear Doctors, by Samuel Alfred Barrett                              42979

The Sea Shore, by William S. Furneaux                                    42978
 [Illustrator: Robert Lillie]

A Selection of Books Published by Methuen & Co. September 1913           42977

Nozze d'oro, by Enrico Castelnuovo                                       42976
 [Language: Italian]

Mediæval Byways, by Louis F. Salzmann                                    42975
 [Illustrator: George E. Kruger]

Toilers of Babylon, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                          42974
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The House of the White Shadows, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon              42973

Aaron the Jew, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                               42972
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnson, by Thomas Babington Macaulay          42971
 [Subtitle: With a Selection from his Essay on Johnson]

The Gates of India, by Thomas Holdich                                    42970
 [Subtitle: Being an Historical Narrative]

St. Nicholas, by George H. McKnight                                      42969
 [Subtitle: His Legend and His Rôle in the Christmas
  Celebration and Other Popular Customs]

The Riddle of the Universe at the close of the                           42968
 nineteenth century, by Ernst Haeckel
 [Translator: Joseph McCabe]

Moscow, by Fred Whishaw                                                  42967
 [Subtitle: A Story of the French Invasion of 1812]

Kuinka äkäpussi kesytetään, by William Shakespeare                       42966
 [Language: Finnish]

The Shadow of Life, by Anne Douglas Sedgwick                             42965

Bible Animals;, by J. G. Wood                                            42964
 [Subtitle: Being a Description of Every Living Creature
  Mentioned in the Scripture, from the Ape to the Coral]
 [Illustrators: W. F. Keyl, T. W. Wood, and E. A. Smith]

The Weird Orient, by Henry Iliowizi                                      42963
 [Subtitle: Nine Mystic Tales]
 [Illustrator: William Sherman Potts]

A Tale Without a Name, by Penelope S. Delta                              42962
 [Language: Greek]

The House With Sixty Closets, by Frank Samuel Child                      42961
 [Subtitle: A Christmas Story for Young Folks and Old Children]
 [Illustrator: J. Randolph Brown]

Rowlandson's Oxford, by A. Hamilton Gibbs                                42960
 [Illustrator: Thomas Rowlandson]

The Survey of London, by John Stow                                       42959

Ulster, by Stephen Lucius Gwynn                                          42958

Modern Skepticism, by C. J. Ellicott                                     42957
 [Subtitle: A Course of Lectures Delivered at the
  Request of the Christian Evidence Society]

The Story of the Zulu Campaign, by Waller Ashe and E. V. Wyatt-Edgell    42956

Standard Paper-Bag Cookery, by Emma Paddock Telford                      42955

Brittany, by Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes                          42954
 [Illustrator: Mortimer Menpes]

The Motor Scout, by Herbert Strang                                       42953
 [Subtitle: A Story of Adventure in South America]
 [Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo]

Masters in Art, Part 32, v. 3, August, 1902: Giotto, by Anonymous        42952
 [Subtitle: A Series of Illustrated Monographs]

A New Century of Inventions, by James White                              42951
 [Subtitle: Being Designs & Descriptions of One Hundred Machines,
  relating to Arts, Manufactures, & Domestic Life]

Prophetical, Educational and Playing Cards,                              42950
 by Mrs. John King Van Rensselaer

A Manual of Wood Carving, by Charles G. Leland                           42949

Coaches and Coaching, by Leigh Hunt                                      42948
 [Illustrator: Paul Hardy]

Little Ann and Other Poems, by Jane Taylor and Ann Taylor                42947
 [Illustrator: Kate Greenaway]

Live Toys, by Emma Davenport                                             42946
 [Subtitle: Or, Anecdotes of Our Four-Legged and Other Pets]

The Lumberjack Sky Pilot, by Thomas D. Whittles                          42945

A Rainy June and Other Stories, by Ouida                                 42944

Frank Forester, by Herbert Strang                                        42943
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Dardanelles]
 [Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo]

O Primo Bazilio, by José Maria Eça de Queirós                            42942
 [Subtitle: Episodio Domestico]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Rambles on the Riviera, by Francis Miltoun                               42941
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

The Battleship Boys in Foreign Service, by Frank Gee Patchin             42940
 [Subtitle: or, Earning New Ratings in European Seas]

L'Illustration, No. 0050, 10 Février 1844, by Various                    42939
 [Language: French]

Horsemanship for Women, by Theodore Hoe Mead                             42938
 [Illustrator: Gray Parker]

Einfache Erzählung von dem schrecklichen Absturze des                    42937
 Schrofenberges und der dadurch erfolgten Verwüstung
 bei Brannenburg im August 1851 [1852] {Fraktur},
 by Sebastian Dachauer
 [Subtitle: Zum Beßten der Verunglückten]
 [Language: German]

Engraving: Its Origin, Processes, and History, by Henri Delaborde        42936
 [Translator: R. A. M. Stevenson]

De nijlbruid, by Georg Moritz Ebers                                      42935
 [Language: Dutch]

Polly's Southern Cruise, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                        42934
 [Illustrator: H. S. Barbour]

Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 4, by Plotinos (Plotinus)                   42933
 [Subtitle: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods]
 [Translator: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie]

Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 3, by Plotinos (Plotinus)                   42932
 [Subtitle: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods]
 [Translator: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie]

Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 2, by Plotinos (Plotinus)                   42931
 [Subtitle: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods]
 [Translator: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie]

Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 1, by Plotinos (Plotinus)                   42930
 [Subtitle: In Chronological Order, Grouped in Four Periods]
 [Translator: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie]

Sperduti nel buio, by Roberto Bracco                                     42929
 [Subtitle: Dramma in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Uno degli onesti, by Roberto Bracco                                      42928
 [Subtitle: Commedia in un atto]
 [Language: Italian]

Il diritto di vivere, by Roberto Bracco                                  42927
 [Subtitle: Dramma in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

The Last of Their Race, by Annie S. Swan                                 42926

The Conquest, by Eva Emery Dye                                           42925 
 [Subtitle: The True Story of Lewis and Clark]

42924 No Posting

The Doctor's Christmas Eve, by James Lane Allen                          42923

Notes and Queries, Index to Ninth Volume, January-June 1854, by Various  42922
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc]
 [Editor: George Bell]

A World of Wonders, by Various                                           42921
 [Subtitle: With Anecdotes and Opinions
  Concerning Popular Superstitions]
 [Editor: Albany Poyntz]

The Good Wolf, by Frances Hodgson Burnett                                42920
 [Illustrator: Harold Sichel]

Angel Unawares, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson                 42919
 [Subtitle: A Story of Christmas Eve]

The Standard Light Operas, by George Upton                               42918
 [Subtitle: Their Plots and Their Music]

The Eagle's Nest, by John Ruskin                                         42917
 [Subtitle: Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural
  Science to Art, Given Before the University of
  Oxford, in Lent Term, 1872 ]

42916 No Posting

42915 No Posting

Gladiator, by Philip Wylie                                               42914

Parenthood and Race Culture, by Caleb Williams Saleeby                   42913
 [Subtitle: An Outline of Eugenics]

Die Probefahrt nach Amerika, by Leopold Schefer                          42912
 [Language: German]

Variations Chromatiques de Concert, by Georges Bizet                     42911
 [Subtitle: MP3, MIDI and PDF files]

42910 No Posting

The Collected Writing of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. II,                     42909
 by Thomas De Quincey

Dickensian Inns & Taverns, by Bertram Waldrom Matz                       42908
 [Illustrators: T. Onwhyn, Charles G. Harper, L. Walker,
  F. G. Kitton, and G. M. Brimelow]

Great Porter Square, v. 3, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                   42907
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

Great Porter Square, v. 2, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                   42906
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

Great Porter Square, v. 1, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                   42905
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

China, by Sir Henry Arthur Blake                                         42904
 [Illustrator: Mortimer Menpes]

Het eerste ontwerp voor de bedijking der Zuiderzee, 1848,                42903
 by Jakob Kloppenburg and Pieter Faddegon
 [Language: Dutch ]

Young Blood, by E. W. Hornung                                            42902

Creatures of the Abyss, by Murray Leinster                               42901

Gänsemütterchens Märchen, by Charles Perrault                            42900
 [Illustrator: Gustave Dor?]
 [Language: German]

Rambles in Normandy, by Francis Miltoun                                  42899
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

Paljo melua tyhjästä, by William Shakespeare                             42898
 [Language: Finnish]

Feline Philosophy, by Walter Léon Hess                                   42897

Angèle Méraud, by Charles Mérouvel                                       42896
 [Language: French]

Arius the Libyan, by Nathan Chapman Kouns                                42895
 [Subtitle: A Romance of the Primitive Church]

The Shadow of Victory, by Myrtle Reed                                    42894
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Fort Dearborn]

The Guardians of the Columbia, by John Harvey Williams                   42893
 [Subtitle: Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens]

Recollections of the Civil War, by Charles A. Dana                       42892
 [Subtitle: With the Leader at Washington
  and in the Field in the Sixties]

The Expositor's Bible: The First Book of Kings, by F. W. Farrar          42891

The Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh: The Irish                   42890
 Sketch Book, by William Makepeace Thackeray

The Influence of the Stars, by Rosa Baughan                              42889
 [Subtitle: A book of old world lore]

Fur Farming For Profit, by Hermon Basil Laymon                           42888
 [Subtitle: With Especial Reference to Skunk Raising]

Cheshire, by Charles E. Kelsey                                           42887

The Blue Dragon, by Kirk Munroe                                          42886
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Recent Adventure in China]

In het rijk van Siameezen en Maleiers, by Hans Morgenthaler              42885
 [Language: Dutch]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Volume XXXIII, 1519-1522,             42884
 by Antonio Pigafetta
 [Subtitle: Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of
  the islands and their peoples, their history and records of
  the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books
  and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial
  and religious conditions of those islands from their 
  earliest relations with European nations to the close of
  the nineteenth century]
 [Translator: James Alexander Robertson]

La promessa sposa di Lammermoor, Tomo III (of 3), by Sir Walter Scott    42883
 [Languate: Italian]

La promessa sposa di Lammermoor, Tomo II (of 3), by Sir Walter Scott     42882
 [Languate: Italian]

La promessa sposa di Lammermoor, Tomo I (of 3), by Sir Walter Scott      42881
 [Languate: Italian]

Philosophy and The Social Problem, by Will Durant                        42880

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay at the World's Columbian Exhibition,    42879
 Chicago, 1893, by Carlos Maria de Pena and Honore Roustan
 [Translator: J. J. Rethore]

De verrezen Gulliver; behelzende de zonderlinge reizen en avonturen,     42878
 van den baron van Munchhausen, by Rudolph Erich Raspe
 [Subtitle: In Rusland, Ysland, Turkije, Egipte, Gibraltar, in de
  Kaspische, Middellandsche en Atlantische Zeëen, en door het
  middenpunt van den berg Etna naa de Zuid-zee]
 [Language: Dutch]

One Hundred Books Famous in English Literature, by Grolier Club          42877
 [Subtitle: With Facsimiles of the Title-Pages]

Memlinc, by W. H. James Weale and J. Cyril Weale                         42876

Wagner as I Knew Him, by Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm Praeger             42875

In the grip of the Mullah, by F. S. Brereton                             42874
 [Subtitle: A tale of adventure in Somaliland]
 [Illustrator: Charles M. Sheldon]

Kuningas Henrik Kahdeksas, by William Shakespeare                        42873
 [Language: Finnish]

America, Volume 6 (of 6), by Joel Cook                                   42872

Wild Life Near Home, by Dallas Lore Sharp                                42871
 [Illustrator: Bruce Horsfall]

Mildred Keith, by Martha Finley                                          42870

Montessori Elementary Materials, by Maria Montessori                     42869
 [Subtitle: The Advanced Montessori Method]
 [Translator: Arthur Livingston]

A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband, by Louise Bennett Weaver            42868
 and Helen Cowles LeCron
 [Subtitle: With Bettina's Best Recipes]
 [Illustrator: Elizabeth Colbourne]

Klea en Irene, by George Moritz Ebers                                    42867
 [Subtitle: roman]
 [Language: Dutch]

Rambles in Brittany, by Francis Miltoun                                  42866
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

English Conferences of Ernest Renan, by Ernest Renan                     42865
 [Subtitle: Rome and Christianity. Marcus Aurelius]
 [Translator: Clara Erskine Clement]

The Story of John Paul Jones, by Chelsea Curtis Fraser                   42864

Bright Ideas for Entertaining, by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott               42863

King of Ranleigh, by Frederick Sadlier Brereton                          42862
 [Subtitle: A School Story]
 [Illustrator: Ernest Prater]

Homo sum, by Georg Moritz Ebers                                          42861
 [Subtitle: Roman]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Andes of Southern Peru, by Isaiah Bowman                             42860
 [Subtitle: Geographical Reconnaissance
  along the Seventy-Third Meridian]

Lachmi Bai Rani of Jhansi, by Michael White                              42859
 [Subtitle: The Jeanne D'Arc of India]

De ontredderden. Eerste bundel, by Gertrudis Hendricus Ignaaz van Hulzen 42858
 [Subtitle: I en II.]
 [Language: Dutch]

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. II (of 2), by Dorothy Wordsworth    42857

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. I (of 2), by Dorothy Wordsworth     42856

Assassination of Lincoln: a History of the Great Conspiracy,             42855
 by Thomas Mealey Harris
 [Subtitle: Trial of the Conspirators by a Military Commission
  and a Review of the Trial of John H. Surratt]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 17, Slice 4, by Various   42854
 [Subtitle: "Magnetite" to "Malt"]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 107, December 22, 1894, by Various  42853
 [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand

PG Monthly Newsletter (2013-04-03)

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for April 2013

* New language: Ancient Greek 
* New eBook releases from the past month

* New language: Ancient Greek 

This is our first eBook in Ancient Greek.  This is Project Gutenberg's
63rd language.  There are some scholarly and practical discussions of
Ancient Greek versus Modern Greek, and how different they are as
languages.  For Project Gutenberg's purposes, we utilize standard
international language codes, and follow the cataloging of the US
Library of Congress and other institutions.

  Teaching of the Twelve Apostles by Francis Brown et al. (English translation)

Thanks to Stanley A. Bridgeford for producing this eBook.

You can search Project Gutenberg's book catalog by language (and other
criteria).  Start at www.gutenberg.org.  Select the "help" link by the
search bar for additional guidance.

* New eBook releases from the past month

The Wonderful Story of Ravalette, by Paschal Beverly Randolph            42442

The Coming of Cassidy--And the Others, by Clarence E. Mulford            42441
 [Illustrator: Maynard Dixon]

No eBook                                                                 42440

The Santa Fe Trail and Other Poems, by Joseph R. Wilson                  42439

Rise of Rail-Power in War and Conquest, 1833-1914, by Edwin A. Pratt     42438

Aunt Jimmy's Will, by Mabel Osgood Wright                                42437
 [Illustrator: Florence Scovell Shinn]

Amelia Calani ed altri scritti, by Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi          42436
 [Language: Italian]

Alcohol and the Human Brain, by Joseph Cook                              42435

The Religious Persecution in France 1900-1906,                           42434
 by Jane Milliken Napier Brodhead

Warda, by Georg Ebers                                                    42433
 [Subtitle: Roman uit het oude Egypte]
 [Language: Dutch]

Supplément à la Correspondance Diplomatique de Bertrand de               42432
 Salignac de La Mothe Fénélon, Tome Septième Ambassadeur
 de France en Angleterre de 1568 à 1575, by Bertrand de
 Salignac de La Mothe Fénélon
 [Language: French]

Lawrence, by Samuel Levy Bensusan                                        42431

Colonel Washington, by Archer Butler Hulbert                             42430

Historic Events of Colonial Days, by Rupert S. Holland                   42429

Adrienne Toner, by Anne Douglas Sedgwick                                 42428

The Kingdom of Slender Swords, by Hallie Erminie Rives                   42427
 [Illustrator: A. B. Wenzell]

Gold Elsie, by E. Marlitt                                                42426
 [Translator: Mrs. A. L. Wister]

Goya, by Fr. Crastre                                                     42425
 [Translator: Frederic Taber Cooper]

Sonata de estío, by Ramón del Valle-Inclán                               42424
 [Subtitle: memorias del marqués de Bradomín]
 [Language: Spanish]

Justin Wingate, Ranchman, by John H. Whitson                             42423
 [Illustrator: Arthur E. Becher]

The Passing of the Storm and Other Poems, by Alfred Castner King         42422

L'art de faire le vin avec les raisins secs, by J.-F. Audibert           42421
 [Language: French]

Works Published by Hatchard and Co. June 1866, by Hatchard and Co        42420

The True History of The State Prisoner, commonly called The Iron         42419
 Mask, by George Agar Ellis
 [Subtitle: Extracted from Documents in the French Archives]

Donne, madonne e bimbi, by Alfredo Panzini                               42418
 [Language: Italian]

The Air Patrol, by Herbert Strang                                        42417
 [Subtitle: A Story of the North-west Frontier]
 [Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo]

Piccole anime, by Matilde Serao                                          42416
 [Language: Italian]

Storm Warriors, by John Gilmore                                          42415
 [Subtitle: or, Life-Boat Work on the Goodwin Sands]

The Animal World, A Book of Natural History, by Theodore Wood            42414
 [Subtitle: Young Folks' Treasury (Volume V)]

The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution,                42413
 Volume XII, by Various
 [Editor: Jared Sparks]

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 401, March 1849, by Various          42412

Il destino, by Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi                              42411
 [Language: Italian]

Great Events in the History of North and South America,                  42410
 by Charles A. Goodrich

Sea Stories, by Various                                                  42409
 [Editor: Cyrus Townsend Brady]

Growing Up, by Jennie M. Drinkwater                                      42408
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Girlhood of Judith Mackenzie]

Misrepresentative Women, by Harry Graham                                 42407
 [Illustrator: Dan Sayre Groesbeck]

Der gelüftete Vorhang oder Lauras Erziehung,                             42406
 by Honoré-Gabriel Riquetti Mirabeau
 [Language: German]

Monumental Java, by J. F. Scheltema                                      42405

Kenilworth III-IV, by Walter Scott                                       42404
 [Language: Finnish]

The Eight-Oared Victors, by Lester Chadwick                              42403
 [Subtitle: A Story of College Water Sports]

Horse Laughs, by Chas. H. Marshall                                       42402

Vathek, by William Beckford                                              42401
 [Subtitle: An Arabian Tale]

Mr. Punch's Book of Love, by Various                                     42400
 [Subtitle: Being the Humours of Courtship and Matrimony]
 [Editor: J. A. Hammerton]
 [Illustrator: John Leech and others]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XXXI, 1640, by Diego Aduarte   42399
 [Subtitle: Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the
  islands and their peoples, their history and records of the
  catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and
  manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial
  and religious conditions of those islands from their
  earliest relations with European nations to the close
  of the nineteenth century]

Historic Adventures, by Rupert S. Holland                                42398
 [Subtitle: Tales from American History]

History of the Ancient Greek Literature, by Gilbert Murray               42397
 [Language: Greek]

Grit A-Plenty, by Dillon Wallace                                         42396
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Labrador Wild]

The Circle, by W. Somerset Maugham                                       42395
 [Subtitle: A Comedy in Three Acts]

Stories of the Lifeboat, by Frank Mundell                                42394

Sarchedon, by George John Whyte-Melville                                 42393
 [Subtitle: A Legend of the Great Queen]
 [Illustrator: S. E. Waller]

The Jumble Book of Rhymes, by Frank R. Heine                             42392
 [Subtitle: Recited by the Jumbler]
 [Illustrators: G. C. Cobb and Jack Cooley]

Our National Forests, by Richard H. Douai Boerker                        42391
 [Subtitle: A Short Popular Account of the Work of the
  United States Forest Service on the National Forests]

The Myths of the North American Indians, by Lewis Spence                 42390
 [Illustrator: James Jack]

The Pirate, by Sir Walter Scott                                          42389
 [Subtitle: Andrew Lang Edition]

The Solomon Islands and Their Natives, by Henry Brougham Guppy           42388

Casta diva, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                          42387
 [Language: Italian]

Sixty Years a Queen, by Sir Herbert Maxwell                              42386
 [Subtitle: The Story of Her Majesty's Reign]

The Aristocracy of London: Part I: Kensington, by Anonymous              42385
 [Subtitle: Titled, Untitled, Professional, & Commercial]

Scandinavians on the Pacific, Puget Sound, by Thomas Ostenson Stine      42384

Hugh Walpole: An Appreciation, by Joseph Hergesheimer                    42383

The Wilderness Castaways, by Dillon Wallace                              42382
 [Illustrator: Henry S. Watson]

Watched by Wild Animals, by Enos A. Mills                                42381

Primitive Man, by Louis Figuier                                          42380

Öreg szekér fakó hám, by Kálmán Mikszáth                                 42379
 [Subtitle: Újabb elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Chats to 'Cello Students, by Arthur Broadley                             42378

Oeuvres Complètes de Chamfort (Tome 1 of 5), by Pierre René Auguis       42377
 [Subtitle: Recueillies et publiées avec une notice
  historique sur la vie et les écrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Semblanzas literarias, by Armando Palacio Valdés                         42376
 [Language: Spanish]

Chincha Plain-weave cloths, by Lila M. O'Neale, E. Bacon, C. W.          42375
 Gemmer, R. V. Hall, I. W. Johnson, C. M. Osborne and M. B. Ross

To Kiel in the 'Hercules', by Lewis R. Freeman                           42374

Gli ingenui by Alfredo Panzini                                           42373
 [Language: Italian]

Az igazi humoristák, by Kálmán Mikszáth                                  42372
 [Subtitle: Cikkek a magyar nép humoráról]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Dissertation on the Progress of the Fine Arts, by John Robert Scott      42371
 [Subtitle: Augustan Reprint Society Publication No. 45, 1954]

Round the Corner in Gay Street, by Grace S. Richmond                     42370
 [Illustrators: Maud Thurston and Charles M. Relyea]

Motors, by James Slough Zerbe                                            42369

Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the North-Western               42368
 Army, Under General Winchester, by William Atherton
 [Subtitle: Massacre of the Prisoners: Sixteen Months Imprisonment
  of the Writer and Others with the Indians and British]

The Stones of Paris in History and Letters, Volume II (of 2),            42367
 by Benjamin Ellis Martin and Charlotte M. Martin

The Cozy Lion, by Frances Hodgson Burnett                                42366
 [Subtitle: As Told by Queen Crosspatch]
 [Illustrator: Harrison Cady]

The Breath of the Gods, by Sidney McCall                                 42365

Early Western Travels, 1748-1846, Volume XII, by William Faux            42364
 and Adlard Welby
 [Subtitle: Part II (1820) of Faux's Memorable Days in America,
  1819-20; and Welby's Visit to North America, 1819-20]

Crimes of Charity, by Konrad Bercovici                                   42363

Caleb West, Master Diver, by F. Hopkinson Smith                          42362
 [Illustrators: Malcolm Fraser and Arthur I. Keller]

The Mystic Mid-Region, by Arthur J. Burdick                              42361
 [Subtitle: The Deserts of the Southwest]

The Hart and the Water-Brooks, by John R. Macduff                        42360
 [Subtitle: a practical exposition of the forty-second psalm.]

Tales and Legends of the English Lakes, by Wilson Armistead              42359

Frank at Don Carlos' Rancho, by Harry Castlemon                          42358

The Adventure of Princess Sylvia, by Mrs. C. N. Williamson               42357

On the Red Chalk of England, by Thomas Wiltshire                         42356

Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Volume 3,          42355
 by Various
 [Editor: Jared Sparks]

Expositor's Bible: The First Epistle to the Corinthians, by Marcus Dods  42354

Deaf and Dumb!, by Elizabeth Sandham                                     42353
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

Giotto, by Harry Quilter                                                 42352

The Cruise of a Schooner, by Albert W. Harris                            42351

The New Hand-Book to Lowestoft and its Environs, by Anonymous            42350

Kenilworth I (of 2), by Sir Walter Scott                                 42349
 [Language: Finnish]

The Spirit of the Links, by Henry Leach                                  42348

Viaggio di un povero letterato, by Alfredo Panzini                       42347
 [Language: Italian]

A Possible Solution of the Number Series on Pages 51 to                  42346
 58 of the Dresden Codex, by Carl E. Guthe

Children's Stories in American History, by Henrietta Christian Wright    42345

My Airships, by Alberto Santos-Dumont                                    42344
 [Subtitle: The Story of My Life]

Life and Times of David, by Charles Henry Mackintosh                     42343
 [Subtitle: Miscellaneous Writings of C. H. Mackintosh, volume VI]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 8, by Various   42342
 [Subtitle: "Logarithm" to "Lord Advocate"]

Of the Capture of Ticonderoga, by Ethan Allen                            42341
 [Subtitle: His Captivity and Treatment by the British]

Sermons of Christmas Evans, by Christmas Evans and Joseph Cross          42340

Das Meer, by Bernhard Kellermann                                         42339
 [Language: German]

Klingsors letzter Sommer, by Hermann Hesse                               42338
 [Subtitle: Kinderseele / Klein und Wagner / Klingsors letzter Sommer]
 [Language: German]

Die erste Stunde nach dem Tode, by Max Brod                              42337
 [Subtitle: Eine Gespenstergeschichte]
 [Language: German]

The Golden Bough (Third Edition, Vol. 8 of 12), by James George Frazer   42336
 [Subtitle: Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild, Vol. 2 of 2]

Novelle d'ambo i sessi, by Alfredo Panzini                               42335
 [Language: Italian]

The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Leviticus, by S. H. Kellogg           42334

The Cleverdale Mystery or, The Machine and its Wheels, by W. A. Wilkins  42333
 [Subtitle: A Story of American Life]

The Sorrows of Satan, by Marie Corelli                                   42332
 [Subtitle: or, The Strange Experience of One
  Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire, A Romance]

The Duty of Submission to Civil Authority,  by J.F. Moor                 42331
 [Subtitle: A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of
  Bradfield, Berkes, on Sunday, November 28, 1830,
  on Occasion of the Late Disturbances]

Some Verses, by Helen Hay                                                42330

Facts And Fictions Of Life, by Helen H. Gardener                         42329

An Unoficial Patriot, by Helen Gardener                                  42328

Peter of New Amsterdam, by James Otis                                    42327
 [Subtitle: A Story of Old New York]

Régi magyar vitézi énekek és elegyes dalok (2. kötet), by Kálmán Thaly   42326
 [Language: Hungarian]

Régi magyar vitézi énekek és elegyes dalok (1. kötet), by Kálmán Thaly   42325
 [Language: Hungarian]

Frankenstein, by Mary W. Shelley                                         42324
 [Subtitle: or, The Modern Prometheus]

La guerra injusta, by Armando Palacio Valdés                             42323
 [Language: Spanish]

Early Western Travels, 1748-1846 (Volume XXVI), by Various               42322
 [Subtitle: Part I of Flagg's The Far West, 1836-1837]
 [Editor: Reuben Gold Thwaites]

Lo que dice la historia, by Salvador Brau                                42321
 [Subtitle: Cartas al señor Ministro de Ultramar]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Shadow of a Sin, by Bertha M. Clay and Charlotte M. Brame            42320

The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Joshua, by William Garden Blaikie     42319

The Salem witchcraft, The planchette mystery, and Modern spiritualism,   42318
 by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Phrenological Journal
 [Subtitle: with Dr. Doddridge's dream]

Industrial Arts Design, by William H. Varnum                             42317
 [Subtitle: A Textbook of Practical Methods
  for Students, Teachers, and Craftsmen]

La conquista di Roma, by Matilde Serao                                   42316
 [Language: Italian ]

Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Volume 2,                   42315
 by Jefferson Davis   

Mount Rainier, by Various                                                42314
 [Editor: Edmond Stephen Meany]
 [Subtitle: A Record of Exploration]

The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn, Volume 2, by Elizabeth Bisland   42313

The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn, Volume 1, by Elizabeth Bisland   42312

Eine Stunde hinter Mitternacht, by Hermann Hesse                         42311
 [Language: German]

Gaston Darboux, by Ernest Lebon                                          42310
 [Subtitle: Biographie, Bibliographie analytique des écrits]
 [Language: French]

America, Volume IV (of 6), by Joel Cook                                  42309

Overland Tales, by Josephine Clifford                                    42308

Frank in the Woods, by Harry Castlemon                                   42307

The Calendar and Other Verses, by Irving Sidney Dix                      42306

All about Ferrets and Rats, by Adolph Isaacsen                           42305
 [Subtitle: A Complete History of Ferrets, Rats, and Rat
  Extermination from Personal Experiences and Study.
  Also a Practical Hand-Book on the Ferret.]

The Gist of Japan, by R. B. Peery                                        42304
 [Subtitle: The Islands, Their People, and Missions]

Expositor's Bible: The Acts of the Apostles, Vol. 2, by G. T. Stokes     42303

Digters uit Suid-Afrika, by Jan F. E. Celliers, J. D. du Toit,           42302
 C. Louis Leipoldt and D. F. Malherbe
 [Subtitle: Bloemlesing uit die po?sie van
  die Twede Afrikaanse-Taalbeweging]
 [Language: Afrikaans]

Poems, by Alexander Smith                                                42301
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 2, by Frédéric Bastiat       42300
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées
  d'après les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

The History of Johnny Quæ Genus, by Willam Combe                         42299
 [Subtitle: The Little Foundling of the Late Doctor Syntax.
  A Poem by the Author of the Three Tours]
 [Illustrator: Thomas Rowlandson]

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, Vol. 6 of 20, by Adolphe Thiers     42298
 [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française]
 [Language: French]

La Cryptographie, by Bibliophile Jacob                                   42297
 [Subtitle: ou l'art d'?crire en chiffres]
 [Language: French]

The Duchess of Trajetto, by Anne Manning                                 42296

Palvelusväkeä, by Santeri Alkio                                          42295
 [Language: Finnish]

Il 1859 da Plombières a Villafranca, by Alfredo Panzini                  42294
 [Language: Italian]

Van den Vos Reynaerde, by Anonymous                                      42293
 [Editors: F. Buitenrust Hettema and H. Degering]
 [Language: Dutch]

Mémoires du prince de Talleyrand, Volume V (of V),                       42292
 by Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord]
 [Language: French]

The Christian Mother, by Maria Eliza Hoare                               42291
 [Subtitle: or, Notes for Mothers' Meetings]

A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems, by Various                          42290
 [Translator: Arthur Waley]

Abbotsford, by Anonymous                                                 42289
 [Subtitle: Beautiful Britain series]

The Communion and Communicant, by Edward Hoare                           42288

The Girl from the Big Horn Country, by Mary Ellen Chase                  42287
 [Illustrator: R. Farrington Elwell]

Álomvilág, by Zoltán Ambrus                                              42286
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Story of Scraggles, by George Wharton James                          42285
 [Illustrator: Sears Gallagher]

Love Among the Ruins, by Warwick Deeping                                 42284
 [Illustrator: W. Benda]

The San Rosario Ranch, by Maud Howe                                      42283

In Beaver World, by Enos Abijah Mills                                    42282

Walt Whitman in Mickle Street, by Elizabeth Leavitt Keller               42281

Popery, by Edward Hoare                                                  42280
 [Subtitle: The Accommodation of Christianity to the Natural Heart]

The Great Company, by Beckles Willson                                    42279
 [Subtitle: Being a History of the Honourable Company of
  Merchants-Adventurers Trading into Hudson's Bay]
 [Illustrator: Arthur Heming]

Toy-Making at Home, by Morley Adams                                      42278
 [Subtitle: How to Make a Hundred Toys from Odds and Ends]

The Grizzly, by Enos A. Mills                                            42277
 [Subtitle: Our Greatest Wild Animal]

In Greek Waters, by G. A. Henty                                          42276
 [Subtitle: A Story of The Grecian War of Independence]
 [Illustrator: W. S. Stacey]

Women in the Printing Trades, by Various                                 42275
 [Subtitle: A Sociological Study]
 [Editor: James Ramsay MacDonald]

With the Indians in the Rockies, by James Willard Schultz                42274
 [Illustrator: George Varian]

The Expositor's Bible: The Epistles of St. Peter, by J. Rawson Lumby     42273

Balgatag szerelem, by Gábor Oláh                                         42272
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

La Madonna di Mamà, by Alfredo Panzini                                   42271
 [Subtitle: Romanzo del tempo della guerra]
 [Language: Italian]

The Retrospect, by Ada Cambridge                                         42270

Nederlandsche dames en heeren, by Jan ten Brink                          42269
 [Subtitle: Novellen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Lone Pine, by Richard Baxter Townshend                                   42268
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Lost Mine]

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. XXIV, May 1852, Vol. IV, by Various   42267

Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park: Cliff Palace,               42266
 by Jesse Walter Fewkes]
 [Subtitle: Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 51,
  Government Printing Office, Washington, 1911]

The Comet and Other Verses, by Irving Sidney Dix                         42265

Magyarok, by Zsigmond Móricz                                             42264
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

De vrouw in de hedendaagsche maatschappij, by Herman Bavinck             42263
 [Language: Dutch]

Piepkuikentje, by Anna Hubert van Beusekom                               42262
 [Language: Dutch]

De opheffing van de slavernij en de toekomst van Nederlandsch            42261
 West-Indie, by Adriaan David van der Gon Netscher
 [Language: Dutch]

Weggeloopen!, by James Buckland                                          42260
 [Illustrator: Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin]
 [Language: Dutch]

The People of the Black Circle, by Robert E. Howard                      42259

Expositor's Bible: The Acts of the Apostles, Vol. 1, by G. T. Stokes     42258

The Southern South, by Albert Bushnell Hart                              42257

Le roman de Tristan et Iseut, by Joseph Bédier                           42256
 [Language: French]

A Little Fleet, by Jack B. Yeats                                         42255

Beyond the Black River, by Robert E. Howard                              42254

Danza macàbra, by Camillo Antona-Traversi                                42253
 [Language: Italian]

Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty,                         42252
 by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay

The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Revelation, by William Milligan       42251

Dave Dawson with the Commandos, by R. Sidney Bowen                       42250

Memoirs of the Duchesse de Dino, 1831-1835, by Dorothy Duchesse de Dino  42249

Your National Parks, by Enos A. Mills and Laurence F. Schmeckebier       42248
 [Subtitle: With Detailed Information for Tourists]

Nuts to crack; or Quips, quirks, anecdote and facete of                  42247
 Oxford and Cambridge Scholars, by Richard Gooch

Quicksilver Sue, by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards                        42246
 [Illustrator: W. D. Stevens]

Thunder and Lightning, by Camille Flammarion                             42245
 [Translator: Walter Mostyn]

Eino Leino lyyrikkona, by Juhani Siljo                                   42244
 [Language: Finnish]

The Hour of the Dragon, by Robert E. Howard                              42243

Az akarat szabadságáról, by Arthur Schopenhauer                          42242
 [Language: Hungarian]

Commercial Law, by Samuel Williston, Richard D. Currier                  42241
 and Richard W. Hill

The Paston Letters, Volume VI (of 6), Part 1 (Letters,                   42240
 Chronological Table), by Various
 [Editor: James Gairdner]
 [Subtitle: New Complete Library Edition]

The Paston Letters, Volume V (of 6), by James Gairdner                   42239
 [Subtitle: New Complete Library Edition]

The Articles of Faith, by James E. Talmage                               42238
 [Subtitle: A Series of Lectures on the Principal Doctrines
  of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints]

Cristina, by Matilde Serao                                               42237
 [Language: Italian]

Jewels of Gwahlur, by Robert E. Howard                                   42236

Rising Wolf the White Blackfoot, by James Willard Schultz                42235
 [Subtitle: Hugh Monroe's Story of his First Year on the Plains]
 [Illustrator: Frank E. Schoonover]

The Storm, by Daniel Defoe                                               42234
 [Subtitle: or, a Collection of the most Remarkable
  Casualties and Disasters which Happen'd in the
  Late Dreadful Tempest, both by Sea and Land]

The Third Window, by Anne Douglas Sedgwick                               42233

PG Monthly Newsletter (2012-09-05)

This is the Project Gutenberg newsletter for September 2012.  


** In Memory of Michael Hart
** Estate Book sale September 8-9
** Wodehouse, anyone?
** Thanks!
** A new mirror site in Bulgaria
** New eBook listings

** In Memory of Michael Hart

It was nearly one year ago today that Project Gutenberg's founder,
Michael Hart, died.  You may enjoy reading more about his fascinating
career-spanning effort to bring eBooks to the world, in furtherment of
literacy and opportunity for all people.

  Obituary, and links to online articles at the time of his death:

  Writings about Project Gutenberg by Marie Lebert:

  Articles about Project Gutenberg, and articles by Michael Hart:

** Estate Book sale September 8-9

As you may have heard, Michael Hart loved books. Now it's your chance
to snag some of his favorites at the Michael Hart Estate Book
Sale. After donating thousands of books to archive.org and thousands
to Goodwill, the Estate still has thousands of incredible books
waiting for you. They vary from his favorite sci-fi dating back to the
fifties, to over a dozen copies of Bridges of Madison County, and more
than enough Vonnegut. No early birds, no dealers, and prices will be
by whim. :)   

http://mhbooksale.wordpress.com/ will be updated through the week. The
sale will be held at 405 West Elm Street, Urbana, IL, 61801, on
September 8th and 9th from 9am-4pm. Can't wait to see you.

** Wodehouse, anyone?

The works of PG Wodehouse have been recently revamped, with updates to
HTML, numerous typos fixed, and improvements to formatting.  To find
Project Gutenberg's works by Wodehouse, do an author search at
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Thanks for these updates go to Project Gutenberg whitewasher Al
Haines, for this most recent of his many accomplishments on behalf
of great literature.

** Thanks!

We received this email message at Project Gutenberg:

"I cannot properly express my gratitude and thanks to everyone at
Project Gutenberg. To yourself, the staff, including the people who
empty the trash bins, thank you.... thank you... thank you.

  You see, I'm dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Doctors tell me I
have a few months at most. While meandering around the internet, I
stumbled across the Tarzan series, authored by Edgar Rice Burroughs,
which your organization has made available in e-books. These are
absolutely the favorite books of my childhood. I haven't read them in
fifty years. Reading these books again after so many years brings an
enjoyment I thought I'd never feel again. To many, this may sound
trivial, but following the adventures of 'The Lord of the Jungle,'
which I loved so much as a child, allows me a few hours every day to
escape the harsh realities of life."

** A new mirror site in Bulgaria

Welcome to our newest Project Gutenberg mirror site, sponsored by
e-book Ltd. of Sofia, Bulgaria.  They are "the first and the most
famous Bulgarian company specialized in the domain of e-book devices
and content.  Our goal is to popularize ebooks reading and to bring
them closer to people in our region. That's because we created our
mirror of Project Gutenberg."

The mirror is now listed in the download pages at www.gutenberg.org,
and may be accessed directly at www.gutenberg.myebook.bg

** New Language

Our eBook #40466 is the first we have released in the language Ojibwa.
Here are details:

A Short Compendium of the Catechism for the Indians, by N. L. Sifferath  40466
  [Subtitle: With the Approbation of the Rt. Rev. Frederic Baraga,
              Bishop of Saut Sainte Marie]
  [Other: Frederic Baraga]
  [Language: Ojibwa]


Thanks to Peter Podgor啼k, Heiko Evermann and the Online2
Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net (This book was
produced from scanned images of public domain material from the Google
Print project and from Canadiana.org)

** New eBook listings

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Aug 2012 to 31 Aug 2012 ~ ~ ~ ~

Keltaruusu, by Mór Jókai                                                 40632
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Unkarin tasangolta ]
 [Language: Finnish ]

In the Roar of the Sea, by Sabine Baring-Gould                           40631

British Castles, by Charles H. Ashdown                                   40630

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 93, December 17, 1887, by Various 40629
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

The Iron Ration, by George Abel Schreiner                                40628
 [Subtitle: Three Years in Warring Central Europe]

Apró regények és esetek, by György Szemere                               40627
 [Language: Hungarian ]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 93, December 24, 1887, by Various 40626

Soliloques sceptiques, by François de  La Mothe Le Vayer                 40625
 [Language: French]

A Scrap-Book of Elementary Mathematics, by William F. White              40624
 [Subtitle: Notes, Recreations, Essays]

Private Sex Advice to Women, by R. B. Armitage                           40623
 [Subtitle: For Young Wives and those who Expect to be Married]

Stories from Virgil, by Alfred J. Church                                 40622

Little Tony of Italy, by Madeline Brandeis                               40621

Hilda's Mascot, by Marie E. Ireland                                      40620
 [Subtitle: A Tale of 'Maryland, My Maryland']
 [Illustrator: Donald Gardner]

Camilla, by Fanny Burney                                                 40619
 [Subtitle: or, A Picture of Youth]

The Surprises of Life, by Georges Clemenceau                             40618
 [Translator: Grace Hall]

The Teaching and Cultivation of the French Language in England           40617
 during Tudor and Stuart Times, by Kathleen Lambley
 [Subtitle: With an Introductory Chapter on the Preceding Period]

Fiends, Ghosts, and Sprites, by John Nettin Radcliffe                    40616
 [Subtitle: Including an Account of the Origin
  and Nature of Belief in the Supernatural]

A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2), by Thomas M. Lindsay         40615

Gabrielle of the Lagoon, by A. Safroni-Middleton                         40614
 [Subtitle: A Romance of the South Seas]

Arguments before the Committee on Patents of the House of                40613
 Representatives, conjointly with the Senate Committee on
 Patents, on H.R. 19853, to amend and consolidate the acts
 respecting copyright, by United States Committee on Patents
 [Subtitle: June 6, 7, 8, and 9, 1906.]

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. VII, December 1850, Vol. II,          40612
 by Various

Prince Charlie, by Burford Delannoy                                      40611

Notes on the Book of Leviticus, by C. H. Mackintosh                      40610

Memoir of Rev. Joseph Badger, by Elihu G. Holland                        40609
 [Subtitle: Fourth Edition]

Mitz and Fritz of Germany, by Madeline Brandeis                          40608

Excuse Me!, by Rupert Hughes                                             40607

The Legal Position of the Clergy, by P. V. Smith                         40606

The Motor Boat Club at Nantucket, by H. Irving Hancock                   40605
 [Subtitle: The Mystery of the Dunstan Heir]

Art in America, by Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin                        40604
 [Subtitle: A Critical and Historial Sketch]

The Root of All Evil, by J. S. Fletcher                                  40603

The Freebooters, by Gustave Aimard                                       40602
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Texan War]
 [Translator: Frederic Charles Lascelles Wraxall]

Der Fall Otto Weininger, by Ferdinand Probst                             40601
 [Subtitle: Eine psychiatrische Studie]
 [Language: German]

Over the Border, by Herman Whitaker                                      40600

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 93, December 31, 1887, by Various 40599
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Children of Christmas and Others, by Edith M. Thomas                     40598

Miniature essays: Igor Stravinsky, by Anonymous                          40597

Notes on the book of Exodus, by Charles Henry Mackintosh                 40596

Cocina cómica, by Juan Pérez Zúñiga                                      40595
 [Language: Spanish]

Into the Highways and Hedges, by Frances Frederica Montrésor             40594

School-Room Humour, by Dr. MacNamara                                     40593

The Little Spanish Dancer, by Madeline Brandeis                          40592

Alexander Hamilton, by Charles A. Conant                                 40591

A Century of Science and Other Essays, by John Fiske                     40590

A Brief History of Wood-engraving from Its Invention, by Joseph Cundall  40589

The Kathá Sarit Ságara, by Somadeva Bhatta                               40588
 [Subtitle: or Ocean of the Streams of Story]
 [Translator: C.H. Tawney]

Yellowstone Nights, by Herbert Quick                                     40587

Billie Bradley and Her Classmates, by Janet D. Wheeler                   40586
 [Subtitle: The Secret of the Locked Tower]

Comrades on River and Lake, by Ralph Victor                              40585
 [Illustrator: S. Schneider]

Lancashire, by Leo Hartley Grindon                                       40584
 [Subtitle: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes]

The God in the Car, by Anthony Hope                                      40583
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Notes and Queries, Vol. V, Number 115, January 10, 1852, by Various      40582
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men,
  Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Secret Service Submarine, by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull             40581
 and Guy Thorne
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Present War]

A General History of the Pyrates: from Their first Rise                  40580
 and Settlement in the Island of Providence, to the
 present Time, by Daniel Defoe

Memoir of Hendrick Zwaardecroon, commandeur of Jaffnapatam               40579
 (afterwards Governor-General of Nederlands India) 1697.
  For the guidance of the council of Jaffnapatam, during
  his absence at the coast of Malabar]
 [Translator: Sophia Pieters]

In the Land of Temples, by Joseph Pennell                                40578

A Berzsenyi-leányok tizenkét volegénye, by Zoltán Ambrus                 40577
 [Subtitle: Tollrajzok a mai Budapestrol]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Smiles, by Alice Lewis Richards                                          40576
 [Subtitle: A Book of Recitations for Girls]

The Great Commission, by Charles Henry Mackintosh                        40575
 [Subtitle: Miscellaneous Writings of C. H. Mackintosh, volume IV]

The Ranche on the Oxhide, by Henry Inman                                 40574
 [Subtitle: A Story of Boys' and Girls' Life on the Frontier]
 [Illustrator: Charles Bradford Hudson]

The Other Side of the Sun, by Evelyn Sharp                               40573
 [Subtitle: Fairy Stories]
 [Illustrator: Nellie Syrett]

The Flying Bo'sun, by Arthur Mason                                       40572
 [Subtitle: A Mystery of the Sea]

The Angel, by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull and Guy Thorne             40571

The Chronicles of Count Antonio, by Anthony Hope                         40570

Tales of Mean Streets, by Arthur Morrison                                40569

Ruhtinas Serebrjani, by Aleksei Konstantinovitsh Tolstoi                 40568
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Iivana Julman ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Mercenary, by W. J. Eccott                                           40567
 [Subtitle: A Tale of The Thirty Years' War]

Moth and Rust, by Mary Cholmondeley                                      40566
 [Subtitle: Together with Geoffrey's Wife and The Pitfall]

A Yankee in the Far East, by George Hoyt Allen                           40565
 [Illustrator: H. S. Weller]

Jeremias, by Stefan Zweig                                                40564
 [Subtitle: Eine dramatische Dichtung in neun Bildern]
 [Language: German]

Captain Calamity, by Rolf Bennett                                        40563
 [Subtitle: Second Edition]

Snowflakes, by Esther Nelson Karn                                        40562

A przemysli repülo, by Kurt Matull                                       40561
 [Subtitle: Regény a nagy háborúból]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Bee's Bayonet, by Edwin Alfred Watrous                               40560

The Güegüence; A Comedy Ballet in the Nahuatl-Spanish                    40559
 Dialect of Nicaragua, by Daniel G. Brinton

Huntley, by Tony P. Wrenn                                                40558
 [Subtitle: A Mason Family Country House]

The Queen Bee and Other Nature Stories, by Carl Ewald                    40553
 [Translator: G. C. Moore Smith]

Aristotle and Ancient Educational Ideals, by Thomas Davidson             40552

Juan Fernandez; la débâcle impériale, by Werner Scheff                   40551
 [Language: French]

Plain English, by Marian Wharton                                         40550

The Private Life of the Romans, by Harold Whetstone Johnston             40549

The Rival Campers, by Ruel Perley Smith                                  40548
 [Subtitle: or, The Adventures of Henry Burns]
 [Illustrator: A. B. Shute]

The Rival Campers Afloat, by Ruel Perley Smith                           40547
 [Subtitle: or, The Prize Yacht Viking]
 [Illustrator: Louis D. Gowing]

A Fortune Hunter; Or, The Old Stone Corral, by John Dunloe Carteret      40546
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Santa Fe Trail]

The Splendid Fairing, by Constance Holme                                 40545

La lucha por la vida; Aurora roja, by Pío Baroja                         40544
 [Language: Spanish]

Die Zelle, by Fritz Kahn                                                 40543
 [Illustrator: Georg Helbig]
 [Language: German]

The Baptist Magazine, Vol. 27, June 1835, by Various                     40542
 [Editor: George  Wightman]

Brother Against Brother, by John Roy Musick                              40541
 [Subtitle: or, The Tompkins Mystery.]

The Complete Opera Book, by Gustav Kobb?                                 40540
 [Subtitle: The Stories of the Operas, together with 400
  of the Leading Airs and Motives in Musical Notation]

A Lost Cause, by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull                         40539

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 1, by Various   40538
 [Subtitle: "Husband" to "Hydrolysis"]

The History of Chivalry, by G. P. R. James                               40537

Whittaker & Co.'s List of Classical, Educational and                     40536
 Technical Works, by Whittaker & Co.
 [Subtitle: July 1889]

They Who Knock at Our Gates, by Mary Antin                               40535
 [Subtitle: A Complete Gospel of Immigration]
 [Illustrator: Joseph Stella]

Talks about Flowers, by M. D. Wellcome                                   40534

The Life of John Marshall Volume 4 of 4, by Albert J. Beveridge          40533

Portrait Miniatures, by George C. Williamson                             40532

A Century in the Comptroller's Office, State of New York,                40531
 1797 to 1897, by James A. Roberts

Essai d'Introduction à l'Histoire Généalogique, by Oscar de Poli         40530
 [Language: French]

The Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Appendix to Volume XII:       40529
 Tales, Sketches, and other Papers by Nathaniel Hawthorne
 with a Biographical Sketch by George Parsons Lathrop
 [Subtitle: Biographical Sketch of Nathaniel Hawthorne]

Spanish Vistas, by George Parsons Lathrop                                40528
 [Illustrator: Charles S. Reinhart]

In League with Israel, by Annie F. Johnston                              40527
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Chattanooga Conference]

The Chronicles of Rhoda, by Florence Tinsley Cox                         40526
 [Illustrator: Jessie Willcox Smith]

Kathie's Soldiers, by Amanda Minnie Douglas                              40525
 [Illustrator: C. Howard]

Die Osternacht, by Leopold Schefer                                       40524
 [Subtitle: Zweite Abtheilung]
 [Language: German]

Die Osternacht, by Leopold Schefer                                       40523
 [Subtitle: Erste Abtheilung]
 [Language: German]

Yorkshire Family Romance, by Frederick Ross                              40522

An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, by John Jamieson    40521
 [Subtitle: in which the words are explained
  in their different senses, ...]

The Soul Stealer, by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull                     40520

The Captain of the Janizaries, by James M. Ludlow                        40519
 [Subtitle: A story of the times of Scanderberg
  and the fall of Constantinople]

The Bath Keepers, v.2 (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume VII),               40518
 by Charles Paul de Kock

A Bottle in the Smoke, by Milne Rae                                      40517
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Anglo-Indian Life]

La civilisation japonaise, by Léon Louis Lucien Prunol de Rosny          40516
 [Subtitle: conférences faites à l'école spéciale des
  langues orientales]
 [Language: French]

Elijah the Tishbite, by Charles Henry Mackintosh                         40515
 [Subtitle: Miscellaneous Writings of C. H. Mackintosh, volume V]

Minority Report of the Committee on Railways in Relation to              40514
 the Hoosac Tunnel and the Railroads, by Erastus Payson
 Carpenter and Massachusetts General Court

Danes, Saxons and Normans, by John G. Edgar                              40513
 [Subtitle: or, Stories of our ancestors]

Eeva, by Santeri Alkio                                                   40512
 [Language: Finnish]

Commander Lawless V.C., by Rolf Bennett                                  40511

The Watcher, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu                                      40510
 [Subtitle: and other weird stories]
 [Illustrator: Brinsley Sheridan Le Fanu]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 107, July 28th 1894, by Various     40509
 [Editor: Sir Francis Burnand]

True Stories of Girl Heroines, by Evelyn Everett-Green                   40508
 [Illustrator: E. F. Sherie]

The Challenge of the Dead, by Stephen Graham                             40507
 [Subtitle: A vision of the war and the life of the
  common soldier in France, seen two years afterwards
  between August and November, 1920]

A könyv története (2. rész), by Károly Steinhofer                        40506
 [Subtitle: A könyv történeti fejlodése]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Scurvy Past and Present, by Alfred Fabian Hess                           40505

Ginger-Snaps, by Fanny Fern                                              40504

History of the State of California, by John T. Frost                     40503
 [Subtitle: From the Period of the Conquest by Spain
  to her Occupation by the United States of America]

The Brownies and Prince Florimel, by Palmer Cox                          40502
 [Subtitle: Brownieland, Fairyland, and Demonland]

The Blower of Bubbles, by Arthur Beverley Baxter                         40501

Leatherface, by Baroness Orczy                                           40500
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Old Flanders]

Abridgment of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856,                40499
 Vol. I (of 16), by Thomas Hart Benton

Curiosities of Civilization, by Andrew Wynter                            40498

The Prairie Schooner, by William Francis Hooker                          40497

Histoire amoureuse des Gaules suivie des Romans historico-               40496
 satiriques du XVIIe siècle, by Roger de Bussy-Rabutin
 [Language: French]

The Ordeal of Elizabeth, by Elizabeth Von Arnim                          40495

A könyv története (1. rész), by Károly Steinhofer                        40494
 [Subtitle: A magyar könyvnyomtatás és könyvkereskedelem
  rövid története a legrégibb idoktol napjainkig]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The King of Diamonds, by Louis Tracy                                     40493
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Mystery and Adventure]

Sylvie: souvenirs du Valois, by Gérard de Nerval                         40492
 [Translator: Lucie Page]

The Red Lottery Ticket, by Fortuné Du Boisgobey                          40491

The White Canoe, by Alan Sullivan                                        40490
 [Subtitle: And other Verse]

Le Suicide, by Emile Durkheim                                            40489
 [Subtitle: Etude de Sociologie]
 [Language: French]

The Story of an Ancient Parish, by H. R. Coulthard                       40488
 [Subtitle: Breage with Germoe]

Happy-Go-Lucky, by Ian Hay                                               40487
 [Illustrator: C. E. Brock]

Uusi tilanhaltia, by Mauri Jókai                                         40486
 [Language: Finnish]

The Missing Link in Modern Spiritualism, by A. Leah Underhill            40485

Black Star's Campaign, by Johnston McCulley                              40484
 [Subtitle: A Detective Story]

These Twain, by Arnold Bennett                                           40483

The Meaning of Faith, by Harry Emerson Fosdick                           40482

Concerning Children, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman                         40481

The Quest of the Four, by Joseph A. Altsheler                            40480
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Comanches and Buena Vista]

In the Foreign Legion, by Erwin Rosen                                    40479

Days of Attica, by Charalambos Anninos                                   40478
 [Language: Greek]

With Fire and Sword, by Samuel H. M. Byers                               40477

Children of the Dawn, by Elsie Finnimore Buckley                         40476
 [Subtitle: Old Tales of Greece]
 [Illustrator: Frederick C. Pape]

The Indian in his Wigwam, by Henry R. Schoolcraft                        40475
 [Subtitle: Or Characteristics of the Red Race
  of America from Original Notes and Manuscripts]

The life and writings of Henry Fuseli, Volume III (of 3),                40474
 by Henry Fuseli and John Knowles

The History of Creation, Vol. II (of 2), by Ernst Haeckel                40473
 [Subtitle: Or the Development of the Earth and its
  Inhabitants by the Action of Natural Causes]
 [Translator: E. Ray Lankester]

The History of Creation, Vol. I (of 2), by Ernst Haeckel                 40472
 [Subtitle: Or the Development of the Earth and its
  Inhabitants by the Action of Natural Causes]
 [Translator: E. Ray Lankester]

Alamo Ranch, by Sarah Warner Brooks                                      40471
 [Subtitle: A story of New Mexico]

Expositor's Bible: The Book of Job, by Robert Watson                     40470

An Historical Summary of the Post Office in Scotland, by T. B. Lang      40469

The Barnet Book of Photography, by Various                               40468
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Practical Articles]

Indian and Scout, by F. S. Brereton                                      40467
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Gold Rush to California]
 [Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo]

A Short Compendium of the Catechism for the Indians, by N. L. Sifferath  40466
 [Subtitle: With the Approbation of the R. Rev.
  Frederic Baraga, Bishop of Saut Sainte Marie]
 [Language: Ojibwa]

Just Irish, by Charles Battell Loomis                                    40465

The Mystery of Lincoln's Inn, by Robert Machray                          40464

The Little Colonel's Holidays, by Annie Fellows Johnston                 40463
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

It Was the Road to Jericho, by Annie Fellows Johnston                    40462
 [Illustrator: John R. Neill]

Indian Home Rule, by M. K. Gandhi                                        40461

Hurlbut's Life of Christ For Young and Old, by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut       40460
 [Subtitle: A Complete Life of Christ Written in Simple
  Language, Based on the Gospel Narrative]

Animal Intelligence, by George J. Romanes                                40459
 [Subtitle: The International Scientific Series, Vol. XLIV]

The Real Jesus of the Four Gospels, by J. B. Atwater                     40458

Comparative Studies in Nursery Rhymes, by Lina Eckenstein                40457

L'anarchie, by Élisée Reclus                                             40456
 [Language: French]

Master of Men, by E. Phillips Oppenheim                                  40455

Frivolities, by Richard Marsh                                            40454
 [Subtitle: Especially Addressed to Those
  Who Are Tired of Being Serious]

Tom Ossington's Ghost, by Richard Marsh                                  40453
 [Illustrator: Harold Pfiffard]

The Twickenham Peerage, by Richard Marsh                                 40452

Under One Flag, by Richard Marsh                                         40451

Violet Forster's Lover, by Richard Marsh                                 40450
 [Illustrator: E. S. Hodgson]

The Woman with One Hand (and) Mr. Ely's Engagement, by Richard Marsh     40449
 [Subtitle: Mr. Ely's Engagement]

The Child's Book of the Seasons, by Arthur Ransome                       40448
 [Illustrator: Frances Craine]

Pond and Stream, by Arthur Ransome                                       40447
 [Illustrator: Frances Craine]

Red Palmer: A Practical Treatise on Fly Fishing, by James Tayler         40446

The Life of John Marshall Volume 3 of 4, by Albert J. Beveridge          40445

The Union: Or, Select Scots and English Poems, by Various                40444

The Spirit of God As Fire, by D. Mortimore                               40443
 [Subtitle: the Globe Within the Sun Our Heaven]

A Day with the Poet Tennyson, by Anonymous                               40442
 [Illustrators: W. Hatherell, Edmund Dulac, William G. Simmonds,
  and William Heath Robinson]

A Day with William Shakespeare, by Maurice Clare                         40441
 [Illustrators: W. H. Margetson and Ernest William Haslehust]

A Day with Browning, by Anonymous and Robert Browning                    40440

Plato's Doctrine respecting the rotation of the Earth and                40439
 Aristotle's Comment upon that Doctrine, by George Grote

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates,                              40438
 3rd ed. Volume IV (of 4), by George Grote

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates,                              40437
 3rd ed. Volume III (of 4), by George Grote

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates,                              40436
 3rd ed. Volume II (of 4), by George Grote

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates,                              40435
 3rd ed. Volume I (of 4), by George Grote

The Place of Dragons, by William Le Queux                                40434

Miss Hildreth, Volume 3 of 3, by Augusta de Grasse Stevens               40433
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Miss Hildreth, Volume 2 of 3, by Augusta de Grasse Stevens               40432
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Miss Hildreth, Volume 1 of 3, by Augusta de Grasse Stevens               40431
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

In The Saddle, by Oliver Optic                                           40430

Robinson Crusoe's Money;, by David A. Wells                              40429
 [Subtitle: or, The Remarkable Financial Fortunes
  and Misfortunes of a Remote Island Community]
 [Illustrator: Thomas Nast]

Sermon, Delivered Before His Excellency Edward Everett, Governor         40428
 &c. on the Anniversary Election, January 2, 1839, by Mark Hopkins

Report of the Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and Greenfield Railroad by          40427
 the Joint Standing Committee of 1866, by Tappan Wentworth

Daddy Long-Legs, by Jean Webster                                         40426
 [Subtitle: A Comedy in Four Acts]

Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes, by Various                                  40425
 [Translator: Isaac Taylor Headland]

Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times, by John Stewart Milne     40424

Lessons in the Art of Illuminating, by W. J. Loftie                      40423
 [Subtitle: A Series of Examples selected from Works
  in the British Museum, Lambeth Palace Library, and
  the South Kensington Museum.]

Voyages loin de ma chambre t.2, by Noémie Dondel Du Faouëdic             40422
 [Language: French]

The Comical Adventures of Twm Shon Catty, by T. J. Llewelyn Prichard     40421
 [Subtitle: Commonly known as the Welsh Robin Hood]

La voz de España contra todos sus enemigos by José María Avilés          40420
 [Language: Spanish]

The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti,                           40419
 by T. J. Llewelyn Prichard

It May Be True  Volume 1 of 3, by Mrs. Wood                              40418

Zeemans-Woordeboek, by J. van Lennep                                     40417
 [Subtitle: Behelzende een verklaring der woorden,
  by scheepvaart en den handel in gebruik en een
  opgave der algemeene wetsbeaplingen daarto]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Rest Hollow Mystery, by Rebecca N. Porter                            40416

Tower's Little Primer, by Anna Tower                                     40415
 [Subtitle: for the youngest class in primary school]

Sophy of Kravonia, by Anthony Hope                                       40414
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Voyages loin de ma chambre t.1, by Noémie Dondel Du Faouëdic             40413
 [Language: French]

Not Ready                                                                40412

The Potter's Craft, by Charles F. Binns                                  40411
 [Subtitle: A Practical Guide for the Studio and Workshop]

Dickens and His Illustrators, by Frederic G. Kitton                      40410
 [Subtitle: 2nd. Ed.]
 [Illustrators: Various]

Os Maias, by José Maria Eça de Queirós                                   40409
 [Subtitle: episodios da vida romantica]
 [Language: Portuguese]

A Devotee, by Mary Cholmondeley                                          40408
 [Subtitle: An Episode in the Life of a Butterfly]

Mary Seaham, Volume 3 of 3, by Elizabeth Caroline Grey                   40407
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Mary Seaham, Volume 2 of 3, by Elizabeth Caroline Grey                   40406
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Mary Seaham, Volume 1 of 3, by Elizabeth Caroline Grey                   40405
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Elements of Geology, by William Harmon                               40404

Girls of Highland Hall, by Carolyn Watson Rankin                         40403
 [Subtitle: Further Adventures of the Dandelion Cottagers]

Sagas from the Far East, by Various                                      40402
 [Subtitle: or, Kamouk and Mongolian Traditionary Tales]
 [Editor: Rachel Harriette Busk]

Three Little Women's Success, by Gabrielle E. Jackson                    40401
 [Subtitle: A Story for Girls]

History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution       40400
 of the United States, Vol. 1, by George Ticknor Curtis
 [Subtitle: With Notices of its Principle Framers]

Les Usages du Siècle, by Une Parisienne                                  40399
 [Subtitle: Lettres-Conseils pratiques Le Savoir-vivre]
 [Language: French]

Not Ready                                                                40398

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 65, No. 403, May, 1849,           40397
 by Various

Jack Harvey's Adventures, by Ruel Perley Smith                           40396
 [Subtitle: or, The Rival Campers Among the Oyster Pirates]
 [Illustrator: Louis D. Gowing]

Theory of Groups of Finite Order, by William Burnside                    40395

Sketches from the Subject and Neighbour Lands of Venice,                 40394
 by Edward A. Freeman

The Letters of a Post-Impressionist, by Vincent Van Gogh                 40393
 [Subtitle: Being the Familiar Correspondence of Vincent Van Gogh]
 [Translator: Anthony Ludovici]

A magyar népköltés gyöngyei, by Elek Benedek                             40392
 [Subtitle: A legszebb népdalok gyüjteménye]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Der Dichter in Dollarica, by Ernst von Wolzogen                          40391
 [Subtitle: Blumen-, Frucht- und Dornenstücke aus
  dem Märchenlande der unbedingten Gegenwart]
 [Language: German]

Cathedral Cities of France, by Herbert Marshall and Hester Marshall      40390

The Life of John Marshall (Volume 2 of 4), by Albert J. Beveridge        40389

The Life of John Marshall (Volume 1 of 4), by Albert J. Beveridge        40388

Studies of Christianity, by James Martineau                              40387
 [Subtitle: or, Timely Thoughts for Religious Thinkers]

Wandering Ghosts, by F. Marion Crawford                                  40386

eBooks: 2010 – A UNESCO atlas for endangered languages

In 2010, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) launched a free Interactive Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger.

The online edition is a complement of the print edition (3rd edition, 2010), edited by Christopher Moseley, and available in English, French and Spanish, with previous editions in 1996 and 2001.

2,473 languages were listed on 25 July 2011, with a search engine by country and area, language name, number of speakers from/to, vitality and ISO 639-3 code.

The language names have been indicated in English, French and Spanish transcriptions. Alternate names (spelling variants, dialects or names in non-Roman scripts) are also provided. Continue reading eBooks: 2010 – A UNESCO atlas for endangered languages

eBooks: 2009 – 6,909 living languages in the Ethnologue

6,909 living languages were cataloged in the 16th edition (2009) of “The Ethnologue: Languages of the World”, an encyclopedic reference work freely available on the web since 1996, with a print book for sale.

As stated by Barbara Grimes, its editor from 1971 to 2000, the Ethnologue is “a catalog of the languages of the world, with information about where they are spoken, an estimate of the number of speakers, what language family they are in, alternate names, names of dialects, other socio-linguistic and demographic information, dates of published Bibles, a name index, a language family index, and language maps.” (NEF Interview)

A core team of researchers in Dallas, Texas, has been helped by thousands of linguists gathering and checking information worldwide. A new edition of the Ethnologue is published approximately every four years.

The Ethnologue has been an active research project since 1950. It was founded by Richard Pittman as a catalog of minority languages, to share information on language development needs around the world with his colleagues at SIL International and other language researchers. Continue reading eBooks: 2009 – 6,909 living languages in the Ethnologue

eBooks: 2000 – The web portal yourDictionary

Five years before co-founding yourDictionary.com in February 2000, as the portal for all languages without any exception, Robert Beard created the website A Web of Online Dictionaries (WOD) in 1995.

Robert Beard was a language teacher at Bucknell University, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. In September 1998, his website provided an index of 800 online dictionaries in 150 languages, as well as sections for multilingual dictionaries, specialized English dictionaries, thesauri and other vocabulary aids, language identifiers and guessers, an index of dictionary indices, the “Web of Online Grammars”, and the “Web of Linguistic Fun”, i.e. linguistics for non-specialists.

Robert Beard wrote in September 1998: “There was an initial fear that the web posed a threat to multilingualism on the web, since HTML and other programming languages are based on English and since there are simply more websites in English than any other language. However, my websites indicate that multilingualism is very much alive and the web may, in fact, serve as a vehicle for preserving many endangered languages. I now have links to dictionaries in 150 languages and grammars of 65 languages. Moreover, the new attention paid by browser developers to the different languages of the world will encourage even more websites in different languages.” (NEF Interview) Continue reading eBooks: 2000 – The web portal yourDictionary

Project Gutenberg and Languages

Project Gutenberg has been a visionary project launched by Michael Hart in July 1971 to create free electronic versions of literary works and disseminate them worldwide. The project got its first boost with the invention of the web in 1990, and its second boost with the creation of Distributed Proofreaders in 2000, to help digitizing books from public domain. In 2010, there are Project Gutenberg websites in the U.S., in Australia, in Europe, and in Canada, with more websites to come in other countries.


Initially, the ebooks were mostly in English. As Project Gutenberg was launched from the University of Illinois, with the help of English-speaking volunteers, its first goal has been to provide ebooks to the English-language community, that is to say 95% of internet users in the early 1990s. (Non-English-speaking users reached 50% in summer 2000, with a percentage steadily growing ever since.)

Project Gutenberg was also inspiring other digital libraries elsewhere. Projekt Runeberg, for classic Nordic literature, and Projekt Gutenberg-DE, for classic German literature, started respectively in 1992 and 1994.

Continue reading Project Gutenberg and Languages

An Interview with Michael Hart

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael Hart, former editor and founder of Project Gutenberg. In our interview, Michael discusses the future of PG, and looks back on how it has evolved through changing times.

So why are you passing the editor torch?

This isn’t the first time. It’s mostly to get PG used to not depending on me so much. I have tried as hard as I dare, not to be a central figure by voicing my own opinions other than to balance others. I don’t really mind doing the Newsletter, but I like to see more other points of view, styles, perspectives, interest, etc.

Project Gutenberg has had a long and tumultuous road. How do you feel the face of PG has changed or evolved through the years?

Believe it or not, I never thought of it as tumultuous. Yes, there were a few years of hard times, but that’s my life’s story, but since I never let us get addicted to money it never made a difference when there wasn’t any. Continue reading An Interview with Michael Hart

New Goal Set for Project Gutenberg: One Billion Readers

The first goal of Project Gutenberg was simply to reach totals of estimated audiences of 1.5% of the world population, or the total of 100 million people.

With the advent of cell phone [mobile phone] access we are now setting our goal at 15% of the world population or 1 billion.

Given that there are approximately 4.5 billion cell phones now in service around the world, that means we would have to reach just over 1/5 of all cell phone users to accomplish this.

Possible. . .but not likely unless we make it extremely easy!

To this end we will be emphasizing eBook reader programs for a wide range of cell phones.

Given the estimated 4.5 billion cell phones that we could make eBooks for today, presuming they can all display plain eBooks, and the extremely slow rise in Kindle sales as compared to the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry Curve, and all the others, we should be able to reach more readers than Kindle and Sony combined if we just reach one cell phone user out of a thousand. This has to include many more languages than English, of course, so our effort also has to be multi-lingual, if we are to reach anyone beyond the number of people comfortable enough with English to read our eBooks on their cell phones.

As many of you know, we already have well over a thousand book titles in French, followed by lesser numbers in German and the other more popular languages, but not nearly enough to really, sincerely, say we are offering a library in these languages.

Once we complete a survey of our Top Ten languages we are down to under 50 books per language. . .it’s a start, only a start.

[This article was originally released in the May 2009 Project Gutenberg Newsletter]