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The NET has gone mobile

Those on the leading edge witnessed a watershed breakthrough milestone this week as the first reports came in indicating that the greater new mobile access to the Internet…great…greater…greatest.

The most obvious bell they heard ringing was the sound of iPhone apps, with a first time ever report that there are now more eBooks apps than game apps for the iPhone and related hardware.

This only a half year after Steve Jobs, one of my heroes, said that it was not in Apple’s interest to support eBooks because no one reads.

“The Time’s They Are A’Changin’.”

With ~4.5 billion active cell/mobile phones in the world plus the fact that laptop computer sales surpassed desktop computer sales years ago, it should have been obvious that the majority of Internet access would be from mobile devices…right?

The pundits seem to have missed this one. Sometimes even Steve Jobs.

People are reading eBooks, and doing everything else on the Net from a majority of devices that are now mobile.

If you have a web site and haven’t yet figured out that you need to do a mobile version of that website, you are probably losing traffic.

1.2 billion cell/mobile phones were sold in the last four quarters and that was even in the middle of this huge recession.

Netbooks have taken off as the next big thing.

University library employees tell me that every other student there is on a laptop computer…50%, in a building filled with books and that so much traffic is going through that it slows the huge bandwidth of a major university location down to slower that what you get at home.

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Why The Inventor Of eBooks Says Kindle Won’t Go

Many people have argue with me for years on the subject of dedicated eBook reader devices, with any number of reasons they like them, but it is really only that they can’t read small print or they still want “the look and feel” of the dead trees pulp bound up in dead animal skins.

I won’t even address the latter issues here but to say that the world always says it will stick with the old ways until a new generation comes, and then the car or the telephone or hairstyle, or whatever, becomes ubiquitous, then the story is closed, and the argument forgotten.

However, I will address the issue of font size.

This is an issue mainly of interest to Boomers, and to others born with limited vision, rather, sadly, than just from olde age.

However, the Boomers are losing power faster in all respects than the media are willing to show because the media is still controlled by Boomer and even older groups, who will not admit their time went, of even pretending to be middle age. I won’t argue right now that people born in ’65 were the last Boomers, how silly, those Boomers of the real kind were already having kids!!! Continue reading Why The Inventor Of eBooks Says Kindle Won’t Go

EPUB books now available at Project Gutenberg

It was only a few months ago that Project Gutenberg announced an effort to make mobile all editions of their titles available. This was big news, however, in my eyes the latest eBook format to be released by PG is even bigger news.

Project Gutenberg has now made almost all their titles available in the industry ebook standard EPUB and all are DRM free (Digital Rights Management)!

Although EPUB has only embraced as an eBook standard within the last 12 months it has been embraced by many big names including; Sony, Google, Penguin, Harper Collins and Adobe, to name but a few. There are also many EPUB readers available, both software and hardware, that can read books in this format.

For all you gadget lovers, you can read EPUB formatted books on;

  • iPhone and iPod Touch using the very popular Stanza Reader.
  • Google Android and other Linux-based mobile devices using FBReader
  • Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700
  • Apple iPad with many apps; iBooks, Bluefire, Kobo, etc.

Although the Amazon Kindle does not read EPUB files natively, there are several popular programs (Calibre) that will convert our EPUB files so that they can be read on your Kindle device.

There’s also a number of desktop readers such as the wonderful Calibre eBook Management program, and the Stanza Desktop reader.

Onlines readers such as the excellent ibisReader/Bookworm (an online reading application hosted by O’Reilly) allow you to upload your own EPUB books and read them from any computer or mobile device which has a web browser and internet connection – this also includes the Amazon Kindle!

Project Gutenberg Experimental EPUB

It must be stated that at this time, the PG EPUB books should be considered experimental. It’s a huge task to convert  the entire PG collection, so many may be either buggy or not actually work at all.

The EPUB files are generated automatically from the HTML version, if there is one, otherwise the Plain Text file is used. In this case the conversion program must guess at the structure of the text, so it is more than likely that the EPUB book will contain some formatting errors. These can include verse lines running together or paragraphs being marked as headers. Still, they are very readable.

EPUB eBook Reading Software

There are a number of other readers out there so you might want to search around to find your preferred software.

Stanza eBook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch

UPDATE: Stanza is no longer maintained so I’d recommend you try out Bluefire Reader. Checkout my iPhone review or iPad review over on epubBooks for some more information on reading EPUB books on the iPhone with Blurefire and other apps.

If you are looking for a free eBook reader for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch then you might want to try the new Stanza reader from Lexcycle.

I don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch myself so have no first-hand experience, but Feedbooks co-found Hadrien Gardeur, has made a post over on mobileread.com that Stanza [link removed] has the ability to download ePub books directly from FeedBooks.com using their API. FeedBooks have many of the top classics found at gutenberg.org, from Jane Austin to Alexandre Dumas to Jules Verne.

For those of you who don’t know, the IDPF ePub format is an open standard eBook format that is fast being adopted by many big name publishers including Penguin UK and O’Reilly as well as projects such as Feedbooks.com.

Over the coming months we are likely to see a number of iPhone apps that will allow you to read those free, public domain eBooks from Project Gutenberg, and Stanza will certainly continue to be one of the top ones. So, if you want to read Project Gutenberg books on your iPhone, then just stop by the app store and download Stanza now.

For more information about Stanza on the iPhone visit www.lexcycle.com/iphone

For more information on accessing FeedBooks.com from within Stanza visit www.feedbooks.com/help/iphone

Portable Reading: Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an eBook reader

Portable Reading offers a service to read books from a library of over 20,000 Gutenberg titles in dozens of languages. Readers can upload their own book and share it with friends. They can also communicate with each other and with authors by writing reviews and annotating individual pages with notes. The reading interface is customizable by font size, type, background color, etc.Portable Reading is currently available on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and on Facebook. Many more mobile devices are coming soon.

Try Portable Reading on the iPhone and iPod Touch: http://www.textonphone.com

Try Portable Reading on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=20655241480&ref=s

Digital books on the iPhone to be provided by HarperCollins

NEW YORK (Reuters) reported that publisher HarperCollins said on Wednesday, it will be making 14 new book titles available for Apple’s web-browsing iPhone in an effort to extend publishing into digital formats.

Books being made available include; “The Burnt House” by Faye Kellerman, “Now and Forever” by Ray Bradbury and “Obama” by David Mendell.

It has been said before that we need an iTunes equivelent for books. Could this HarperCollins/iPhone venture be the boost eBooks need? I myself am not a huge fan of Apple but if this were to help push eBooks to the forefront of consumers minds, then I’m all for it.

Most of these new books will debut in August and September, with the iPhone/iPod Touch compatible versions available at HarperCollins mobile Web site.

This news story was found at Reuters.com in the article HarperCollins offers digital book content for iPhone
Aug 15, 2007