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World eBook Fair 2008 starts today!

World eBook Fair LogoA Million Plus Books Free for the Taking!

July 4 2008

The Third Annual World eBook Fair Starts July 4th.

“Own Your Own Library” is the theme of this year’s World eBook Fair.

Starting July 4th you will be able to do just that in an unprecedented opportunity to download books in the widest variety ever available.

Visit www.worldebookfair.org to get started.

Project Gutenberg and partner sponsors encourage readers to create the “personal library” of their choice in a “personal computer.”  Most of the fair’s electronic books are free of charge, and an additional 160,000 or more have coupon or discount purchases available during the month.

All possible types of electronic books, or eBooks, are available:

  • eBooks in over 100 Different Languages!
  • eBooks designed for cell phones!
  • eBooks designed for Adobe readers!
  • eBooks designed for plain text readers!
  • eBooks out loud in theatrical performances!
  • eBooks that your computer can read aloud to you!
  • eBooks that can be easily quoted in school papers!
  • 160,000 eBooks in brand new commercial editions!!!
  • Music, movies, etc. are also included. . . .

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Frankfurt Book Fair: Paper books in 50 years time?

In an article from the Guardian website, Michelle Pauli talks about this years Frankfurt Book Fair and particularly about a survey of top book industry professionals. According to the survey almost a quarter of the participants believe that the good old paper book will still be with us in 50 years…and so they should.

Here’s an extract with results from the survey;

Almost a quarter of the 1,324 industry professionals who took part in the survey predicted that the high street bookseller would no longer exist in 2057, while only 11% thought that the printed book would be obsolete. However, nearly as many – 10.5% – also thought that the electronic reader would be superseded. The respondents, of whom nearly half were at senior director level or above, were not asked to look into their crystal balls to predict what might replace the book and e-reader, but 44% identified the use of e-books as a key area of growth for the industry. In an increasingly globalised world, 27% saw books in translation as a growth area, and nearly a third saw China as the future dominating market in the publishing industry.

One of the other points made was how the Frankfurt Book Fair is no longer just about books but about content. Director of the book fair, Juergen Boos suggests, “The book is just one of many transmitters of contents and the ‘content’ of the product in which we trade is not just a cultural, but also a political commodity,”.

Extracts taken from;

Short shelflife for booksellers, industry figures claim by Michelle Pauli
Guardian Unlimited, October 10, 2007

Second Annual World eBook Fair Starts July 4th

Effective May 16: World eBook Fair Starts in 7 Weeks

  • 787,000 Total eBook Files Will Be Listed [over 3/4 million]
  • 2/3 Million Unique Free eBook + ~110,000 Commercial eBooks
  • eBooks in over 100 Different Languages!
  • Created by Contributions from 150+ eLibraries Around the World

Last year 1,000 newspapers carried this story when 1/3 million eBooks were offered free of charge at The First World eBook Fair. This year there will be twice as many eBooks!!!

Last year The World eBook Fair gave away about 1 million eBooks a day for 30 days between July 4 and August 4.
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Digital Devices Star at IDPF’s Digital Book 2007

While talks about cutting-edge smartphones dominated last year’s Digital Book Conference—the International Digital Publishing Forum’s annual e-publishing conference in New York—the focus of the morning session this year was market feedback on the progress of devices like the
Sony Reader

and the introduction of new ones, such as Telecom Italia’s pocket-sized Librofonio, which is expect to be introduced in the U.S. late this year. Panelists and attendees also debated when a breakthrough device or technology will make digital publishing a profitable business.

“The future is here,” said Adobe System’s Bill McCoy, borrowing a phrase from computer book publisher Tim O’Reilly, “but it’s unevenly distributed.” McCoy’s point was that all publishers acknowledge the promise of digital distribution—they’re just waiting for the “digital tipping point,” a device, new software or a new standard to push digital distribution to the next level.

As part of the panel on new mobile devices and e-reading software, McCoy presented evidence that the elusive tipping point is near. McCoy was showing off Adobe’s new “reflowable” PDF authoring software, now compliant with the IDPF’s new e-book standard format. The IDPF standard will eventually allow publishers, converters, distributors and retailers to work with one file format, rather than five or six. “E-publishing is happening right now,” said McCoy, who cautioned publishers against waiting for “the iPod or iTunes store for e-books.” McCoy said that digital content is flowing through multiple retail channels and devices, and he expected that the IDPF’s new open standard will increase consumers’ ability to use content, “on big screens and small screens.”

Extract taken from;

Digital Devices Star at IDPF’s Digital Book 2007
Calvin Reid, PW Daily — Publishers Weekly, 5/10/2007