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Latest Requests for Volunteer Help

Project Gutenberg 40th Year Special Projects

We have several special projects we will be starting on or around July 4, and if you have a project you like to work on, why not send us a note and see if we can get a team of volunteers to help.

Our newest project is to solicit suggestions where this project should be in it’s 50th year.  Suggestions are:

  1. Make it more obvious that PG wants error messages–how to write them, where to send them, etc.
  2. Make it more obvious that PG will send DVD’s so the people who have to pay by the megabyte can use PG.
  3. An extensive library of human read audiobooks.
  4. Please make it more obvious how to do PG eBooks for Kindle, Sony, nook, and other eReaders.
  5. More current books under Creative Commons licenses. More apps for cellphones.  A model to encourage new writers to share their work in the same spirit. Showcase how people who used to be on the bad sides of various digital divides enjoyed and benefitted.
  6. Please add more bookshelves, particularly one to do eBooks from each country and make sure each one has at least one eBook to show how it can be done.
  7. Proofread the Top 100 or so downloaded books to the point where we they approach perfection.

So right now I’d like as many volunteers as possible to let me know if they would like to proofread Top Tens.

Send all emails to:

Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

In an unprecedented move, Michael Hart, the inventor of eBooks, has announced he will buy lunch for anyone who can find errors, to the tune of one per chapter [10K of text] in the flagship of eBooks, The Alice in Wonderland Stories.

This includes the two books that are often portrayed together: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, by Charles Dodgson [Lewis Carroll]

The requirements are simply that one downloads the latest eBook versions from Project Gutenberg, and email them to Prof. Hart, so he can verify that you are working from the proper edition.

If you can find as much as one error per chapter or the 10,000 letter/character equivalent, Prof. Hart will drive to Chicago, Indianapolis or St. Louis, or nearby locations to be agreed on, to buy you lunch at Chicago’s Giordano’s Pizza, or King’s BBQs in Indianapolis. A St. Louis primary location not yet chosen. Continue reading Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

Project Gutenberg’s Official Facebook Page

In exploring new ways of connecting people to Project Gutenberg’s vast collection of free ebooks we’ve created our very own Facebook page. Here you’ll find all kinds of information and status updates.

It should be noted that this is very much experimental – it may work, then again it may not. The more everyone gets involved, the more successful it will be.

Head over to the new Project Gutbenberg Facebook Page.

Please note that there is another PG page on Facebook, but the above link is the official one.

Volunteers Wanted

Our webmaster, Marcello Perathoner, is looking for people with previous PG and Facebook experience to help administer the new Facebook page. Tasks will include; answering questions from users, removing spam, writing status updates, etc.

At this time we’ve no idea how much traffic the page will generate nor how much time it will require to administer, but if you’re able to spare a little time, then we’d love to have you onboard.

How to apply

First, go over to Facebook and ‘Like’ the page, then send Marcello an email ( Please include your Facebook name in the email so he know’s who to make an admin.

Not Whitewashers…maybe blackwasher?

40th Year Special Project!

Improved Support For Our Project Gutenberg Volunteers

As a tribute to our volunteers we would like to make an extraordinary effort to thank them for all their effort over these four decades with a program to make the work less onerous and more easy to do.

If you, or anyone you know, has any suggestions, of how we can make the work go more smoothly, more easily, and improve things for our volunteers in any manner, please answer this article and let us know.

As one particular part of this program I would like for us to create a new kind of “Blue-washers” group for the specific purpose of helping our volunteers with problem areas specific to them. i.e. some volunteers just have one or two specific production areas at which they balk at certain procedures that are insisted upon and that’s all the prevents them from being perfect volunteers. Continue reading Not Whitewashers…maybe blackwasher?

Error Correction of Project Gutenberg eBooks

As many of you know, I like to do something around this time every year to take a new step forward in Project Gutenberg.

As luck would have it, I recently received an email reminder from one of our volunteers who reads our eBooks out loud for those who need or want audio eBook versions of our library.

This volunteer was kind enough to keep a log of errors found while recording one of our classics eBooks out loud and then sent us that list of errors, and now was following up.

Due to the fact that we receive more errors messages than we have volunteers to handle, these errors were not corrected, which stimulated me to write a request for help on this in a recent Project Gutenberg Newsletter.

The results were immediate, effective, and continuing.

The new edition, complete with ~23 corrections is online and has been for a couple days already, and we are still getting more volunteers for error correction.

This is a great and wonderful thing because the one thing in the history of eBooks that separates Project Gutenberg is an everlasting continuing process of improvement. Continue reading Error Correction of Project Gutenberg eBooks

Volunteers Needed for the Gutenberg Newsletter

Back in January we mentioned that there was going to be a Newsletter Team. Unfortunately this will now not happen.

Project Gutenberg is therefore putting forward a request for volunteers to help out with the weekly newsletter. Everyone is welcome to participate no matter what your background.

Please use our Contact page and let us know your interest. All messages will be forwarded directly to Michael Hart.

Perl or Excel Experts Needed!

If there are any experts out there in Perl or Excel, you would be greatly appreciated in helping us with PG statistical numbers; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We can provide data, and hopefully you can provide us with weekly, monthly or yearly totals for the Newsletters.

If you would like a complete listing of each book title, and the accompanying data, we do have a daily listing to subscribe to, which also includes additional data on the book as it is uploaded for final preparation.

[Edited by Mike Cook]

Gutenberg Newsletter Article Writers Wanted

Since my relocation to Germany I’m struggling to find as much time to research and put together interesting articles for the newsletter, so I’m putting this request out for volunteers.

You will not be expected to write dozens of articles per week, although you are welcome :-) but if there were just a handful of people writing one per week or fortnight, this would really help to provide more interesting content for the newsletter.

Back in August, Marie Lebert wrote the excellent ‘The @folio Project‘ article and has indicated that she may have one or two more over the coming months. You could join her and help the PG Newsletter become more than just a stats listing.

If you’re interested please email me using the contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shakespearean Actors Wanted

Along with the thousands of text files that Project Gutenberg has to offer there are also many audio recordings. For many people these are great ways to get to know the works of different authors.

Recently Michael Hart received a request from Tina Hansen,

I notice that your site offers a number of audio books, both human narrated and computer generated. I am pleased that you are adding more books read by voice talent. I wish to suggest that adding a human-narrated version of Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be of value to anyone visiting the site. You do have this done with an electronic voice, but I must be honest when I say that doing any Shakespeare play with an electronic voice just doesn’t sound the same as it does when you get a group of competent voices together. The electronic voices simply lack the nuances to make these works come alive for the reader. Instead, the listener is likely to dose off. Thus, I suggest that a call be put out for a version of this text done by competent actors. I’m sure that there are plenty of theater groups around the country who would be more than happy to take on this project. Thanks.

As the son of a Shakespeare professor Michael Hart was in complete agreement.

Therefore Project Gutenberg would like to put out a request for any persons or avid Shakespeare theatre groups to step forward and volunteer to make these.

If you are unsure on how to go about making these recordings then visit the LibriVox website. There’s lot of information on the website to help you get started.