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Considering the 40th Anniversary of eBooks

How do I love ebooks, let me count the ways:

40 years ago there was only one eBook on the Internet that you could download, and the operators were resistant to an additional eBook being added more than once a year, and it had to be a short one, given the space and bandwidth.

From 1971 to 1976 it was an uphill struggle for permission to put The U.S. Constitution online as an eBook because it was so much larger than all the previous eBooks, but it is still standing as one of the great early Net achievements, not only because it was larger than previous ones but also because the person who made it available was anonymous and remained so in spite of all of my efforts to locate and to send my thanks.

40 years ago…one title available at Project Gutenberg.

Today…one hundred thousand titles available at PG, and 2.1 million available at The World Public Library, and 2.9 million at The Internet Archive, 1.6 million at Wattpad. That’s 6.7 million just off the top of my head and without adding in all of the Google eBooks, which is hard to do as Google doesn’t have an index for counting eBooks.

40 years ago just one language. Continue reading Considering the 40th Anniversary of eBooks

Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

In an unprecedented move, Michael Hart, the inventor of eBooks, has announced he will buy lunch for anyone who can find errors, to the tune of one per chapter [10K of text] in the flagship of eBooks, The Alice in Wonderland Stories.

This includes the two books that are often portrayed together: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, by Charles Dodgson [Lewis Carroll]

The requirements are simply that one downloads the latest eBook versions from Project Gutenberg, and email them to Prof. Hart, so he can verify that you are working from the proper edition.

If you can find as much as one error per chapter or the 10,000 letter/character equivalent, Prof. Hart will drive to Chicago, Indianapolis or St. Louis, or nearby locations to be agreed on, to buy you lunch at Chicago’s Giordano’s Pizza, or King’s BBQs in Indianapolis. A St. Louis primary location not yet chosen. Continue reading Project Gutenberg: Perfect eBooks Challenge

2011 is the Year of the eBook

There are three times as many ereader devices now than just a single year ago, and Amazon has just announced that their own eBooks now have eight authors selling over a million eBooks.

Of course, this is a million eBooks total, none of the eBooks are million sellers on their own, while sites such as Project Gutenberg, The World Public Library, and The Internet Archive have each had a number of “million seller eBooks” if you will allow that term for non-profit organizations.

The first World eBook Fair, just a handful of years ago, gave out a million copies of “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, in just a single month, well before Amazon’s Kindle came out, or Apple’s iPad, or any of the revolutionary devices that are now powering the world of commercial eBooks.

This Monday, the Fourth of July, marks large 40th Anniversary celebrations around the world of the first eBook that started as a simple snowball, as it were, turning into an avalanche. Continue reading 2011 is the Year of the eBook

World eBook Fair 2011

Come join the celebration, “It’s the Year of the eBook!”

We should be adding thousands of books, new and old, to the following libraries every single day for an entire month of July 4 to August 4, 2011 at our 6th annual World eBook Fair.

All are welcome!

We will have three eLibraries each with over a million books:

In addition to the 6.4 million items above, we will have some very impressive collections from:

We are also working on an additional large library collection and could easily pass 7.5 million items during this event. Continue reading World eBook Fair 2011