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Project Gutenberg 40,000th eBook Milestone!

With little fanfare, Project Gutenberg reached #40000 in its eBook series; Extinct Birds: an attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those birds which have become extinct in historical times: that is, within the last six or seven hundred years: to which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction, by Walter Rothschild.

From Wikipedia: Extinct Birds covers globally extinct and rare birds as well as hypothetical extinct species which include bird taxa which existence are only based on written or oral reports or on paintings. The accounts of the extinct bird taxa are based on Rothschild’s lecture On extinct and vanishing birds published in the Proceedings of the 4th International Ornithological Congress 1905 in London. Continue reading Project Gutenberg 40,000th eBook Milestone!

30,000 English eBooks from Project Gutenberg

Today, just six weeks after Project Gutenberg posted its 40,000th internally created book, the 30,000th English ebook has now been placed online: The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, by Archibald Henry Sayce.

Thanks go out to Delphine Lettau, David King and the Online Distributed Proofreaders Team; who by the way, recently created their 20,000th free ebook for PG, and to Al Haines for doing the final preparations and publication.

A quick look at our numbers indicates that about one quarter of the internally produced Project Gutenberg books are non-English and it should be noted that more than half the PDF ebooks mentioned below are in languages other than English.

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The Year of the eBook

Project Gutenberg, the granddaddy of all eBook libraries, announced today they have put number 40,000 of internally produced free eBooks online as of March 1st.

This raises their grand total to 100,000, as they receive a number of eBooks from other producers worldwide. These figures even subtract 15,000 for various duplications.

If you have a Kindle, set your browser to: http://bit.ly/gutmagic to partake of these eBooks free of charge.

If you have an iPad just search the various book features for “Project Gutenberg.”

Before buying an eReader you might want to check that the Project Gutenberg library is available to get you started on the path to building your own collection for free. Continue reading The Year of the eBook

Project Gutenberg Yearly Overview: 2010

Noon, January 6, 2011, was the end of Project Gutenberg’s 2010 production year. A great deal happened during the year though perhaps the most important was how 2010 became the year of the ebook.

All ebook websites reported an increase in downloads, especially at the end of the year. Gutenberg.org also saw a big increase, with almost 4.5M downloads for the 30 days after December 20th, up by around 900K from the 30 days before.

Public Domain Day

The first day of each year is Public Domain Day, when we list the works that have gone into the public domain that day.

There’s a great post over at law.duke.edu listing works that would have entered the public domain this year if it weren’t for copyright extensions that happened in 1978 and those since.

Because of these extensions we’ll see fewer and fewer works entering the public domain over the coming years.
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The 2008 Project Gutenberg Year In Review

eBooks Readable By Both Humans And Computers Since 1971

It’s been another fantastic year at Project Gutenberg with yet many more landmarks and milestones to add to an ever increasing list.

The Complete “CIA World Factbooks”

The latest project to be completed is “The CIA Factbook,” complete, from 1990 to 2008. It has been many years of hunting to get all the years, and even more to reformat the files from their originals to something easier to search. The CIA Factbook 2008 is still officially in flux until July 1, or thereabouts, so it is being held in PrePrints.

On July 1, the new 2009 edition will be authorized, but it usually doesn’t appear until Aug, Sep, or even Oct. Sometimes new editions are released without any real announcement, so please do get in touch as soon as you hear about it. This way we can get it into our archives with as little delay as possible.

Note: We are still searching for the pre-1990 CIA Factbooks. If anyone can locate these editions it would be greatly appreciated if you could get in touch.

Project Gutenberg Is Now A Firefox Plugin

Yes you read that right! Project Gutenberg now has a Search Plugin for the ever popular FireFox web browser.

Installation is very easy. Visit the Project Gutenberg FireFox Search Plugin page at Mozilla, click the big ‘Add to FireFox‘ button and follow the directions. Very cool!

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Project Gutenberg November 2008 Newsletter

The big news this month is that Project Gutenberg has officially passed 30,000 original eBooks, bringing the the original Project Gutenberg editions to as many titles as the average U.S. public library.

27,188  (+212)  11/20/08 - PG General Automated Count
 1,717  (+ 11)  11/18/08 - PG Australia
   542  (+ 12)  10/21/08 - PG Europe
 2,461  (+  0)  10/21/08 - PG PrePrints
   190  (+ 13)  11/09/08 - PG Canada
32,098  (+348) by various automated counts and newsletters

Another major landmark is that the number of books in the Chinese language has now passed Dutch to become the newest member of Project Gutenberg’s “Top 5 Languages”, with a total of over 375 books in the Gutenberg archives.

There are still around 300 Chinese titles being held on the PrePrint site so we really need help in cataloging these. If you can work in Chinese you are encouraged to look into the directory called /china over at PrePrints, or get the .zip file (one directory above) to downloaded all the files in one go.

Here’s an update on the languages (NOT counting the new 307 PrePrints);

  • 23075 English (EN)
  • 1319 French (FR)
  • 553 German (DE)
  • 476 Finnish (FI)
  • 377 Chinese (ZH)
  • 361 Dutch (NL)
  • 267 Portuguese (PT)
  • 217 Spanish (ES)
  • 164 Italian (IT)

Spanish is listed as the third language, with regard to its use on the entire Internet, so Michael Hart wants this to be the next goal for Project Gutenberg; bring Spanish in to the Top 5.

August 2008 – Statistics Update

Michael Hart has sent out his monthly newsletter for August 2008 and during this last month there have been a few nice milestones from the various PG projects.

First up, Greg Newby has provided us with an update on the top languages found at gutenberg.org. Currently there are over 100 languages available in the archives making a total of 26,272 eBook titles!

The top languages being;

22,432 -  English (EN)

 1,217 - French (FR)

   540 - German (DE)

   456 - Finnish (FI)

   349 - Dutch (NL)

   320 - Chinese (ZH)

   250 - Portuguese (PT)

   197 - Spanish (ES)

   153 - Italian (IT)

Other milestones

  • PG Europe have now posted their 500th eBook- a fantastic effort from all involved
  • PG Australia posted eBook #1674 on August 21, 2008
  • PG Canada posted eBook #150 in July, 2008
  • PG US posted the 1,200th eBook title in French – more than double any other language!

The combined PG projects have now released 28,988 eBooks for download – As Michael states, that’s about as many as your average public library.

PG Australia celebrates their 7th Birthday!

In Australia it is now 1st August 2008 and Project Gutenberg Australia is celebrating its seventh birthday!

In August 2001 Project Gutenberg Australia posted their first book online, “Animal Farm” by George Orwell – they now have over 1600 titles available for download. Project Gutenbereg (U.S.) only posted their 1,600th title in June 1998 – that’s 20 years longer that it has taken PGA!

Aussies are perhaps the greatest volunteering nation on a percentage basis“, this is certainly no understatement from Project Gutenberg Founder, Michael Hart. We send our congratulations to all the Aussie’s who have volunteered over the years. I’m sure the next seven are going to be even more impressive.

Project Gutenberg archives reach 28,000 eBook titles!

As of May 21, 2008: “Original Project Gutenberg eBook” site totals have reached 28,000, details below.

Please do not forget the 1600+ from PG of Australia, the ~500 from PG Europe, and the ~100 from PG Canada, with a detailed list included below. Not to mention the sites: Gutenberg.cc with 75,000+ eBooks, and Project Runeberg with eBooks in the Scandinavian languages.

Please note: the figures presented here are usually the more conservative figures people have presented, but the date of our eBook #25,000 was said to have been slightly earlier than reported. Personally, I would prefer to be a little cautious about reporting the numbers of eBooks, but if anyone would like to help us with the accounting, that would be GRRRREAT!!!

slightly edited version of Michael’s entry from the May 2008 monthly newsletter — Ed

PG Canada posts their 100th eBook!

We’ve just posted the 100th eBook. It’s from 1904, seems not to have been reprinted, and is a very interesting account of Toronto’s legal establishment in the 19th century: it’s a rather spectacular addition to the collection. Here’s the description from the website:

2008/03/25: As our 100th eBook, we’ve chosen this beautifully illustrated history of Toronto’s lawyers and judiciary – A true rarity and a delight to read, packed with anecdotes. You may end up thinking that the history of Toronto is the history of its lawyers!

Hamilton, James Cleland (1836-1907) [Canadian lawyer]
Osgoode Hall – Reminiscences of the Bench and Bar (1904) [History]

Rescuing excellent titles like this from undeserved oblivion is one of the great pleasures of having a Literary Archive.

Forwarded from Mark Akrigg of PG Canada