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The Sanction of the Victim

Consider this question:

Would any of our modern publishers be able to compete with a mind and heart such as that of Johannes Gutenberg?

Yet they, and their predecessors, The Stationers, managed to take over the entire world of The Gutenberg Press with the first of an era of legal manipulation we call “Intellectual Property.”

This takeover reduced the number of books in print to 10% of what they had been the day before the first copyright law took place — and returned the control of all publishing to The Stationers, who had had it for all previous history before Gutenberg.

The current ripoff royalty structure of 5% was imposed, meaning a single dollar out of every $20 you pay over the country goes from you to the author, and all the rest goes to publishing emperors — and their various hired personnel that stand between you and that author you love so much, each taking what they consider to be the fair share to which they are entitled…only that share is made possible only by the world of monopoly….

Think about this when you hear about the world in which monopoly, copyright, and other powers are used to enable one person, or some business they control, to own entire libraries of books, music or movies that would have long since expired under the copyright law they were created and contracted under.

These people, such as Ted Turner and Co., have made more millions from these titles than did those who originally created them


Because the copyright laws have been manipulated so that an owner of any copyright [until very recently] was under the impression a copyright could not last and thus was willing to take payments of drastically less than their work was worth due to the stroke pens made when enacting new copyright laws that voided the old ones!!!

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Einstein’s “Most Important Decision”

Einstein said that the most important decision you ever make is whether you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe– in a positive universe or a negative universe.

This relates very strongly to what is perhaps the greatest idea I came up with in all my college years, which was that you make more difference in the world taking something good and making a better thing out of it than by undoing something bad. . . .

When we describe our heroes and superheroes, we often described them only in terms of the bad things they have undone.

However, this is not ALWAYS the case, as TIME magazine managed, in an era of fairly unprecedented biased journalism, to elect a “Person of the Millennium” who had actually taken a good thing, A VERY GOOD THING. . .books. . .and MAKE THEM HUGELY BETTER.

Herr Gutenberg did not have to think he was undoing some evils, all he had to do was think of making more books, better books– faster books, etc. . .as more books were published in just that first fifty years of his invention’s use than in all of history for five thousand years. Continue reading Einstein’s “Most Important Decision”

No Contest: eBooks Are Winning!

The pundits all ask, “Why aren’t eBooks a success?”

But their queries show a ridiculous bias when their form and content always come down to the dollar.

The almighty dollar.

A Reply To All Those Pundits by Michael S. Hart.

What If A New Product Just Doesn’t Cost Anything?

If the pundits had asked the same way about success for The Gutenberg Press, they should have spoken in just about the same manner, since at Gutenberg book pricing the new books cost only a small fraction of one percent of the price of pre–Gutenberg books.

Thus, the total cash paid out for these new fangled books was nothing compared to what price would have been paid under the old manuscripting systems.

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The Medieval Helpdesk: A Youtube Video

A short movie on YouTube that is getting millions of hits, and is a total riot!

Just a short note on how the video about the Medieval “Book” Helpdesk got here.

As with so many people, I had played with YouTube once a month or so to do a little searching for certain things and look over the hot lists, but the major YouTube experience had pretty much eluded me, that is, until my Mom, who is turning 95 shortly, sent me The Medieval Helpdesk. I loved it much and forwarded it to a few dozen friends, who then forwarded it on and on– and it just kept going. The result, I am now an official YouTube member– but all the names I tried based on my own name were taken, so…I am now Johannes Gutenberg on YouTube, and hope to be uploading in a few months. ;-)

Thanks Mom!!!

Michael Hart