Creating Accessible Digital Media – WGBH Guidelines

by Michael Cook on February 25, 2007
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Following is an excerpt from the Introduction of the Accessible Digital Media guidelines produced by WGBH. These guidelines, providing step-by-step solutions for making a variety of electronic media accessible to users with sensory disabilities and are available free of charge.

Accessible Digital Media

Design Guidelines for Electronic Publications, Multimedia and the Web

Properly designed e-books, software, Web sites and learning management systems can and must be accessible to all users with disabilities. Technology is prevalent everywhere, and learners of all ages and in all fields require equal access to content to keep pace with their colleagues and classmates.
Whether they are high school students, IT professionals or research chemists, inaccessible materials prevent people with disabilities from using the same materials at the same time as their peers, and can limit their educational and career opportunities.

Visit the WGBH website to access the complete guidelines.

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