PG Canada Live

by Michael Cook on July 21, 2007
PG News

On Canada Day 2007 the new Project Gutenberg Canada went live! As one would expect the site multilingual in both English and French.

To celebrate their opening they released a “baker’s dozen: thirteen ebooks” which were specially created for the launch. With Canada’s copyright at life+50 years, they will likely be producing some new books than countries with longer copyrights.

In his recent post on the Book People list, John Mark Ockerbloom said,

There’s two things I find particularly exciting about the site. One is that it will help encourage more popular Canadian content to go online. (Our kids are Canadian-Americans growing up in the states, so we’d love to see more Canadian content accessible to them.) The other is that it’s a Gutenberg site in a country that still has “life+50 years” copyright terms. (Gutenberg Australia was another such site when it started, but Australia has extended its copyright terms since then.) So Gutenberg fans in Canada and other life+50 countries will now have a site where they can read and post texts that they might not be able to post legally on other popular online literature sites.

I am hoping to be in contact with PG Canada soon to start including their stats in the Weekly Newsletter

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