yBook Reader: A Review

by Michael Cook on August 21, 2007
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Good non-clunky free e-book readers available NOW

Regarding the clunkiness or otherwise of e-book readers, I was absolutely delighted when I tried yBook, as mentioned in the George Davis article in the PG Newletter of 13 June 2007. You can tailor it to your own preferences in typeface, font size, type colour, background colour and texture, and other items such as margins, etc. I normally prefer to listen to e-books, but I do find that yBook has put me back into a reading mode. It also remembers where you got to last time, so when you open it up you have the right page before you, in a two-page display.

It reads PG books, and downloads the PG catalogue, so that you can search for authors or titles. It reads zipped text or html files as easily as unzipped ones. There has been a new version issued since George Davis’s article, and we are currently on version 1.5.5. I don’t think it is “clunky” at all, and it is free, so most of the Kellscraft Sudio’s average persons can afford it. The ones who “can’t” afford it will be the ones who daren’t, in case it contradicts their proclaimed opinions.

Nick Hodson, Athelstane e-books, London, England, UK.

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