R.I.P. Robert Marquardt, PG-SF Bookshelf Creator

by Michael Cook on December 29, 2007

Robert Marquardt, PG’s wiki sysop, died this morning [2007/12/29]. His work must remain unfinished and questions to him will remain unanswered. This was his last will. This info was added by his brother Rolf Marquardt today at PG’s wiki.

Robert joined Project Gutenberg in December 2006 to create the Science Fiction Bookshelf. He has completed the Project Gutenberg Science Fiction CD, which was a tremendously huge success. He also made a promotional video for PG in Esperanto. He was now working in other bookshelves.

Robert always worked very hard at PG, even while he was doing his hard cancer treatments.

I’m sure that these are sad news to all volunteers. PGLAF should perhaps take some symbolic condolences action.

Ricardo F. Diogo

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