Project Gutenberg archives reach 28,000 eBook titles!

by Michael Hart on May 23, 2008
PG News

As of May 21, 2008: “Original Project Gutenberg eBook” site totals have reached 28,000, details below.

Please do not forget the 1600+ from PG of Australia, the ~500 from PG Europe, and the ~100 from PG Canada, with a detailed list included below. Not to mention the sites: with 75,000+ eBooks, and Project Runeberg with eBooks in the Scandinavian languages.

Please note: the figures presented here are usually the more conservative figures people have presented, but the date of our eBook #25,000 was said to have been slightly earlier than reported. Personally, I would prefer to be a little cautious about reporting the numbers of eBooks, but if anyone would like to help us with the accounting, that would be GRRRREAT!!!

slightly edited version of Michael’s entry from the May 2008 monthly newsletter — Ed

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