PG Monthly Newsletter: Pgca (2008-11-10)

by Michael Cook on November 10, 2008

Here's the news from PG Canada for October.

We published a total of 13 ebooks during the month: we have now published a 
cumulative total of 190 ebooks.

The New Releases section at the top of the PGC main page always gives the 
details of new releases for the most recent three months.

- 7 titles were in English
- 5 were in French
- 1 was in German: our first title in that language!

- 4 were history books and monographs
- 3 were novels
- 3 were books for children
- 2 were biographical monographs
- 1 was a book of essays

Eight of this month's ebooks were by Canadians.

Seven of this month's titles were nonfiction: a majority of the ebooks 
published.  This is a very gratifying result: we want to ensure that there is 
a place of honour in the PGC catalogue for non-fiction.  Ebooks on science, 
philosophy, and economics are currently underway.

Authors and illustrators new to PGC this month included:

Stockton, Frank Richard (1834-1902) [American author] Sulte, Benjamin (1841-
1923) [Historien canadien]



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