PG Monthly Newsletter (2013-08-07)

by Michael Cook on August 7, 2013

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for August 2013.


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* Suggested Web site: Project Gutenberg tips & tricks

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* Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Portal Has Published its 2,000 eBook!

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We often get asked, "Why should I publish my book online at the
Project Gutenberg's Self-Publishing Press? How is it different then
other traditional publishing presses?"

Tens of thousands of authors each year are choosing self-publishing to
get their books into the hands of readers.  Online self-publishing is
the fastest growing publishing option for contemporary authors.  These
authors are finding that online self-publishing companies offer the
exposure, distribution, and marketing resources authors need to
accomplish their readership goals.

With the PG Self-Publishing Press, authors retain control of their
work and rights - and that is very important.  More and more often, PG
Self-Published authors are looking to sell rights such as film options
for their books; and PG Self-Published authors are finding an
increasingly active market for their international and domestic book
rights.  Being able to control the destiny of your book gives you
complete flexibility to "cash in" if the opportunity presents itself,
while ensuring online longevity and exposure.  Because PG
Self-Published is entirely non-exclusive, authors are free to
negotiate any other rights deals or sell to a traditional publisher at
any time.

Another advantage of publishing at the PG Self-Publishing Press is
that authors retain complete control of their content and input of the
design of their book.  In addition, The PG Self-Publishing Press helps
authors bring their books to market more quickly and provides a no
cost solution, so you do not have to worry about future royalties to
offset up-front cash request by most publishers today.  If you are not
going to receive a large advance from a traditional publisher, does it
really make sense to pursue the traditional publisher route?  Why not
try publishing the PG Self-Publishing Press way?

You do not have to pay anything to get published at the PG
Self-Publishing Press.  This is a public service provided to authors
at no cost, and under the well-known Project Gutenberg moniker.
Because traditional publishers are offering fewer and smaller
advances, any independent book publisher will tell you that if you are
offered a large advance - take the money and run! But you could wait
your whole life for one of those elusive fortunes.  Why not get your
book into the marketplace, in front of readers and industry
professionals, and build a following?

Rather than accepting rejection from a big traditional press, studio,
or label, independent artists and writers have been, for years,
investing in their own works because they believe in them and believe
in getting them to the public.  You can probably think of half a dozen
films and bands that have hit the big time after going the independent
route.  The question is, would that have happened if they had held out
for a traditional label or studio, and had never given audiences the

PG Self-Publishing Press provides authors that opportunity.  If your
goal is to get published, waiting patiently for another round of
reviewers is not going to get you any closer to that goal.  Our review
process is 48 hours.  If you want to get your book out to readers, PG
Self-Publishing Press can help you reach your publishing goals.

All too often authors say, "But I want to make money from my book."  I
hate telling them the publishing industry just is not set up that way.
The publishing industry is setup to make the company the money first,
and then after they have sold 1,000 copies or more you can start
receiving a small percentage.  Most publishers want YOU to pay
hundreds of dollars up-front to agree to publish your book.
Additionally, you will most likely have to pay for cover art,
placement, promotional campaigns, table placement at book fairs,
etc...  By the time all is done, you will have entered into a
part-time job promoting your book for the publisher and have had given
thousands to your publisher before ever making $1 back from them.  Why
hassle with all that?  Publishing your book should be liberating, not
burdensome.  PG Self-Publishing Press can do it for you, getting your
book in the hands of readers, freeing yourself to write you next book.
After all, isn't that the point of it anyway?

For more information on how to become a published author at PG
Self-Publishing Press visit and watch the
How-To video on the home page.  We hope you will give PG
Self-Publishing Press an opportunity to publish your next book.

Best regards,


* Newest eBook listings

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jul 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 ~ ~ ~ ~

He's Coming To-Morrow, by Harriet Beecher Stowe                          43373

The Kingdom of God is Within You / Christianity and                      43372
 Patriotism / Miscellanies, by Lev N. Tolstoy
 [Translator: Leo Wiener]

Our Little Hungarian Cousin, by Mary F. Nixon-Roulet                     43371
 [Illustrator: John Goss]

Candy-Making at Home, by Mary M. Wright                                  43370
 [Subtitle: Two hundred ways to make candy
  with home flavors and professional finish]

How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon, by Oliver W. Nixon                      43369
 [Subtitle: A True Romance of Patriotic Heroism
  Christian Devotion and Final Martyrdom]

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. XXVII, August 1852, Vol. V,           43368
 by Various

Drake's Road Book of the Grand Junction Railway, by James Drake          43367
 [Subtitle: from Birmingham to Liverpool and Manchester]

Through the Heart of Patagonia, by H. Hesketh Prichard                   43366
 [Illustrator: John Guille Millais]

The Buke of the Order of Knyghthood, by Ramon Llull                      43365
 [Subtitle: Translated from the French by Sir Gilbert Hay, Knight]
 [Translator: Gilbert Hay]

How Canada was Won, by F. S. Brereton                                    43364
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Wolfe and Quebec]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

Earthworms and their Allies, by Frank E. Beddard                         43363

Riddle of the Storm, by Roy J. Snell                                     43362
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Boys]

Die acht Gesichter am Biwasee, by Max Dauthendey                         43361
 [Subtitle: Japanische Liebesgeschichten]
 [Language: German]

Fotografia senza.... - Notte di neve - La chiacchierina,                 43360
 by Roberto Bracco
 [Language: Italian]

Human Intercourse, by Philip Gilbert Hamerton                            43359

Modern Flirtations, by Catherine Sinclair                                43358
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Harper's Young People, November 9, 1880, by Various                      43357
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly]

La piccola fonte, by Roberto Bracco                                      43356
 [Subtitle: Dramma in quattro atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Mr. Punch's Book of Sport, by Various                                    43355
 [Subtitle: The Humour of Cricket, Football, Tennis, Polo,
  Croquet, Hockey, Racing, &c]
 [Illustrators: Lindley Sambourne and others]

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 67, No. 416, June 1850, by Various  43354

In the Depths of the Dark Continent, by Cornelius Shea                   43353
 [Subtitle: or, The Vengeance of Van Vincent]

A History of English Versification, by Jakob Schipper                    43352

A Chain of Evidence, by Carolyn Wells                                    43351
 [Illustrator: Gayle Hoskins]

The Anatomy of the Human Peritoneum and Abdominal Cavity,                43350
 by George. S. Huntington
 [Subtitle: Considered from the Standpoint of Development
  and Comparative Anatomy]

Irishman's Difficulties with the Dutch Language, by N. A. Cuey-na-Gael   43349

The Paston Letters, edited by James Gairdner                             43348
 [Subtitle: New Complete Library Edition]

Rossetti, by Lucien Pissarro                                             43347

Other World; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural (Vol. II of II), Various   43346
 [Subtitle: Being Facts, Records, and Traditions Relating to
  Dreams, Omens, Miraculous Occurrences, Apparitions, Wraiths,
  Warnings, Second-sight, Witchcraft, Necromancy, etc.]
 [Editor: Frederick George Lee]

Other World; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural (Vol. I of II),by Various  43345
 [Subtitle: Being Facts, Records, and Traditions Relating to
  Dreams, Omens, Miraculous Occurrences, Apparitions, Wraiths,
  Warnings, Second-sight, Witchcraft, Necromancy, etc.]
 [Editor: Frederick George Lee]

Don Hale with the Flying Squadron, by W. Crispin Sheppard                43344
 [Illustrator: H. A. Bodine]

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, by Henry Lee                              43343
 [Subtitle: A Curious Fable of the Cotton Plant]

Round Cape Horn, by Joseph Lamson                                        43342
 [Subtitle: Voyage of the Passenger-Ship James W. Paige,
  from Maine to California in the Year 1852]

The Bird, by Jules Michelet                                              43341
 [Illustrator: Hector Giacomelli]

The Fair God, by Lew Wallace                                             43340
 [Subtitle: or, the last of the 'Tzins]
 [Illustrator: Eric Pape]

Die Heiligen, by Bernhard Kellermann                                     43339
 [Illustrator: Magnus Zeller]
 [Language: German]

Isblink, by Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen                                       43338
 [Subtitle: Digte fra den grønlandske Polarregion]
 [Language: Danish]

History of the Jews, Vol. III (of 6), by Heinrich Graetz                 43337

The Pig Brother and Other Fables and Stories, by Laura E. Richards       43336

Die Ehrgeizige, by Heinrich Mann                                         43335
 [Language: German]

Jack Hardy, by Herbert Strang                                            43334
 [Subtitle: A Story of English Smugglers in the Days of Napoleon]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

Der 9. November, by Bernhard Kellermann                                  43333
 [Language: German]

Das L?mmchen, by Christoph von Schmid                                    43332
 [Language: German]

The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson Compiled From Family               43331
 Letters and Reminiscences, by Sarah N. Randolph

Harper's Young People, November 2, 1880, by Various                      43330
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly]

The Life of Jefferson Davis, by Frank H. Alfriend                        43329

The Lost Faith, by T. S. Childs                                          43328
 [Subtitle: And Difficulties of the Bible,
  as Tested by the Laws of Evidence]

Rodin: The Man and his Art, by Judith Cladel                             43327
 [Subtitle: With Leaves from his Note-book]
 [Translator: S. K. Star]

Joe Miller's Jests, With Copious Additions, by Various                   43326
 [Editor: Frank Bellew]

Her Benny, by Silas Kitto Hocking                                        43325
 [Subtitle: A Story of Street Life]
 [Illustrator: Harry Tuck]

Csongrádmegyei gyüjtés (Népköltési gyüjtemény 2. kötet), by Károly Török 43324
 [Language: Hungarian]

Hints on cheese-making, by Thomas Day Curtis                             43323
 [Subtitle: for the dairyman, the factoryman, and the manufacturer]

Kotona, by Jacob Ahrenberg                                               43322
 [Subtitle: Kuvaelma Itä-Suomesta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Histoire de France 814-1189 (Volume 2/19), by Jules Michelet             43321
 [Language: French]

The Wonder Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, by Edwin J. Houston        43320

Churches and Church Ornaments, by William Durandus                       43319
 [Subtitle: Rationale Divinorum Officiorum]

Tarnished Silver, by Mary Frances Outram                                 43318
 [Illustrator: Stanley L. Wood]

Lord Lyons: A Record of British Diplomacy, by Thomas Wodehouse           43317
 Legh Newton
 [Subtitle: Volume 1 of 2]

Serate d'inverno, by La Marchesa Colombi                                 43316
 [Language: Italian]

Oeuvres Complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, tome 3, by Frédéric Bastiat       43315
 [Subtitle: mises en ordre, revues et annotées d'après
  les manuscrits de l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

Adventures on the Roof of the World, by Mrs. Aubrey Le Blond             43314

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, Vol. (9/20), by Adolphe Thiers      43313
 [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française]
 [Language: French]

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, Vol. (8/20), by Adolphe Thiers      43312
 [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française]
 [Language: French]

Histoire de France 1466-1483 (Volume 8/19), by Jules Michelet            43311
 [Language: French]

Histoire de la Monarchie de Juillet (Volume 4/7), by Paul Thureau-Dangin 43310
 [Language: French]

Histoire de la Monarchie de Juillet (Volume 5/7), by Paul Thureau-Dangin 43309
 [Language: French]

Histoire parlementaire de France, Volume III, by François Guizot         43308
 [Subtitle: Recueil complet des discours prononcés dans
  les chambres de 1819 à 1848]
 [Language: French]

Principes de la Philosophie de l'Histoire, by Giambattista Vico          43307
 [Subtitle: traduits de la 'Scienza nuova']
 [Language: French]

Invasions des Sarrazins en France, by Joseph Toussaint Reinaud           43306
 [Subtitle: et de France en Savoie, en Piémont et dans la Suisse,
  pendant les 8e, 9e et 10e siècles de notre ère]
 [Language: French]

43305 No Posting

The No Plays of Japan, by Arthur Waley and Motokiyo Seami                43304

Lures of Life, by Joseph Lucas                                           43303

The Kingdom of God is Within You, by Count Leo Tolstoy                   43302
 [Subtitle: Christianity Not as a Mystic
  Religion But as a New Theory of Life]
 [Translator: Constance Garnett]

Wizard Will, by Prentiss Ingraham                                        43301
 [Subtitle: The Wonder Worker]

Medieval Medicine, by James Joseph Walsh                                 43300

Square Pegs, by Clifford Bax                                             43299
 [Subtitle: A Rhymed Fantasy For Two Girls]

The Riddle and the Ring, by Gordon MacLaren                              43298
 [Subtitle: or, Won by Nerve]

The Natural History of Clay, by Alfred B. Searle                         43297

A History of the Inquisition of Spain; vol. 1, by Henry Charles Lea      43296

Guds Fred, by Peter Nansen                                               43295
 [Language: Danish]

Les Jeudis de Madame Charbonneau, by Armand de Pontmartin                43294
 [Language: French]

The Secret Cache, by Ethel Claire Brill                                  43293
 [Subtitle: An Adventure and Mystery Story for Boys]
 [Illustrator: W. H. Wolf]

Wanderings of French Ed, by Joseph René                                  43292

Procès-verbaux de l'Assemblée générale de la section des Postes,         43291
 by Fritz Braesch
 [Subtitle: 4 D?cembre 1790 - 5 Septembre 1792]
 [Language: French]

Hyld og Humle, by Sophie Breum                                           43290
 [Subtitle: Fortællinger]
 [Language: Danish]

Hansel and Gretel, by Adelheid Wette and Engelbert Humperdinck           43289
 [Subtitle: A Fariry Opera in Three Acts]

The Third Volume, by Fergus Hume                                         43288

Father Thrift and His Animal Friends, by Joseph Charles Sindelar         43287
 [Illustrator: Helen Geraldine Hodge]

Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals,                  43286
 by Edmund P. Evans

Il frutto acerbo, by Roberto Bracco                                      43285
 [Subtitle: Commedia in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Wilderness, A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska, by Rockwell Kent     43284

The Correspondence of Madame, Princess Palatine, Mother of the           43283
 Regent; of Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie, Duchesse de Bourgogne;
 and of Madame de Maintenon, in Relation to Saint-Cyr,
 by Charlotte-Elisabeth, duchesse d' Orléans; Marie Adelaide,
 ofSavoy, Duchess of Burgundy; and Madame de Maintenon]
 [Translator: Katharine Prescott Wormeley]

Scientific American, Vol. XXXIX.No. 6. [New Series],                     43282
 August 10, 1878, by Various

Cripps, the Carrier, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore                      43281
 [Subtitle: A Woodland Tale]

Jean Baptiste, by James Edward Le Rossignol                              43280
 [Subtitle: A Story of French Canada]
 [Illustrator: Dora Curtis]

Jerusalem, by Selma Lagerlöf                                             43279
 [Translator: Jalmari Jöntti]
 [Language: Finnish]

Cakes & Ale, by Edward Spencer                                           43278
 [Subtitle: A Dissertation on Banquets Interspersed with Various
  Recipes, More or Less Original, and anecdotes, mainly veracious]

La Vie Universitaire dans l'Ancienne Espagne, by Gustave Reynier         43277
 [Language: French]

Almacen de recetas escogidas y probadas, by Anonymous                    43276
 [Language: Spanish]

Hvad Skovsøen gemte, by Palle Rosenkrantz                                43275
 [Language: Danish]

The Poet Li Po, by Arthur Waley and Bai Li                               43274
 [Subtitle: A.D. 701-762]

Zen Buddhism, by Arthur Waley                                            43273
 [Subtitle: and Its Relation to Art]

American Weasels, by E. Raymond Hall                                     43272

The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 2 (of 10), by Alexander Pope         43271
 [Subtitle: Poetry - Volume 2]

The Perambulations of a Bee and a Butterfly, by Elizabeth Sandham        43270
 [Subtitle: In which are delineated those smaller traits of
  character which escape the observation of larger spectators]

The Forest of Mystery, by James H. Foster                                43269

Secrets of the Andes, by James H. Foster                                 43268

Captured by the Arabs, by James H. Foster                                43267

Lost in the Wilds of Brazil, by James H. Foster                          43266

Under Wolfe's Flag, by Rowland Walker                                    43265
 [Subtitle: or The Fight for the Canadas]

The Phantom Airman, by Rowland Walker                                    43264

The Arrow of Fire, by Roy J. Snell                                       43263
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Boys]

The Broken Font, Vol. 2 (of 2), by Moyle Sherer                          43262
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Civil War]

The Broken Font, Vol. 1 (of 2), by Moyle Sherer                          43261
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Civil War]

Maternità, by Roberto Bracco                                             43260
 [Subtitle: Dramma in quattro atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Pittsburgh in 1816, by Various                                           43259
 [Subtitle: Compiled by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on the
  One Hundredth Anniversary of the Granting of the City Charter]

Jerin veli, by Jack London                                               43258
 [Subtitle: Erään koiran elämä ja seikkailut]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Mentor: Holland, v. 2, Num. 6, Serial No. 58, by Dwight Elmendorf    43257
 [Subtitle: May 1, 1914]

Witches Cove, by Roy J. Snell                                            43256
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Girls]

Domesday Book and Beyond, by Frederic William Maitland                   43255
 [Subtitle: Three Essays in the Early History of England]
 [Language: English]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 17, Slice 2, by Various   43254
 [Subtitle: "Luray Cavern" to "Mackinac Island"]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, March 30th 1895, by Various    43253
 [Editor: Francis Burnand]

Tessa, Our Little Italian Cousin, by Mary Hazelton Wade                  43252
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Yellow Thunder, Our Little Indian Cousin, by Mary Hazelton Wade          43251
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Our Little English Cousin, by Blanche McManus                            43250
 [Illustrator: Blanche McManus]

Our Little Canadian Cousin, by Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald               43249
 [Illustrator: L. J. Bridgman]

Little Playfellows:, by Unknown                                          43248
 [Subtitle: Sugar Plum Series]

The Epic of Saul, by William Cleaver Wilkinson                           43247

The Motor Routes of England, by Gordon Home                              43246
 [Subtitle: Western Section]

Luke Barnicott, by William Howitt                                        43245
 [Subtitle: And Other Stories]

Dante e gli Ebrei, by Flaminio Servi                                     43244
 [Subtitle: Studio]
 [Language: Italian]

Nevalaiset, by J. A. Bergman                                             43243
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romantillinen kertomus Itä-Suomesta]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Madeira Party, by S. Weir Mitchell                                     43242

The Adventures of François, by S. Weir Mitchell                          43241
 [Subtitle: Foundling, Thief, Juggler, and
  Fencing-Master during the French Revolution]

Alchemy: Ancient and Modern, by H. Stanley Redgrove                      43240
 [Subtitle: Being a Brief Account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and
  Their Relations, to Mysticism on the One Hand, and ...]

L'Illustration, No. 0051, 17 F?vrier 1844, by Various                    43239
 [Language: French]

Princes and Poisoners, by Frantz Funck-Brentano                          43238
 [Subtitle: Studies of the Court of Louis XIV]
 [Translator: George Maidment]

The Spirit Land, by Samuel B. Emmons                                     43237

Kuninkaan tuomio, by Otto Engelbrekt Jaatinen                            43236
 [Subtitle: Näytelmä 3:ssa näytöksessä lauluineen]
 [Language: Finnish]

First on the Moon, by Jeff Sutton                                        43235

Bright Ideas, by Herbert Strang                                          43234
 [Subtitle: A Record of Invention and Misinvention]
 [Illustrator: C. E. Brock]

Recherches sur les substances radioactives, by Marie Curie               43233
 [Language: French]

The Preparation of Illustrations for Reports of the United               43232
 States Geological Survey, by John L. Ridgway
 [Subtitle: With Brief Descriptions of Processes of Reproduction]

Legends of the Bastille, by Frantz Funck-Brentano                        43231
 [Translator: George Maidment]

Johnny Longbow, by Roy J. Snell                                          43230

The Hawthorne, by Anonymous                                              43229
 [Subtitle: A Christmas and New Years Present]

Lotgevallen van een jeugdigen natuuronderzoeker, by Lucien Biart         43228
 [Language: Dutch]

The Fundamentals of Bacteriology, by Charles Bradfield Morrey            43227

Dopo il divorzio, by Grazia Deledda                                      43226
 [Language: Italian]

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 64, No. 397, November             43225
 1848, by Various

Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, Volume I, by Various                        43224
 [Subtitle: October-March, 1912-13]
 [Editor: Harriet Monroe]

The World's Best Poetry, Volume IX: Of Tragedy: of Humour, by Various    43223
 [Editor: Bliss Carman]

The Lyon in Mourning, Vol. 1, by Robert Forbes                           43222
 [Subtitle: or a collection of speeches, letters, journals, etc.
  relative to the affairs of Prince Charles Edward Stuart]

The Ceramic Art, by Jennie J. Young                                      43221
 [Subtitle: A Compendium of The History and Manufacture
  of Pottery and Porcelain]

Kattula Vantena, by Rama Mohana Rao Mahidhara                            43220
 [Subtitle: Mahidhara Rama Mohana Rao]
 [Language: Telugu]

Raemaekers' Cartoon History of the War, Volume 3, by Louis Raemaekers    43219
 [Subtitle: The Third Twelve Months of War]
 [Illustrator: Louis Raemaekers]

The Boy Patrol Around the Council Fire, by Edward Sylvester Ellis        43218
 [Illustrator: Edwin J. Prittie]

La cartella N. 4, by La Marchesa Colombi                                 43217
 [Language: Italian]

Zut and Other Parisians, by Guy Wetmore Carryl                           43216

Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott                                                 43215
 [Language: Finnish]

Dr. Arne and Rule, Britannia, by William Hayman Cummings                 43214

Anno 2070, by Dr. Dioscorides                                            43213
 [Subtitle: Een blik in de toekomst]
 [Language: Dutch]

Fairy Tales from Spain, by J. Munoz Escomez                              43212
 [Illustrator: William Matthews]

English Economic History, by Various                                     43211
 [Subtitle: Select Documents]
 [Editor: A. E. Bland]

The War-Trail Fort, by James Willard Schultz                             43210
 [Subtitle: Further Adventures of Thomas Fox and Pitamakan]
 [Illustrator: George Varian]

In the Track of R. L. Stevenson and Elsewhere in Old France,             43209
 by Sir John Alexander Hammerton

Music in the History of the Western Church, by Edward Dickinson          43208

Scenes and Characters from the Works of Charles Dickens,                 43207
 by Charles Dickens
 [Subtitle: Being Eight Hundred and Sixty-six Pictures
  Printed From the Original Wood Blocks]
 [Illustrator: Various Artists]

The Breaking Crucible, by Various                                        43206
 [Subtitle: and other translations of German Hymns]
 [Translator: James Waddell Alexander]

Is the Devil a Myth?, by C. F. Wimberly                                  43205

The Motor Boys in Mexico, by Clarence Young                              43204
 [Subtitle: Or, The Secret of the Buried City]
 ["Clarence Young" was a pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate]

Kensington, Notting Hill, and Paddington, by An Old Inhabitant           43203

The Endowed Charities of Kensington, by Edward Morton Daniel             43202
 [Subtitle: By Whom Bequeathed, and How Administered]

Multiplied Blessings, by Edward Hoare                                    43201
 [Subtitle: Eighteen Short Readings]

Cornell Nature-Study Leaflets, by Various                                43200
 [Subtitle: Being a selection, with revision, from the teachers'
  leaflets, home nature-study lessons, junior naturalist
  monthlies and other publications from the College of
  Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 1896-1904]

The Last Tenant, by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon                             43199

Samuel Boyd of Catchpole Square, by B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon     43198
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

The Golden Boys and Their New Electric Cell, by L. P. Wyman              43197

La Renaissance Italienne et la Philosophie de l'Histoire,                43196
 by Émile Gebhart
 [Language: French]

Chaucerian and Other Pieces, by Various                                  43195
 [Subtitle: Being a Supplement to the Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer]
 [Editor: Walter Skeat]

A fészek regényei, by Kálmán Mikszáth                                    43194
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Conferenze tenute a Firenze nel 1896, by Various                         43193
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

43192 No Posting

Pflege und Zucht der Zwergpapageien und Sittiche, by Jean Bungartz       43191
 [Subtitle: Kurze Anleitung zur Behandlung und Pflege]
 [Language: German]

Blade-O'-Grass. Golden Grain. and Bread and Cheese and Kisses,           43190
 by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon

The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 3 (of 3), by Fergus Hume                        43189
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 2 (of 3), by Fergus Hume                        43188
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 1 (of 3), by Fergus Hume                        43187
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

Walking Shadows, by Alfred Noyes                                         43186

By Force of Impulse, by Harry V. Vogt                                    43185
 [Subtitle: A Drama in Five Acts]

La trasformazione sociale, by Francesco Saverio Nitti                    43184
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

La Repubblica partenopea, by Guido Pompilj                               43183
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Napoleone, by Anton Giulio Barrili                                       43182
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

La musica, by Enrico Panzacchi                                           43181
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Vincenzo Monti (1754-1828), by Ernesto Masi                              43180
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Mesmer e il magnetismo, by Angelo Mosso                                  43179
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837), by Giovanni Pascoli                        43178
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

The Protection of Fresh-Water Mussels, by R. E. Coker                    43177

I Francesi in Italia (1796-1815), by Vittorio Fiorini                    43176
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Ugo Foscolo (1778-1827), by Giuseppe Chiarini                            43175
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Il Regno d'Etruria, by E. Melchior de Vog                                43174
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Donne, salotti e costumi, by Ferdinando Martini                          43173
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

La delinquenza nella Rivoluzione francese, by Cesare Lombroso            43172
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Antonio Canova (1757-1822), by Adolfo Venturi                            43171
 [Subtitle: La vita italiana durante la Rivoluzione francese e l'Impero]
 [Language: Italian]

Prentice Hugh, by F. M. Peard                                            43170
 [Illustrator: FB]

Philippa, by Mrs. Molesworth                                             43169
 [Illustrator: J. Finnemore]

Hathercourt, by Mrs. Molesworth                                          43168

How to Know the Ferns, by Frances Theodora Parsons                       43167
 [Subtitle: A Guide to the Names, Haunts and Habitats
  of Our Common Ferns]
 [Illustrators: Marion Satterlee and Alice Josephine Smith]

Shaving Made Easy, by Anonymous                                          43166
 [Subtitle: What the Man Who Shaves Ought to Know]

Die schwarzen Brüder. III. (of 3), by Heinrich Zschokke                  43165
 [Subtitle: Eine abentheuerliche Geschichte]
 [Language: German]

Die schwarzen Brüder. II. (of 3), by Heinrich Zschokke                   43164
 [Subtitle: Eine abentheuerliche Geschichte]
 [Language: German]

Die schwarzen Brüder. I. (of 3), by Heinrich Zschokke                    43163
 [Subtitle: Eine abentheuerliche Geschichte]
 [Language: German]

Hugh Crichton's Romance, by C. R. Coleridge                              43162

Jeri, by Jack London                                                     43161
 [Subtitle: Erään koiran seikkailuja Etelämerellä]
 [Language: Finnish]

An Artist's Letters From Japan, by John La Farge                         43160

Two Studios, by Frances Peard                                            43159
 [Illustrator: FM]

Kingsworth, by C. R. Coleridge                                           43158
 [Subtitle: The Aim of a Life]

The Swing of the Pendulum, by Frances Peard                              43157

Unawares, by Frances Peard                                               43156

Thorpe Regis, by Frances Peard                                           43155

An Interloper, by Frances Peard                                          43154

Donna Teresa, by Frances Peard                                           43153

The Career of Claudia, by Frances Peard                                  43152

Cartouche, by Frances Peard                                              43151

The Constant Prince, by Christobel Coleridge                             43150

Waynflete, by C. R. Coleridge                                            43149

An English Squire, by C. R. Coleridge                                    43148

A World of Girls, by L. T. Meade                                         43147

Turquoise and Ruby, by L. T. Meade                                       43146

The Squire's Little Girl, by L. T. Meade                                 43145
 [Illustrator: Lewis Baumer]

Scamp and I, by L. T. Meade                                              43144
 [Subtitle: A Story of City By-Ways]

A Ring of Rubies, by L. T. Meade                                         43143

A London Baby, by L. T. Meade                                            43142
 [Subtitle: The Story of King Roy]

Jill: a Flower Girl, by L. T. Meade                                      43141
 [Illustrator: F.H. Townsend]

The Little School-Mothers, by L. T. Meade                                43140
 [Illustrator: Anon]

A Sweet Girl Graduate, by L. T. Meade                                    43139
 [Illustrator: Hal Ludlow]

Three Girls from School, by L. T. Meade                                  43138
 [Illustrator: Percy Tarrant]

The Girl and her Fortune, by L. T. Meade                                 43137

Mou-Sets - A Negro Hero, by L. T. Meade                                  43136
 [Subtitle: The Orphans' Pilgimage - A Story of Trust in God]

The Riddle of the Purple Emperor, by Mary E. Hanshew                     43135
 and Thomas W. Hanshew

That Girl in Black, by Mrs. Molesworth                                   43134

Imogen, by Mrs. Molesworth                                               43133
 [Subtitle: Only Eighteen]
 [Illustrator: Herbert A. Bone]

The Little Old Portrait, by Mrs. Molesworth                              43132
 [Subtitle: Later: Edmee, A Tale of the French Revolution]
 [Illustrator: W. Gunston]

Mary, by Mrs. Molesworth                                                 43131
 [Illustrator: Leslie Brooke]

Lettice, by Mrs. Molesworth                                              43130
 [Illustrator: F. Dadd]

The Laurel Walk, by Mrs. Molesworth                                      43129
 [Illustrator: J. Steeple Davis]

Jasper, by Mrs. Molesworth                                               43128
 [Illustrator: Gertrude Demain Hammond]

An Enchanted Garden, by Mrs. Molesworth                                  43127
 [Subtitle: Fairy Stories]
 [Illustrator: W.J. Hennessy]

The Children of the Castle, by Mrs. Molesworth                           43126
 [Illustrator: Walter Crane]

Blanche, by Mrs. Molesworth                                              43125
 [Subtitle: A Story for Girls]
 [Illustrator: R. Barnes]

The Flaming Sword in Serbia and Elsewhere,                               43124
 by Mabel Annie Boulton Stobart
 [Author a.k.a. Mrs. St. Clair Stobart]

The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume 3, by Hubert Howe Bancroft     43123
 [Subtitle: The Native Races, Volume 3, Myths and Languages]

Silverthorns, by Mrs. Molesworth                                         43122
 [Illustrator: J. Noel-Paton]

Amethyst, by Christabel R. Coleridge                                     43121
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Beauty]

Dumps - A Plain Girl, by L.T. Meade                                      43120
 [Illustrator: R. Lillie]

David's Little Lad, by L. T. Meade                                       43119
 [Illustrator: H. Petherick]

43118 No Posting

Maud Florence Nellie, by C. R. Coleridge                                 43117
 [Subtitle: Don't care]
 [Illustrator: C.J. Staniland]

Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind (Vol. 1 of 3),              43116
 by Thomas Brown

Sorella di Messalina, by Annie Vivanti                                   43115
 [Language: Italian]

The Gold Kloof, by H. A. Bryden                                          43114

A Blind Esperantist's Trip to Finland and Sweden, to Attend the          43113
 Fourteenth International Esperanto Congress, by W. Percy Merrick

Sweet Content, by Mrs. Molesworth                                        43112
 [Illustrator: W. Rainey]

The Personal History of David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens            43111
 [Illustrator: H. K. Browne]

Tell Me a Story, by Mrs. Molesworth                                      43110
 [Illustrators: Walter Crane and Joseph Swain]

The Third Miss St. Quentin, by Mrs. Molesworth                           43109

White Turrets, by Mrs. Molesworth                                        43108
 [Illustrator: W. Rainey]

The Wood-Pigeons and Mary, by Mrs. Molesworth                            43107
 [Illustrator: H. R. Millar]

Not without Thorns, by Mrs. Molesworth                                   43106

De vogel, by Jules Michelet                                              43105
 [Illustrator: Hector Giacomelli]
 [Language: Dutch]

Toivolahden pastori, by Karl Josef Alfred Hedenstierna                   43104
 [Language: Finnish]

'The System,' as uncovered by the San Francisco Graft                    43103
 Prosecution, by Franklin Hichborn

The Rope of Gold, by Roy J. Snell                                        43102
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Boys]

Witty Pieces by Witty People, by Various                                 43101
 [Subtitle: A collection of the funniest sayings, best jokes,
  laughable anecdotes, mirthful stories, etc., extant]
 [Editor: Anonymous]

Tex, by Clarence E. Mulford                                              43100

Biographia Epistolaris Volume 2, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge              43099
 [Subtitle: being The Biographical Supplement of
  Coleridge's Biographia Literaria]

Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre, by Voltairine de Cleyre          43098

Chaucer's Works, Volume 6 (of 7) --  Introduction, Glossary,             43097
 and Indexes, by Geoffrey Chaucer

Leinster, by Stephen Lucius Gwynn                                        43096
 [Subtitle: Beautiful Ireland Series]
 [Illustrator: Alexander Williams]

Dust of New York, by Konrad Bercovici                                    43095

Thy Sea is Great, Our Boats are Small, by Henry Van Dyke                 43094
 [Subtitle: and Other Hymns of To-Day]

Coaching, with Anecdotes of the Road, by William Pitt Lennox             43093

The Dead Secret, by Wilkie Collins                                       43092
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Outlines of English History, by John Charles Curtis                      43091
 [Subtitle: From B.C. 55 to A.D. 1895]

How to Stuff Birds and Animals, by Aaron A. Warford                      43090
 [Subtitle: A valuable book giving instruction in collecting,
  preparing, mounting, and preserving birds, animals, and insects]

Chaucer's Works, Volume 1 (of 7) -- Romaunt of the Rose;                 43089
 Minor Poems, by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Chief of the Ranges, by H. A. Cody                                   43088
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Yukon]

Total Per Cent Lambing Rules, by Thomas Boylan                           43087

My Own Affairs, by Louise, Princess of Belgium                           43086
 [Author a.k.a. Louise von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha]
 [Translator: Maude M. C. Ffoulkes]

Meissonier, by Henri Barbusse                                            43085
 [Subtitle: Masterpieces in Colour Series]
 [Translator: Frederic Taber Cooper]

A Widow's Tale and Other Stories, by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant            43084
 [Subtitle: With An Introductory Note by J. M. Barrie]

A Young Man's Year, by Anthony Hope                                      43083

Stromboli and the Guns, by Francis Gribble                               43082
 [Illustrator: Henry Austin]

On the Road to Bagdad, by F. S. Brereton                                 43081
 [Subtitle: A Story of Townshend's Gallant Advance on the Tigris]

Devota, by Augusta Evans Wilson                                          43080
 [Illustrator: Stuart Travis]

The Boy Patrol on Guard, by Edward S. Ellis                              43079
 [Illustrator: Edwin J. Prittie]

Der Occultismus des Altertums, by Karl Kiesewetter                       43078
 [Language: German]

A Clerk of Oxford, by Evelyn Everett-Green                               43077
 [Subtitle: And His Adventures in the Barons' War]

Agnes of Sorrento, by Harriet Beecher Stowe                              43076

A Civil Servant in Burma, by Herbert Thirkel White                       43075

Mary Queen of Scots in History, by C. A. Campbell                        43074

Deutschland Über Allah, by E. F. Benson                                  43073

Simson ja Delila, by Johannes Linnankoski                                43072
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Alternative, by George Barr McCutcheon                               43071
 [Illustrator: Harrison Fisher]

Archæology and the Bible, by George A. Barton                            43070
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