PG Monthly Newsletter (2014-11-06)

by Michael Cook on November 6, 2014

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for November 2014


* New eBook listings from October 2014 (yes, we post eBooks from
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TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Days in the Open, by Lathan A. Crandall                                  47256
 [Illustrator: Louis Rhead]

L'Illustration, No. 1593, 6 Septembre 1873, by Various                   47255
 [Language: French]

Handbook of Summer Athletic Sports, by Various                           47254
 [Subtitle: Comprising: Walking, Running, Jumping,
  Hare and Hounds, Bicycling, Archery, Etc.]
 [Editor: Fred Whittaker]

Sport in Vancouver and Newfoundland, by John Rogers                      47253

Mother Earth's Children, by Elizabeth Gordon                             47252
 [Subtitle: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables]
 [Illustrator: M. T. Ross]

Schöpfungen der Ingenieurtechnik der Neuzeit, by Max Geitel              47251
 [Language: German]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47250
 and Art, No. 700, by Various
 [Subtitle: May 26, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

La jeso de knabinoj, by Leandro Fernández de Moratín                     47249
 [Subtitle: Triakta proza komedio]
 [Language: Esperanto]

Heroic Record of the British Navy, by Archibald Hurd and H. H. Bashford  47248
 [Subtitle: A Short History of the Naval War 1914-1918]

Manasses (Bull Run) National Battlefield Park, Virginia,                 47247
 by Francis F. Wilshin
 [Subtitle: National Park Service Historical Handbook No. 15]

A Deal with the Devil, by Eden Phillpotts                                47246

Battles of English History, by Hereford Brooke George                    47245

Woman and Socialism, by August Bebel                                     47244

The Sportswoman's Library, Vol. 2, by Various                            47243
 [Editor: Frances E. Slaughter]

The Works of Lucian of Samosata, Vol. 4, by Lucian of Samosata           47242

The Saxons, by Edwin Davies Schoonmaker                                  47241
 [Subtitle: A Drama of Christianity in the North]

Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, Vol. 9 of 10, by Francis Beaumont         47240
 and John Fletcher
 [Subtitle: The Sea-Voyage; Wit At Several Weapons; The
  Fair Maid; Cupid's Revenge; The Two Noble Kinsmen]

The Great North Road: York to Edinburgh, by Charles G. Harper            47239
 [Subtitle: The Old Mail Road to Scotland]
 [Illustrator: Charles G. Harper]

The Popular Science Monthly, July, 1900, by Various                      47238
 [Subtitle: Vol. 57, May, 1900 to October, 1900]
 [Editor: J. McKeen Cattell]

Sybil Chase, by Ann S. Stephens                                          47237
 [Subtitle: or, The Valley Ranche]

Studies of the Greek Poets, Vol. II of 2, by John Addington Symonds      47236

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47235
 and Art, No. 699, by Various
 [Subtitle: May 19, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

On the origin of inflammation of the veins, by Henry Lee                 47234
 [Subtitle: and of the causes, consequences,
  and treatment of purulent deposits]

Dr. Stearns's Tour from London to Paris, by Samuel Stearns               47233

The Book of Roses, by Francis Parkman                                    47232
 [Illustrator: Francis Parkman]

Who was the Commander at Bunker Hill?, by Samuel Swett                   47231
 [Subtitle: With Remarks on Frothingham's History of the Battle]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47230
 and Art, No. 697, by Various
 [Subtitle: May 5, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

The Merry-go-round, by W. Somerset Maugham                               47229

Indian Myth and Legend, by Donald Alexander Mackenzie                    47228
 [Illustrator: Warwick Goble]

The Popular Science Monthly, June, 1900, by Various                      47227
 [Subtitle: Vol. 57, May, 1900 to October, 1900]

Left Half Harmon, by Ralph Henry Barbour                                 47226
 [Illustrator: Leslie Crump]

Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life, by George Meredith                     47225

The Black Moose in Pennsylvania, by Henry W. Shoemaker                   47224

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47223
 and Art, No. 698, by Various
 [Subtitle: May 12, 1877]
 [Editor: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Quintus Claudius, Volume 2 of 2, by Ernst Eckstein                       47222
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Imperial Rome]

Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2, by Ernst Eckstein                       47221
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Imperial Rome]

Letters and Literary Memorials of Samuel J. Tilden, Vol. 1,              47220
 by Samuel J. Tilden

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, May, 1900, by Various                47219
 [Subtitle: Vol. 57, May, 1900 to October, 1900]
 [Editor: J. McKeen Cattell]

The Daughter of Heaven, by Judith Gautier and Pierre Loti                47218

Fort Sumter National Monument, South Carolina, by Frank Barnes           47217
 [Subtitle: National Park Service Historical Handbook
  Series No. 12, Revised 1962]

The Building of Castello de San Marcos, by Albert C. Manucy              47216
 [Subtitle: National Park Service Interpretive Series,
  History No. 1]

The Sacred Tree, by J. H. Philpot                                        47215
 [Subtitle: or the tree in religion and myth]

Buddhism, In its Connexion With Brahmanism and Hinduism, and In          47214
 Its Contrast with Christianity, by Sir Monier Monier-Williams

As the Crow Flies, by Walter Phelps Dodge                                47213
 [Subtitle: From Corsica to Charing Cross]

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Vol. 3 of 3, by S. M. Dubnow   47212
 [Subtitle: From the Earliest Times Until the Present Day]

The Idol of The Blind, by Tom Gallon                                     47211
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Nuoren Wertherin kärsimykset, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe              47210
 [Language: Finnish]

Hours of Exercise in the Alps, by John Tyndall                           47209

Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Volume 2             47208
 of 14, 1899, by The Mississippi Historical Society
 [Editor: Franklin Lafayette Riley]

Plaisirs d'auto, by Michel Corday                                        47207
 [Language: French]

Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England, by Richard Valpy French          47206
 [Subtitle: A History]

Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte, by Anton Heinrich Springer                 47205
 [Language: German]

The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction, by Dorothy Scarborough       47204

Kuninkaan mies, by Walter Scott                                          47203
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Blut, by Waldemar Bonsels                                                47202
 [Subtitle: Eine Erzählung]
 [Language: German]

Kentucky's Famous Feuds and Tragedies, by Chas. G. Mutzenberg            47201
 [Subtitle: Authentic History of the World Renowned
  Vendettas of the Dark and Bloody Ground]

Oracles from the Poets, by Caroline Gilman                               47200
 [Subtitle: A Fanciful Diversion for the Drawing Room]

Heränneitä, by Juhani Aho                                                47199
 [Subtitle: Kuvauksia herännäisyyden ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Human Boy Again, by Eden Phillpotts                                  47198

Sevastopol, by Lyof N. Tolstoï                                           47197

Essai sur Talleyrand, by Henry Lytton Bulwer                             47196
 [Language: French]

A Nest of Linnets, by Frank Frankfort Moore                              47195
 [Illustrator: J. Jellicoe]

Humorous Hits and How to Hold an Audience, by Grenville Kleiser          47194
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Short Selections,
  Stories and Sketches for All Occasions]

Reise nach dem skandinavischen Norden und der Insel Island               47193
 im Jahre 1845. Zweiter Band, by Ida Pfeiffer
 [Language: German]

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,              47192
 Volume 2, by Joseph Smith

Birds of the wave and woodland, by Philip Stewart Robinson               47191
 [Illustrator: Charles Whymper]

Foot-prints of a letter carrier, by James Rees                           47190
 [Subtitle: or a history of the world's correspondece]

Ein Geschlecht, by Fritz von Unruh                                       47189
 [Language: German]

Le collier des jours, by Judith Gautier                                  47188
 [Subtitle: Souvenirs de ma vie]
 [Language: French]

Steam Shovels and Steam Shovel Work, by E. A. Hermann                    47187

Model Women, by William Anderson                                         47186

Schenk's Theory: The Determination of Sex, by Samuel Leopold Schenk      47185

Antología portorriqueña: Prosa y verso, by Manuel Fernández Juncos       47184
 [Language: Spanish]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, April 1900, by Various               47183
 [Subtitle: Vol. 56, Nov. 1899 to April, 1900]

The Vitality of Mormonism--Brief Essays, by James E. Talmage             47182
 [Subtitle: Brief Essays on Distinctive Doctrines of
  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, February 1900, by Various            47181
 [Subtitle: Vol. 56, November, 1899 to April, 1900]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, January 1900, by Various             47180
 [Subtitle: Vol. 56, November, 1899 to April, 1900]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

Motor Matt's Mystery, by Stanley R. Matthews                             47179
 [Subtitle: or, Foiling a Secret Plot]

Fairy Tales from Many Lands, by Katherine Pyle                           47178
 [Illustrator: Katherine Pyle]

The Sunbonnet Babies in Italy, by Eulalie Osgood Grover                  47177
 [Illustrators: Bertha Corbett Melcher and James McCracken]

Drawn at a Venture, by Fougasse                                          47176
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Drawings]

Herrn de Charreards deutsche Kinder, by Josephine Siebe                  47175
 [Subtitle: Die Geschichte einer Familie]
 [Language: German]

Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's                  47174
 des Zweiten, by Thomas Babington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: Elfter Band: enthaltend Kapitel 21 und 22.]
 [Language: German]

Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's                  47173
 des Zweiten, by Thomas Babington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: Zehnter Band: enthaltend Kapitel 19 und 20]
 [Language: German]

Ainoa hetki, by Theodolinda Hahnsson                                     47172
 [Subtitle: Kolmi-näytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

La maison d'un artiste, Tome 2, by Edmond de Goncourt                    47171
 [Language: French]

A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 3, by Various           47170
 [Subtitle: New Custom, Ralph Roister Doister, Gammer Gurton's
  Needle, The Trial of Treasure, Like Will to Like]
 [Editor: William Carew Hazlitt]

Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of the Rio de La Plata,                   47169
 by Woodbine Parish
 [Subtitle: Their Present State, Trade and Debt]

The Forest Schoolmaster, by Peter Rosegger                               47168

On the Quantum Theory of Line-Spectra, Part 1,                           47167
 by Niels Henrik David Bohr

John Dough and the Cherub, by L. Frank Baum                              47166
 [Illustrator: John R. Neill]

Fighting the Sea, by Edward A. Rand                                      47165
 [Subtitle: Winter at the Life-Saving Station]

Chronique du crime et de l'innocence, Tome 2 of 8,                       47164
  by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Champagnac
 [Subtitle: Recueil des événements les plus tragiques;..]
 [Language: French]

Origine della lingua italiana: dissertazione, by Luigi Morandi           47163
 [Language: Italian]

The Horse's Mouth, by Edward Mayhew                                      47162
 [Subtitle: Showing the age by the teeth]

Mad Pranks of Tom Tram, Son-in-law to Mother Winter, by Humphrey Crouch  47161
 [Subtitle: To Which Are Added His Merry Jests,
  Odd Conceits, and Pleasant Tales]

Viimeinen mohikaani, by James Fenimore Cooper                            47160
 [Subtitle: Kertous vuodelta 1757]
 [Language: Finnish]

Taistojen teitä, by Marja Salmela                                        47159
 [Language: Finnish]

The Matabele Campaign, by R. S. S. Baden-Powell                          47158
 [Subtitle: Being a Narrative of the Campaign
  in Suppressing the Native Rising in
  Matabeleland and Mashonaland 1896]

Studies of the Greek Poets, Vol. I of 2, by John Addington Symonds       47157

Beaumont & Fletcher's Works, Vol. 7 of 10, by Francis Beaumont           47156
 and John Fletcher
 [Subtitle: The Maid in the Mill; The Knight of Malta; Loves
  Cure; Women Pleas'd; The Night-Walker, or the Little Thief]

Martin Eden, by Jack London                                              47155
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Hirven-hiihtäjät, by Johan Ludvig Runeberg                               47154
 [Language: Finnish]

Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's                  47153
 des Zweiten, by Thomas Babington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: Neunter Band: enthaltend Kapitel 17 und 18]
 [Language: German]

Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's                  47152
 des Zweiten, by Thomas Babington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: Achter Band: enthaltend Kapitel 15 und 16]
 [Language: German]

Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan, by Various                         47151
 [Subtitle: The Sarashina Diary, The Diary of
  Murasaki Shikibu, The Diary of Izumi Shikibu]

A Book of Burlesque, by Willam Davenport Adams                           47150
 [Subtitle: Sketches of English Stage Travestie and Parody]

The Care of the Dead, by Anonymous                                       47149

'Boy Wanted', by Nixon Waterman                                          47148
 [Subtitle: A Book of Cheerful Counsel]

An Introduction to the Study of Meteorites, by L Fletcher                47147
 [Subtitle: With a List of the Meteorites
  Represented in the Collection]

Myths and Legends of Alaska, by Various                                  47146
 [Editor: Katharine Berry Judson]

Martti Jänne, by Marja Salmela                                           47145
 [Language: Finnish]

Over the Brazier, by Robert Graves                                       47144

Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. VII, by William Wordsworth    47143

Kriminal-Sonette, by Friedrich Eisenlohr, Livingstone Hahn,              47142
 and Ludwig Rubiner  
 [Illustrator: Kurt Szafranski]
 [Language: German]

Painted Veils, by James Huneker                                          47141

Halbtier, by Helene Böhlau                                               47140
 [Language: German]

No Posting                                                               47139

Libro segreto, by Antonio Ghislanzoni                                    47138
 [Language: Italian]

On the Phenomena of Hybridity in the Genus Homo, by Paul Broca           47137

Schopenhauer, by Margrieta Beer                                          47136

The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen, by Simon Wolf          47135

Papers and proceedings of the thirty-fifth general meeting               47134
 of the American Library Association, 1913, by Various
 [Editor: American Library Association]

Contes de Restif de la Bretonne, by Restif de la Bretonne                47133
 [Subtitle: Le Pied de Fanchette ou le Soulier couleur de rose]
 [Language: French]

South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 7, by Louis Creswicke           47132
 [Subtitle: The Guerilla War from February 1901
  to the Conclusion of Hostilities]

Le paravent de soie et d'or, by Judith Gautier                           47131
 [Language: French]

A Voyage Round the World, by George Anson                                47130
 [Subtitle: In the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV]

Flying the Atlantic in Sixteen Hours, by Arthur Whitten Brown            47129
 [Subtitle: With a Discussion of Aircraft
  in Commerce and Transportation]

Billy Topsail, M.D., by Norman Duncan                                    47128
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Adventure With Doctor Luke of the Labrador]

Tradition, by John Francis Arundell                                      47127
 [Subtitle: Principally with Reference to Mythology
  and the Law of Nations]

Why We Punctuate, by William Livingston Klein                            47126
 [Subtitle: or Reason Versus Rule in the Use of Marks]

Spain, by Frederick Albion Ober                                          47125
 [Subtitle: History for Young Readers]

L'Illustration, No. 0069, 22 Juin 1844, by Various                       47124
 [Language: French]

Agnes Strickland's Queens of England, Vol. III of III,                   47123
 by Rosalie Kaufman and Agnes Strickland
 [Subtitle: Abridged and Fully Illustrated]

Agnes Strickland's Queens of England, Vol. II of III,                    47122
 by Rosalie Kaufman and Agnes Strickland
 [Subtitle: Abridged and Fully Illustrated]

Agnes Strickland's Queens of England, Vol. I of III,                     47121
 by Rosalie Kaufman and Agnes Strickland
 [Subtitle: Abridged and Fully Illustrated]

Quarter-Back Bates, by Ralph Henry Barbour                               47120
 [Illustrator: Frank J. Rigney]

Fragments of Earth Lore, by James Geikie                                 47119
 [Subtitle: Sketches & Addresses Geological and Geographical]

Their Majesties' Servants, Vol. 3 of 3, by John Doran                    47118
 [Subtitle: Annals of the English Stage]

Their Majesties' Servants, Vol. 2 of 3, by John Doran                    47117
 [Subtitle: Annals of the English Stage]

Their Majesties' Servants, Vol. 1 of 3, by John Doran                    47116
 [Subtitle: Annals of the English Stage]

British Sea Birds, by Charles Dixon                                      47115
 [Illustrator: Charles Whymper]

La guerra del Vespro Siciliano, Vol. 2, by Michele Amari                 47114
 [Subtitle: Un periodo delle storie Siciliane del secolo XIII]
 [Language: Italian]

The Message, by Louis Tracy                                              47113
 [Illustrator: Joseph Cummings Chase]

Der Jesuit, by Carl Spindler                                             47112
 [Subtitle: Charakter-Gemälde aus dem ersten
  Viertel des 18. Jahrhunderts]
 [Language: German]

Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants                 47111
 of the British Colonies, by John Dickinson

Pamphlets On The Constitution Of The United States, by Various           47110
 [Subtitle: Published During Its Discussion By The People 1787-1788]
 [Editor: Paul Leicester Ford]

Gospel Doctrine, by Joseph F. Smith                                      47109
 [Subtitle: Selections from the Sermons
  and Writings of Joseph F. Smith]

Deserts, by A. S. Walker                                                 47108
 [Subtitle: Geology and Resources]

A Catalogue of New Books and New Editions, 1896, by Bliss,               47107
 Sands, and Foster Publishers  

Kompendium der Psychiatrie, by Otto Dr. med. Dornblüth                   47106
 [Subtitle: für Studierende und Ärzte]
 [Language: German]

Notes and Queries for Worcestershire, by John Noake                      47105

Kultainen vasikka, by Maria Jotuni                                       47104
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Memorias de un hombre de acción: #1 El aprendiz                          47103
 de conspirador, by Pio Baroja
 [Language: Spanish]

L'arte di far debiti, by Antonio Ghislanzoni                             47102
 [Language: Italian]

Savu-uhri, by Maria Jotuni                                               47101
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Musta härkä, by Maria Jotuni                                             47100
 [Language: Finnish]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47099
 and Art, No. 696, by Various
 [Subtitle: April 28, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

All Sorts and Conditions of Men, by Walter Besant and James Rice         47098
 [Subtitle: An Impossible Story]

Step Lively!, by George Niblo                                            47097
 [Subtitle: A Carload of the Funniest Yarns
  that Ever Crossed the Footlights]

Tuulentupia, by Joseph Konrad                                            47096
 [Language: Finnish]

Huckleberry Finnin (Tom Sawyerin toverin) seikkailut, by Mark Twain      47095
 [Language: Finnish]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature,                                47094
 Science, and Art, No. 695, by Various
 [Subtitle: April 21, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Jussi ja Lassi, by Maria Jotuni                                          47093
 [Language: Finnish]

Historia de la decadencia de España, by Antonio Cánovas del Castillo     47092
 [Language: Spanish]

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,              47091
 by Joseph Smith
 [Subtitle: Period 1, History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet]

A Treatise on Hat-Making and Felting, by John Thomson                    47090
 [Subtitle: Including a Full Exposition of the
  Singular Properties of Fur, Wool, and Hair]

Writing & Illuminating, & Lettering, by Edward Johnston                  47089
 [Subtitle: 8 pp. Examples in Red & Black and 24 pp. of Collotypes]
 [Illustrators: Edward Johnston and Noel Rooke]

German Atrocities from German Evidence, by Joseph Bédier                 47088

Motor Matt's Race, by Stanley R. Matthews                                47087
 [Subtitle: or, The Last Flight of the Comet]

Cradock Nowell, Vol. 3 of 3, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore              47086
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the New Forest]

Cradock Nowell, Vol. 2 of 3, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore              47085
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the New Forest]

Cradock Nowell, Vol. 1 of 3, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore              47084
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the New Forest]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47083
 and Art, No. 694, by Various
 [Subtitle: April 14, 1877.]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

New Englands Prospect, by William Wood                                   47082
 [Subtitle: A true, lively, and experimentall description
  of that part of America, commonly called New England:
  discovering the state of that Countrie, both as it
  stands to our new-come English Planters; and to the
  old Native Inhabitants]

Zur Geschichte der englischen Volkswirthschaftslehre,                    47081
 by Wilhelm Roscher
 [Subtitle: aus dem III. Bande der Abhandlungen der Königlich
  Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften]
 [Language: German]

Wagner at Home, by Judith Gautier                                        47080

Zwei Jahre in New-York, by Christoph Vetter                              47079
 [Subtitle: Schilderung einer Seereise von Havre nach New-York und
  Charakteristik des New-Yorker politischen und socialen Lebens]
 [Language: German]

A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis, by James Campbell Todd                   47078

Der Amateursozialist, by Bernhard Shaw                                   47077
 [Subtitle: Roman]
 [Language: German]

The Art of Drinking, by Georg Gottfried Gervinus                         47076
 [Subtitle: A Historical Sketch]

Charles Baudelaire, His Life, by Théophile Gautier                       47075

Mimi Bluette fiore del mio giardino, by Guido da Verona                  47074
 [Language: Italian]

Elegyes gyüjtések Magyarország és Erdély különbözo részeibol             47073
 (Népköltési gyüjtemény 1. kötet), by László Arany and Pál Gyulai
 [Language: Hungarian]

Hiilikaivoksessa, by Jules Verne                                         47072
 [Language: Finnish]

Motor Matt's "Century" Run, by Stanley R. Matthews                       47071
 [Subtitle: or, The Governor's Courier]

Unter den Wilden, by Adolf Heilborn                                      47070
 [Subtitle: Entdeckungen und Abenteuer]
 [Language: German]

Un bel sogno, by Achille Giovanni Cagna                                  47069
 [Language: Italian]

The Growth of the English Constitution, by Edward A. Freeman             47068
 [Subtitle: From the Earliest Times]

Margaret Mahaney Talks About Turkeys, by Margaret Mahaney                47067

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47066
 and Art, No. 693, by Various
 [Subtitle: April 7, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47065
 and Art, No. 692, by Various
 [Subtitle: March 31, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Bekentenissen van een strandvonder, by E. J. Banfield                    47064
 [Subtitle: Het leven op mijn tropisch eiland]
 [Language: Dutch]

Sechs Jahre in Surinam, by August Kappler                                47063
 [Subtitle: Bilder aus dem militärischen Leben dieser
  Colonie und Skizzen zur Kenntniss seiner socialen
  und naturwissenschaftlichen Verhältnisse]
 [Language: German]

La fille du ciel, by Judith Gautier and Pierre Loti                      47062
 [Subtitle: Drame Chinois]
 [Language: French]

Mr. Incoul's Misadventure, by Edgar Saltus                               47061

Years of My Youth, by William Dean Howells                               47060

Meteorology, by Charles Fitzhugh Talman                                  47059
 [Subtitle: The Science of the Atmosphere]

Le notti degli emigrati a Londra, by Ferdinando Petruccelli              47058
 della Gattina
 [Language: Italian]

Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía, by Pío Baroja                           47057
 [Language: Spanish]

Cyprus, by Franz von Löher                                               47056
 [Subtitle: Historical and Descriptive]

Gipsy-Night and Other Poems, by Richard Arthur Warren Hughes             47055
 [Illustrator: Pamela Bianco]

Der Soldatenhandel deutscher F?en nach Amerika, by Friedrich Kapp     47054
 [Language: German]

Domestic folk-lore, by T. F. Thiselton-Dyer                              47053

Un libro para las damas, by Mar?del Pilar Sinu?                      47052
 [Subtitle: Estudios acerca de la educaci?e la mujer]
 [Language: Spanish]

Descrittione del regno di Scotia, by Petruccio Ubaldini                  47051
 [Language: Italian]

The Slavery Question, by John Lawrence                                   47050

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47049
 and Art, No. 691, by Various
 [Subtitle: March 24, 1877]
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Selima, by Friedrich von Schiller                                        47048
 [Subtitle: Sadullinen komedia viidess???ss?
 [Language: Finnish]

Brothers, by Horace Annesley Vachell                                     47047
 [Subtitle: The True History of a Fight Against Odds]

La legge del popolo Ebreo, by David Castelli                             47046
 [Language: Italian]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science,                       47045
 and Art, No.690, March 17, 1877
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Stories about General Warren, in relation to the fifth of March          47044
 massacre, and the battle of Bunker Hill, by Rebecca Warren Brown

The Alien Invasion, by William Henry Wilkins                             47043

Le petit vieux des Batignolles, by Émile Gaboriau                        47042
 [Language: French]

Trionfi di donna, by Alfredo Panzini                                     47041
 [Language: Italian]

Chats on Old Copper and Brass, by Fred. W. Burgess                       47040

Botany for Ladies, by Jane Loudon                                        47039
 [Subtitle: or, A Popular Introduction to the Natural System
  of Plants, According to the Classification of De Candolle]

Friedrich v. Bodelschwingh, by Gustav von Bodelschwingh                  47038
 [Subtitle: Ein Lebensbild]
 [Language: German]

The Boy Scouts at the Battle of Saratoga, by Herbert Carter              47037
 [Subtitle: The Story of General Burgoyne's Defeat]
 [Illustrator: J. Watson Davis]

The Jade Flute, by Various                                               47036
 [Subtitle: Chinese Poems in Prose]

The History of Salt, by Evan Martlett Boddy                              47035
 [Subtitle: With Observations on the Geographical
  Distribution, Geological Formation, Etc.]

Liukas-kielinen, by Friedrich von Schiller                               47034
 [Subtitle: Komedia viidessä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Deutsche Lebensbilder, by Heinrich von Treitschke                        47033
 [Language: German]

Baudelaire: His Prose and Poetry, by Charles Baudelaire                  47032

Albina das Blumenmädchen, by Constanze Reinhold                          47031
 [Language: German]

Kophetua the Thirteenth, by Julian Corbett                               47030

Ensimmäinen rakkaus, by Eugène Scribe                                    47029
 [Language: Finnish]

Life Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part 1 of 2,               47028
 by Arthur Cleveland Bent

Nagy magyarok élete (2. kötet), by Elek Benedek                          47027
 [Language: Hungarian]

Fletcherism, by Horace Fletcher                                          47026
 [Subtitle: What it is, or how I became Young at Sixty]

The Essence of Christianity, by Ludwig Feuerbach                         47025
 [Subtitle: Translated from the second German edition]

Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, December 1899, by Various            47024
 [Subtitle: Vol. LVI, November, 1899 to April, 1900]
 [Editor: William Jay Youmans]

The Putnam Hall Champions, by Arthur M. Winfield                         47023
 [Subtitle: or, Bound to Win Out]

Essays on the Greek Romances, by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight               47022

The Story of the Solar System, by George F. Chambers                     47021

Tähdistälukija, by Walter Scott                                          47020
 [Language: Finnish]

Cambridge, by Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker                                 47019
 [Illustrator: William Matthison]

A Dictionary of Slang, Cant, and Vulgar Words, by A London Antiquary     47018
 [Subtitle: Used at the Present Day in the Streets of London; the
  Universities of Oxford and Cambridge; the Houses of Parliament;
  the Dens of St. Giles; and the Palaces of St. James]

Ainslee's magazine, Vol. 16, No. 3, October, 1905, by Various            47017

Ainslee's magazine, Vol. 16, No. 2, September, 1905, by Various          47016

Mars and its Canals, by Percival Lowell                                  47015

Harry F. Marks Catalogue No. 4, 1919, by Harry F. Marks                  47014
 [Subtitle: Choice and Unusual Books]

The Book-lover, by James Baldwin                                         47013
 [Subtitle: A Guide to the Best Reading]
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