BeBook eBook Reader

BeBook eReader

I had been reading some very interesting things about the BeBook eBook Reader, so when it arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed. On the surface this reader from Endless Ideas BV is pretty much the same as any other. However, once you start to get a little more involved you soon realise that […]

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Vizplex: Next Generation Electronic Ink Technology

E Ink Corporation, the leading provider of electronic paper display (EPD) technology, today announced the launch of its next-generation electronic ink technology, offering significant improvements in performance and shipping under the new trade name VizplexTM Imaging Film. “E Ink continues to be at the forefront of the electronic paper revolution. This is a major improvement […]

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Electronic Paper Edging Toward Reality

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (Reuters) – “Electronic paper” has long been hyped as the future of newspapers and books, but products like e-books have been slow to take off. That may soon change, say executives involved in the pioneering technology. While Internet companies are scanning libraries of books and making them available online, E Ink Corp., which […]

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