eBooks: 1998 – The first ebook readers

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How about a book-sized electronic device that could store many books at once? The first ebook readers were the Rocket eBook and the SoftBook Reader, launched in Silicon Valley in 1998. These dedicated electronic readers were the size of a (large and thick) book, with a battery, a black and white LCD screen, and a […]

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Gutenberg Newsletter Article Writers Wanted

Since my relocation to Germany I’m struggling to find as much time to research and put together interesting articles for the newsletter, so I’m putting this request out for volunteers. You will not be expected to write dozens of articles per week, although you are welcome :-) but if there were just a handful of […]

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The @folio eReader

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@folio is a reading device conceived in October 1996 by Pierre Schweitzer, an architect-designer living in Strasbourg, France. It is meant to download and read any text and/or illustrations from the web or hard disk, in any format, with no proprietary format and no DRM. The technology of @folio is novel and simple, and very […]

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