PG Monthly Newsletter (2016-02-03)

by Michael Cook on February 13, 2016

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for February 2016


* The TPP is signed, not yet ratified
* Expert Editor names Project Gutenberg to "101 Best Websites for ESL Students"
* BeeLine for faster reading
* NovelTrove
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* New eBook listings from January 2016

* The TPP is signed, not yet ratified

Project Gutenberg is concerned about the negative impact of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on the public domain.  If this
international treaty is ratified and enacted, the TPP will effectively
halt growth of the public domain in most signatory countries.  There
are many other questionable aspects of the TPP.

Learn more at and via topics presented at
Project Gutenberg of Canada,

There is still time to make your lawmakers aware of concerns you may
have about the TPP.

* Expert Editor names Project Gutenberg to "101 Best Websites for ESL Students"

Thanks to Expert Editor for this recognition:
The 101 Best Websites For ESL Students in 2016
* BeeLine for faster reading If you read a lot on-screen, you might want to take a look at BeeLine Reader, a software startup whose tools make reading easier, faster, and more accessible. BeeLine Reader recently won The Tech Awards Education Prize, which Project Gutenberg won back in 2001. They've also won awards from Stanford University and Dell Education, and their technology has been adopted by the California Public Library system. You can see an interactive demo of how their technology works on the BeeLine Reader website . If you want to use BeeLine Reader with Project Gutenberg content, you can use their PDF Plugin (on your computer), or the ReadMe! app (on iOS/Android). There's also a BeeLine Reader app , which you can use to read Kindle books on your iPad and news articles on iPad/iPhone. Lastly, BeeLine Reader has a browser plugin (Chrome/Firefox) that works with many popular websites. Best of all, the plugin uses a buy-1-give-1 model, so that students in low-income schools can get free access. The BeeLine Reader team is very responsive to feedback, so if you ever have comments or questions, don't hesitate to tweet @BeeLineReader or email contact at mailto:contact at ! * NovelTrove is an open-access multi-genre erotic literature website, free to use for everyone of legal age. We do not spy on our users, nor do we feature any ads. Our users can publish their work on noveltrove, as long as the content meets our ethical values and our quality requirements. Moreover, we offer several interactive features for our users, like our forum. We are a for-profit company, but we have set high standards of quality. We plan on financing our website through a webstore and, by doing so, we want to keep the website completely open and free to use, while protecting the privacy of our users. Our aim is to create one of the largest open-access online library of erotica works, provided by our users. It would be our pleasure to welcome you at as a user, and to publish your contributions. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us at info at * is a platform aiming to redefine digital story writing. Imagine that your favourite book is alive, constantly changing and evolving every time you pick it up - Every story a collaboration between thousands or million of writers from all around the globe. Our collaboration writing platform with innovative reading mode is giving home to more and more stories every day. Whether writer or reader, or just starting to write, is an amazing environment and at the same time great inspiration for people who like literature. Our plan is to expand beyond the literature and become the leading platform for unique content and an amazing tool for all kinds of writers to promote themselves and their work. So join us on * Find Project Gutenberg on social media Facebook: https:// Facebook news feed of new eBooks: Twitter: @gutenberg_org Twitter news feed of new eBooks: @gutenberg_new Thanks to the Project Gutenberg Social Media Team for keeping these feeds interesting! * New eBook listings from January 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Jan 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ TITLE and AUTHOR ETEXT NO. Runola, by Carl Axel Gottlund 51098 [Language: Finnish] Heroines of Mormondom, by Various 51097 [Subtitle: The Second Book of the Noble Women's Lives Series] The Mormons, by Thomas L. Kane 51096 [Subtitle: A Discourse Delivered Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania] Book of Mormon Stories, by Anonymous 51095 [Subtitle: Adapted to the Capacity of Young Children] The Spy, by Maksim Gorky 51094 [Subtitle: The Story of a Superfluous Man] Kallun kestit, by Arvid Järnefelt 51093 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen ilveily] [Language: Finnish] Rattle OK, by Harry Warner 51092 The Deep One, by Neil P. Ruzic 51091 A Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs, by Henry Bohn 51090 [Subtitle: Comprising French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish, with English Translations and a General Index] Did Betsy Ross Design the Flag of the United States of America?, 51089 by Franklin Hanford [Subtitle: Publication of the Scottsville Literary Society No. 7] The History of the First United States Flag, by J. Franklin Reigart 51088 [Subtitle: and the Patriotism of Betsy Ross the Immortal Heroine That Originated the First Flag of the Union] History of the Scottish Regiments in the British Army, 51087 by Archibald K. Murray Raymond, or Life and Death, by Sir Oliver J. Lodge 51086 [Subtitle: With examples of the evidence for survival of memory and affection after death] Helen's Babies, by John Habberton 51085 [Illustrator: Tod Dwiggins] Le chevalier Sarti, by Paul Scudo 51084 [Language: French] Le meurtre d'une âme, by Daniel Lesueur 51083 [Language: French] Coming Attraction, by Fritz Leiber 51082 The Amateurs, by Alan Cogan 51081 Among the Burmans, by Henry Park Cochrane 51080 Ned, Bob and Jerry at Boxwood Hall, by Clarence Young 51079 [Subtitle: Or The Motor Boys as Freshmen] Venoms, by A. Calmette 51078 [Subtitle: Venomous Animals and Antivenomous Serum-therapeutics] The Amateur Diplomat, by Hugh S. Eayrs and Thomas B. Costain 51077 [Subtitle: A Novel] The Waker Dreams, by Richard Matheson 51076 A Stone and a Spear, by Raymond F. Jones 51075 Don't Shoot, by Robert Zacks 51074 Little Almond Blossoms, by Jessie Juliet Knox 51073 [Subtitle: A Book of Chinese Stories for Children] Shamar's War, by Kris Neville 51072 Sampo, by Carl Axel Gottlund 51071 [Subtitle: Runollisto vuonna 1847] [Language: Finnish] Raiders of the Sarhad, by Reginald Edward Harry Dyer 51070 [Subtitle: Being the Account of the Campaign of Arms and Bluff Against the Brigands of the Persian- Baluchi Border during the Great War] La Granda Admiralo, by F. Omelka 51069 [Language: Esperanto] Agatized Rainbows, by Harold J. Brodrick 51068 [Subtitle: A Story of the Petrified Forest] Living Too Fast, by Oliver Optic 51067 [Subtitle: The Confessions of a Bank Officer] The Japan-Russia War, by Sydney Tyler 51066 [Subtitle: An Illustrated History of the War in the Far East] The History and Romance of Crime: German and Austrian Prisons, 51065 by Arthur George Frederick Griffiths [Subtitle: Prisons of Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Austria-Hungary; the Fortresses of Magdeburg and Spielberg] Rubáiyát of a Motor Car, by Carolyn Wells 51064 [Illustrator: Frederick Strothmann] John Call Dalton, M.D., U.S.V., by John Call Dalton 51063 New Lights on Old Paths, by Charles Foster 51062 The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 131, February 1909, by Various 51061 The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, 51060 by Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Gordon Pym [Subtitle: Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the south seas, in the month of June, 1827] Mrs. Pendleton's Four-in-hand, by Gertrude Atherton 51059 Technical Manual No. 9-879: Motorcycle, Solo, (Harley-Davidson 51058 Model WLA), by The United States War Department Lady Jane Grey and Her Times, by Ida Ashworth Taylor 51057 The Battles of the British Army, by Robert Melvin Blackwood 51056 [Subtitle: Being a Popular Account of All the Principal Engagements During the Last Hundred Years] Frenzied Liberty and The Myth of "A Rich Man's War", 51055 by Otto Hermann Kahn The Wolf-Leader, by Alexandre Dumas 51054 [Illustrator: Frank Adams] Judas Ram, by Sam Merwin 51053 Gereformeerde dogmatiek, by H. Bavinck 51052 [Subtitle: Eerste deel, Inleiding, Principia] [Language: Dutch] Die Tänzerin Barberina, by Adolf Paul 51051 [Subtitle: Roman aus der Zeit Friedrich des Grossen] [Language: German] Man's Best Friend, by Evelyn E. Smith 51050 History and Romance of Crime, and Modern French Prisons 51049 by Arthur Griffiths The Geologic Story of Canyonlands National Park, by S. W. Lohman 51048 [Illustrator: John R. Stacy] Pollony Undiverted, by Sydney Van Scyoc 51047 ...And It Comes Out Here, by Lester del Rey 51046 Ephemerides Barometricae Mutinenses (anni M.DC.XCIV), 51045 by Bernardino Ramazzini, Giovanni Battista Boccabadati, and Francesco Torti [Subtitle: Cum Disquisitione Causae ascensus ac descensus Mercurii in Torricelliana fistula iuxta diversum Aeris statum] [Language: Latin] Haoma ja Anahita, by Jalmari Hahl 51044 [Subtitle: Kertomus] [Language: Finnish] The Good Gray Poet, A Vindication, by William Douglas O'Connor 51043 The Nakimu Caves, by Anonymous 51042 [Subtitle: Glacier Dominion Park, B. C.] The Horses of the Sahara, by Eugene Daumas 51041 [Subtitle: And the Manners of the Desert] Cuban Folk-Lore, by L. Roy Terwilliger 51040 Cavendish on Whist, by Henry Jones 51039 [Subtitle: 18th edition] Of Ghostes and Spirites, Walking by Night, by Lewes Laveterus 51038 [Subtitle: And of Straunge Noyses, Crackes, and Sundrie Forewarnings, Which Commonly Happen Before the Death of Men: Great Slaughters, and Alterations of Kingdoms] [Author a.k.a. Ludwig Lavater] Second Childhood, by Clifford D. Simak 51037 Homo, by Giovanni Cena 51036 [Illustrator: Leonardo Bistolfi] [Language: Italian] Up For Renewal, by Lucius Daniel 51035 The Invention of Printing, by Theodore Low De Vinne 51034 [Subtitle: A Collection of Facts and Opinions, Descriptive of Early Prints and Playing Cards, the Block-Books of the Fifteenth Century, the Legend of Lourens Janszoon Coster, of Haarlem, and the Work of John Gutenberg and His Associates] Tiedot Suomen-suvun muinaisuudesta, by Yrjö Sakari Yrjö-Koskinen 51033 [Subtitle: Yliopistollinen väitöskirja] [Language: Finnish] Catholic World, Volume 18, October, 1873, to March, 1874, by Various 51032 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine of General Literature and Science] More About the Squirrels, by Eleanor Tyrrell 51031 [Illustrator: Honor C. Appleton] Secret Service Under Pitt, by William John Fitzpatrick 51030 Letras, by Rubén Darío 51029 [Subtitle: Obras Completas Vol. VIII] [Illustrator: Enrique Ochoa] [Language: Spanish] The Protector, by Betsy Curtis 51028 Jaywalker, by Ross Rocklynne 51027 Germany's Fighting Machine, by Ernest Flagg Henderson 51026 [Subtitle: Her Army, her Navy, her Airships and Why She Arrayed Them Against the Allied Powers of Europe] Charles Sumner; his complete works, Vol. 20 of 20 51025 The Diggers, by Patrick MacGill 51024 [Subtitle: The Australians in France] Le musée du Louvre, tome 1 of 2, by Armand Dayot 51023 [Language: French] Brittany, by Sabine Baring-Gould 51022 [Illustrator: J. Wylie] The Geological History of Plants, by Sir J. William Dawson 51021 La Biblia en España, Tomo II (de 3), by George Borrow 51020 [Subtitle: O viajes, aventuras y prisiones de un inglés en su intento de difundir las Escrituras por la Península] [Language: Spanish] La Biblia en España, Tomo I (de 3), by George Borrow 51019 [Subtitle: O viajes, aventuras y prisiones de un inglés en su intento de difundir las Escrituras por la Península] [Language: Spanish] Three Days in the Village, by Leo Tolstoy 51018 [Subtitle: And Other Sketches Written from 1909 to July 1910] Anecdotes of the Learned Pig, by James Boswell and Hester Lynch Piozzi 51017 [Subtitle: With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, and Illustrations from Bozzy, Piozzi &c. &c.] The Pipes of War, by Sir Bruce Seton and John Grant 51016 [Subtitle: A Record of Achievements of Pipers of Scottish and Overseas Regiments during the War 1914-18] Moral Poison in Modern Fiction, by Reginald Brimley Johnson 51015 Le père humilié, by Paul Claudel 51014 [Subtitle: Drame en quatre actes] [Language: French] Le pain dur, by Paul Claudel 51013 [Subtitle: Drame en trois actes] [Language: French] L'otage, by Paul Claudel 51012 [Subtitle: Drame en trois actes] [Language: French] The Ghost Camp, by Rolf Boldrewood 51011 [Subtitle: or the Avengers] The Novel; what it is, by F. Marion Crawford 51010 Picture Bride, by William Morrison 51009 Two Weeks in August, by Frank M. Robinson 51008 Savolaisia, by Kauppis-Heikki 51007 [Subtitle: Tarinoita] [Language: Finnish] Obil Keeper of Camels, by Lucia Chase Bell 51006 [Subtitle: Being the parable of the man whom the disciples saw casting out devils] Dictionnaire du patois du pays de Bray, by Jean-Eugène Decorde 51005 [Language: French] My Monks of Vagabondia, by Andress Floyd 51004 Poems, Vol. 2 of 3, by George Crabbe 51003 Korean Folk Tales, by Im Bang and Yi Ryuk 51002 [Subtitle: Imps, Ghosts and Faries] The Mentor: Beautiful Buildings of the World, Vol. 1, No. 33, 51001 Serial No. 33, September 29, 1913, by Clarence Ward School Reading By Grades: Fifth Year, by James Baldwin 51000 Med Ship Man, by Murray Leinster 50999 Delay in Transit, by F. L. Wallace 50998 Le marquis de Valcor, by Daniel Lesueur 50997 [Language: French] Verso la cuna del mondo, by Guido Gozzano 50996 [Subtitle: Lettere dall'India] [Language: Italian] Mad Barbara, by Warwick Deeping 50995 [Illustrator: Christopher Clark] The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children, by Various 50994 [Subtitle: Parts 1 and 2] [Editor: Kenneth Grahame] Lion Ben of Elm Island, by Elijah Kellogg 50993 [Subtitle: Elm Island Stories] Elementary Principles of Statistical Mechanics, by Josiah Willard Gibbs 50992 Fifteen Months in Dixie, by William W. Day 50991 [Subtitle: My Personal Experience in Rebel Prisons] Spanish and Portuguese South America during the Colonial Period, 50990 Vol. 1 of 2, by Robert Grant Watson The Nostalgia Gene, by Roy Hutchins 50989 Bodyguard, by Christopher Grimm 50988 Narrative and Critical History of America, Vol. 3 of 8, by Various 50987 [Editor: Justin Winsor] [Subtitle: English Explorations and Settlements in North America 1497-1689] Glaciers of the Rockies and Selkirks, 2nd. ed., 50986 by Arthur Philemon Coleman and Arthur Oliver Wheeler [Subtitle: With Notes on Five Great Glaciers of the Canadian National Parks] A Treatise on Acupuncturation, by James Morss Churchill 50985 Die Macht der Drei, by Hans Dominik 50984 [Subtitle: Ein Roman aus dem Jahre 1955] [Language: German] Four Afoot, by Ralph Henry Barbour 50983 [Subtitle: Being the Adventures of the Big Four on the Highway] Queen Elizabeth, by Edward Spencer Beesly 50982 Garrity's Annuities, by David Mason 50981 The Freelancer, by Robert Zacks 50980 Politische Schriften und andere Nachträge zu seinen Werken, 50979 by Heinrich von Kleist [Language: German] The Lion's Whelp, by Amelia A. Barr 50978 [Subtitle: A Story of Cromwell's Time] [Illustrator: Lee Woodward Zeigler] On Multiple Algebra, by Josiah Willard Gibbs 50977 The Siege and Conquest of the North Pole, by George Bryce 50976 Motor Matt's Prize, by Stanley R. Matthews 50975 [Subtitle: or, The Pluck That Wins] Le crime et la débauche à Paris, by Charles Desmaze 50974 [Subtitle: Le divorce] [Language: French] "About My Father's Business", by Thomas Archer 50973 [Subtitle: Work Amidst the Sick, the Sad, and the Sorrowing] The Great Musicians: Purcell, by William H. Cummings 50972 The Problem Makers, by Robert P. Hoskins 50971 An Account of the Escape of Six Federal Soldiers from Prison 50970 at Danville, Va., by William Henry Newlin Big Ancestor, by F. L. Wallace 50969 The Origin of the Red Cross, by Henry Dunant 50968 [Subtitle: "Un souvenir de Solferino"] Virvatulten tarinoita, by Marie Petersen 50967 [Subtitle: Kertomus] [Language: Finnish] On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason 50966 and On the Will in Nature: Two Essays (revised edition), by Arthur Schopenhauer Märchen, by Hans Christian Andersen 50965 [Subtitle: Die Nachtigall / Die kleine Seejungfrau / Der Reisekamerad] [Illustrator: Alfred Kubin] [Language: German] Leonora D'Orco, by George Payne Rainsford James 50964 [Subtitle: A Historical Romance] Future Development of Japanese Dwelling Houses, by Shigetsura Shiga 50963 Brighter Britain!, Vol. 2 of 2, by William Delisle Hay 50962 [Subtitle: or Settler and Maori in Northern New Zealand] The Slipper Point Mystery, by Augusta Huiell Seaman 50961 [Illustrator: C. M. Relyea] Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol, by R. Sidney Bowen 50960 End as a World, by F. L. Wallace 50959 Representative Women of Deseret, by Augusta Joyce Crocheron 50958 [Subtitle: A Book of Biographical Sketches] Man and the Glacial Period, by G. Frederick Wright 50957 Russia's Part in the World War, by C. M. Shumsky-Solomonov 50956 The Cities of the Sun, by Elizabeth Rachel Cannon 50955 [Subtitle: Stories of Ancient America founded on historical incidents in the Book of Mormon] Complete Poetic and Dramatic Works of Robert Browning 50954 [Subtitle: Cambridge Edition] The making of a bigot, by Rose Macaulay 50953 The Heart of the Alleghanies, by Wilbur G. Zeigler and Ben S. Grosscup 50952 [Subtitle: or Western North Carolina] Kirkkopuheet, by Arvid Järnefelt 50951 [Language: Finnish] State of the Union Addresses of Barack Obama, by Barack Obama 50950 [Subtitle: 2009-2016] The English Rogue: Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon, 50949 and Other Extravagants, by Richard Head and Francis Kirkman [Subtitle: The Second Part] Of All Possible Worlds, by William Tenn 50948 Harmaja linna, by Juho Koskimaa 50947 [Subtitle: Romaani] [Language: Finnish] Erämaan kansaa, by Juho Koskimaa 50946 [Subtitle: Kuvauksia Pohjan periltä] [Language: Finnish] Point of Departure, by Vaughan Shelton 50945 Salmonia, by Humphrey Davy 50944 [Subtitle: Days of Fly Fishing] Rose D'Albret, by George Payne Rainsford James 50943 [Subtitle: or Troublous Times] Myrkkyä, by Alexander Lange Kielland 50942 [Language: Finnish] Motor Matt's Enemies, No. 22, July 24, 1909, by Stanley R. Matthews 50941 [Subtitle: or, A Struggle For The Right] Wailing Wall, by Roger Dee 50940 The High Hander, by William O. Turner 50939 Sign Talk, by Ernest Thompson Seaton 50938 [Subtitle: A Universal Signal Code, Without Apparatus, for Use in the Army, the Navy, Camping, Hunting, and Daily Life] Die Universität Basel in den fünfzig Jahren seit ihrer 50937 Reorganisation im Jahre 1835, by Albert Teichmann [Language: German] Man in a Sewing Machine, by L.J. Stecher 50936 Star, Bright, by Mark Clifton 50935 Augusta Tabor, by Caroline Bancroft 50934 [Subtitle: Her Side of the Scandal] Finding the Worth While in the Southwest, by Charles Francis Saunders 50933 Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona, by Dama Margaret Smith 50932 Stories of Enchantment, by Jane Pentzer Myers 50931 [Subtitle: or, The Ghost Flower] [Illustrator: Harriet Roosevelt Richards] Armand de Pontmartin, sa vie et ses oeuvres 1811-1890, by Edmond Biré 50930 [Language: French] Ethan Allen, by Henry Hall 50929 [Subtitle: The Robin Hood of Vermont] Hot Planet, by Hal Clement 50928 Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition, 50927 No. 26, Dec, 1887, by Various Récréations littéraires, by Albert Cim 50926 [Subtitle: Curiosités et singularités, bévues et lapsus, etc.] [Language: French] A Visit to Newfoundland, by Mary Lydia Branch 50925 Sweet Tooth, by Robert F. Young 50924 The Serpent River, by Don Wilcox 50923 Perpetual Peace, by Immanuel Kant 50922 [Subtitle: A Philosophical Essay] $1,000 A Plate, by Jack McKenty 50921 Matkamies, by Erkki Kivijärvi 50920 [Subtitle: Runoja] [Language: Finnish] A Bibliography of Bibliography Or a Handy Book About Books 50919 Which Relate to Books, by Joseph Sabin Miekka ja sana II, by Kyösti Wilkuna 50918 [Subtitle: Historiallisia kertomuksia] [Language: Finnish] Mitteilungen aus dem germanischen Nationalmuseum. Jahrgang 1896, 50917 by Various [Language: German] Evening Incense, by John Ross Macduff 50916 The Connecticut Wits and Other Essays, by Henry A. Beers 50915 Dreadnoughts of the Dogger, by Robert Leighton 50914 [Subtitle: A Story of the War on the North Sea] Niamh, by Peadar Ua Laoghaire 50913 [Language: Irish] Eine Teufelsaustreibung und andere Geschichten, by Nikolai Leskow 50912 [Subtitle: Eine Teufelsaustreibung / Das Tier / Interessante Männer / Die Lady Makbeth des Mzensker Landkreises / Der stählerne Floh] [Language: German] Der versiegelte Engel und andere Geschichten, by Nikolai Leskow 50911 [Subtitle: Der versiegelte Engel / Die Epopöe von Wischnewskij und seiner Sippe / Der Toupetkünstler / Anläßlich der Kreutzersonate] [Language: German] The Story of Napoleon, by Harold F. B. Wheeler 50910 The Golden Key, by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon 50909 [Subtitle: A Heart's Silent Worship] A Relic of the Revolution, by Charles Herbert 50908 The Anatomy of Suicide, by Forbes Winslow 50907 Savrola, by Winston Spencer Churchill 50906 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania] Yesterday House, by Fritz Leiber 50905 On the Fourth Planet, by J. F. Bone 50904 Sleight of Hand, by Edwin Thomas Sachs 50903 [Subtitle: A Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs & Others] How to Be a Detective, by Old King Brady 50902 Das Abendmahl im Zusammenhang mit dem Leben Jesu und der 50901 Geschichte des Urchristentums, by Albert Schweitzer [Subtitle: Zweites Heft. Das Messianitäts- und Leidensgeheimnis. Eine Skizze des Lebens Jesu] [Language: German] Miekka ja sana I, by Kyösti Wilkuna 50900 [Subtitle: Historiallisia kertomuksia] [Language: Finnish] Mam' Linda, by Will N. Harben 50899 [Illustrator: F. B. Masters] Paul Rundel, by Will N. Harben 50898 [Subtitle: A Novel] The Haunted Pagodas: The Quest of the Golden Pearl, by J. E. Hutchinson 50897 [Illustrator: Hume Nisbet] Northern Georgia Sketches, by Will N. Harben 50896 The Rat-Pit, by Patrick MacGill 50895 The Mentor: Bolivia, Vol. 5, No. 18, Serial No. 142, 50894 November 1, 1917, by E. M. Newman The Great Nebraska Sea, by Allen Danzig 50893 My Lady Selene, by Magnus Ludens 50892 Viehättävä rouva y.m. luonnekuvia, by Jerome K. Jerome 50891 [Language: Finnish] The Birds of Lorrane, by Bill Doede 50890 Half past Alligator, by Donald Colvin 50889 Ferien an der Adria, by Jakob Christoph Heer 50888 [Subtitle: Bilder aus Süd-Österreich] [Language: German] Ligeia und andere Novellen / Sieben Gedichte, by Edgar Allan Poe 50887 [Subtitle: Ligeia / Berenice / Morella / Eleonora / Die Insel der Fee / Landors Landhaus / Der Herrschaftssitz Arnheim / Der Rabe / Annabel Lee / Ulalume / Die Glocken / Tamerlan / Das Kolosseum / Die Stadt im Meer] [Illustrator: Alfred Kubin] [Language: German] Katherine Lauderdale; Vol. 2 of 2, by F. Marion Crawford 50886 The Weather on Mercury, by William Morrison 50885 Today is Forever, by Roger Dee 50884 Narrative and Critical History of America, Vol. 2 of 8, by Various 50883 [Subtitle: Spanish Explorations and Settlements in America from theFifteenth to the Seventeenth Century] [Editor: Justin Winsor] Introduction to the Study of Palaeontological Botany, 50882 by John Hutton Balfour 'Possum, by Mary Grant Bruce 50881 Treatise on Thermodynamics, by Max Planck 50880 A Baptist Abroad, by Walter Andrew Whittle 50879 [Subtitle: Travels and Adventures of Europe and all Bible Lands] Beadle's Dime Song Book No. 5, by Various 50878 [Subtitle: A Collection of New and Popular Comic and Sentimental Songs] Education of a Martian, by Joseph Shallit 50877 Earthbound, by Lester del Rey 50876 The Business Library, by Louise B. Krause 50875 [Subtitle: What it is and what it does] Humour, Wit, & Satire of the Seventeenth Century, by Various 50874 [Illustrator: John Ashton] Mediaeval Church Vaulting, by Clarence Ward 50873 Not Fit for Children, by Evelyn E. Smith 50872 Karoliinit, by Verner von Heidenstam 50871 [Subtitle: Kertomuksia] [Language: Finnish] Briefe aus Frankfurt und Paris 1848-1849, Vol. 1 of 2, 50870 by Friedrich von Raumer [Language: German] A Gleeb for Earth, by Charles Shafhauser 50869 The Highest Mountain, by Bryce Walton 50868 Mitä on jumalanpalvelus?, by Arvid Järnefelt 50867 [Language: Finnish] The Life and Reign of Edward I, by Robert Benton Seeley 50866 The German Pirate, by Unknown 50865 [Subtitle: His Methods and Record] A Story of the Telegraph, by John Murray 50864 Alien Minds, by E. Everett Evans 50863 Dolly and Molly and the Farmer Man, by Elizabeth Gordon 50862 [Illustrator: Frances Beem] Der Jungbrunnen, by Paul Heyse 50861 [Subtitle: Neue Märchen von einem fahrenden Schüler] [Language: German] The Ottoman Turks and the Routes of Oriental Trade, by Albert H. Lybyer 50860 [Subtitle: from The English Historical Review, October 1915] The Mentor: Joan of Arc, Vol. 3, No. 22, Serial 50859 No. 98, January 1, 1916, by Ida M. Tarbell Heidelberg, Volumes 1 - 3, by George Payne Rainsford James 50858 [Subtitle: A Romance] St. Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and Philemon, by J. B. Lightfoot 50857 Charles Tyrrell, Vols. 1 and 2, by George Payne Rainsford James 50856 [Subtitle: or The Bitter Blood] Man-at-Arms, Vols. 1 and 2, by George Payne Rainsford James 50855 [Subtitle: or Henry De Cerons] Mary of Burgundy, by George Payne Rainsford James 50854 [Subtitle: or The Revolt of Ghent] Ticonderoga, by George Payne Rainsford James 50853 [Subtitle: A Story Of Early Frontier Life In The Mohawk Valley] The Bells and Other Poems, by Edgar Allan Poe 50852 [Illustrator: Edmund Dulac] Evankeliumin alku, by Arvid Järnefelt 50851 [Subtitle: eli Jeesuksen syntyminen ihmisestä ja jumalasta] [Language: Finnish] Old Court Life in France, Vol. 2 of 2, by Frances Minto Dickinson Elliot 50850 Princess Napraxine, Vol. 3 of 3, by Maria Louise Ramé 50849 Soldier Boy, by Michael Shaara 50848 Tea Tray in the Sky, by Evelyn E. Smith 50847 Mechanics of the Household, by Edward Spencer Keene 50846 [Subtitle: A Course of Study Devoted to Domestic Machinery and Household Mechanical Appliances] Schriften 13: Märchen / Dramatische Gedichte / Fragmente, Ludwig Tieck 50845 [Subtitle: Die Heymonskinder / Melusine / Aus: König Rother / Der erste Akt des Donauweibes / Magelone. Prolog / Ein Prolog / Der Autor] [Language: German] Proof of the Pudding, by Robert Sheckley 50844 The Mentor: Angels In Art, Vol. 1, No. 40, 50843 Serial No. 40, November 17, 1913, by John C. Van Dyke Green Grew the Lasses, by Ruth Laura Wainwright 50842 Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, 50841 No. 725, November 17, 1877, by Various [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers] Higher Education for Women in Great Britain, by Phoebe Sheavyn 50840 The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 1 of 13 50839 [Subtitle: containing an account of the cruel civil wars between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy] Contes populaires de Lorraine, Vol. 2, by Emmanuel Cosquin 50838 [Subtitle: comparés avec les contes des autres provinces de France et des pays étrangers] [Language: French] The story of my struggles: the memoirs of Arminius Vambéry, Vol. 2 of 2 50837 Princess Napraxine, Vol. 2 of 3, by Maria Louise Ramé 50836 The Luckiest Man in Denv, by Simon Eisner 50835 The Awakening, by Jack Sharkey 50834 Die Majoratsherren, by Achim von Arnim 50833 [Illustrator: Alfred Kubin] [Language: German] An Australian Girl, by Mrs. Alick Macleod 50832 [Author a.k.a. Catherine Edith Macauley Martin] The River Motor Boat Boys on the Yukon, by Harry Gordon 50831 [Subtitle: The Lost Mine of Rainbow Bend] Onnen kultapoika II, by Mór Jókai 50830 [Subtitle: Romaani] [Language: Finnish] Onnen kultapoika I, by Mór Jókai 50829 [Subtitle: Romaani] [Language: Finnish] The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America, 50828 by Edwin Tappan Adney and Howard Irving Chapelle Orphans of the Void, by Michael Shaara 50827 The Moons of Mars, by Dean Evans 50826 Newark's Last Fifteen Years, 1904-1919, by Newark Public Library 50825 [Subtitle: The Story in Outline] The Flying Machine Boys on Secret Service, by Frank Walton 50824 [Subtitle: The Capture in the Air] The Flying Boys in the Sky, by Edward Ellis 50823 Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas, by George Joyce Olin 50822 [Illustrator: Edward Bierly] Causes of the Successes of the Ottoman Turks, 50821 by James Surtees Phillpotts Mrs. Dot, by W. Somerset Maugham 50820 [Subtitle: A Farce] A Bad Day for Sales, by Fritz Leiber 50819 How to Make Friends, by Jim Harmon 50818 Juvenile Sports or Youth's Pastimes, by Anonymous 50817 Dick Kent with the Eskimos, by Milton Richards 50816 Oxford Poetry, by Various 50815 [Subtitle: 1917] [Editors: Wilfred Rowland Childe, Thomas Wade Earp, and Dorothy Leigh Sayers]
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