PG Monthly Newsletter (2016-09-07)

by Michael Cook on September 7, 2016

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for August-September 2016


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* New eBook listings from August-September

* Anniversary of Michael Hart's death

On September 6, 2011, the founder of Project Gutenberg died.  Michael Hart was
born on March 8, 1947.  From his invention of the eBook in 1971 until his
death, Michael devoted a huge portion of his intellect, love and energy to the
creation and free distribution of electronic literature.  The impacts of these
efforts are significant, and ongoing.

You can read more about Michael's life and accomplishments at

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* New eBook listings from July-August 2016

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Aug 2016 to 31 Aug 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Die Ratten, by Gerhart Hauptmann                                         52952
 [Subtitle: Berliner Tragikomödie]
 [Language: German]

Rhymes of the Rockies, by James W. Whilt                                 52951

Enide, by Alfred Tennyson                                                52950
 [Illustrator: Gustave Doré]
 [Language: French]

Under Sail, by Felix Riesenberg                                          52949 

Salammbo, by Gustave Flaubert                                            52948
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Dolæus upon the cure of the gout by milk-diet,                           52947
 by Johannes Dolæus and William Stephens
 [Subtitle: To which is prefixed, an essay upon diet]

Three Sides of Paradise Green, by Augusta Huiell Seaman                  52946 
 [Illustrator: C. M. Relyea]

Reformed Logic, by D. B. McLachlan                                       52945 
 [Subtitle: A System Based on Berkeley's Philosophy
  with an Entirely New Method of Dialectic]

Prisons & Prisoners, by Constance Lytton                                 52944
 [Subtitle: Some Personal Experiences]

På Scenen -- Ifrån Salongen!, by Gustaf Herman Bothén                    52943
 [Subtitle: Eller Hvad Onkel Blasius Sett Med
  Obeväpnat Öga Under 40 Ã
 [Language: Swedish]

The Year after the Armada, by Martin A. S. Hume                          52942

Amadís of Gaul, Vol. 3 of 4, by Vasco Lobeira                            52941

Life of John Knox, Fifth Edition, Vol. 2 of 2, by Thomas M'Crie          52940
 [Subtitle: Containing Illustrations of the History
  of the Reformation in Scotland]

Life of John Knox, Fifth Edition, Vol. 1 of 2, by Thomas M'Crie          52939
 [Subtitle: Containing Illustrations of the History
  of the Reformation in Scotland]

The life and adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache, or the Spanish            52938
 Rogue, Vol. 2 of 3, by Alain-René Le Sage

The History and Romance of Crime; Russian Prisons, by Arthur Griffiths   52937

Pamela vainottuna, by Samuel Richardson                                  52936
 [Language: Finnish]

Mr. Blake's Walking-Stick, by Edward Eggleston                           52935
 [Subtitle: A Christmas Story for Boys and Girls]

War Dogs of the World War, by John I. Anderson                           52934

Uranie, by Camille Flammarion                                            52933
 [Illustrators: De Bieler and Gambard Myrbach]
 [Language: French]

The Book, by Cyril Davenport                                             52932
 [Subtitle: Its History and Development]

Pulp and Paper Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 20, October 15, 1916, by Various   52931
 [Subtitle: A Semi-Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science
  and Practice of the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry
  with an Up-to-date Review of Conditions in the Allied Trades]

Names: and Their Meaning, by Leopold Wagner                              52930
 [Subtitle: A Book for the Curious]

Mémoires touchant la vie et les écrits de Marie de Rabutin-Chantal,      52929
 Vol. 6 of 6, by Joseph-Adolphe Aubenas
 [Language: French]

The Poetry of South Africa, by Alexander Wilmot                          52928

L'Odyssée, by Homère                                                     52927
 [Illustrator: A Calbet]
 [Language: French]

Kuvauksia, by K. A. Järvi                                                52926
 [Language: Finnish]

The Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea, by Edward Money                  52925

The Colleen Bawn, by Dion Boucicault                                     52924
 [Subtitle: or, the Brides of Garryowen]

Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel, by Mrs. John Herschel    52923

Elämän loppuessa, by Väinö Kataja                                        52922
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Science for the School and Family, Part 1, Natural Philosophy,           52921
 by Worthington Hooker

The Crimson Conquest, by Charles Bradford Hudson                         52920
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Pizarro and Peru]
 [Illustrator: J. C. Leyendecker]

Ames d'automne, by Jean Lorrain                                          52919
 [Illustrator: Oswald Pierre Heidbrinck]
 [Language: French]

Eversti Chabert, by Honoré de Balzac                                     52918
 [Language: Finnish]

A Bible History of Baptism, by Samuel John Baird                         52917

Geyer und das Obererzgebirge in Sage und Geschichte,                     52916
 by Max Grohmann and Hermann Lungwitz
 [Language: German]

The Will to Power, Books III and IV, by Friedrich Nietzsche              52915
 [Subtitle: An Attempted Transvaluation of all Values]

The Will to Power, Books I and II, by Friedrich Nietzsche                52914
 [Subtitle: An Attempted Transvaluation of all Values]

An Anglo-American Alliance, by Gregory Casparian                         52913
 [Subtitle: A Serio-Comic Romance and Forecast of the Future]

L'Adultera, by Theodor Fontane                                           52912
 [Language: German]

Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 3 of 13,                    52911
 by Enguerrand de Monstrelet
 [Subtitle: Containing an account of the cruel civil wars
  between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy]

Pansy's Sunday Book, by Various                                          52910
 [Editor: Pansy (Isabella Alden)]

The Pansy Magazine, November 1887, by Various                            52909
 [Editor: Pansy (Mrs. G. R. Alden)]

Clever Betsy, by Clara Louise Burnham                                    52908
 [Subtitle: A Novel]
 [Illustrator: Rose O'Neill]

The Wonderful Garden, by Edith Nesbit                                    52907
 [Subtitle: or The Three Cs]
 [Illustrator: H. R. Millar]

Grave-mounds and Their Contents, by Llewellynn Frederick William Jewitt  52906
 [Subtitle: A Manual of Archæology, as Exemplified in the Burials
  of the Celtic, the Romano-British, and the Anglo-Saxon Periods]

Little Jack Rabbit and Danny Fox, by David Cory                          52905
 [Subtitle: Little Jack Rabbit Books]
 [Illustrator: H. S. Barbour]

Ventures Into Verse, by Henry Louis Mencken                              52904
 [Subtitle: Being various ballads, ballades, rondeaux, triolets,
  songs, quatrains, odes and roundels, all rescued from the
  potters' field of old files and her given decent burial]

Gandhi and Anarchy, by Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair                         52903

A Naval Expositior, by Thomas Riley Blanckley                            52902
 [Subtitle: Shewing and Explaining the Words and Terms of Art
  Belonging to the Parts, Qualities and Proportions of Building,
  Rigging, Furnishing, & Fitting a Ship for Sea]

Metsät ja yhtiöt, by Kalle Kajander                                      52901
 [Language: Finnish]

Little Men, by Louisa M. Alcott                                          52900
 [Subtitle: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys]
 [Illustrator: Reginald Birch]

The Wonderful Stories of Fuz-Buz the Fly and Mother                      52899
 Grabem the Spider, by Silas Wier Mitchell

The Magic House and Other Poems, by Duncan Campbell Scott                52898

The Colonial Clippers, by Basil Lubbock                                  52897

Life and Travel in India, by Anna Harriette Leonowens                    52896

Laukaus y.m. kertomuksia, by Alexander Pushkin                           52895
 [Language: Finnish]

Azul..., by Rubén Darío                                                  52894
 [Subtitle: Obras Completas Vol. IV]
 [Illustrator: Enrique Ochoa]
 [Language: Spanish]

OEuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome 4, by Gustave Flaubert       52893
 [Language: French]

Die Familie Selicke, by Arno Holz and Johannes Schlaf                    52892
 [Language: German]

Motor Matt's Make Up, by Stanley R. Matthews                             52891
 [Subtitle: or, Playing a New Role]

Kuinka meistä tuli kirjailijoita, by Various                             52890
 [Subtitle: Suomalaisten kirjailijoiden nuoruudenmuistelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 4 of 13,                52889
 by Enguerrand de Monstrelet
 [Subtitle: Containing an account of the cruel civil wars
  between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy]

What Every Girl Should Know, by Margaret H. Sanger                       52888

Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science,                        52887
 and Art, March 1885, by Various

My Year of the Great War, by Frederick Palmer                            52886

Scenes in North Wales, by G. N. Wright                                   52885
 [Subtitle: With Historical Illustrations,
  Legends, and Biographical Notices]

Mjölnarflickan vid Lützen, by J. O. Ã
berg                                52884
 [Subtitle: Ett tvåhundrafemtioårigt minne]
 [Language: Swedish]

Maantien varrella, by Jens Christian Hostrup                             52883
 [Subtitle: Huvinäytelmä neljässä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The poems of Heine; Complete, by Heinrich Heine                          52882

The Joyful Wisdom, by Friedrich Nietzsche                                52881

Cours de philosophie positive, Vol. 5 of 6, by Auguste Comte             52880
 [Language: French]

Neuestes Süddeutsches Kochbuch für alle Stände, by Viktorine Schiller    52879
 [Language: German]

Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 3 of 9                              52878
 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports,
  Messages, Addresses, and Other Writings, Official and Private]

Subsidiary Notes as to the Introduction of Female Nursing into           52877
 Military Hospitals in Peace and War, by Florence Nightingale

Advokato Patelin, by David Augustin de Brueys and Jean Palaprat          52876
 [Subtitle: Triakta proza komedio]
 [Language: Esperanto]

Red Paint at Oxford, by Anonymous                                        52875
 [Author a.k.a. Pish and Tush]
 [Subtitle: Sketches]

The Cleveland Medical Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 3, January 1886,              52874
 by A. R. Baker, S. W. Kelley and Others

A History of Sarawak under Its Two White Rajahs 1839-1908,               52873
 by Sabine Baring-Gould and C. A. Bampfylde

Harry Harding's Year of Promise, by Alfred Raymond                       52872

Laakson lilja, by Honoré de Balzac                                       52871
 [Subtitle: Maaseutuelämän kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Sigrid Liljeholm, by Fredrika Runeberg                                   52870
 [Subtitle: Roman]
 [Language: Swedish]

On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences, by Mary Somerville            52869

Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings, by Edward Morse                   52868

Experiments on the Spoilage of Tomato Ketchup, by A. W. Bitting          52867

Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art, by Various    52866

Home Poems, by Kate Louise Wheeler                                       52865

Bessbrook and its Linen Mills, by J. Ewing Ritchie                       52864
 [Subtitle: A Short Narrative of a Model Temperance Town]

The New Sunday Liquor Law Vindicated, by J. Ewing Ritchie                52863

Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth, by William Hogarth            52862
 [Subtitle: With a Catalogue of his Works]

Kolme kohtausta, by Ernst Didring                                        52861
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Our Story Book, by Various                                               52860
 [Subtitle: Jingles, Stories and Rhymes for Little Folks]

Cholera Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 5, Wednesday, August 8th, 1832, by Various  52859

Cholera Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 4, Wednesday, August 1st, 1832, by Various  52858

Tierras Solares, by Rubén Darío                                          52857
 [Subtitle: Volumen III de las obras completas]
 [Illustrator: Enrique Ochoa]
 [Language: Spanish]

Anzeiger für Kunde der deutschen Vorzeit (1868), by Various              52856
 [Subtitle: Neue Folge. Fünfzehnter Band.]
 [Language: German]

The Star-Sent Knaves, by Keith Laumer                                    52855
 [Illustrator: Jack Gaughan]

Knights in Armour, by Edward S. Woods                                    52854

Sketches of St. Augustine, by R. K. Sewall                               52853

Kertomuksia I, by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov                                52852
 [Language: Finnish]

A Little Bit of Fluff, by Walter W. Ellis                                52851
 [Subtitle: A Farce in Three Acts]

Barbers' Manual, Part 1, & Text Book on Taxidermy, Part 2,               52850
 by T. J. McConnaughay

Harper's Round Table, February 4, 1896, by Various                       52849

Space Nomads, by Lincoln LaPaz and Leota Jean LaPaz                      52848
 [Subtitle: Meteorites in Sky, Field, and Laboratory]

Memorias de José Garibaldi, Vol. 1, by Giuseppe Garibaldi                52847
 [Subtitle: Traduzidas do manuscripto original por Alexandre Dumas]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Old Friends at Cambridge and Elsewhere, by J. Willis Clark               52846

The Girl in His Mind, by Robert F. Young                                 52845
 [Illustrators: Jack Gaughan and John Pederson]

The Long Remembered Thunder, by Keith Laumer                             52844
 [Illustrators: Virgil Finlay and John Pederson]

Les mystifications de Caillot-Duval, by Alphonse de Fortia de Piles      52843
 [Language: French]

Japonette, by Robert W. Chambers                                         52842
 [Illustrator: Charles Dana Gibson]

Index To Library Reports, by Katharine Twining Moody                     52841

Salvation Universal, by Joseph Fielding Smith                            52840

Texas Rocks and Minerals, by Roselle M. Girard                           52839
 [Subtitle: An Amateur's Guide]
 [Illustrator: Bill M. Harris]

Creation of the Teton Landscape, by J. D. Love and John C. Reed          52838
 [Subtitle: The Geologic Story of Grand Teton National Park]

Libro intitulado El cortesano, by Luis Milan                             52837
 [Language: Spanish]

The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth -- Vol. 8 of 8,                 52836
 by William Wordsworth

The Art of Lead Burning, by C. H. Fay                                    52835
 [Subtitle: A practical treatise explaining
  the apparatus and processes]

Guernsey Folk Lore, by Edgar MacCulloch                                  52834
 [Subtitle: a collection of popular superstitions,
  legendary tales, peculiar customs, proverbs,
  weather sayings, etc., of the people of that island]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              52833
 No. 733, January 12, 1878], by Various
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

The Border Boys with the Mexican Rangers, by Fremont B. Deering          52832

La Comédie humaine - Vol. 7, by Honoré de Balzac                         52831
 [Subtitle: Scènes de la vie de province - Tome III]
 [Language: French]

The Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egypt, by W. M. Flinders Petrie           52830

Noémie Hollemechette, by Magdeleine du Genestoux                         52829
 [Subtitle: Journal d'une petite réfugiée belge]
 [Illustrator: Georges Dutriac]
 [Language: French]

Watermelon Pete and Others, by Elizabeth Gordon                          52828
 [Illustrator: Clara Powers Wilson]

For the Sake of the Soldier, by Rita Macleod                             52827
 [Subtitle: Voluntary Work of Brisbane Women]

Deficiency and Delinquency, by James Burt Miner                          52826
 [Subtitle: An Interpretation of Mental Testing]

Petroleum, by Albert Lidgett                                             52825

The Story of a Loaf of Bread, by Thomas Barlow Wood                      52824

Psychology, by Hermann Ebbinghaus                                        52823
 [Subtitle: an elementary text-book]

The English Rogue: Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon,             52822
 and Other Extravagants: The Fourth Part, by Francis Kirkman
 and Richard Head

Kant's Prolegomena, by Immanuel Kant                                     52821
 [Subtitle: To Any Future Metaphysics]

Thoughts on Slavery and Cheap Sugar, by James Ewing Ritchie              52820

Defense of the Faith and the Saints, Vol. 2 of 2, by B. H. Roberts       52819

That Awful Letter, by Edna I. MacKenzie                                  52818
 [Subtitle: A Comedy for Girls]

Lightships and Lighthouses, by Frederick A. Talbot                       52817

With The Flag In The Channel, by James Barnes                            52816
 [Subtitle: or, The Adventures of Captain Gustavus Conyngham]
 [Illustrator: Carlton T. Chapman]

The Philadelphia Housewife, by Mary Hodgson                              52815
 [Subtitle: or, Family Receipt Book]

The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico, by Benedetto Croce                  52814

On the Wallaby, by E. M. Clowes                                          52813
 [Subtitle: through Victoria]

The Story of Majorca and Minorca, by Clements R. Markham                 52812

Anarchy and Anarchists, by Michael Schaack                               52811
 [Subtitle: Communism, Socialism, and Nihilism
  in Doctrine and in Deed]

The Border Boys in the Canadian Rockies, by Fremont B. Deering           52810

The Banner Boy Scouts Mystery, by George A. Warren                       52809

Vida de Don Duarte de Meneses, tercero Conde de Viana, y sucessos        52808
 notables de Portugal en su tiempo, by Agostinho Vasconcelos
 [Language: Portuguese]

Tartuffe, by Molière                                                     52807
 [Subtitle: Viisinäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The life and adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache, or the                    52806
 Spanish Rogue, Vol. 1 of 3, by Alain-René Le Sage

Where the PHPH Pebbles Go, by Miriam Allen deFord                        52805
 [Illustrator: John Pederson]

The Squaw Man, by Julie Opp Faversham                                    52804
 [Subtitle: A novel, adapted from the play by Edwin Milton Royle]

Canadian Melodies and Poems, by George E. Merkley                        52803

The Later Renaissance, by David Hannay                                   52802

The Factors of Organic Evolution, by Herbert Spencer                     52801

Lowney's Cook Book, by Maria Willett Howard                              52800
 [Subtitle: Illustrated in Colors]

Home Entertaining, by William E. Chenery                                 52799
 [Subtitle: Amusements for Every One]

Essays from the Chap-Book, by Various                                    52798
 [Subtitle: Being a Miscellany of Curious and interesting Tales,
  Histories, &c; newly composed by Many Celebrated Writers and
  very delightful to read]

Chronique de 1831 à 1862, Tome 3 de 4, by Duchesse Dorothée de Dino      52797
 [Language: French]

Poems, by Nora May French                                                52796

El libro rojo, 1520-1867, Tomo I, by Vicente Riva Palacio,               52795
 Manuel Payno, Juan A. Mateos, and Rafael Martínez de la Torre
 [Language: Spanish]

The Irish Penny Journal Vol. 1 No. 5, by Various                         52794
 [Subtitle: August 1, 1840]

Historical Record of the Seventeenth or The Leicestershire Regiment      52793
 of Foot: From Its Formation in 1688 to 1848, by Richard Cannon

Oppineita naisia, by Molière                                             52792
 [Subtitle: Viisinäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Daily Newspaper, by Anonymous                                        52791
 [Subtitle: The History of its Production and Distibution]

History of a Six Weeks' Tour, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley             52790
 and Percy Bysshe Shelley
 [Subtitle: Through a Part of France, Switzerland, Germany,
  and Holland: With Letters Descriptive of a Sail Round the
  Lake of Geneva, and of the Glaciers of Chamouni]

Nordmanna-Mystik, by A. U. Bååth                                         52789
 [Subtitle: Bilder Från Nordens Forntid]
 [Language: Swedish]

Midnight Jack, or The road-agent, by James Jackson                       52788
 and Thomas Chalmers Harbaugh

Pussy Black-Face, by Marshall Saunders                                   52787
 [Subtitle: Or The Story of a Kitten and Her Friends]
 [Illustrator: Diantha Horne Marlowe]

The open sea, by Edgar Lee Masters                                       52786

Ulfvungit, by Jonas Lie                                                  52785
 [Subtitle: Lehti intohimojen kirjasta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Heavenly Gifts, by Aaron L. Kolom                                        52784
 [Illustrator: John Pederson]

Deficient Saints, by Marshall Saunders                                   52783
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Maine]

Aaron in the Wildwoods, by Joel Chandler Harris                          52782
 [Illustrator: Oliver Herford]

Fortune's My Foe, by John Bloundelle-Burton                              52781
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

Sagor af Z. Topelius, by Zacharias Topelius                              52780
 [Language: Swedish]

Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, Vol. 2 of 2,                   52779
 by Moses Montefiore and Judith Cohen Montefiore
 [Subtitle: Comprising Their Life and Work as Recorded
  in Their Diaries From 1812 to 1883]

The Gases of the Atmosphere, by William Ramsay                           52778
 [Subtitle: The History of Their Discovery]

Alaska, by Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore                                        52777
 [Subtitle: Its Southern Coast and the Sitkan Archipelago]

X Marks the Pedwalk, by Fritz Leiber                                     52776
 [Illustrator: John Pederson]

Ellis's Primary Physiology, by Edward Sylvester Ellis                    52775
 [Subtitle: Or Good Health for Boys and Girls]

Sevastopoli, by Graf Leo Tolstoy                                         52774
 [Language: Finnish]

Harper's Young People, January 31, 1882, by Various                      52773
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly]

Skräddarne i Greiffenhagen, by J. O. Ã
berg                               52772
 [Subtitle: Julberättelse från trettioåriga kriget]
 [Language: Swedish]

Kahdeksan serkusta, by Louisa M. Alcott                                  52771
 [Language: Finnish]

The Ancient City, by Constance Fenimore Woolson                          52770

A True Account of the Voyage of the Nottingham-Galley of London,         52769
 John Dean Commander, from the River Thames to New-England,
 by Christopher Langman, Nicholas Mellen and George White

Memorials of Francis Storr                                               52768
 [Subtitle: Sermons By Rev. Canon Hoare And Rev. W. May,
  Including Notes of the Last Sermon Preached by Rev. Storr]

The Time of the End, by Edward Hoare                                     52767
 [Subtitle: or, the World, the Visible Church, and
  the People of God at the Advent of the Lord

A History of the United States, by Charles Kendall Adams                 52766
 and William P. Trent

Mosaiker, by Various                                                     52765
 [Language: Swedish]

Under a Veil, by Randell Roberts and George M. Baker                     52764

Wanderings in Spain, by Théophile Gautier                                52763

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              52762
 No. 732, January 5, 1878, No. 732, by Variousw
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Salt-Water Ballads, by John Masefield                                    52761

Campaign for Petersburg, by Richard Wayne Lykes                          52760

An Essay on Papal Infallibility, by John Sinclair                        52759

Om Tanke- och Yttrandefrihet, by John Stuart Mill                        52758
 [Language: Swedish]

The Proportions of Truth, by Edward Hoare                                52757

The Cuckoo in the Nest, Vol. 2 of 2, by Margaret Oliphant                52756

Uncle Sam's Boys on Field Duty, by H. Irving Hancock                     52755
 [Subtitle: or, Winning Corporal's Chevrons]

Profits from scrap, by AMBU                                              52754

Oeuvres complètes de Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 8, by Guy de Maupassant     52753
 [Language: French]

En konungasons öde, by J. O. Ã
berg                                       52752
 [Subtitle: Skildringar från Erik XIV:s sons lif]
 [Language: Swedish]

Keltakukkia, by Ari Aalto                                                52751
 [Language: Finnish]

Witnesses to Truth, by Edward Hoare                                      52750

The History of Korea, Vol. 2 of 2, by Homer B. Hulbert                   52749

England's Stewardship, by Edward Hoare                                   52748
 [Subtitle: The Substance of a Sermon]

Baptism as taught in the Bible and the Prayer Book, by Edward Hoare      52747

Harper's Round Table, January 28, 1896, by Various                       52746

Harper's Round Table, January 24, 1882, by Various                       52745

Il trampolino per le stelle, by Lucio D'Ambra                            52744
 [Subtitle: Tre dialoghi e due racconti]
 [Language: Italian]

The Believer not Ashamed of the Gospel, by Edward Hoare                  52743

The Atonement, by Edward Hoare                                           52742
 [Subtitle: as taught by the Church of England: A Sermon]

How to Tell Fortunes, by Aaron A. Warford                                52741
 [Subtitle: Containing Napoleon's Oraculum and the Key to Work It;
  also Tells Fortunes by Cards, Lucky and Unlucky Days, Signs
  and Omens]

Doing My Bit For Ireland, by Margaret Skinnider                          52740

Observations on the Disturbances in the Madras Army in 1809,             52739
 by John Malcolm

Old Glass and How to Collect it, by J. Sydney Lewis                      52738

Muistelmia matkalta Venäjän Karjalassa kesällä 1879, by A. W. Ervasti    52737
 [Language: Finnish]

Isien teillä, by Olli Solkio                                             52736
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuolema ja kuolematon, by Arthur Schopenhauer                            52735
 [Language: Finnish]

The Scourge of God, by John Bloundelle-Burton                            52734
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Religious Persecution]

Denounced, by John Bloundelle-Burton                                     52733
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

Den svenska Arbetareskyddslagstiftningen och                             52732
 Yrkesinspektionen, by Georg Stjernstedt
 [Language: Swedish]

Blessed Edmund Campion, by Louise Imogen Guiney                          52731
 [Illustrator: Durden James]

Portraits in Plaster, by Laurence Hutton                                 52730

Round the Corner, by Gilbert Cannan                                      52729
 [Subtitle: Being the Life and Death of Francis Christopher Folyat,      
  Bachelor of Divinity, and Father of a Large Family]

Bell's Cathedrals: St. David's, by Philip A. Robson                      52728

Lääkäri vastoin tahtoansa, by Molière                                    52727
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen komedia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Neljä päivää, by Émile Zola                                              52726
 [Language: Finnish]

Harck Olufs aus der Insul Amron im Stifte Ripen in Jütland,              52725
 gebürtig, sonderbare Avanturen, so sich mit ihm insonderheit
 zu Constantine und an andern Orten in Africa zugetragen,
 by Otto Riese and Hark Olufs
 [Language: German]

Glass Manufacture, by Walter Rosenhain                                   52724

The Story of the British Army, by C. Cooper King                         52723

An account of the manner of inoculating for the small pox                52722
 in the East Indies, by J. Z. Holwell
 [Subtitle: With some observations on the practice and
  mode of treating that disease in those parts]

Rakkauden uhri, by Émile Zola                                            52721
 [Language: Finnish]

Extraction of the Teeth, by J. F. Colyer                                 52720

Four and Twenty Fairy Tales, by Various                                  52719
 [Subtitle: Selected From Those of Perrault,
  and other Popular Writers]

Abaellino der große Bandit, by Heinrich Zschokke                         52718
 [Language: German]

The Scape-Goat, by John Poole                                            52717
 [Subtitle: A Farce in One Act]

The Business of Being a Housewife, by Jean Prescott Adams                52716
 [Subtitle: A Manual to Promote Household Efficiency and Economy]

A Woman's War, by Warwick Deeping                                        52715
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Sermons on the Scriptural Principles of our Protestant Church,           52714
 by Edward Hoare

Ireland under the Tudors, Vol. 3 of 3, by Richard Bagwell                52713
 [Subtitle: With a Succinct Account of the Earlier History]

The Two Treaties, by Edward Hoare                                        52712
 [Subtitle: or, Hope for Jerusalem]

Kapina, by Honoré de Balzac                                              52711
 [Language: Finnish]

Räfskinnet, by John Olof Ã
berg                                           52710
 [Subtitle: Berättelse från trettioåriga kriget]
 [Language: Swedish]

Popular Scientific Recreations, by Gaston Tissandier                     52709
 [Subtitle: in Natural Philosphy, Astronomy,
  Geology, Chemistry, etc., etc., etc.]

A Confession of St. Augustine, by William Dean Howells                   52708

Marie-Louise et la cour d'Autriche entre les deux abdications            52707
 (1814-1815), by Napoléon Joseph Ernest de Méneval
 [Language: French]

About Paris, by Richard Harding Davis                                    52706
 [Illustrator: Charles Dana Gibson]

Outo intohimo, by E. T. A. Hoffmann                                      52705
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Ludvig XIV:n ajalta]
 [Language: Finnish]

As It Was Written, by Henry Harland                                      52704
 [Subtitle: A Jewish Musician's Story]
 [Author a.k.a. Sidney Luska]

Mademoiselle Miss and Other Stories, by Henry Harland                    52703
 [Author a.k.a. Sidney Luska]

Mrs. Peixada, by Henry Harland,                                          52702
 [Author a.k.a. Sidney Luska]

Comedies and Errors, by Henry Harland                                    52701

Happy Island, by Jennette Lee                                            52700
 [Subtitle: A New "Uncle William" Story]

The Chinese Coat, by Jennette Lee                                        52699

Kristus inkvisitorin edessä, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky                       52698
 [Language: Finnish]

Five Years in the Alleghanies, by Jonathan Cross                         52697

Joffre and His Army, by Charles Dawbarn                                  52696

The Blessed Damozel, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti                           52695
 [Illustrator: Percy Bulcock]

St. Paul the Hero, by Rufus M. Jones                                     52694

Homeri Carmina et Cycli Epici Reliquiae, by Homer                        52693
 [Subtitle: Pars Secunda: Odyssea]
 [Language: Latin]

Homeri Carmina et Cycli Epici Reliquiae, by Homer                        52692
 [Subtitle: Pars Prima: Ilias]
 [Language: Latin]

Homeri Carmina et Cycli Epici Reliquiae, by Homer                        52691
 [Subtitle: Pars Tertia: Hymni]
 [Language: Latin]

Martva III, by Algot Untola                                              52690
 [Language: Finnish]

Martva II, by Algot Untola                                               52689
 [Language: Finnish]

Martva I, by Algot Untola                                                52688
 [Language: Finnish]

Kolme kertomusta, by Anton Tshehov                                       52687
 [Subtitle: Koteloitunut ihminen -- Karviaismarjat -- Rakkaudesta]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Book of Birds, by Carton Moore Park                                    52686

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jul 2016 to 31 Jul 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Society in America, Vol. 2 of 2, by Harriet Martineau                    52685

Cricket, by Allan Gibson Steel and Robert Henry Lyttelton                52684
 [Illustrator: Lucien Davis]

The Mystery Boys and the Inca Gold, by Van Powell                        52683

Historia de Gil Blas de Santillana, Vol. 2 de 3, by Alain-René Lesage    52682
 [Subtitle: Novela]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898; Vol. 46, 1721-1739, by Various        52681
 [Subtitle: Explorations by early navigators, descriptions
  of the islands and their peoples, their history and records
  of the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books
  and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial
  and religious conditions of those islands from their
  earliest relations with European nations to the close of
  the nineteenth century]
 [Editor: Emma Helen Blair]

The Caillaux Drama, by John Nathan Raphael                               52680

German Atrocities, by John Hartman Morgan                                52679
 [Subtitle: An Official Investigation]

Kauhun laakso II, by Arthur Conan Doyle                                  52678
 [Subtitle: Salaseuralaiset]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kauhun laakso I, by Arthur Conan Doyle                                   52677
 [Subtitle: Murhenäytelmä Birlstonen kartanossa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Valtameren salaisuus, by Edgar Allan Poe                                 52676
 [Language: Finnish]

Juoppohullu, by Santeri Alkio                                            52675
 [Language: Finnish]

How to Become a Successful Singer, by Clara Butt, Nellie Melba,          52674
 Enrico Caruso, and Ben Davies

Els habitants de la lluna, by Josep Morató i Grau                        52673
 [Language: Catalan]

Kaksikymmentä: novellikokoelma, by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov               52672
 [Language: Finnish]

Förrädarens lön, by John Olof Ã
berg                                      52671
 [Subtitle: Berättelse från sista finska kriget]
 [Language: Swedish]

You Know Me Al, by Ring W. Lardner                                       52670
 [Subtitle: A Busher's Letters]

Champlain, by Gabriel Hanotaux                                           52669
 [Illustrator: E. Ronjat]
 [Language: French]

Making Over Martha, by Julie M. Lippmann                                 52668

The Ingenious and Diverting Letters of the Lady--Travels into Spain,     52667
 by Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy
 [Subtitle: Describing the Devotions, Nunneries, Humours, Customs,
  Laws, Militia, Trade, Diet and Recreations of that People]

Glimpses of Ocean Life, by John Harper                                   52666
 [Subtitle: Rock-Pools and the Lessons they Teach]

The Boston Dip, by George M. Baker                                       52665
 [Subtitle: A Comedy, in One Act]

Prehistoric Men, by Robert John Braidwood                                52664
 [Illustrator: Susan T. Richert]

American Journal of Science, Vol. 1, by Various                          52663
 [Editor: Benjamin Silliman]

The Emily Emmins Papers, by Carolyn Wells                                52662
 [Illustrator: Josephine A. Meyer]

Short and Sweet, by Adolphus Charles Troughton                           52661
 [Subtitle: A Comic Drama, in One Act]

The Seekers, by Jessie E. Sampter                                        52660

Karl XII i klämman, by J. O. Ã
berg                                       52659
 [Language: Swedish]

Kahden nuoren aviovaimon muistelmat, by Honoré de Balzac                 52658
 [Language: Finnish]

A Treatise of Cleanness in Meats and Drinks,                             52657
 of the Preparation of Food, the Excellency
 of Good Airs, and the Benefits of Clean, by Tho. Tryon

Ten Months in a German Raider, by John Stanley Cameron                   52656
 [Subtitle: A prisoner of war aboard the Wolf]

The Ornithosauria: an elementary study of the bones                      52655
 of pterodactyles, by Harry Govier Seeley
 [Subtitle: made from fossil remains found in the
  Cambridge Upper Greensand, and arranged in the
  Woodwardian museum of the University of Cambridge]

The Autobiography of Goethe, by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe                52654
 [Subtitle: Truth and Poetry: From My Own Life]

Sanitary Statistics of Native Colonial Schools and Hospitals,            52653
 by Florence Nightingale

The Busy Life of Eighty-Five Years of Ezra Meeker, by Ezra Meeker        52652
 [Subtitle: Ventures and adventures; sixty-three years
  of pioneer life in the old Oregon country; an account
  of the author's trip across the plains with an ox team]

Forest Trees of Texas, by W. R. Matoon and C. B. Webster                 52651
 [Subtitle: How to Know Them]

Hear Me, Pilate!, by William LeGette Blythe                              52650

Traitor and True, by John Bloundelle-Burton                              52649
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

The Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian faith, by R. A. Torrey        52648

Incidents in a Gipsy's Life, by George Smith                             52647

The Breadth, Freeness, and Yet Exclusiveness of the Gospel,              52646
 by Edward Hoare

Compulsory Vaccination, by The St. Marybone Anti-Compulsory              52645
 Vaccination League
 [Subtitle: Report of a Public Meeting, held in the Marylebone
  Vestry Hall, London, on Wednesday evening, October 19, 1870]

Who Was Paul Grayson?, by John Habberton                                 52644

Das Heim und die Welt, by Rabindranath Tagore                            52643
 [Language: German]

A Lear of the Steppes, etc., by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev                 52642
 [Subtitle: A Lear of the Steppes--Faust--Acia]

No Posting                                                               52641

A General's Letters to His Son on Minor Tactics, by Anonymous            52640

Moses and Aaron, by Thomas Goodwin                                       52639
 [Subtitle: Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites,
  Used by the Ancient Hebrews]

Archag The Little Armenian, by Charles H. Schnapps                       52638

The Dreadnought Boys on Aero Service, by Wilbur Lawton                   52637

The Queen Who Flew, by Ford Hueffer                                      52636
 [Subtitle: A Fairy Tale]
 [Illustrator: H. Burne Jones]

Leurs Excellences, by Henrietta de Quigini Puliga                        52635
 [Illustrator: Louis Morel-Retz]
 [Language: French]

Women's Work, by Agnes Amy Bulley and Margaret Whitley                   52634

J’accuse, by Max Brausewetter                                            52633
 [Subtitle: Zwei Jahre in französischer Gefangenschaft]
 [Language: German]

The Third Officer, by Percy F. Westerman                                 52632
 [Subtitle: A Present-day Pirate Story]
 [Illustrator: E. S. Hodgson]

The Far North, by Elisha Kent Kane                                       52631
 [Subtitle: Exploration in the Arctic Regions]

Harper's Young People, January 24, 1882, by Various                      52630
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly]

La guirlande de Julie, by Charles Montausier, by Charles de Sainte-Ma    52629
 [Subtitle: augmentée de documents nouveaux]
 [Language: French]

Über die weiblichen Brüste, by Johann Georg Klees                        52628
 [Language: German]

Library Ideals, by Henry Eduard Legler                                   52627

Marjorie Dean at Hamilton Arms, by Pauline Lester                        52626

Frank's Ranche, by E. Marston                                            52625
 [Subtitle: My Holiday in The Rockies]

Hephaestus, Persephone at Enna and Sappho in Leucadia,                   52624
 by Arthur Stringer

Poems, by Crocket McElroy                                                52623

Jane Austen and Her Times, by Geraldine Edith Mitton                     52622

Society in America, Vol. 1 of 2, by Harriet Martineau                    52621

An English Garner, Vol. 8 of 8, by Various                               52620
 [Subtitle: Ingatherings from our History and Literature]
 [Editor: Edward Arber]

The Medici Balls, by Anna R. Sheldon and M. Moyca Newell                 52619
 [Subtitle: Seven little journeys in Tuscany]

The Decameron, Day 6 to Day 10, by Giovanni Boccaccio                    52618
 [Subtitle: Containing an hundred pleasant Novels]

The Decameron, Day 1 to Day 5, by Giovanni Boccaccio                     52617
 [Subtitle: Containing an hundred pleasant Novels]

Adventures of a Telegraph Boy or 'Number 91', by Horatio Alger, Jr       52616

The Two Marys, by Margaret Oliphant                                      52615

Stage, Study & Studio, by Various                                        52614
 [Subtitle: The Fun Library]
 [Editor: J. A. Hammerton]
 [Illustrators: Fred Barnard, W. S. Brunton,
  George du Maurier, and others]

Vandyke Brown, by Adolphus Charles Troughton                             52613
 [Subtitle: A Farce in One Act]

Travels and Adventures in South and Central America, by Ramón Páez       52612
 [Subtitle: First series: Life in the Llanos of Venezuela]
Le diable amoureux, by Jacques Cazotte                                   52611
 [Illustrator: Édouard  de Beaumont]
 [Language: French]

Ward Hill the Senior, by Everett T. Tomlinson                            52610

Captain Carey, by Lionel Lounsberry                                      52609
 [Subtitle: or Fighting the Indians at Pine Ridge]

For His Country and Grandmother and the Crow, by Marshall Saunders       52608

The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 2 of 13,                52607
 by Enguerrand de Monstrelet
 [Subtitle: containing an account of the cruel civil
  wars between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy]

Daughters of Belgravia, Vol. 3 of 3, by Mrs. Alexander Fraser            52606

Eine langweilige Geschichte, by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov                  52605
 [Subtitle: Aus den Aufzeichnungen eines alten Mannes]
 [Language: German]

Harper's Round Table, January 21, 1896, by Various                       52604

The History and Remarkable Life of the Truly Honourable Colonel          52603
 Jacque, Commonly called Colonel Jack, by Daniel Defoe

Eine dänische Geschichte, by Adele Schopenhauer                          52602
 [Language: German]

Poems, by John Clare                                                     52601

Bird Portraits, by Ernest Seton-Thompson                                 52600

Miss Fairfax of Virginia, by St. George Rathborne                        52599
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Love and Adventure Under the Palmettos]

Conundrums, Riddles and Puzzles, by Dean Rivers                          52598
 [Subtitle: Containing one thousand of the latest and best
  conundrums, gathered from every conceivable source, and
  comprising many that are entirely new and original]

Insolación y Morriña, by Emilia Pardo-Bazán                              52597
 [Subtitle: Dos historias amorosas]
 [Language: Spanish]

Czech Folk Tales, by Josef Baudi                                         52596

Quince minutos en globo, by Joaquín Barberá                              52595
 [Subtitle: Disparate cómico-lírico-bailable]
 [Language: Spanish]

Three Years in Tibet, by Ekai Kawaguchi                                  52594

Dissertatio medica inauguralis de ictero, by William MacOubrey           52593
 [Language: Latin]

Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson                                               52592
 [Illustrator: Gustave Doré]
 [Language: French]

The Gunroom, by Charles Langbridge Morgan                                52591

The Night Club, by Herbert Jenkins                                       52590

The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and                52589
 Empire 1793-1812, Vol. 2 of 2, by Alfred Thayer Mahan

The Influence of sea Power upon the French Revolution and                52588
 Empire 1793-1812, Vol. 1 of 2, by Alfred Thayer Mahan

Pax mundi, by Klas Pontus Arnoldson                                      52587
 [Subtitle: A concise account of the progress of the movement
  for peace by means of arbitration, neutralization,
  international law and disarmament]

Clash of Arms, by John Bloundelle-Burton                                 52586
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

La Cendre, by Fernand Vandérem                                           52585
 [Language: French]

Tides, by John Drinkwater                                                52584
 [Subtitle: A Book of Poems]

Cupid of Campion, by Francis Finn                                        52583

Drake, by William Mac Oubrey                                             52582
 [Subtitle: or the Transfer of the Trident: A National Drama]

Fountains Abbey, by George Hodges                                        52581
 [Subtitle: The story of a mediaeval monastery]

Pearls & Parasites, by Arthur E. Shipley                                 52580

Honor Bright, by Laura E. Richards                                       52579
 [Subtitle: A Story for Girls]
 [Illustrator: Frank T. Merrill]

Harry Harding--Messenger "45", by Alfred Raymond                         52578

Verkaro de V. N. Devjatnin, Libro Unua, by Vasilij N. Devjatnin          52577
 [Language: Esperanto]

A Manual of American Literature, by Various                              52576
 [Editor: Theodore Stanton]

The Cuckoo in the Nest, Vol. 1 of 2, by Margaret Oliphant                52575

Third Planet, by Murray Leinster                                         52574

Samuell Gorton, by Lewis G. Janes                                        52573
 [Subtitle: A Forgotten Founder of our Liberties.
  First Settler of Warwick, R. I.]

Stories of a Governess, by Annie Fisler                                  52572

Evolution, by James A. S. Watson                                         52571

Ten years' digging in Egypt, 1881-1891, by W. M. Flinders Petrie         52570

The Bondage and Travels of Johann Schiltberger, a Native of Bavaria,     52569
 in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427, by Johann Schiltberger

Arminell, Vol. 3 of 3, by Sabine Baring-Gould                            52568
 [Subtitle: A Social Romance]

Arminell, Vol. 2 of 3, by Sabine Baring-Gould                            52567
 [Subtitle: A Social Romance]

The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution,                52566
 Vol. 2 of 12, by Various
 [Editor: Jared Sparks]

Le chat de misère, by Rémy de Gourmont                                   52565
 [Subtitle: Idées et images]
 [Language: French]

A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights entertainments,    52564
 now entituled The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 3
 of 17, by Richard F. Burton

The Hand of The Mighty and Other Stories, by Vaughan Kester              52563
 [Commentator: Paul Kester]
 [Illustrator: Paul Kester]

The Unbidden Guest, by Ernest William Hornung                            52562

The Young Guard, by E. W. Hornung                                        52561

The Fortune of the Landrays, by Vaughn Kester                            52560
 [Illustrator: The Kinneys]

The Ballad of Ensign Joy, by E.W. Hornung                                52559

Tubal Cain, by Joseph Hergesheimer                                       52558

Rex Kingdon on Storm Island, by Gordon Braddock                          52557

Esperanto-germana frazlibro de la ciutaga vivo, by R. Anton and J. Borel 52556
 [Subtitle: Deutsche und Esperanto-Gespräche über Alltägliches]
 [Language: Esperanto]

Arminell, Vol. 1 of 3, by Sabine Baring-Gould                            52555
 [Subtitle: A Social Romance]

Eksyksissä, by Gustaf af Geijerstam                                      52554
 [Language: Finnish]

Harper's Young People, January 17, 1882, by Various                      52553
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly]

Venna Hastings, by Julia Farr                                            52552
 [Subtitle: Story of an Eastern Mormon Convert]

The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances       52551
 for Several Years, 2nd ed., by M. Appert
 [Subtitle: A work published by the order of the French minister
  of the interior, on the report of the Board of arts and

A Short History of Christianity, by J. M. Robertson                      52550
 [Subtitle: Second Edition, Revised, With Additions]

Bloemensprookjes van Tante Jo, by Louisa May Alcott                      52549
 [Language: Dutch]

The Seafarers, by John Bloundelle-Burton                                 52548

Normalarbetsdagen, by Gustaf F. Steffen                                  52547
 [Language: Swedish]

Poems, by Thomas Hall Shastid                                            52546

The Princess Nobody, by Andrew Lang                                      52545
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Fairyland]
 [Illustrator: Richard Doyle]

Rappiolle, by Juho Koskimaa                                              52544
 [Subtitle: Kertomus heikosta miehestä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Saarron murtaja, by Jules Verne                                          52543
 [Language: Finnish]

De complete werken van Joost van Vondel                                  52542
 [Subtitle: Met eene voorrede van H.J. Allard,
  leraar aan 't seminarie te Kuilenburg]
 [Language: Dutch]

Essay on the Effects of Opium, Considered as a Poison, by John Awsiter   52541

The Grip of Honor, by Cyrus Townsend Brady                               52540
 [Subtitle: A Story of Paul Jones and the American Revolution]

Beautiful Wales, by Edward Thomas                                        52539

Galicia, the Switzerland of Spain, by Annette M. B. Meakin               52538

Kahden sydämen salaisuudet, by F. M. Dostoyevsky                         52537
 [Subtitle: Eriskummallinen kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Väriä ja viivoja, by Various                                             52536
 [Subtitle: Heidenstamin, Levertinin y.m. novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Wide Awake Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3, January 10, 1916, by Various         52535
 [Editor: Burt L. Standish]

True Manliness, by Thomas Hughes                                         52534
 [Subtitle: From the Writings of Thomas Hughes]

"England and Yesterday", by Louise Imogen Guiney                         52533
 [Subtitle: A Book of Short Poems]

Saguaro National Monument, Arizona, by Napier Shelton                    52532

Green Doors, by Ethel Cook Eliot                                         52531

1868 ja 1968, by August Blanche                                          52530
 [Subtitle: Leikkikuvailus lauluilla kahdessa näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Siniparran seitsemän vaimoa, by Anatole France                           52529
 [Language: Finnish]

The Cruise of the "Janet Nichol" Among the South Sea Islands,            52528
 by Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson
 [Subtitle: A Diary]

Kalevala näyttämöllä: III sarja (of 3), by Eino Leino                    52527
 [Language: Finnish]

Kalevala näyttämöllä: II sarja (of 3), by Eino Leino                     52526
 [Language: Finnish]

Kalevala näyttämöllä: I sarja (of 3), by Eino Leino                      52525
 [Language: Finnish]

Clara Barton National Historic Site, Maryland, by Anonymous              52524
 [Subtitle: Handbook 110]

Indian Palmistry, by Mrs. J. B. Dale                                     52523

Gold Coast Regiment in the East African Campaign, Hugh Charles Clifford  52522

Grimm's Fairy Tales, by Various                                          52521
 [Editor: Frances Jenkins Olcott]
 [Illustrator: Rie Cramer]

Le panthéon de poche, by Pierre Véron                                    52520
 [Language: French]

Kaspar Zinglerin sydän, by Ingeborg Maria Sick                           52519
 [Language: Finnish]

Memoirs of the Revolution in Bengal, Anno Dom. 1757, by William Watts    52518

Moses Tod, by Rudolf Kayser                                              52517
 [Language: German]

San Antonio, by Claude B. Aniol                                          52516
 [Subtitle: City of Missions]

The White Elephant, by Georgene Faulkner                                 52515
 [Subtitle: And Other Tales From India]
 [Illustrator: Frederick Richardson]

England and Napoleon (1801-1815), by Samuel Edward Winbolt               52514

Notes of a naturalist in South America, by John Ball                     52513

The Duchess of Dublin, by George M. Baker                                52512
 [Subtitle: A Farce]

Études: Baudelaire, Paul Claudel, André Gide, Rameau, Bach,              52511
 Franck, Wagner, Moussorgsky, Debussy, Ingres, Cézanne,
 and Gauguin, by Jacques Rivière
 [Language: French]

Prince and Heretic, by Marjorie Bowen                                    52510

The Crimson Patch, by Augusta Huiell Seaman                              52509
 [Illustrator: C. M. Relyea]

Lukemisia lapsille 7, by Zacharias Topelius                              52508
 [Language: Finnish]

Anthony The Absolute, by Samuel Merwin                                   52507
 [Illustrator: R. M. Crosby]

Scouting for Girls, by Baron Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell        52506
 [Subtitle: Adapted from Girl Guiding]

Daughters of Belgravia, Vol. 2 of 3, by Mrs. Alexander Fraser            52505

Kalatyttö, by Laura Calonius                                             52504
 [Subtitle: Kuvailus laululla yhdessä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kivihiilenkaivajat, by Émile Zola                                        52503
 [Language: Finnish]

La Igualdad Social y Política y sus Relaciones con la Libertad,          52502
 by Concepción Arenal
 [Language: Spanish]

The First Men in the Moon, by H. G. Wells                                52501

American Independence and the French Revolution, by S. E. Winbolt        52500
 [Subtitle: 1760-1801]

Cuestiones políticas y económicas, by Palemon Huergo                     52499
 [Language: Spanish]

No. 13 Toroni, by Julius Regis                                           52498
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

Työn kourissa, by Selma Anttila                                          52497
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Nenä, by Nikolai Gogol                                                   52496
 [Language: Finnish]

Amurath to Amurath, by Gertrude Lowthian Bell                            52495

The English Rogue: Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon,             52494
 And other Extravagants, Comprehending the most Eminent
 Cheats of Both Sexes, by Francis Kirkman
 [Subtitle: The Third Part]

Susan Gets Ready for Church, by Edna I. MacKenzie                        52493
 [Subtitle: A Monologue]

James Watt und die Erfindung der Dampfmaschine, by Georg Biedenkapp      52492
 [Language: German]

The Theatrical Primer, by Harold Acton Vivian                            52491
 [Illustrator: Francis P. Sagerson]

Privatgedichte, by Ferdinand Hardekopf                                   52490
 [Language: German]

Traité élémentaire de chimie, tomes 1 & 2, by Antoine de Lavoisier       52489
 [Subtitle: Présenté dans un ordre nouveau et d'après
  les découvertes modernes; avec Figures]
 [Language: French]

Traité élémentaire de chimie, tome 2/3, by Antoine de Lavoisier          52488
 [Subtitle: Présenté dans un ordre nouveau et d'après
  les découvertes modernes; avec Figures]
 [Language: French]

Traité élémentaire de chimie, tome 1/3, by Antoine de Lavoisier          52487
 [Subtitle: Présenté dans un ordre nouveau et d'après
  les découvertes modernes; avec Figures]
 [Language: French]

Adelina oder Der Abschied vom neunzehnten Lebensjahre,                   52486
 by Bohuslav Kokoschka
 [Subtitle: Aufzeichnungen]
 [Illustrator: Oskar Kokoschka]
 [Language: German]

Commodore Paul Jones, by Cyrus Townsend Brady                            52485

Le avventure di Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi                              52484
 [Subtitle: Storia di un burattino]
 [Illustrator: Carlo Chiostri]
 [Language: Italian]

Sagen und Bilder aus Muskau und dem Park, by Georg Liebusch              52483
 [Language: German]
Rules to be observed by masters and pilots of vessels arriving           52482
 at the port of Philadelphia, by the Board of Health,
 Pennsylvania General Assembly
 [Subtitle: Established by the Health Law, and Regulations
  of the Board of Health, to which is annexed The Supplement
  to the Health Law, Passed on the 2d day of April, 1821]

Life of St. Rita of Cascia, O. S. A., by Richard Connolly                52481
 [Subtitle: from the Italian]

Country Luck, by John Habberton                                          52480

Natuurfantazieën, by G. Carelsen                                         52479
 [Language: Dutch]

Die Novellen um Claudia, by Arnold Zweig                                 52478
 [Language: German]

Licht- en schaduwbeelden uit de Binnenlanden van Java,                   52477
 by F. W. Junghuhn
 [Language: Dutch]

De Oogst, by Stijn Streuvels                                             52476
 [Language: Dutch]

Hjertesår och Hjertebalsam, eller Den dygdiges Seger                     52475
 öfver Ödet och Döden, by Adolf Ivar Arvidsson
 [Subtitle: Romantiskt Gråtospel i Tre Öppningar]
 [Language: Swedish]

Kaksi kansanrunokokoelmaa viime vuosisadalta ynnä, by A. R. Niemi        52474
 [Language: Finnish]

Recollections of a Military Life, by General Sir John Adye               52473

Captain Cuellar's Adventures in Connaught & Ulster A.D. 1588,            52472
 by Hugh Allingham
 [Subtitle: To which is added An Introduction and Complete
  Translation of Captain Cuellar's Narrative of the Spanish
  Armada and his adventures in Ireland, by Robert Crawford]

Tytöistä parhain, by Louisa M. Alcott                                    52471
 [Language: Finnish]

Hätähuuto y.m. kertomuksia, by Guy de Maupassant                         52470
 [Language: Finnish]

La Anexión de Puerto-Rico, by Juan B. Nieves                             52469
 [Language: Spanish]

The Lower Depths, by Maksim Gorky                                        52468
 [Subtitle: A Drama in Four Acts]

No Posting                                                               52467

The Subterranean World, by George Hartwig                                52466
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