PG Monthly Newsletter (2016-03-03)

by Michael Cook on March 3, 2016

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for March 2016


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* New eBook listings from March 2016

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Feb 2016 to 29 Feb 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

The Story of Elizabeth Canning Considered, by John Hill                  51334

Herr Wenzel auf Rehberg und sein Knecht Kaspar Dinckel, by Felix Salten  51333
 [Language: German]

To The Fore With the Tanks!, by Percy F. Westerman                       51332

Swenson, Dispatcher, by R. DeWitt Miller                                 51331

I Am A Nucleus, by Stephen Barr                                          51330

Turkey; the Awakening of Turkey; the Turkish Revolution of 1908,         51329
 by Edward Frederick Knight

The Hand Phrenologically Considered, by Anonymous                        51328
 [Subtitle: Being a Glimpse at the Relation of
  the Mind with the Organisation of the Body]

Virran varrelta, by Erkki Kivijärvi                                     51327
 [Subtitle: Runoja]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Principles of Chemistry, Vol, 1 of 2, by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev 51326

La vita Italiana nel Risorgimento (1815-1831), Parte 3, by Various       51325
 [Subtitle: Conferenze fiorentine - Lettere, scienze e arti]
 [Language: Italian]

La vita Italiana nel Risorgimento (1815-1831), Parte 2, by Various       51324
 [Subtitle: Conferenze fiorentine - Storia]
 [Language: Italian]

La vita Italiana nel Risorgimento (1815-1831), Parte 1, by Various       51323
 [Subtitle: Conferenze fiorentine - Storia]
 [Language: Italian]

The Mentor: The Incas, Vol. 6, No. 3, Serial No. 151,                    51322
 March 15, 1918, by Osgood Hardy

Prime Difference, by Alan E. Nourse                                      51321

Break a Leg, by Jim Harmon                                               51320

Woodcraft Boys at Sunset Island, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                51319
 and May Folwell Hoisington

Prisoner of the Mill, by Harry Hazelton                                  51318
 [Subtitle: or, Captain Hayward's "Body Guard"]

The Fight Against Lynching, by Anonymous                                 51317 
 [Subtitle: Anti-Lynching Work of the National
  Association for the Advancement of Colored
  People for the Year Nineteen Eighteen]

Maailman kannel, by Various                                              51316
 [Language: Finnish]

How?, by Kennedy Holbrook                                                51315
 [Subtitle: or Spare Hours Made Profitable for Boys and Girls]

In Bad Company and other stories, by Rolf Boldrewood                     51314

La chanson des vieux époux, by Pierre Loti                              51313
 [Illustrator: Henry Somm]
 [Language: French]

Jeanne de Constantinople, by Edward Le Glay                              51312
 [Subtitle: Comtesse de Flandre et de Hainaut]
 [Language: French]

Make Me An Offer, by Con Blomberg                                        51311

My Lady Greensleeves, by Frederik Pohl                                   51310

Aisopolaisia Satuja, by Phaedrus                                         51309
 [Language: Finnish]

My Strange Rescue, by J. Macdonald Oxley                                 51308
 [Subtitle: and Other Stories of Sport and Adventure in Canada]

This House To Let, by William Le Queux                                   51307

A Dog Day, by Walter Emanuel                                             51306
 [Subtitle: or The Angel in the House]
 [Illustrator: Cecil Aldin]

Confidence Game, by Jim Harmon                                           51305

A Touch of E Flat, by Joe Gibson                                         51304

Seefahrt ist not!, by Gorch Fock                                         51303
 [Language: German]

English Coins and Tokens, by Llewellynn Jewitt and Barclay V. Head       51302
 [Subtitle: With A Chapter on Greek and Roman Coins]

Mehiläinen 1839, by Elias Lönnrot                                      51301
 [Language: Finnish]

Spanish America, Vol. 2 of 2, by Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle           51300 

Ibrahim Pasha, by Hester Donaldson Jenkins                               51299
 [Subtitle: Grand Vizir of Suleiman the Magnificent]

ASCE 1190 The Valuation of Public Service Corporation Property,          51298
 by Henry Earle Riggs
 [Subtitle: Transactions of the American Society
  of Civil Engineers, Vol. 72, June, 1911]

No Posting                                                               51297

The Sense of Wonder, by Milton Lesser                                    51296

The Man Who Was Six, by F. L. Wallace                                    51295

The Mysteries of London, Vol. 2 of 4, by George W. M. Reynolds           51294

The Law and Medical Men, by Robert Vashon Rogers                         51293

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International                51292
 Military Tribunal, Vol. 1, by Various
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg, 14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946: Vol. I]

Narrative and Critical History of America, Vol. 4 of 8, by Various       51291
 [Editor: Justin Winsor]
 [Subtitle: French Explorations and Settlements in North America
  and Those of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedes 1500-1700]

Memories of the Kaiser's Court, by Anne Topham                           51290

Bibliotheca Gynaecologica et Obstetricia oder Verzeichniss aller auf     51289
 dem Gebiete der Gynaekologie und Geburtshülfe in den letzten 20
 Jahren 1847-1866 im deutschen Buchhandel erschienenen Bücher und
 Zeitschriften, by Adolph Buchtin
  [Subtitle: Ein bibliographisches Handbüchlein für Aerzte
  und Buchhändler]
 [Language: German]

Man of Distinction, by Michael Shaara                                    51288

Haaksirikkoisen pelastus; Äitipuolen kertomus; Kaitalan  Matti;          51287
 Jokapaikan Eeron Helsingin-matka, by Emil Lassinen
 [Language: Finnish]

Pen Pal, by Milton Lesser                                                51286

With Cavalry in 1915, by Frederic Coleman                                51285
 [Subtitle: The British Trooper in the Trench
  Line Through the Second Battle of Ypres]

The Ways of the Planets, by Martha Evans Martin                          51284

Maa kuuluu kaikille!, by Arvid Järnefelt                                51283
 [Subtitle: Matkoiltani Laukon laulumailla]
 [Language: Finnish]

Lords and Lovers, by Olive Tilford Dargan                                51282
 [Subtitle: and Other Dramas]

Elijah Kellogg, by Various                                               51281
 [Subtitle: The Man and His Work]
 [Editor: Wilmot Brookings Mitchell]

Newfoundland to Cochin China, by Mrs. Howard Vincent                     51280
 [Subtitle: By the Golden Wave, New Nippon,
  and the Forbidden City]

Novelleja ja Kertomuksia III, by Various                                 51279
 [Language: Finnish]

Grace O'Malley, by Robert Machray                                        51278
 [Subtitle: Princess and Pirate]

A Summer's Poems, by F. J. Lys                                           51277

Erzgebirgs-Kammwegführer, by Josef Brechensbauer and E. A. Prasse       51276
 [Subtitle: Tetschen-Erzgebirge-Asch]
 [Language: German]

The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales, by Arthur                     51275
 Quiller-Couch and Charles Perrault
 [Illustrator: Edmund Dulac]

Ambition, by William L. Bade                                             51274

Advance Agent, by Christopher Anvil                                      51273

Pohjoisnavalta päiväntasaajalle, by Alfred Edmund Brehm                51272
 [Subtitle: Helppotajuisia esitelmiä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The History of the Highland Clearances, by Alexander Mackenzie           51271
 [Subtitle: Second Edition, Altered and Revised]

Novelleja ja Kertomuksia II, by Various                                  51270
 [Language: Finnish]

L'Holocauste, by Ernest La Jeunesse                                      51269
 [Subtitle: Roman Contemporain]
 [Language: French]

The Girls From Earth, by Frank M. Robinson                               51268

End as a Hero, by Keith Laumer                                           51267

OEuvres complètes, de Guy de Maupassant                                 51266
 [Language: French]

Not Posted                                                               51265

Harper's Round Table, December 31, 1895, by Various                      51264

The Scarecrow of Oz, by L. Frank Baum                                    51263

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. 6: Quebec,               51262
 1633-1634, by Various
 [Editor: Reuben Gold Thwaites]

Stirling Castle, by Eric Stair-Kerr                                      51261
 [Subtitle: Its place in Scottish history]
 [Illustrator: Hugh Armstrong Cameron]

Anzeiger des Germanischen Nationalmuseums, by Various                    51260
 [Subtitle: Jahrgang 1901]
 [Language: German]

The Pantropheon or, History of Food, its Preparation,                    51259
 from the Earliest Ages of the World, by Alexis Soyer

A Bad Day for Vermin, by Keith Laumer                                    51258

The Furious Rose, by Dean Evans                                          51257

The Cool War, by Andrew Fetler                                           51256

Chain Reaction, by Boyd Ellanby                                          51255

Norby, by Waldemar Bonsels                                               51254
 [Subtitle: Eine dramatische Dichtung]
 [Language: German]

The Welding of the Race, by John E. W. Wallis                            51253

A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights entertainments,    51252
 now entitled The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night,
 Vol. 1 of 17, by Richard F. Burton

Morley Ernstein, by George Payne Rainsford James                         51251
 [Subtitle: or the Tenants of the Heart]

The Thirty-Ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865,           51250
 by Alfred Seelye Roe

Spacemen Die at Home, by Edward W. Ludwig                                51249

The Library of Entertainment Handbook, by John Chilton Scammell          51248

Dead End, by Wallace Macfarlane                                          51247

Great Disasters and Horrors in the World's History, by A. H. Godbey      51246

Journal of Small Things, by Helen Mackay                                 51245

The Livestock Producer and Armour, by Armour and Company                 51244

The life of Midhat Pasha; a record of his services,                      51243
 political reforms, banishment, and judicial
 murder (1903), by Ali Haydar Midhat

Electricity in Locomotion, by Adam Gowens Whyte                          51242
 [Subtitle: An Account of its Mechanism, its
  Achievements, and its Prospects]

Bridge Crossing, by Dave Dryfoos                                         51241

The Addicts, by William Morrison                                         51240

The Modern Athens, by Robert Mudie                                       51239
 [Subtitle: A dissection and demonstration
  of men and things in the Scotch Capital]

The Pride of Jennico, by Agnes Castle and Egerton Castle                 51238
 [Subtitle: Being a Memoir of Captain Basil Jennico]

Au delà du présent, by Léonia Sienicka                                51237
 [Language: French]

Intentions, by Oscar Wilde                                               51236
 [Language: French]

Robert Helmont, by Alphonse Daudet                                       51235
 [Subtitle: Diary of a Recluse 1870-1871]
 [Illustrator:  Picard and Montegut]

Zeritsky's Law, by Ann Griffith                                          51234

The Marching Morons, by C. M. Kornbluth                                  51233

Psychotennis, Anyone?, by Lloyd Williams                                 51232

Syndrome Johnny, by Charles Dye                                          51231

Ratsmädel- und Altweimarische Geschichten, by Helene Böhlau            51230
 [Language: German]

The Reformation and the Renaissance (1485-1547),                         51229
 by Frederick William Bewsher
 [Subtitle: Second Edition]

The Flower-Patch Among the Hills, by Flora Klickmann                     51228

Émancipées, by Albert Cim                                               51227
 [Language: French]

Conneticut Wide Awake Songster, by Various                               51226
 [Editors: John W. Hutchinson and Benjamin Jepson]

Madeleine jeune femme, by René Boylesve                                 51225
 [Language: French]

Billy in Bunbury, by Royal Baking Powder Company                         51224

Deutsche Landschaften, by Albrecht Dürer                                51223
 [Language: German]

A Captive at Carlsruhe and Other German Prison Camps, by Joseph Lee      51222

Geschlecht und Charakter, by Otto Weininger                              51221
 [Subtitle: Eine prinzipielle Untersuchung]
 [Language: German]

Crito, by Plato                                                          51220
 [Language: Latin]

Princess Badoura, by Laurence Housman                                    51219
 [Subtitle: A tale from the Arabian Nights]
 [Illustrator: Edmund Dulac]

Proceedings of the New York Historical Association, 1906, by Various     51218

Footprints of the Redmen, by E. M. Ruttenber                             51217

Bridge, its Priciples and Rules of Play, by J. B. Elwell                 51216
 [Subtitle: with Illustrative Hands and the Club Code of Bridge Laws]

Two diaries From Middle St. John's, Berkeley, South  Carolina,           51215
 February-May, 1865, by Susan Ravenel Jervey, Charlotte
 St. Julien Ravenel and Mary Rhodes Waring Henagan

La solitude, by Johann Georg Zimmermann                                  51214
 [Language: French]

The Art of Bookbinding, by Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf                          51213
 [Subtitle: A practical treatise, with plates and diagrams]

The Flag and Other Poems, by Amy Redpath Roddick                         51212

A Rebel's Recollections, by George Cary  Eggleston                       51211

I, the Unspeakable, by Walt Sheldon                                      51210

Babes in the Bush, by Rolf Boldrewood                                    51209

Gedanken über Religion, by George John Romanes                          51208
 [Subtitle: Die religiöse Entwicklung eines
  Naturforschers vom Atheismus zum Christentum]
 [Language: German]

The Harmsworth Magazine, Vol. 1, 1898-1899, No. 4, by Various            51207

True Stories of the Great War, Vol. 6 of 6, by Various                   51206 
 [Editor: Francis Trevelyan Miller]
 [Subtitle: Tales of Adventure--Heroic Deeds--Exploits Told by
  the Soldiers, Officers, Nurses, Diplomats, Eye Witnesses]

Bennett's Small House Catalog 1920, by Ray H. Bennet Lumber Co., Inc     51205

Corticelli Home Needlework 1898, by Various                              51204
 [Subtitle: A Manual of Art, Emboirdery and Knitting]
 [Editors: Mrs. L. Barton Wilson, Mrs. Emma Haywood,
  Miss Alice C. Morse, Miss Elizabeth Moore Hallowell,
  and Mrs. Amalia Smith]

A Coffin for Jacob, by Edward W. Ludwig                                  51203

Name Your Symptom, by Jim Harmon                                         51202

Volpla, by Wyman Guin                                                    51201

Passamaquoddy Texts, by John Dyneley Prince                              51200

Teddy Bears, by Adah Louise Sutton                                       51199
 [Illustrator: A. J. Schaefer]

The Web of Time, by Robert E. Knowles                                    51198

What to Eat, How to Serve it, by Christine Terhune Herrick               51197

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, October 1883, by the Chautauquan                51196
 Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Camp Court and Siege, by Wickham Hoffman                                 51195
 [Subtitle: A Narrative of Personal Adventure and Observation
  During Two Wars: 1861-1865; 1870-1871]

Made to Measure, by William Campbell Gault                               51194

Pictures Don't Lie, by Katherine MacLean                                 51193

Erään miehen omatunto, by Juho Koskimaa                                51192
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Nooks and Corners of Lancashire and Cheshire., by James Croston          51191
 [Subtitle: A Wayfarer's Notes in the Palatine Counties,
  Historical, Legendary, Genealogical, and Descriptive]

The Hymns of Ann Griffiths, of Dolwar Fechan, by Ann Griffiths           51190
 [Subtitle: Translated into English Verse]

The Lover's Baedeker and Guide to Arcady, by Carolyn Wells               51189
 [Illustrators: A.D. Blashfield and George W. Hood]

The Captain's Story, by William S. Martin                                51188
 [Subtitle: or, The Disobedient Son]

A Visit to the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, by John Wilson                  51187

Kun metsä kuolee, by Valdemar Lindholm                                  51186
 [Subtitle: Kertomuksia Norrlannista]
 [Language: Finnish]

All Jackson's Children, by Daniel F. Galouye                             51185

Inside Earth, by Poul Anderson                                           51184

History of Greece, Vol. 10 of 12, by George Grote                        51183

History of Greece, Vol. 9 of 12, by George Grote                         51182

History of Greece, Vol. 7 of 12, by George Grote                         51181

Santa Claus Gets His Wish, by Blanche Proctor Fisher                     51180
 [Subtitle: A Christmas Play in One Act For Young Children]

Barnabé, by Ferdinand Fabre                                             51179
 [Language: French]

Albert, by Louis Dumur                                                   51178
 [Language: French]

Legends of Lancashire, by Peter Landreth                                 51177

The captivity, sufferings, and escape of James Scurry, by James Scurry   51176
 [Subtitle: Who was detained a prisoner during ten years,
  in the dominions of Hyder Ali and Tippoo Saib]

Source Book of London History, by P. Meadows                             51175
 [Subtitle: From the earliest times to 1800]

The Man in Black, by George Payne Rainsford James                        51174
 [Subtitle: An Historical Novel of the Days of Queen Anne]

The Stately Homes of England, by Llewellynn Frederick William Jewitt     51173
 and Samuel Carter Hall

Pikku miehiä, by Louisa M. Alcott                                       51172
 [Language: Finnish]

A Little Journey, by Ray Bradbury                                        51171

The Fire and the Sword, by Frank M. Robinson                             51170

Section Cutting and Staining, by Walter S. Colman                        51169
 [Subtitle: A practical introduction to histological
  methods for students and practitioners]

Operation Distress, by Lester del Rey                                    51168

Butterfly 9, by Donald Keith                                             51167

Mrs. Loudon's Entertaining Naturalist, by Jane Loudon                    51166
 [Subtitle: Being popular descriptions, tales, and
  anecdotes of more than Five Hundred Animals]

The Regimental Records of the British Army, by John S. Farmer            51165

The Convict, by George Payne Rainsford James                             51164
 [Subtitle: A Tale]

The Australian Victories in France in 1918, by Sir John Monash           51163 

Picrate et Siméon, by André Beaunier                                   51162
 [Language: French]

Degeneration, by Max Nordau                                              51161

XXXII Ballades in Blue China [1885], by Andrew Lang                      51160

Turun linna, by Adolf Waldemar Jahnsson                                  51159
 [Language: Finnish]

The Train Wire, by J. A. Anderson                                        51158 
 [Subtitle: A Discussion of the Science of
  Train Dispatching (Second Edition)]

Kristityn vaellus, by John Bunyan                                        51157
 [Subitle: Tästä maailmasta siihen kun tuleva on]
 [Language: Finnish]

Delphine Gay, Mme de Girardin, dans ses rapports avec Lamartine,         51156
 Victor Hugo, Balzac, Rachel, Jules Sandeau, Dumas, Eugène Sue,
 by Leon Séché
 [Language: French]

A Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, by Samuel Fallows        51155
 [Subtitle: or, Synonyms and Words of Opposite Meaning]

Fairlop and its Founder, by Famed First Friday Fairgoer                  51154

The Semantic War, by Bill Clothier                                       51153

Appointment In Tomorrow, by Fritz Leiber                                 51152

Das Nest der Zaunkönige, by Gustav Freytag                              51151
 [Subtitle: Erzählung aus dem Anfang des 11. Jahrhunderts]
 [Language: German]

Venus is a Man's World, by William Tenn                                  51150

Avec les Poilus, Maman la Soupe et son chat Ratu, by Marcel Mültzer     51149
 [Illustrator: Raynolt]
 [Language: French]

Common Denominator, by John D. MacDonald                                 51148

Unser Familien-Arzt, by Henry Rice Stout                                 51147
 [Subtitle: Allöopathische, Homöopathische, Hydropathische,
  Eclectische und Kräuter-Heilmethode]
 [Language: German]

Suomalaisen teatterin historia II, by Eliel Aspelin-Haapkylä            51146
 [Subtitle: Puhenäyttämön alkuvuodet ja suomalainen ooppera 1872-79]
 [Language: Finnish]

Asmodeus; or, The Devil on Two Sticks, by Alain-René Le Sage            51145
 [Illustrator: Tony Johannot]

Le Montonéro, by Gustave Aimard                                         51144
 [Language: French]

The Waterloo Roll Call, by Charles Dalton                                51143
 [Subtitle: With Biographical Notes and Anecdotes]

The Times Red Cross Story Book, by Various                               51142
 [Subtitle: by Famous Novelists Serving
  in His Majesty's Forces]

Charle Bell, The Waif of Elm Island, by Rev. Elijah Kellogg              51141

The Bible and Polygamy, by Orson Pratt, J. P. Newman,                    51140
 George A. Smith, and George Q. Cannon
 [Subtitle: Does the Bible Sanction Polygamy]

Platonis Apologia Socratis, by Plato                                     51139
 [Language: Latin]

De Koopman van Venetië, by William Shakespeare                          51138
 [Language: Dutch]

Cause of Death, by Max Tadlock                                           51137

Nothing But the Best, by Alan Cogan                                      51136

The Most Extra Ordinary Trial of William Palmer for the Rugeley          51135
 Poisonings, which lasted Twelve Days, by Anonymous

A Book of Dartmoor, by Sabine Baring-Gould                               51134
 [Subtitle: Second Edition]

How to Use the Popular Science Library; History of Science;              51133
 General Index, by Garrett Serviss and Arthur Selwyn-Brown

Whiskaboom, by Alan Arkin                                                51132

A voyage to Spitzbergen, by John Laing                                   51131
 [Subtitle: containing an account of that country,
  of the zoology of the North; of the Shetland
  Islands; and of the whale fishery]

Tragicomedia de Lisandro y Roselia, by Sancho de Muñón                 51130
 [Subtitle: llamada Elicia, y por otro nombre
  cuarta obra y tercera Celestina]
 [Language: Spanish]

A Gift from Earth, by Manly Banister                                     51129

Greek Dress, by Ethel Beatrice Abrahams                                  51128
 [Subtitle: A Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient Greece,
  from Pre-Hellenic Times to the Hellenistic Age]

Motor Matt on the Wing, by Stanley R. Matthews                           51127
 [Subtitle: or, Flying for Fame and Fortune]

The Princess and the Physicist, by Evelyn E. Smith                       51126

Mars is my Destination, by Frank Belknap Long                            51125

Klassillinen kirjallisuus yleistajuisesti esitettynä, by H. Grey        51124
 [Language: Finnish]

Paddington: Past and Present, by William Robins                          51123

The Men in the Walls, by William Tenn                                    51122

Spoken For, by William Morrison                                          51121

Poèmes et Poésies, by John Keats                                       51120
 [Subtitle: Traduction précédée d'une étude par Paul Gallimard]
 [Language: French]

Die weltgeschichtliche Bedeutung des deutschen Geistes,                  51119
 by Rudolf Eucken
 [Language: German]

A History of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, by William Monks   51118
 [Subtitle: Being an Account of the Early Settlements,
  the Civil War, the Ku-Klux, and Times of Peace]

Free Russia, by William Hepworth Dixon                                   51117

The Geologic Story of Arches National Park, by S. W. Lohman              51116
 [Subtitle: Geological Survey Bulletin No. 1393]
 [Illustrator: John R. Stacy]

Transfer Point, by Anthony Boucher                                       51115

Plays, Vol. 2, by John Vanbrugh                                          51114

Plays, Vol. 1, by John Vanbrugh                                          51113

The Other Now, by Murray Leinster                                        51112

Isät ja lapset, by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev                             51111
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Mentor: Julius Caesar, Vol. 6, No. 2, Serial No. 150,                51110
 March 1, 1918, by George Willis Botsford

Elocution Simplified, by Walter K. Fobes                                 51109
 [Subtitle: With An Appendix on Lisping, Stammering,
  Stuttering, and other defects of speech]

Medley Dialect Recitations Comprising A Series of The Most Popular       51108
 Selections in German, French, and Scotch, by Various
 [Editor: George M. Baker]

Woman and Puppet, by Pierre Louÿs                                       51107
 [Subtitle: Woman and Puppet; The New Pleasure;
  Byblis; Lêda; Immortal Love; The Artist
  Triumphant; The Hill of Horsel]

The Mentor: The Story of Coal, Vol. 6, No. 6, Serial                     51106
 No. 154, May 1, 1918, by Charles Fitzhugh Talman

My Memoirs, Vol. 6, 1832-1833, by Alexandre Dumas                        51105

Allen & Morton's West London Directory for 1867                          51104

A Chautauqua Idyl, by Grace Livingston Hill                              51103
 [Illustrators: Hector Giacomelli,
  Allan Barraud, and Jules-Auguste Habert-Dys]

The Sentimentalists, by Murray Leinster                                  51102

Nice Girl With 5 Husbands, by Fritz Leiber                               51101

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              51100
 No. 726, November 24, 1877, by Various
 [Editors: William Chambers and Robert Chambers]

Amadís of Gaul, Vol. 2 of 4, by Vasco Lobeira                            51099
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