Our Distributed Proofreaders Need…

by Michael Cook on October 22, 2006

Please visit the site: http://www.pgdp.net for more information about how you can help a lot by simply proofreading just a few pages per day, or more.

If you have a book that has been scanned, but not yet run through OCR (optical character recognition) or proofed, and you would like the Distributed Proofreaders to work on it, please email dphelp@pgdp.net and we will get things started.

Also, DP is seeking public domain books not already in the Project Gutenberg collection. To see what is already online, visit http://ibiblio.org/gutenberg/GUTINDEX.ALL (a text file) listing Project Gutenberg eBooks and is available for downloading.

Do you have Public Domain books you would like to see in the archive?

Can they be destructively scanned? If so send them to the Distributed Proofreading Team! Please email dphelp@pgdp.net with your geographic location. You will be given the address of the nearest high-speed scanner.

NOTE: High-speed scanning requires destruction of the book(s) which will not be returned. We have high-speed scanners currently located in the east, west and central portions of the US to make shipping easier.

Please make sure that any books you send are _not_ already in the archive and please check them against David’s “In Progress” list at: http://www.dprice48.freeserve.co.uk/GutIP.html to ensure no one is currently working on them. It would also be helpful if you obtain copyright clearance before mailing the books, and send the ‘OK’

lines to dphelp@pgdp.net

Do you like to work on an entire book at once but don’t have the time or technology to do the scanning, OCR, and initial proofing yourself?

Distributed Proofreaders has the perfect solution! Just send us email telling us that you are interested in post-processing and we will help find a project you would like to work on.

Please contact us at: dphelp@pgdp.netif you would like to know more about the Distributed Proofreaders.

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