Modifications to the Count of Project Gutenberg eBooks for 2007

by Michael Cook on January 4, 2007
PG News

On the second Wednesday of 2007 the Project Gutenberg Newsletter will start another official year of recording the progress of an attempt to create a world public library on the Internet.This is because Project Gutenberg runs on a weekly schedule from the first Wednesday of each year to the first Wednesday of a new year, so the first weekly totals of the new year come out on the second Wednesday of that year, after the first production week.

There will be one particularly noticeable change, in that eBooks from Project Gutenberg of Europe that appear in both the listing of PG of Europe and the US public domain listings will now be in a mode that subtracts out the duplications.

Due to poor communications I was uncertain as to how many of the PG of Europe eBooks were actually also listed as in US copyright lists and appeared on both European and American server lists.

Mike Cook, our new Newsletter Editor, has been very judicious in his efforts to create the most accurate totals possible, so this new counting methodology should appear for the first time on the second Wednesday of the new year…i.e. next week.

As you may know, Project Gutenberg of Europe just celebrated the completion of their 400th eBook, and I think you will be greatly surprised to find out how many of these are included in the U.S. public domain listings.

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg

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