What should be the 25,000th PG eBook?

by Michael Cook on September 26, 2007
PG News

PG LogoThere are only 250 eBooks to go before the combined Gutenberg projects reach the quarter century! Project Gutenberg U.S. currently has 22,716, while the unique posts to Project Gutenberg Australia, Europe and Canada have 1,555, 67 & 26 respectively. Add in the 386 PrePrints and we currently have 24,750 total eBooks in the PG archives.

The magic number is likely to be reached within the next couple of months and we would like you to put forward your ideas on which eBook should be named the ‘25,000th Project Gutenberg eBook‘.

This can be from any of the four projects (US, AU, EU and CA), but remember that it must be out of copyright within that region and ready to be released at that time.

Send all your ideas A.S.A.P. to PG-News by using our Contact Form.

Best of Luck!

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