Top Project Gutenberg Languages for Feb-2008

by Michael Cook on February 10, 2008
PG News

PG Logo Image Michael Hart mailed a ‘Top Listing’ for the various eBook languages posted to the Project Gutenberg archives, with the totals for each language included.

As to be expected, English comes in at the top, French a clear second with over one thousand eBooks posted to the archives. With the great number of Chinese texts posted in the later part of 2007, China is now in joint 6th place with Portugal having 195 eBooks each.

Here are the top 13 languages;

21,008 - English (en)

 1,151 - French (fr)

   517 - German (de)

   422 - Finnish (fi)

   319 - Dutch (nl)

   195 - Portuguese (pt)

   195 - Chinese (zh)

   171 - Spanish (es)

   128 - Italian (it)

    54 - Tagalog (tl)

    53 - Latin (la)

    43 - Esperanto (eo)

    40 - Swedish (sv)
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