August 2008 – Statistics Update

by Michael Cook on August 23, 2008
PG News

Michael Hart has sent out his monthly newsletter for August 2008 and during this last month there have been a few nice milestones from the various PG projects.

First up, Greg Newby has provided us with an update on the top languages found at Currently there are over 100 languages available in the archives making a total of 26,272 eBook titles!

The top languages being;

22,432 -  English (EN)

 1,217 - French (FR)

   540 - German (DE)

   456 - Finnish (FI)

   349 - Dutch (NL)

   320 - Chinese (ZH)

   250 - Portuguese (PT)

   197 - Spanish (ES)

   153 - Italian (IT)

Other milestones

  • PG Europe have now posted their 500th eBook- a fantastic effort from all involved
  • PG Australia posted eBook #1674 on August 21, 2008
  • PG Canada posted eBook #150 in July, 2008
  • PG US posted the 1,200th eBook title in French – more than double any other language!

The combined PG projects have now released 28,988 eBooks for download – As Michael states, that’s about as many as your average public library.

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