Working Towards Project Gutenberg’s 50th Year

by Michael Cook on August 25, 2010

One of our newest projects is to solicit suggestions as to where Project Gutenberg should be in it’s 50th year.  The current suggestions are:

  1. Make it more obvious that PG wants error messages–how to write them, where to send them, etc.
  2. Make it more obvious that PG will send DVD’s so the people who have to pay by the megabyte can use PG.
  3. An extensive library of human read audiobooks.
  4. Please make it more obvious how to do PG eBooks for Kindle, Sony, nook, and other eReaders.
  5. More current books under Creative Commons licenses. More apps for cellphones.  A model to encourage new writers to share their work in the same spirit. Showcase how people who used to be on the bad sides of various digital divides enjoyed and benefitted.
  6. Please add more bookshelves, particularly one to do eBooks from each country and make sure each one has at least one eBook to show how it can be done.
  7. Proofread the Top 100 or so downloaded books to the point where we they approach perfection.

As part of the last point above, we are right now looking for volunteers to fine tooth comb the PG eBooks of Alice In Wonderland, Through Looking-Glass & Hunting Of The Snark for errors. So we need as many volunteers as possible to let us know if you would like like to proofread Top Tens.

If you have a project you would like to work on then why not send us a note and we’ll see if we can get a team of volunteers to help.

New Ways To Keep Up With Project Gutenberg

Along with this Blog there are a few different ways you can keep up with the latest happenings at Project Gutenberg;

If you are interested in following which new books are added to the PG archives then you can do so with the following;

iPhone & eBook Reader Donations

Please Note: Project Gutenberg is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S.

Project Gutenberg is seeking the donation of an iPhone, and perhaps other modern cell phones and eBook readers.  We are working on some new versions of content at

These need to work, including in Europe , but without having a paid cell phone plan.  In other words, they need to be unlocked or unlockable.  We are particularly interested in devices that have built-in WiFi, so they can access content at without the need of the cellular network at all.

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Chad S August 25, 2010 at 9:33 am

If anyone would like to use Scriptito to refine or create a new Gutenberg project, just register an account (it’s free), and then contact Scriptito Support and we’ll upgrade your account to our Standard account for free. Once you’re finished transcribing the project using our project workspace, you can the export your project to a single HTML document, EPUB, PDF and/or text file variant(s).