Project Gutenberg March 2009 Newsletter

by Michael Cook on March 27, 2009
PG News

In this months newsletter, Michael Hart announces some major projects from Project Gutenberg for this year.

Web Pages designed by and for our Project Gutenberg readers

Michael wants to make a push for web pages to be designed by, and for, people from various age groups and in any language. This can include the youngest through to the oldest with pages designed around favorite subjects, favorite authors, or even favorite books or characters.

Michael is putting a lot of emphasis on kids taking part in this and would love to see web pages designed by readers at various grade levels, and then translated into many languages.

In fact, I would LOVE to see kids write up their own versions of our classics such as Alice In Wonderland, Looking Glass or Peter Pan, Robin Hood, AEsop’s Fables, etc., in their own words!!!

THAT would be a VERY interesting collection to read!!!

Please, if you know any kids or schools who would be interested in making eBooks, eBook pages, or anything at all related, then please get in touch with Michael directly, or use my contact form and I will forward your email to him.

Textbooks are becoming a more and more highly requested item

In an age when more people are spending more years in home schooling, a greater portion of both children and adults are asking Project Gutenberg for more books that will help them learn many different subjects from reading, writing and arithmetic to geography and astronomy to the dinosaurs and every subject in between.

If you ever wanted to pass on your knowledge, now is the time and the place, for books here last forever and cover the world.

Request to help complete our collection of Andrew Lang books

The many different Fairy Books from Andrew Lang are hugely popular titles in the Gutenberg archives (Red Fairy Book, Yellow Fairy Book, etc). However, we still don’t have a complete list of either the Fairy Books or other Lang titles, including a surprising number of books relating true events.

Michael would like to request that if you find any Andrew Lang books, Fairy, Animal, True, etc., that we don’t currently have in the PG collection then please let us know. Gutenberg will provide you with all the help you need to get these books into the Project Gutenberg archives.

…and for you tech heads

For those of you who are into a bit of computer programming, Michael has also included an awk [mawk] script (written by Jon-Egil Korsvold) in this months newsletter that will allow you to convert the Gutenberg eBooks to formats for smaller screens.

Don’t worry though, for you non-techies their should be some online tools for converting eBooks for use on to your cellphone on the website next month.

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