Project Gutenberg January 2009 Newsletter

by Michael Cook on January 24, 2009
PG News

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Obama was inaugurated as the new U.S. President this last week and we now have the Official Transcript of the Inaugural Presidential Address. This can be found in the Gutenberg archives at;

This is now the 44th US Presidential Inaugural Speech and Project Gutenberg has all these compiled into one eText (Obama’s will be added shortly) which is available at;

400 Chinese eBooks in our Archives

With the help of many volunteers the Chinese eBook Library has reached 400 titles. Many thanks to everyone involved in helping to get these Chinese books in to our archives.

Project Gutenberg on Twitter

In a further step to expanding the PG community I have now set up a Project Gutenberg account at

Any news or interesting info that we come across relating to Project Gutenberg will get its Twitter announcement, in 140 characters or less.

The full January Newsletter can be viewed in our archives.

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