Project Gutenberg April 2009 Newsletter

by Michael Cook on April 25, 2009
PG News

Just recently Project Gutenberg had a major crashe of their hardrives and subsequently lost some data and the newsletter lists were destroyed. They are currently using some ancient backups but most people should still be on the list.

A number of poeple have been asking how to subscriber/unsubscribe from the Project Gutenberg mailing list. Full instructions can be found at but here is a quick overview;

Mailing Lists

There are various Project Gutenberg mailing lists here is a brief description along with a link to visit and subscribe/unsubscribe. All lists live at, and are moderated except for the discussion lists:

  • Newsletters, with new eBook listings, calls for assistance, general information, and announcements
    • gweekly: Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter – Usuall only one weekly newsletter.
    • gmonthly: Project Gutenberg Monthly newsletter – Usually only one monthly newsletter.
  • Notification as new eBooks are posted
    • posted: receive book postings as they happen, along with other PG related internally-focused discussion (high traffic, over 10 postings per day)
  • Discussion for active volunteers
    • gutvol-d: general unmoderated volunteer discussion (moderate traffic)
    • gutvol-p: programming volunteers, for software development (light traffic)
    • gutvol-w: website volunteers, for website development (new list)
    • glibrary: library help, for physically tracking down books and copyright research. Low traffic, with occasional requests.
  • Other lists
    • gutvol-l: moderated volunteer announcements (light traffic)

If you would like to subscribe to one of the above mailing lists, simply visit the website and select a mailing list name.

All lists require a password and email confirmation to subscribe as part of the Lyris anti-spam measures.

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